Terminator 2 and FUBAR Arrive in PS Home, Along With Tons of New Gear

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Terminator 2 and FUBAR Arrive in PS Home, Along With Tons of New Gear

This Wednesday, October 31st, we welcome a new Home publisher as well as two new fantastic games to launch this week. If that’s not enough, fans of Terminator 2 will squeeee in delight at some new outfits, Home Tycoon is having a sale, and more!

Check out all this starting Wednesday:

1. VEEMEE – Home-Grown Laboratory

VEEMEE welcomes you to the opening of the recently re-discovered Home-Grown Laboratory. HGL was a top-secret facility tasked with creating super solders. Designed for combat in a post-atomic war battlefield, the resulting Creatures were superb fighters.

Head to the new HGL Public Space where every player gets five free turns of the combat game, allowing you to try fighting with all four Creatures. Owners can purchase Creatures to continue to fight with from the nearby Shopatron2000 store. The large, three-level HGL Creature Habitat apartment is also available for purchase, along with a variety of clothing items to support on your Creature.

PlayStation Home: VEEMEE HGL

Match your Creature against another in frenetic five-round, two-player battles. Time your attacks, protect your health and build your momentum to smash your opponents.

Owners who do well in the HGL Combat game receive a trophy cabinet with nine unlockable challenges as well as a number of special Winners reward items. This stylish HGL cabinet displays all of the trophies you have unlocked in HGL Combat and can be placed in any Personal Space.

Will your creature stand up to its fierce opponents?

2. nDreams – F.U.B.A.R. + Terminator 2

PlayStation Home: FUBAR

F.U.B.A.R.: This spectacular free new game enables you to combine creative instincts with blood-thirsty battle lust. Build your own unique military base from scratch. Command your units in tense tower defense missions, selecting from an array of powerful weaponry. Visit friends and undertake tasks to earn points to spend on expanding your base. Rise in rank as you complete challenges, defeat the enemy and interact with other players. Do you have what it takes to become a General? Jump into F.U.B.A.R via the relocator in Aurora or via the Navigator.

PlayStation Home: Terminator 2

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Found in the nRage space, this week nDreams brings you licensed outfits from one of the most iconic movies of all time — Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Look and move like The Terminator and T-1000 in different states of repair mirroring the movie. There are also Sarah Connor outfits, a full Terminator 2 Bundle including all items available and clothing items including Terminator 2: Judgment Day t-shirts and hoodies for super fans. This update is something truly special and includes a new Terminator 2: Judgment Day themed space in nRage.

*Terminator 2: Judgment Day, T2, THE TERMINATOR, ENDOSKELETON, and any depiction of Endoskeleton are trademarks of StudioCanal S.A. All Rights Reserved. ©2012 StudioCanal S.A.® All Rights Reserved.

3. PSTALENT – Shadows Collection

I am very proud to announce our very first community-born developer, PSTALENT! For years we have all enjoyed their masterful machinima and they have kept us curious as to what’s coming next. PSTALENT always keeps us guessing and every single new move is an amazing surprise.

Without further adieu, let me introduce the Shadows Collection.

4. Lockwood – Cucumber Bathroom Furniture

Cucumber returns with a range of bathroom furniture. Make your apartment that little bit more comfortable with the Modern Lines bathroom suite. Head to the Lockwood store and choose from the traditional Woodland colour scheme, or the bright, contemporary Dazzle set. If neither of those tickle your fancy, there’s also an exclusive monochrome set available from the Gift Machine.

PlayStation Home: Modern Lines Bathroom Set Woodland

5. Digital Leisure – A Word from The Casino Management

Dear Guests,

As some of you might have noticed, your complimentary room is a little bit warmer than usual. This may, or may not, be a result of the spontaneous combustion that has recently occurred in the building. Firefighters have been dispatched and they are advising that if people return to their rooms to remember to bring graham crackers and marshmallows. Remember, only you can prevent Casino fires.


