Killzone Trilogy and Killzone HD Available Now on PS3

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Killzone Trilogy and Killzone HD Available Now on PS3

Killzone HD on PS3

We interrupt your regular scheduled blog content with a gentle reminder from Helghast Autarch Scolar Visari:

“My people… Sons and daughters of Helghan… Today is a glorious day for our nation. For many years, our history was incomplete – divided, fragmented, and split up over multiple platforms. But on this day, the record of our great struggle is made whole. On this day, Killzone Trilogy is released for PlayStation 3!

Experience the power of the Third Helghast Army in the original Killzone, remastered in majestic HD. Witness the tyranny of the ISA as it attempts to seize Helghan in Killzone 2. Tremble before the awesome might of the Helghast war machine in Killzone 3. Then, go online and smite the enemy on any of the enclosed DLC multiplayer maps!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have declared the coming weekend a Double XP Weekend. All acts of valor in online multiplayer matches of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 shall be doubly rewarded! Go online and strike at your foes without fear or hesitation… Remind them, with every bullet fired and every drop of blood spilt, that Helghan belongs to the Helghast!”

You heard the man! The Killzone Trilogy bundle is now available in stores for $39.99; Killzone HD is also separately available from the PlayStation Store for $14.99. The Double XP Weekend starts on Friday, October 26th at 9:30pm Pacific, so make sure you mark it on your calendar. You wouldn’t want to upset the Autarch…

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  • Awesome!

  • Killzone 1 is only on the PSN Store. Killzone 2 and 3 are missing :(

  • @fede – No where did they say KZ 2 and 3 were on PSN. Those two are included in the Trilogy pack. KZ1HD is on PSN for those who already own KZ2 and 3 already on disc.

    I’m currently download KZ1HD and can’t wait to rip into it :)

  • Does anyone know if Killzone Trilogy has everything on disc or does it have vouchers for KZ1 and the DLC map packs?

  • hey victor is there any word about the whole kill zone trilogycoming to the psn network?
    the whole game will be coming to the network? need to know ok thanks!

  • I definitely plan on picking up Killzone 1 sometime in the near future. I’m still pretty irked that my copy of Killzone 3 stopped working after installing the latest patch. I played through it about 9 months ago, and then when I tried to play it again not so long ago, it updated and now freezes after the PS Move screen.


  • You guys may want to talk to they seem to think the game doesn’t release until the 30th still. I ended up cancelling my pre-order and buying the game locally (bit of an inconvenience considering that I’m in a point in my dev cycle where making an extra trip to the store is a bit out of the way).

  • It would be cool to have the PSP Killzone Liberation remastered as well just like God of War

  • Why arent Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 on the PlayStation Store yet? I want digital copies of them

  • Also, does anybody know exactly how the Trilogy is packaged? Number of discs, etc… I can’t seem to find that anywhere. I’d like to know before I decide if I want to buy it or not.

  • @musicman182, sounds like you’ve got a bad disc. I had the same problem with my copy of Uncharted 3. It also worked fine until one of the patches. I got a replacement disc and it worked fine.

    Have you tried calling Sony and asking for a replacement? It’s not exactly new anymore though. You could buy a used copy from GameStop – should be really cheap now – and see if that works. You can return it after testing it as they allow returns of used items within 7 days.

  • @TheTrainJob

    No I haven’t tried calling Sony yet…I’m still trying to decide what I want to do about it. I may try testing it on another system if I can. The part I don’t understand is that if I delete the game data, and then cancel out of the latest patch update when prompted, the game plays absolutely fine (minus being able to play online of course.)

  • picking this up on payday

  • @musicman182 Did you try deleting the “Game Data” for killzone then reinstall the game? This is some thing that people have to do to play skyrim on the ps3. Do not delete the game saves, just the killzone data in the “Game Data Utility”. Try it and see if it works before you rule out a bad disc.

  • @Skrawney

    Yup, I’ve done that multiple times, and just tried it again. After installing the patch, it freezes my PS3 upon start up of the game, and then I have to power it off incorrectly and when it reboots it has to check the file system.

  • Downloading Killzone 1 can’t wait to play! I recommend anyone with Killzone 3 and a move controller to try it out. In my opinion it’s the best use of move I’ve ever played in a shooter (you may have to lower the deadzone width and length/height).

  • Jeebus that sucks

  • Killzone HD is great. Allowing me to play Killzone HD on my Vita would be better.

  • Wow what an awesome news…I already beat KZ1 on PS2 and I already got KZ2 and KZ3 so this collection isn’t for me…but even before its announcement I’ve been waiting for KZ 1 HD its been a damn while…and did you just said double XP this weekend?…oh couldn’t be better…gonna play KZ3 to death this weekend…ONE OF THE BEST MULTIPLAYERS EVER CREATED.Killzone is the best FPS ever.

  • I’ve been waiting so long for the HD version of Killzone. So glad it’s finally here.

