Panic! Save the City in New PlayStation Mobile Puzzler

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Panic! Save the City in New PlayStation Mobile Puzzler

Panic is coming soon to PlayStation Mobile! After thousands of years on a poky little space rock, with no wiggle room and no games to play, Panic’s Alien Slime Monster has crash-landed on Earth — and it’s angry. The monster doesn’t hate humans, and it hasn’t been sent here to destroy us; It’s just in a really bad mood. If you don’t act fast, the whole city will become a giant slime bath!

Panic! plays a bit like a labyrinth game, but with a twist: you can reshape the labyrinth. The goal of the game is to save as many civilians as possible by toppling houses and diverting flowing slime away from them. Failed to rescue one? Throw a buoy for that last-minute save. Is the slime coming from all directions? Throw a bomb to level an entire block and create a huge barricade. There are 30 missions stretched over three worlds, and Panic! also has a survival mode that challenges you to survive as long as possible.

We really feel we have created a special game. Destroying buildings to save civilians? It hasn’t been done before. An action puzzle game about an alien attack? That’s pretty unique.

It has been a challenge and a joy to develop for such a wide range of devices (phones, tablets and PS Vita); we’ve made sure Panic! plays equally well on all of them. I was especially excited to see the game on PS Vita for the first time. The colors! PS Vita has this incredible OLED screen that makes Panic’s already vibrant colors really pop. If all goes well, you can bet you’ll see more of our games appear on that OLED screen.

Check out the Alien Slime Monster fan page or give us a shout on Twitter. If you have any questions or comments regarding Panic! please leave them in the comments, and we’ll try to respond to them.

Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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  • Any psvita gameplay video?

  • i preorderd liberation bundle but cant download it from my vita.
    i`am on a trip so i can`t reach my ps3.
    any solution?

  • @3
    Cry… Or buy Need For Speed Most Wanted?

    Seriously though I haven’t a clue.

  • It looks like an interesting idea. Will Vita users benefit from using the dual sticks or is the game purely a touch screen controlled game?

    On a side note – I really like how Playstation is doing blog posts for PS Mobile games. I have never bought a single game/app for my Android phone in the three years I’ve had one and I already bought one on PS Mobile game thanks to a PS blog post.

  • @2 how about try searching the game instead of choosing from the UI/menu? no idea if that will work but just some idea

  • looks awesome and original with great graphics,

  • looks pretty slick

    what is the price point?

  • Looks like a fun time killer.

  • @ Yuranium
    when i enter the game page at the vita store i dont have any Buy/Download button

  • @kivi95 Sorry, you’ll have to make do with this trailer. If you’re wondering, you’ll need to hold your Vita upright in a portrait format. Not very usual, but neither is Panic! :) Don’t worry, it feels comfortable holding it like that.

    @Hogwild333 The game is purely touch screen-based. We tested different control schemes, but swiping and tapping just was the most fun of all.

    @crusher915 Thanks! We tried really hard to come up with a fresh concept! We hope you’ll enjoy playing the game.

    @ JonJon £1.59, that’s about 2,5 dollars.

    @GhostMachine That was the idea! Waiting for the bus? Boring ads on tv? Play a few levels and you’re on your way again.

  • How about sony bringing bigfish games to the Vita , i’m hooked on those hidden object games , especially now that mobile is an option on the Vita …

  • Any word on when trophies are coming to PSM? There’s a ton of awesome games on the Android Market, trophies will be the one thing that gets me buying PSM games over the market’s vast offering.

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