– The Management

6. Community Theater – Hip Hop Gamer

Just in time for the spooky holiday, this week Hip Hop Gamer sits down with another star. This time, it’s with Adelaide Clemens, the lead actress in Silent Hill 3D. In it, he asks her about her experiences in both the new film and game. Head to the Community Theater (auditorium #1 in the Theater) this Wednesday to check out the fun.

7. HellFire Games – Spooky Sale

Save 35% on the Home Tycoon Halloween Building Pack until November 1st, just in time to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in your dream city! Act fast… the spooky savings end when Halloween is over!

PlayStation Home: Halloween Sale

8. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 64th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases new outfits from the new game F.U.B.A.R., some royal outfits of Avalon Keep from Heavy Water, to the new luxurious bathroom furniture from Lockwood, and finally the new Shadows Collection, complete with Tommy Guns from PSTALENT. Check out the video below for all the details.

9. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Final Stretch!

We’re entering the final week of the Ca$h Carnival, where the 25th weekly prize and the Grand Prize will be determined. Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize. For the 25th weekly prize, it’s a Sony BRAVIA 55″ Class LED 1080p 240Hz 3D HDTV with 1 set of Sony 3D Glasses for Sony 3D Flat-Panel HDTVs and $1,000.00 cash prize!

The Grand Prize is a $15,000 cash prize, selected from among entries from all previous 25 weeks. Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

PlayStation Home: Midway Week 25PlayStation Home: Midway Week 26

That about wraps it up this week. Halloween is almost here, so head to the Adventure District and discover some new ingredients or see what else might appear! Or join the Home Community Volunteer Halloween costume party tonight—for details, check out the event listing in the Activity Board found in any Home district.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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9 Author Replies

  • This is a ok update….how much for the bathroom set?

    • The Cucumber Modern Lines bathroom furniture comes in three versions, Woodland (pictured above), Chrome and Dazzle. Individual pieces will run from $0.49 – $1.49 with bundles set at $5.99.

  • Bathroom Set = SOLD

    Everything else.. meh

    Nada from Granzella this week.. :(

  • Not a very good update this week. Halloween rewards have been horrible so far but hopefully well get some good ones in next few days. Hopefully next week is better than this one.

  • Ummm, Wednesday is the 31st, not the 29th. You know, that often forgotten holiday, Halloween??? lol

  • We want the Granzella Locomotion Roller Skates? When can we expect them?

  • BATHROOM BUNDLE!!!!!!!!!!! :D Yesssss! will we be getting a House Home in home. lol w home with bedrooms bathrooms front and back yard in a fall setting! :D cozy, O how much for the bathroom bundle, and can i ask if we can please have a delete button in our furniture because i have a lot of things in both by furniture slots and the storage so it makes it hard to find things. Can we delete it for good or better yet add a recycling store that will give you a 1% discount on the item you are disposing. example: you delete a chair thats 1% discount on something in a furniture, if its a shirt thats 1% discount on a clothing product. that would be lovely so we can have some breathing room :D. But LOVE THE UPDATE! and hope to slowly see christmas stuff show up in the stores. But again Thanks Keep up the GOOOOOOOD WORK and hope to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee more slot spaces in our personal space soon xD.

  • I thought FUBAR meant something COMPLETELY different.

  • FUBAR = F***** Up Behind All Reason

  • Very disappointed no new halloween content this week considering the updates on halloween….which btw is wed the 31st not the 29th….But anyways i’m totally stoked for the Terminator stuff how much 4 the T-1000 outfit?

    • That is a big question. The T-1000 will be available as individual pieces, full outfits as well as be included in some bundles, not to mention the fact that a few variations of the T-1000 will be available. Individual pieces will be $0.99, outfits will be $3.49, and the T-1000 bundle will be $4.49.

      Also, there is a Terminator, offered in individual parts, an outfit and a bundle—priced similarly. If you’re more of a Sarah Connor fan, she’s available too, r

      Finally, if you are the ultimate Terminator 2 fan, there is the Ultimate Bundle with every dang thing! It’s $29.99.