  • I already have KZ2 and 3, but that trilogy price is insanely good. I paid top dollar for each of these two games when they came out and don’t regret it a bit. However, you can get all three of these games for 1/3rd of the price I paid for the 2. This is a no-brainer for anyone that doesn’t have KZ2 or KZ3.

    One question though is how much space this will all take up on your hard drive? I’m guessing it’s up in the 20GB range, which is significant. Having KZ2 or KZ3 on your hard drive for easy access to multiplayer matches, though, would be pretty great, if you have the space.

  • I sold KZ2 and KZ3 in the past because I needed rent money SO said I can rebuy them with dlc and KZ1 fro 44 bucks. But I hate discs so I’m gonna wait a while to see ti becomes available digitally if not then I’ll pick it up sometime!! definitely want to play them again!! some of the best fps’s on the market!

  • Killzone HD should be made available to PS Plus members at a discount.

    I’m very thankful for the upcoming Double XP Weekend & I plan to play KZ3 Multiplayer.

  • Just one question.

    Do all three games in the Pack come in their own discs? Or is Killzone HD a PSN download voucher?


  • @4, the Trilogy comes on 2 disks.
    Disk 1 has Killzone 1 & 2 and disk 2 has Killzone 3.
    When you put disk 1 in to play Killzone 1, it prompts a download to your Hard Drive to transfer Killzone 1.
    The download also prompts a download for all DLC related to KZ1/2 & 3. Which includes all map packs and addons.
    Hope this helps.

  • Haha. Great! I’m very pleased with all of this. The message form the Autarch was a nice touch. :)

  • For the glory of Helghan, I’m in. Downloading Killzone HD right now. Double XP on both KZ2 and KZ3? Oh boy I’m torn.

  • @Victor Zuylen or anyone from GG
    Thank you SO much for remastering Killzone 1 for PS3. You guys did an amazing job. Even in it’s original form Killzone 1 was my favorite FPS of all time, so it’s FANTASTIC to be playing it now, not being held back by hardware due to your ambition and original vision. It runs perfectly, and looks SOOO much better. I truly wish you guys were able to add in the online as well. Like I said before, I’d happily pay you guys another $10 if you can add it back into the game as like a DLC. It would be well worth it to me.

    Could you guys say whether or not Killzone HD is able to be patched in any way, because while I love the product, there are 2 issues. Perhaps they were more like oversights. 1) The game REALLY needs the option to choose between “toggle” and “hold” for [zoom], just like crouch. I seem to recall the original having that option. This would fully bring Killzone 1 up to the modern standard it deserves. And 2) This game has basically no soundtrack and is in DIRE need of custom soundtrack support. It’s an easy piece of code to add in if the game can be patched. If you could do these 2 things, the game would be absolutely perfect.

    Thanks either way though. Love KZHD.

  • @musicman182

    Have you tried getting the game to boot without the patch installed? Delete everything and hit O when it says it has an update. Maybe see if it will even boot past that screen without the patch?

  • @ Skrawney

    Yes I have tried that, and the game plays fine. I played through most of the first level. But doing it that way won’t allow you to play online, which sucks.

  • That is weird then, I wouldn’t say it is your disc. Maybe your system just hates the patch >.<

  • As I read this article, I could hear Visari saying it in my head. amazing.


  • On a side note, can you guys please increase remote play support? I would prefer to play alot of these games on my smaller screen vita.

    Tokyo jungle still hasn’t been patched yet.

    Also, theres quite a bit of lag after a hour of gaming in Shadow of the colossus remote play.

  • is there any chance of Killzone 2 & 3 going up on PSN?

  • Third Helghast Army = Third Reich of the future

  • You guys can make more money if you guys put KZ2 and 3 in the store.

  • ZOE for PSN plz plz plz i dont like blu-ray this is a must have game im a long time fan of zone + i have a 320gb and im byeing a 500gb for more space with AC3

  • Is there 4 player split screen in Killzone HD for multiplayer?

  • I am definately excited about having the opportunity to play the 1st KZ, and the double XP this weekend, can i get a hooraaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Killzone HD would of been an awesome full release if GG would of rebuilt the game from the ground up with the KZ2/3 engine.

  • Well, I bought the trilogy earlier figuring that maybe my KZ3 disc was just bad, and that I don’t have KZ 1 or 2….get home to find out that KZ3 STILL doesn’t work on my PS3. What a waste of money. It’s definitely a patch problem because I’ve tried everything…deleting/re-installing game data, deleting saves, rebuilding PS3 file system…nothing works.

  • Going to be getting this right after AC3.

  • Did they add trophy support for Killzone 1?

  • when will uncharted 3 come out on the psn?

  • double xp for killzone 2 and 3?? or just 3???

  • @45. yep! trophy support with the 1st, along with the controls from killzone 3

  • @42..quit whining. and HD upgrade is more then enough. they already explained why they couldnt do it.

  • @40, i think its only with bots, i dont think you can play multiplayer at home

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