Smart As Launches Today on PS Vita, See Where You Stack Up

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Smart As Launches Today on PS Vita, See Where You Stack Up

Our new social brain training experience for PlayStation Vita, Smart As, officially launches today. We’ve had a great time making the game, but the fun really starts now that you get to play and we get to see your scores climb the leaderboards.

With Smart As, our goal was to create a cool compilation of puzzle games that let you have a blast while testing your skills at the four key areas of Logic, Arithmetic, Language and Observation. We also wanted to create a truly social experience letting you compete and prove that you are smarter than your friends, family, your city, country and ultimately the entire world via our online leaderboards. You can also share and compare all your stats with other Smart As fans and brag about how smart you are on your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter, all without leaving the game.

We designed Smart As from the ground up for PS Vita, so the game utilizes all of the system’s features, which means you can take on the world with never-before-seen brain twisters. We’ve had a great time trying to get the very last smidgen of functionality from the PS Vita so you can use the camera, touch screen and motion sensors to achieve the highest brain power scores in the most interactive way possible.

As we’ve previously announced, John Cleese provides the voice of Smart As; guiding you through the game and keeping you amused as you show the world how smart you are. As a special treat, we’ve created a cool behind-the-scenes video which will let you find out all about his role as Narrator in Smart As and who in the world he would like to be proved smarter than…

We hope that you enjoy the video! If it whets your quizzing appetite, be sure to check out the full Smart As experience which is now available at your local retailers and on PlayStation Store. You can also get a taste of the brain training fun by testing out our free trial of Smart As on PSN which lets you try a basic Daily Training session.

Thanks for watching and please stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for the latest Smart As news.

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3 Author Replies

  • Reallllly want to pick this up today, But I’ll have to wait and see how much money I have leftover before I decide.

  • Your not As Smart as me…Get It…..

  • Its has portuguese language or its only english?

    • It’s completely localized to Brazilian Portuguese – make sure your system settings correspond to that and you’ll be good to go!

  • What is the price?

  • Is there a demo? My Vita comes in the mail today!

  • @DrApollo Yes there is a demo. And welcome to the Vita Club *shakes hand*

  • Congrats on your new Vita. You are going to be wondering why all the hate… So much to play on this thing it’s crazy.

  • Man. So many decisions to make today. Serious Backlog too!

    @ #5 – DrApollo:

    Congratulations on your new Vita! You get to walk right into a bunch of great games this month! Did you get the normal Wi-fi, the 3G, or the Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Bundle?

  • Yea im dead broke this week, then hurricane sandy wants to blast thru my town UGH!

    Enjoy people, this looks fun.

  • @ BlueBl1zzard AND + nycredude. Thanks guys! I’ve got Ragnarok Odyssey, and Virtues Last Reward on the way. The bundle comes with AC: L as well…so I’ll give that a try. Dokuro and LBP look great too. Vita has a ton of games coming out. Sly Cooper, Persona 4 Golden, Dragons Crown, Soul Sacrafice. I got to play an early copy of NFS: Most Wanted and it runs real nice on the test Vita I played it on.

    I do see a lot of negativity out there…I don’t get it. I just see all these great games I want to try. Cross play with Ratchet and Clank and All Stars is a nice added bonus. Too many games and so little time.

  • @ Tahldon .

    I got the Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Bundle with Wifi only. Comes with a 4 gig memory card. I download lots of games, including PS1 classics I already own on my PS3. I want them on the go. So the 4 gig card won’t work for me. I got a 32 gig off Amazon for 80$. It’s 20% off right now. Thanks for the friendly welcome.

    Smart As looks like fun! I’ll give the demo a try.

  • @Dr. Apollo, I’m picking up my Liberation bundle during my lunch break. I would friend you on Near, but like the guys on Podcast Beyond, I can’t figure out how to use Near! I already have a launch Vita but wanted the new white one.

    And you’re right, the 32 gig card is 20% off on Amazon. I also ordered that for my new Vita.

  • Oh, back to topic: John Cleese=must buy. He’s what I think of as the quintessential English eccentric archetype.

  • I will definitely get this – looks fun and good for bite size play.

    I just upgraded my 8GB card to 32GB (same amazon sale price) and I’m ready to go. AC:L is already to pick up, plus I want Ragnarok and NFS, though I may wait a bit on those. At least Smart As will put me over the $100 mark to get $20 towards one of those games in Nov.!

    32GB is awaiting PS+ on Vita…

  • Can someone tell me if we are going to get the new PSN store please.

  • I got 2 questions:

    1) Is it PSN-only or this game is available at retail?
    2) How much will it be? (Both cost and file size)

  • @ #14 – Spaceboy21:

    I’m -quite- excited for PS Plus on the Vita. I really wonder what discounts they’ll be offering. I feel a little pouty-faced considering I’ve about filled up my 32GB card. I’m really hoping that Sony has a bigger one in the works, or can give us more details regarding Cloud computing with PS Plus on the Vita, though, I worry it’ll only be saving features. But still…

    @ #15 – Wickedghost187:

    From the information that I’ve gathered, the Playstation Store Update has just been postponed without a definite date of when they will release it. Supposedly, there are many kinks that need to be ironed out and Sony hasn’t provided any timelines from what I know. I’ve read across several gaming websites as well as here. Maybe you can ask a question to one of the Playstation Podcast members via Twitter or email. But I doubt that they will give you a direct answer. We’re still in limbo on that, unfortunately. No harm in trying, right?

  • Great! This is exactly the type of games that should be released on PlayStation Vita. The games that PlayStation Vita gets exclusively are games that are can only be played on PlayStation Vita, this game can’t be played on PlayStation 3 because it relies too much on specific PlayStation Vita features.

  • John Cleese holding a Vita……..excuse me I just squeed a bit…

    On another note: I should have bought that copy that was behind the counter at gamestop when I had the chance…….2 weeks ago.

  • Demo?

    I don’t see one anywhere on the store. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough…

  • Interesting game, play it daily during my breaks at work.

  • Nevermind, found it guys. I was just being dumb

  • I like this John Cleese he is a grand individual, him being involved with this project was very clever. I wil have to get this for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Nicolo Accordino freaking awesome!!! Brazillian portuguese??? I will get right now! Love this kind game!

  • Played demo… As always, gyroscope spoils gameplay…. I really don’t understand why developers hate gamers so much, and think that all gamers are smart as apes. I really feel myself like a monkey, playig this game, fighting with clunky controls.

  • I bought the game. Looks fun enough for those short 20 minute breaks at work. :)

  • I’ll get this with a PS+ discount. For $29.99, Mr. Cleese must’ve really raised his quote.

  • can i change the home city?

    i can’t select Mexico city, so i’ll select laredo

  • Wish it wasn’t released in such a busy day, and month.

  • Another Vita game to add to my collection!

  • The problem with the handwriting recognition feature is making this game nearly unplayable. I draw a 9 and it registers it as an 8, a 7, or a 2. I draw a 5 and it registers it as 7 or a 9.

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