Finger of Death: See Assassin’s Creed III Liberation’s Touch Controls in Action

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Finger of Death: See Assassin’s Creed III Liberation’s Touch Controls in Action

A bit of advice for Assassin’s Creed fans: get some sleep this weekend. Come Tuesday, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the Revolutionary mythology of Assassin’s Creed III both at home and on the go.

If you’ve been keeping up with our coverage of Aveline de Grandpre’s portable adventure, you’re likely already aware of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation’s open-world gameplay, its crossover with the PS3’s Assassin’s Creed III, and it’s PS Vita-specific features. But showing is better than telling, so have a look at some of Liberation’s (optional) touch controls in action, as AC3L Writer Richard Farreese tells us how the team adapted the series’ new control scheme to PS Vita. Spoiler: they didn’t have to change much.

You’re forgiven for gawking at that Crystal White PS Vita. I haven’t washed my hands since we recorded that footage. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation arrives this Tuesday alongside Assassin’s Creed III, both in stores and via PlayStation Network.

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  • At what framerate and resolution does AC3: Liberations run at? I’m somewhat concerned that we haven’t seen multiplayer or just straight up gameplay.

  • Maybe one day they’ll make a game that plays itself completely, and I can just sit back and watch, instead of getting my fingers all sweaty. Maybe I can take a nap for a few hours, and the game will be completed by the time I wake up!

  • Well, that sounds really intriguing. As a feature that you have to earn (based on what I heard) that sounds neat, and I’ll definitely experiment to see different cutscenes. As for the added content, that’s awesome. So a skin must mean that there is multiplayer similar to AC3’s correct? Also, that Vita is super pretty. :D

  • @2 If you’ve played the last Splinter Cell… which I doubt many have since it isn’t on PS3. Mark and Kill allows you to kill 3 enemies if you fill up the meter.. so you have to choose wisely if not then you might end up wasting it.

    • What you said. You’ve got to fill the meter, it’s not something that you can use to skate through every battle. But if you end up attracting the attention of like 6 guards, this helps even the odds.

  • When will we get some Multiplayer Details/Info and will there any sort of reward system in place thx.
    Game is looking REALLY GOOD

  • I pre-order the 500GB ACIII PS3 bundle with not one but two copies of AC3L (Too many PSVita units @ my place… Hehe! :P) and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!!! Stop posting PSBlog!! The anticipation is killing me!!! (Wears AC Gauntlet!).

  • Seriously! You get Connor on Vita if you get both versions?!?!?!?! You guys really want me broke this month don’t you? Both ACs and RO! I was actually gonna wait on ACL cuz I really want RO but now I’m not sure anymore. Ugh! =(

  • Just waiting on the 30th for my White Vita/Liberation Bundle to arrive… that and some info on the multiplayer that hasn’t been shown yet.

  • Already have both ACIII and Liberation on pre-order from Future Shop here in Vancouver Canada! Looking forward to both games, the PS3 exclusive content, the Future Shop exclusive SteelBooks, and the free costumes. Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

  • Ok, I am trying to avoid spoilers, but that video was great! Aveline is so pretty & I am happy that both ACIII games are starring characters that reflect the true multi-ethnic heritage & reality of our country. I will be living the American Revolution during my Christmas break! Thanks, Jeff.

  • This is another PS Vita game that’s well below native resolution (960×540) and has no anti-aliasing.

    LittleBigPlanet PS Vita gets away with it because it’s just barely sub-native and seems to have 4xMSAA.

    Uncharted: GA, Gravity Rush and this just look messy because all the details and edges become a chunky mess. Developers, PLEASE make more intelligent sacrifices. Reduce detail, because what good is that detail if it’s lost or looks messy behind bad image quality?

    Tearaway by Media Molecule looks amazing, (seriously, go to the official site using your Vita web-browser and download the Vita-formatted version of the trailer, and screenshots) because Mm chose a fantastic style that can be accomplished without obvious sacrifices. It’s native res with 4xMSAA, and looks better than most games on more powerful platforms.

  • Will this game come PS VITA/BLACK OR WHITE.