  • This is a really horrible week, mainly because EU is getting the Granzella Japanese Teahouse, and we STILL aren’t even getting the roller skates this week. Plus this week has no Halloween exclusives and tons of male-only stuff -_-

    So since there’s no Halloween exclusives, guess I won’t be buying anything or going on Home outside of finishing the Halloween event (and my dailies) until both the Granzella roller skates and teahouse + clothes and furn come here.

    The bathroom furn is very nice, but too little to late, as the lack of big Granzella updates here while EU gets it all just kills my drive for Home as a whole :/

    So thanks for the week of the 17th, it was AMAZING! See you again when things get to that level again, with synchronized NA/EU Granzella releases plus tons of other good stuff.

    PS: making an exception for the “permanently retired” female vampire outfit and bringing it back for say, a week starting Wednesday, might get me and my waller to come back, but I guess that’s not happening either..

  • Will ps home ever get a cross-play or re-mote play feature for the vita?

  • The bathroom bundle is the only great item here. I don’t care too much about the other stuff…sorry guys. One question though, will it still be possible to collect the halloween items after this update? I wanted to buy some of it but I went broke… :(

    • Everything that you can find in the Adventure District commerce points will be available until Wednesday of next week, so you have a week after Halloween. The weekly publish landing on the holiday presented a situation where we opted to keep all the themed items up for a week after, so no one will miss anything on the actual holiday.

  • Oh right, I only saw the Male criss-cross bone eyes and not the female ones. I wonder if they will be in the gift machine this week cause I couldn’t find them. Also, it’s sad that Granzella isn’t releasing anything here this week, but here’s to hoping they will release their stuff here next week!

  • Happy Tikiween everyone -_-

  • Finally a week where I won’t be buying another $50 PSN Card!…. Or so I assume…. I already spent $200 in PSN Cards this month….

    1. VEEMEE – Home-Grown Laboratory
    Sounds neat but it needs more Giant Monsters. Preferably a Giant Cat. Even better if its a sexy female.

    2. nDreams – F.U.B.A.R. + Terminator 2
    I wanted to play FUBAR 2 weeks ago when it arrived in x7 but the text is too small on a CRT TV. Glad that Terminator 2 isn’t from VeeMee or Lockwood since I’d hate to see such outfits tied into games that don’t respect the users’ custom characters. Both games instantly failed when the decided to take of what you wear on your head.

    5. Digital Leisure – A Word from The Casino Management
    From dead bodies to burning up the evidence? Time to change from blood splatters to dripping blood!

    7. HellFire Games – Spooky Sale
    If only the sale dealt with real money instead of tokens. I enjoy Home Tycoon but I refuse to buy fake money with real money. I hate tokens as much as I hate hearing about MS Points if not more since I don’t own a 360.

  • 8. PlayStation Home Mall Update
    I might buy the Avalon outfits but when will Heavy Water come out with the rest of the actual castle? I’m getting annoy with the “It’ll be done when it’s done” idea. I didn’t buy it just so I could stare at something unfinished.

    Side Note: What happened to the swimsuits exclusive to Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat? I was going to buy the Gold & Silver Frilly Bikinis that I swear I saw there. Meh, I guess it may not matter now since I have Yellow Lei & Pareo.

  • not much i’m interested in this week, gives me a chance to get stuff i’ve wanted on my wish list from past weeks, even a few things from past months (i limit my spending to about $10 to $20).

    the last few updates have been awesome in my opinion. anyway, keep up the good work Home developers.

    • I tend to agree… it’s been very abundant, full of great stuff, especially Halloween items all month long and a multi-week celebration too.

  • no halloween update? did anyone forgot the community theater

    “Just in time for the spooky holiday, this week Hip Hop Gamer sits down with another star. This time, it’s with Adelaide Clemens, the lead actress in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. In it, he asks her about her experiences in both the new film and game. Head to the Community Theater (auditorium #1 in the Theater) this Wednesday to check out the fun.”

