Sackboy Gets Spooky With New LittleBigPlanet Karting Halloween Trailer

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Sackboy Gets Spooky With New LittleBigPlanet Karting Halloween Trailer

Last week, Steven shared with you the wonderful LittleBigPlanet Karting Story Trailer, which tells you a bit more about the The Hoard, the venomous villains which have travelled on speedy go-karts from far, far away to seek out and steal Craftworld’s precious prizes.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Headstart Pack

This week, in celebration of Halloween, the team is ready to present a brand-new LittleBigPlanet Karting trailer befitting the spookiest of nights! Dressed up as a vampire, hands gripping a wheel of bones, Sackboy and his racing buddies rev their skull karts’ engines… to battle each other in a race through a mystical and spine-chilling version of Craftworld!

LittleBigPlanet Karting hits the streets on November 6th in North America, so make sure to pre-order your copy from GameStop if you’d like to secure the Headstart Pack (a GameStop exclusive) as your pre-order bonus!

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  • YAY Can’t wait to get this from Gamefly……..cause I has no money…….and I wants to play….

  • Is the headstart pack exclusive for preorders from Gamestop? Will I still be able to obtain the objects/decorations/costumes available in that pack through the game or future paid/free dlc? Thanks

  • This is a nice underestimated racer based on the demo i had.

  • This game would be a perfect fit to my psvita.

  • @2: If every other preorder costume/pack is any indication, we’ll be able to buy them later.

  • Any word on cross-buy?

  • How about a Crash Bandicoot costume pack since we are probably not gonna see another Crash Bandicoot racing game, or a game for that matter :(

  • I’m I missing something? This game was never announced for PSVita guys.

  • the Halloween trailer looks great ! wish they’d break release for this game …. what is included in the head start pack ? I’ve had my copy preordered for awhile now, but was only aware of a golf kart / Kevin Butler / & 1 other costume … as well, when I DLd my pumpkin costume yesterday, I thought it said it wouldn’t be available for LBP Karting – but it was in this video ….

    I have the GOTY LBP1 & as such, have the Monster/ History / MGS costumes … but thus far, it seems I would have to buy them for LBP V …. any chance that will change ?

    too bad they have not made a Vita version of this game … would be a perfect fit for a handheld. here’s to hoping sales numbers are good & they port it later ….

    Have a Haunting & Happy Halloween out there !

  • why didn’t they just put this as a DLC for LPB2.

    at least the servers are in one place and we don’t have to worry about being shut down or so.

    looks ace ^^

  • I just finished paying the game off today :-)

  • LBP Karting is a full game, & a different genre than LBP2 …. so of course it wouldn’t be DLC …. can hardly wait to get my hands on this. really looking fwd. to story mode. wonder if everything from LBP 2 will transfer to this … I have lots of costume packs I’d like to use.

  • This game is flying under the radar. I had way more fun playing this than Playstation All-Stars.

  • Instead of doing LittleBigPlanet Karting with just LBP characters it should be a kart racing game with PlayStation characters. PlayStation All-Stars could be continued as a franchise and Battle Royale be the party brawler and for a kart racer it could be PlayStation All-Stars: Kart or Karting. Same thing with golf party, arcade games like Hot Shots Golf, instead of it being a game with just Hot Shots characters and sometimes a couple guest appearances (on top of that they are paid DLC!), it should be a golf game like Hot Shots Golf but with PlayStation characters. That’s better in every way and would make so much more people buy the games by the way.

  • Also, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita release with cross buy and cross save as the bare minimum and you have yourself a purchase.

  • People who pre-order the digital version gets something?

  • @15 Agreed. This is THE game that can sell the cross-buy, cross-play feature of the PS3 and PS Vita. It would be a huge missed opportunity if this does not end up having cross-buy/cross-play.

  • Also, I don’t know if anyone else has realized this, but won’t this game’s release overshadow, if not kill, ModNation Racers’ popularity? I mean both games offer creative freedom, except LBP has a well-known and well-loved mascot.

  • @17 lil_john287:

    Agreed. In my opinion, what would be best for PlayStation Vita, consumers and would make PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and their games sell like hot cakes is to have all games be for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with cross buy and save as the bare minimum and have the games that are only on PlayStation Vita to be games that cannot be done on PlayStation 3, for example, Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet PSVita, Escape Plan and Smart As to name a few. Not only will this make so many more people purchase PlayStation 3’s, PlayStation Vita’s and games (myself included), it would make PlayStation be “one” and it would simple be video game domination. You have a PlayStation home console and portable console, all your games can be played on both so you can start playing anywhere you want and anyway you want, anywhere in the world, including your home on the big screen, and continue playing it anywhere, where ever you go, however you want, and each console will also have unique games that can’t be done on the other console. This my fellow gamers, is the gamers dream.

  • @18 lil_john287:

    i think ModNation Racers is done and Sony’s kart party racer is LittleBigPlanet Karting now, although I still think instead of being with LBP characters/world only it should be all PlayStation character. Besides the fact that a party kart racer needs a lot of characters and LBP only has Sackboy with a villain or two if I’m not mistaking.

  • Awesome and just more awesome…everything that has LBP in it…its just superb fun and that means awesome as well…I can’t wait for this game…I didn’t have a chance to play the Beta but I got the feeling that it will be better than ModNation although I already love MN….and I always loved Kart games since my beloved CTR Crash Team Racing…I’m pretty sure I’ll love this game and it will be great.Great trailer.Also the fact that we can use every costume from both LBP and LBP 2 just make this game even more amazing…I really cant wait to play as Drake and Kratos in this game…And please no online trophies.

  • i just got the littlebigplanet karting preorder edition from EB Games and I didnt get any of the bonuses! im in canada! help!

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