PSN Puzzler Closure Discounted to $4.99 Tomorrow

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PSN Puzzler Closure Discounted to $4.99 Tomorrow

Closure for PSN

Hey yo hey yo! You may remember me as the designer of Closure, a game I created with artist Jon Schubbe and musician Chris Rhyne that made its debut on PSN earlier this year. Since release, our eerie puzzler has received quite a bit of praise from both fans and press. People love the game, and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to play this game we spent so long working on. So, as a thank you to all who have played it (and haven’t!), and in the spirit of the season, we’re launching a special Halloween sale this week! Halloween is a perfect holiday to spend checking out Closure, an eerie puzzle platformer that takes place mostly in darkness, where anything not illuminated simply ceases to exist.

Closure for PSN

The response to Closure has been nothing short of fantastic. Our Metacritic reviews have been universally positive, but as a game designer I’m even more proud to see the video reactions and “let’s plays” of our game. Whether it was Giant Bomb’s quick look of the game, Total Biscuit’s “WTF is?” video, or even the first video walkthrough of the game posted on YouTube, it’s quite awesome being able to see people’s genuine reactions to the game and I did my best to watch every single one.

So thanks for that. You players are the ones who make making games worth it. Closure will be on sale starting tomorrow for $4.99 (a 66% discount!). Happy Halloween and enjoy the game!

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  • I’ve been meaning to boot this title up. Don’t remember when I got it, though…

    Anyway, here or Steam, I definitely want to get in on more platforming goodness!

  • If i could only play it on my vita

  • I bought the game immediately after it was released on PlayStation Store, and totally loved every inch of it.

  • Now this is a great deal thank you for making my Halloween a happy one ;-)

  • This and Okami tomorrow…

  • hope this deal last til we get our 20 usd back cause I already spend all my 100 usd that I had in my psn wallet

  • Sweet, I wanted to get this game for a while now, and now it puts me at exactly $100 this month!

  • i found the demo for this really boring.

  • Very nice Halloween treat, thanks.

  • one of my favorite platform puzzlers, ever. for anyone who liked Braid or Limbo, Closure is a must-play. I bought it on day one and didn’t regret it.

    great art and sound design, mind-bending in a totally fun way. $5 is an absolute *steal*.

    highly, highly recommended.

  • This game is a lovely challenge… and a steal at $5.

  • This game was creepy and awesome. i highly recommend it

  • bought it on day one. I’d buy it again on my vita… just saying. :)

  • Great game! When it came out for ps3 I made a walkthrough on YouTube so if you get stuck on any levels just search “closure papa sauce”. I also made a tutorial on how to get all of the hidden moths and get the game to 100% complete. Buy this game no matter what though!

  • @2
    I also agree that this game would be awesome for Vita. Sony really needs to port the 2D platformer/puzzle games to Vita. I’m not always so eager to turn on my huge TV for a simple platformer; I usually save that for action/shooter games. I’m much more inclined to relax on my bed with my Vita and solve a couple of puzzles before I go to sleep.

  • I’ve been quite interested in this game for awhile, so $5, here I go. Watched that Giant Bomb Quick Look again, this time wondering what you were thinking while watching it and it must’ve been nice when there was nothing but positive things said about it. That video also reminded me that there’s like 100 levels in this game. :) Thanks for this awesome sale.

  • I wanted to get this on dy one but somehow i forgot… this is perfect. Any plans for a vita version? Maybe… cross buy?

  • I was thinking about getting this, but $15 was a little much for me to dish out on (vs. Journey and Dyad). I’m glad for the price drop and I’m getting this game for sure. THX!! ;)

  • WHERE’S FW 4.31?!

  • ^^^^^^^^^^
    Yeah, Tyler Glaiel, Lead Designer & Programmer of Closure for Eyebrow Interactive and not at all employed by Sony Computer Entertainment or the PlayStation Network… WHERE IS OUR FIRMWARE UPDATE? WHY DO YOU IGNORE US??

  • There are a lot of indie puzzle platformers these days but this one is awesomely good. It keeps the pretension to a minimum unlike games like Braid which have you read unbearable text that sound like it was written by a serial killer. Really unique mechanics that surprising last for a long time. If you keep experimenting, you will eventually figure it out and I only had to look at a solution once and I felt dumb after I saw the solution. I liked the art style and it seemed almost Edward Gorey (look it up kids) like. Great game!

  • All these great PSN games are SCREAMING for a Vita port. Please consider it. When I’m on my PS3, these games have to compete with AAA titles for time (and AAA titles usually win). Vita is just overall very convenient to play any game.

  • And this is out in Europe when?

  • yeah, when will it be released in SCEE-covered territory?

  • Now’s my chance to get this awesome game! omg, I need some more psn cards now. Okami is here!!

  • @18 Better off getting Journey Collection if you don’t already have Journey.

  • Awe yeah for this price why not buy it. This will be cool & challenging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great sale. Bought it today.

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