PlayStation Blogcast 048: Trumpet of the Swan

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PlayStation Blogcast 048: Trumpet of the Swan

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With a new PSN indie innovator fluttering in the wild, we spend today’s show discussing The Unfinished Swan, how it compares to Journey, and games with “mystique.” I also geek out on XCOM: Enemy Unknown (seriously, it’s good), Nick talks about his early experiences with Dishonored, and look forward to next week’s release of Assassin’s Creed III (with the PS3-exclusive Benedict Arnold four-mission arc) and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita.

We also ladle out steaming spoonfuls of next week’s PSN releases, share a bevy of Listener Queries™ and Player Tips, pluck a sparkling new PSN Gem from the raw earth, and serve up another one of Nick’s confounding Mystery Themes. Who are you to resist?

Stuff We Talked About

  • The Unfinished Swan
  • Journey
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita
  • Assassin’s Creed III
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    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    8 Author Replies

    • Hopefully there’s a lot of Liberation details in this cus we know so little!

    • For the horror titles you guys missed some really obvious picks! Siren: Blood Curse on PSN for PS3, and Corpse Party for PSP/Vita PSN. The latter is even on sale right now.

    • Is zoe Comeing for PSN ???????

    • I have been listening to the Podcast for the past 3 weeks and I have become a loyal listener until the end. It started out, just to hear what was coming out on the PSN, but now I come to learn and listen. Next week looks real good for the Vita and for those that are looking for a great brain stimulating game, make sure you pick up Smart As. I picked up the retail copy on Tuesday and I have never felt as stupid in my life. And I mean that in a good way. Come next week, I will be downloading it on my Vita because it will never leave my Vita. Something I’m happy the Vita has received.

      For those that want to know more about it, I will post a little bit here. There are 4 categories; Observation, Language, Logic and Arithmetic. Each one of those categories have 5 different games inside. One which is available from the start in each category and as you play the daily challenges or complete each type of game on Genius difficulty will unlock the next game. There is online functionality, but for some reason I can’t connect to the Smart A world, but I think it because it not officially out yet? Try it, if you want a brain stimulating game. My strongest category is Arithmetic. My worse is Language and Observation.

    • I will also be picking up both Assassin’s Creeds, both Need for Speeds, Ragnarok Odyssey, Sports Champion 2 (The demo was great) and my second Vita (Assassin white).

    • I definitely recommend Ragnarok Odyssey, it’s done by Game Arts who did the Lunar series which I know some of you are fans of.

    • @GodChild1020 Thanks for the info on Smart as. I originally planned on picking it up but I completely forgot it came out next week. I too will be getting Ragnarok Odyssey, Need for Speed, and both Assassin’s Creeds next week, I may wait a little later for Sports Champions 2. Next Tuesday may be the single most important day of year (or maybe December 21 if you believe in that stuff lol).

    • So, this is a random AC3 question but… are the bonus PS3 missions included in the PSN version of it? And while we’re on the subject PSN should have its own special pre-order bonuses… I mean, if the game doesn’t already have the 10% PS+ discount.

    • @8 it is. Kristine said so in PS Store update to one of the comments, CONFIMRED.

    • @8 as in the DLC not the discount/preorder, you will get a theme if thats worth anything…

    • I’m starting to get discouraged… my questions never get read… :(

      • We get a looot of email, keep trying! Also know that we can’t answer stuff that’s speculative or rumor based, just something to keep in mind

    • Already submitted my answer for the mystery theme! I’m pretty sure I got it right. =)

      If multiple people get it right does everyone get a prize or is it the first person who emails with the correct answer?

      Two more weeks until blogcast #50! =D

    • @12, I think they do like a hat pick thing if multiple people get it right.

      After much thought, I’ve decided to get the ACIII 500GB PS3 super slim bundle. I’m trading in my 320gb (self-upgraded from 120gb) and getting the super slim tuesday! I can’t wait for it, I love the ribbed look of the super slim and am looking forward to the fans being much quieter and the HDD being bigger! Also getting the ACIII CE and ACIII:L!! So I’ll have two copies of ACIII… Hmmm.. may have to trade one in. haha

      • Yeah, we put all the correct guesses into Nick’s beard, he sneezes, and whichever email address is stuck to Rey’s face gets the prize. Betcha didn’t know that!