  • So by connecting 3 and Liberation you unlock a mission with Connor on vita, playing as Aveline, and on PS3 the same mission you unlock with Aveline, playing as Connor ?

  • ^ 960×544 I meant to type for PS Vita’s native res.

  • This game look awesome, but I really think they should have bundled these games. I’m getting AC 3 CE, so i won’t be able to afford this until next year

  • If this game doesn’t sell, nothing will on Vita.

    Also, Shin-Ra mentioned the browser, Sony needs to let SCEA/SCEE take care of the PSV/PS3 browser because SCEJ is not doing a good job.

  • Does anyone else think that Aveline kinda looks like Rihanna? That’s pretty hot :)

    Anyway, this game looks pretty great. I haven’t bought an Assassin’s Creed game since AC2, but I’m really tempted to get this one because it could be a really good vita game. Really enjoying the system.

  • Great video, can’t wait to download this game on my Vita!

    If you know the file size and price for the PSN version please let us know. :)

    • The PSN version will be $35.99. I don’t have the file size yet, but I’d imagine it’ll be a couple of GBs…

  • how long of game play will this game be. and how much will this game be.

  • This looks really fun, have had it preordered for months, cant wait.

  • I want this game

  • Can someone finally answer whether or not Liberation will link with my uplay account (uplay points/achievements, unlockables, etc.)

  • I havent jumped on the VITA band wagon yet, but the new assassins creed game on the handheld looks great. I’m hoping in a years time that the vita keeps getting strong titles like this game, then ill invest in this. Little big planet , uncharted and assassins creed liberation have my interest, hopefully more will show up in 2013. Any other strong vita titles out there jeff? Great article, keep up the great work

  • I already have a 500 gb ACIII bundle ordered, as my PS3 just died (couldn’t pick a better time to do so), and I had a warranty through Square Trade, so this essentially nets me ACIII for free! Also, I am seriously considering picking up Liberation too, but I have two questions: I know the retail version is $39.99, but how much is the download going to cost? Also, how big will the download be in gigabytes? Thanks a lot!

  • @23, this is actually the perfect time for you to pick up a Vita as they have the ACIII Liberation Bundle for $250. Since the Vita costs that by itself, you are basically getting the game for free (I almost wish I would’ve waited). Check Amazon. Definitely pick up Uncharted and LBP Vita, those are two of my favorite games! Also, Escape Plan, Plants vs. Zombies, and Super Stardust Delta are a lot of fun, but there are many from which to choose.

  • wait since Conor can be playable on Liberation can Avaline can also be playable in AC3??

    really don’t like the mark and execute thing.

    it just feels the game is playing by itself and your just watching.

    to each on their own i guess

  • Nothing against the guy of course, but the cross connectivity is too confusing the way he explains it. It can be interpreted in different ways. For example I thought he meant play as Conner ON Vita after completing the same mission prior as Aveline. While someone else thought he meant play that same mission as Connor ON PS3.

    Is their an official Ubisoft statement we can read regarding this?

    Again, Can’t Wait!!

  • I have never really played any of the Assassins Creed games. (I know, shame on me right lol) I was planning on checking out the original Assassins Creed game by downloading the 60 min trial demo for PS Plus. It is similar to or is an RPG, in the since that you have quests, or choice based decisions that effect how the game plays out, and should I play the first one before jumping into the 2nd/3rd etc. Thanks. :)

  • this look very interesting the combo kill , Aveline does kinda look like Rihanna , who work on Aveline?, anyways i got both AC pre order :) , oh i never gotten any answers on any blog bout will there be anymore cross dlc like ac3 that we can use those dlc on liberations? thanks if you can answers , also i like to thanks to all AC liberations Dev. for makin very interesting vita version & sick game ever :P

  • @23, I would second all of @25’s Vita suggestions, if you should decide to pick one up; however I might also suggest Unit 13. It was a highly underrated game in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Question: I know that in the game you can meet up with Connor, but in AC3 on PS3 will i meet up with Aveline? DLC? Please?

