New Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Costumes Showcased

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New Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Costumes Showcased

Whether for a bounty of candy to induce a wonderfully gluttonous sugar coma, or simply to transform ourselves like Sly Cooper into The Amazing Cooperoni, Halloween’s magical powers never fails at making us all feel incredible for one night.

Our master thief raccoon, Sly Cooper, and his pals Murray, Bentley and Carmelita may not need Halloween to hoodwink others but they do fancy concealing their real identities to pull off some of the greatest heists in history. Check out the stealthiest Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time trailer yet, just in time for Halloween:

You’ll catch a glimpse of the different get-ups Sly acquires in each time period to blend in. Each costume has its own special abilities to solve puzzles, reach new areas and kill enemies.

What are you dressing up as this year? Share with us below and have a spooktacular Halloween!

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  • My gods, this looks amazing! HUGE Sly Cooper fan.

  • OMG I’m gonna die!

  • Did we ever hear about who won the Design Contest for the US? Can you please shed some light on that as to when we should expect that announcement? Thanks

    • You will learn who the winners are next week! That’s the plan at least. Winners and Runner Ups have been contacted.

  • This is easily my most anticipated game. February feels like an eternity.

  • Sly Cooper treasure design contest results? No? Ok see you soon…:)

  • nice trailer :)
    few questions:
    1) whats happened to the treasure design contest results for the US?
    2)will there be any online multiplayer?
    3)when will we some some new sly cooper gameplay next?
    4) when can europe expect a sly 4 demo?
    thats all for now

  • Carmelita’s face looks weird on that preview frame.

  • so when can we expect a psvita demo?

  • Sackboy, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox and possibly Iota coming to the vita in less than a year, thats amazing!!! only characters missing are Jack and Daxter to have the best playstation platformers characters in the little system. can freaking wait for Sly and Ratchet and Clank, i hope they are up to Sackboy’s latest adventure standard, in other word AMAZING.

  • Sly Cooper maybe coming but I am waiting;-)
    just kidding I can’t wait for this game it’s going to be amazing

  • oh and i like to play as Sly on the All Stars Vita beta

  • I don’t like what they did with Murrray here. : /

    How will this be in transition from Sly 3? I’m still confused.

  • Yea….this’ll be good.

  • does it support psmove on the ps3?

  • This is going to be the PS Vita first 3D platformer, so don’t screw it up!
    I’m still going to buy it day one though.

  • my son keeps replaying the PS3 demo …. this will be a Day 1 for us – can we look forward to any preorder bonus DLC ? thanks for the crossbuy on this …. the Vita front is really looking up !

  • Whoop whoop! Just wanted to say Sly rocks! And now I can say not only in the Sly games; he was definitely my favourite character in the PS All-Stars: BR beta!

  • this looks amazing!!!!!

    i wish there’s a new Jak & Daxter :(

    come on Naughty Dog!!

  • @16, check out the last like 10 seconds of the video, it shows the preorder bonuses. A couple of parachutes for sly and a skin for murray.

  • About the demo for Europe.. When is “soon” 1-3 weeks? 3-6 weeks?
    How long is the demo going to be if you rush through it? And how many levels are we going to play in?

  • oh cool …. Para glider skins & Ultimate Murray – caught it on the 2nd watch @1:15 …. thanks for the reply. the remote controller arrows are great .

  • The demo is 20 times more fun than it looks! And it looks great!

  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…CAN”T WAIT to play this!!! Been a long, long time since I had any memorable fun playing a game and being so enthralled in the whole process! That’s what a Sly Cooper game does for its players!!! We need a brand new Jak & Daxter next please!!!

  • I`ve waited over 7 years for sly to come back and this looks awesome! And is the demo thats coming out on vita going to be different than the one with the ratchet and clank collection? And is it also going to be on PS3?

  • will the Sly Collection be patched to include some of these updated character models?

  • one more time thanks Sanzaru

    P.D. i heard that it wont be a collectors edition, is this true?

  • What would happen if the winners were contacted, but the email was sent to their spam folder/didn’t go through?

  • Sly will be the only character with specials Costumes or will be others like Carmelita ??

  • I wish this was coming out sooner.

  • Is the Feral Pounce gonna be in this game? That was the most EPIC POWERUP EVER!
    And also, are there ways to pre-order digitally? I want to buy the game digitally but want the pre-order bonuses. I hope you can help me out! :D

  • How about a trailer that show off the cross controlers feature?

  • Ahhhhh OmG finally another video Iv ben waiting for another one thank you Cristian Cardona!!!!!!!
    We all love you and Sly !!
    Porfin Algo de sly cooper !!
    schließlich einige Sly Cooper!!!
    P.S..i did not use google translate in any of those words

    Just love how you guys a working on this specially on Sir Galleth :) Please show us more sly cooper videos we beg you guys…

  • Wil you guy take a picture of your Fan Art wall
    I want to see how many fan art you’v gotten in these moth since the beginning of the making of
    sly cooper… PLEASEEE!!!!

  • You guys are doing awesome and I have 2 questions.1 will the other characters have costumes? 2 Will there be more levels than sly 2 or less levels than sly 2? Please respond

  • Hey Christian Cordona,Will there be Dimtri gameplay too?

  • How does someone get contacted to know if he/she won the contest? How do someone recieve the contact?

  • I’m a huge sly cooper fan and I finally signed in to the blog just to ask this one question. Is that really the only pre order bonus for sly? Just 3 skins? That’s all?

    It really is a shame that those are the pre order bonus for what looks to be a great game. I was really hoping for some collector’s edition (Master Thief Edition maybe?) or at least some more significant pre order bonuses.

    I’m still going to hold out on the pre order in hopes that something more will be announced..

    Oh, and also Cristian, who should I incessantly bother day and night for a collector’s edition for sly? I don’t have twitter so that’s out of the question, but I really want this collector’s edition SOOOO BAAAD!

  • @38 No plans for a Collector’s Edition.

    Christian Cordana So both Sly 4 demos would be different in case one does buy the Ratchet & Clank Collection?

    @34 Have you played Sly 1 & 3? Sly 4 will have a bigger hub world and more levels.

  • Looks great! The Sly Collection is a blast and I can’t wait for it to continue.

  • Hey there! Nice vid, looking forward to this
    1 question I’ve been wondering for soo many time now: Will there be Difficulty select?

  • when is Plus coming to Vita?????

  • the game looks awesome! i can’t wait!

  • Share the type of costume right? i dressed up as a pirate representing Henriette one eye Cooper.

    Will Carmelita dress up too ….?

  • For Halloween i got the All Star Battle Royal poster!!!
    and Sly is on there ……

  • I saw 3 costumes and 3 hub worlds. Please tell me there will be more than 3 costumes and hub worlds? I want this to be the longest and most challenging yet nostalgic Sly Cooper game yet!

  • What happens if a winner doesn’t get the contact? How much longer till I learn who won the contest? Anticipation is unbearable!

  • Why do Europe get this game a month later?

  • It’s been a week. Who are the contest winners?

  • When is the new demo coming out?

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