    • There have been Halloween-themed content rolling out for weeks… including this week. I just discovered my first skull in the Adventure District and made a concoction with Chuck which awarded me a cool Sugar Skull Mask (well, 2 since I got a male and female one at the same time). There’s still more to discover…

    • errr… “has been”. Grammar fail!

  • Thanks Cade for the info :)

  • The only thing i might be interested in is the cucumber items . I just want to say i am really disappointed in the amount or lack there of , of the halloween content this year . In the past Sony has done a much better job on halloween , but this year they dropped the ball in a major way . The games aren’t good and the rewards are awful . Halloween is my favorite holiday on home . Or used to be .

    • Actually, this year has had an exponentially much higher amount of content, fun and games, than any year in the past (probably more then them all put together!). The pure numbers of goodies that we and our 3rd party developers have made just for this holiday speaks for itself. This year, the real fun is the hunt/concoct metagame pulling ingredients out of the mini-games, discovering them around the Adventure District and more. The trick with it is to explore it a bit more, otherwise you’ll probably not “get it.”

  • I finally tried out FUBAR last night and it’s fun! I’m curious to see what the FUBAR personal space is like.

    I’m also really looking forward to the T2 bundle, thanks!

  • Oh wow, I just found a video of the FUBAR personal space on Youtube. WTH was that?

  • And I thought the Ghostbusters stuff was awesome… Terminator 2, though… I’ll have to see what all’s available firsthand; 30 bucks is pricy for me, but T2 IS one of my favorite movies ever.

  • @Cade Peterson I have explored the action district on numerous occasions and have gotten all the sets of claws and the tiki stool and the sugar mask . And as for the games in the action district after having to play them several times just to get the ingredients they’ve become tedious and repetitive . And yes there were a few good halloween items from Konami and Juggernaut Games but that’s it. And the rewards for playing the games aren’t that great like they were in years past , my favorite was the pumpkin chair from the Lord Pumpkin Head game . Now that was a reward worth playing the game for , not some stupid claws you can barely see on your avatar or an ugly halloween glass . All i’m trying to say is that in my opinion Sony could have done better on the rewards to make playing the tedious and repetitive games worth playing .

  • Cade, I admit, I was excited about the Midway Cash Carnival Sweepstakes, because I would win plenty of cash and prizes by playing the Midway Games so far, until later I discovered I needed to go into the Hot Zone to sign up. I should have tried to win, but, recent connection problems happened to me during the sweepstakes.

    You know, to tell you the truth, sweepstakes are, well, like all others, a bit too much trouble to try and win for once, even if luck is in anyone’s side. They’re always about leaving it to luck to decide the winners. Well, now that it’s going to come ot a conclusion, I can’t say I didn’t try and win plenty, but I had fun with Midway 3 games!They were amazingly fun!

    A question, though. Will we be expecting The Midway 4 real soon? I know it’s a bit early for this, but it’s very likely possible that Midway 4 is abound.

    Oh! Hope the people responsible for the new House Tycoon game did not forget about Novus Prime, did they? I, and the others who have played the game, would be down to see them forget about the very great space adevntures they’ve provided us and keep making more missions, bosses, etc. to Novus Prime.

  • I noticed the Granzella Glittering Sands Personal Retreat store is still not fixed! :(
    The new bikinis from three weeks ago are still missing, just brings you to the regular screen; same for the public beach. I’m trying to be patient, but I don’t understand why they are gone for NA and not for EU/JP.

    The bathroom bundle looks nice though.
    Nice updates this month.

  • You forgot the Avalon Keep update y’know the one with the new dungeon room and new crystal hunter game btw people the dungeon will cost 3.99

  • How much is the Terminator stuff?

  • the dungeon will cost 3.99??? REALLY? i have to pay for an update. geez this place cost $10 already.

  • i bought the T2 ultimate bundle for $29.99 but when i went 2 my wardorbe i couldn’t find any of the the items and still cant checked everywhere even storage nothing i hope i get em soon

  • fubar does not work

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