    • I have to say I really agree with 2012 being the year of the PSN. Out of all these great games, I have to say that for me personally, on a very personal level, Papo & Yo was the definitive best. No other game was anywhere near as emotive as that one and by the end of it I was probably balling out more tears than I did for any game ever. I rank it up as one of the most moving experiences of all time, in any art form.

    • Oh and we seriously need the Papo & Yo soundtrack on PSN asap. I can’t believe that one isnt up yet when Unfinished Swan got it so soon. Contact the creator or Sony Exec or whoever you have to and make it sound like the most Pressing matter in the world. Like December 21st will really happen if it doesn’t get released.

    • im getting next week Need for Speed: Most Wanted of the ps3 and vita this game will be sooooooo much fun

    • Huge Metal Gear fan here. Follow MGS news every day. ZOE HD indeed comes with Rising demo. Im playing that first before I waste my life away on AC3 :)

    • Talk about Black ops 2 in the next podcast.

    • Thanks Sid!

    • Tell the higher ups to fix the vitas internet browser please it was better before they updated it

    • @3 i can’t believe Konami isn’t making it available on psn. I really only want Z.O.E 2, because the first game is too short. i’ll jujst wait till it does because i don’t wanna spend $40 on 2 short games i’ve already played before.

      @18 lol you won’t give up on that will you? :P I guarantee they will talk about it next podcast, since it comes out in 2 weeks.

    • Hey guys, its my first tiem listening and i liked the blog… Ill be sure to listen in every week..

      I got a question about Little Big Planet Karting.. I hear that in Europe, its available for Digital Preorder but in the US its still not…

      Will we be getting LBP Karting as a day 1 digital in the USA PS Store??

    • @5 Can I borrow some money as you seem to have lots? LOL ;)

    • Sid: I know this isn’t really your department, but could you maybe pass this along? We need an NHL hockey game of some kind on the Vita. Not air hockey or table hockey, but NHL hockey. Why hasn’t the one and only EA Sports NHL game (NHL 07) for PSP been put on the PS Store yet? Heck while we’re getting all these PSone classics, how about and older EA NHL game or even an old 989 Studios NHL FaceOff game?

    • Can’t wait to listen to this weeks podcast. Really hoping for some good PS Plus news on the US front. The UK just announced they are getting Crysis 2 to add to their list of AA titles already, October has been a really poor month for the US in comparison.

    • Catherine is gonna be on sale??? how much??? i missed out on it so hopefully its a good price

    • The Playstation Blogcast is Great!!!! I love the insight and cool dialogue. Are there any plans to make this availabe to be streamed or downloaded from the various Sony Platforms??? (Playstation 3, PS Vita, or PSP)Making this available and a must have for great insight on games & the playstation following would be a huge improvement I think to this project.

      Keep up the good work!!!

    • Okami HD cannot get here sooner cant wait to re-play one of my all time fave games

    • Catherine would be interesting to try if its $14.99, but knowing how terrible psn games are priced it will be around $30.

    • hello my mane is mauro, i am from argentina,i own a ps3 and a (usa) psn accaunt because there is no service in my country.i read online paypal is comming to psn, i know you don’t coment on rumors but i think that is a great idea because in argentina the only way to put money on our wallet is with psn cards and we pay 25 dollars for a 20 dollars card,with paypal you put the money you need in your wallet without buyng the card.i hope you read my letter,is a diferent vision of the gamers world many don’t know.i download your podcast on my ps3 .keep doing a great yob. sorry for my english.

    • I have a note in regards to the Pulse Wireless headset. I heard one of you guys on the podcast mention that the wireless dongle might be needed for the BassImpact feature to function, which isn’t true. You can use BassImpact when wired as well, though you need to switch the headphones on so it uses it’s internal processing and battery. If the battery dies you will lose those features as it then just functions as passive set of headphones powered by your device. I personally find that you can get much more volume out of cell phones and such with a wired connection. Battery lasts about 6-7 hours this way from my tests with BassImpact on.

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