  • Tks for more and keep posting any threat anyway , artical abt NfS and Lady Liberty. All of ’em make sure that they are “Triple A titles” coming very soon on the Vitane .

    Im really cant wait for that two titles downloaded on my Vitane . Tks you again!

  • Well Jeff all I could say is this game looks incredible. day one buy! Thanks for the video :-)

  • One of other things im interested in with this game is “Some Concept Arts” revealed earlier and itsself SoundTrack (Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation (Original Game Soundtrack – Idol) .
    WINIFRED PHILIPS remind me of Hans Zimmer with Other of His epic OST.
    Kind of Great music , Official GamePlay footage or Offscreen showoff from NYCC or TGS … make me want this game so badly .

    Great work UBISOFT!

  • @23, All of the recommendations so far are great, and I’d add Gravity Rush (actually my favourite Vita game so far), Mutant blob attacks, Sound Shapes and Wipeout (if you’re a Wipeout fan) to the list of awesome games. Oh, and Rayman Origins if you need even more platformers. As for upcoming games, there’s also Tearaway, Sly and Soul Sacrifice next year. Oh, and Guacamelee (which is also on PS3 but I’ll probably play it on Vita). And I can’t wait for Persona 4 Golden

  • This is the first fall season that I have gone this game crazy. Bought RE6 anthology, LBP vita, a ton of psn games, pre ordered AC3 ps3 + vita gold package psn was offering, getting PS all stars, LBP Karting, will be getting the new ratchet and clank when it comes in november. It’s insane how good the quality of games are this season, and I have actually been happy with my vita purchase and still play way too much. I haven’t touched my 3ds since vita came out.

    To my point, AC 3 in both editions seem to be a massive cut above everything else coming out until at least “Last of Us”. It is amazing and I am dying to play. Tuesday night can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait to kill King George Washington if a few months.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    Thanks for all the recommendations! Unit 13, gravity rush and sound shapes look very good, I just searched it up there on ign and other gaming related websites. Even though there’s alot of good games already out, id like to see more third party support from other developers. The Vita is a great piece of kit and has alot to offer

  • Will I be able to unlock anything for AC:3 with Liberation?
    Skin, Mission, pouches?

  • It will be priced at $35.99?

    Nice, i can afford that, day one.

  • What If I own Assassin Creed III in PC Window? Will I be able to get those bonus content too in Vita?

  • I’m pretty much what you’d call a graphics snob and I can deal with the slightly sub-res to get this experience on the Vita. LBP Vita looks amazing, art direction helps make it better looking than the PS3 version IMO. Liberation looks really good and can’t wait to try it out! I do really like the PS3 Vita bonuses too.

  • <— whats going on with my avatar?

    i want this game so bad, wish the Vita had video out jack, tried the vita a couple times but the screen is too small for my bad eyes.

    the game looks amazing in the previews and i like the changing clothes style of play, bonus content if you own both the PS3/Vita awesome.

  • Anyone know – heard anything abt pricetag for Need for Speed Vita?! Tks

  • wil ac3 liberation support UPLAY

  • Aveline! <3 I pre-ordered both AC3 and AC3L and i even made my older brother pre-order both games too. we are going to the midnight launch so i think i might end up buying that hidden blade replica! don't call it gauntlet!! lol and jeff, how about changing that sly avatar already into another PS character? :) and if you would which one would it be ?

  • @2 They already made two games like that. Space Channel 5 and its sequel.

  • My PS3 fat is getting the blinking red light so I ordered the new super-slim AC III bundle. I also ordered the AC Liberation PS Vita bundle.

    I don’t see myself playing anything but AC for awhile! And as old as I am, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to come on Christmas day again!

    Hurry up 11/30/12!!!!

    Get your Portable ID!

  • Good morning!

    This game will have subtitles en pt br?

  • I like seeing the White Vita in the video.

  • Remember back in the days with socom, When you play the PS2 and PSP version, you would unlock little twist that help make the 2nd game play much easier and interesting after syncing, Why dont they do that for PS3 and Vita, then you guys will sell more product because it would be 2 complete different story on the same path, I remember investing loads of money on both system then for the interactions

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