Sports Champions 2 Demo Hits PSN Today

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Sports Champions 2 Demo Hits PSN Today

I am super excited for Sports Champions 2 to launch on PS3 on October 30th, and hope you feel the same! So start warming up with your PlayStation Move motion controllers, because the team at Zindagi and San Diego Studio have been hard at work packing the title with five all-new sporting events including Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf and Bowling – plus an updated Archery experience, a new Party Play Mode, an Avatar Creator feature, and more. Check out our trailer below to see these new features in action!

Today, we’re excited to give you a free taste of the experience with a demo on PSN. In the demo, you’ll have a chance to start working up a sweat in a singles Tennis match against the AI, play a hole of Golf for one to two players, and try out a fast flying and jumping Ski run for up to two players. Of course the full game has a ton of additional content and challenges, but I hope this gives you an idea of how a few of the events play from the start.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the full experience and you purchase Sports Champions 2 in the first run at retail and on PSN, you’ll receive a cool DLC bonus called the Golf DLC Pack. This limited time free DLC includes Scramble, Best Ball, and Stableford Golf modes, and a set of carbon fiber golf clubs for your Champion. Some of you may already be able to see Sports Champions 2 popping up on store shelves early in your area, so be sure to keep an eye out!

I’m also pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition to support the Active Play PALA Challenge. This initiative aims to promote playing active videogames as a fun way to help establish a healthy lifestyle. As part of the challenge, you can use active games like Sports Champions 2 as a way to work towards earning a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+).


We’ve pulled together lots of fun activity routines featuring all of Sports Champions 2’s action-packed sporting events that will help you get up off the couch and start working towards earning your PALA+ using PlayStation Move. Click here to learn how you can join the fun!

That’s all for now! Please stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for the latest Sports Champions 2 news.

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  • It’s a shame that this game hasn’t received much coverage or promotion. So many people I have spoken with had no clue a sequel was even being made, let alone was coming out this month.

    Anyway, I’m hoping to get my hands on it. I’m glad that there are improvements such as no longer needing to calibrate the controller before each game.

    I only wish there was online MP and that there was also an upgraded Gladiator Duels mode. That mode was probably my favorite from the first game.

    Anyway, hopefully this game sells a decent amount. :/ It’s never nice to see devs put in such hard work into a game and it ultimately goes unnoticed by the masses.

  • ^ I second what Force said. I was aware that a sequel was made but I didn’t know it would be coming out next week. I loved the first one, something you should definitely have if you have Ps Move :D .

  • Can’t wait to check if I’ll be able to have fun with only one Move controller.

    • All sports were designed to be fun with just one motion controller. For some sports, mainly Boxing, one is good but two is better per person.

      You can even play up to a 4 player Party Play game with just one motion controller by playing Golf, Bowling, or challenge events.

      The game supports up to 4 motion controllers too if you get enough friends together to max out.

  • Doh! Had forgotten about this game. Day 1 digital? Thought ps all stars was the only game i was going to get this fall but yep…will certainly try to get this

  • I would have bought the game but no online multiplayer killed any excitement I had for this sequel.

    The first one needed it and then you completely dismiss it for the sequel.

    Oh what could have been.

    Not even going to waste my time with the demo.

  • Cool! Looks like an enhanced version indeed. I’ll check it out. :-) (Excited on the boxing thing, hehe)

    • I was testing the servers yesterday and after a few matches of boxing I was getting really tired. Good work out. :) Hope you like it Conaaando.

  • conaaando…you and me both lol

  • Online multiplayer isn’t as important as some of you make it out to be. A lot of games do just fine without it and the first Sports Champion was one of those.

    If you let something like no online play stop you from playing/enjoying a game then it’s your problem.

  • @KidCommando

    online multiplayer in a game like this would be waaayyyy too laggy.

  • Excellent, I’m very excited, although I did think it was coming in November. What a nice surprise that it’s next week. How long will the Golf DLC pack be up for? Does it come with new copies of the game, or can we download it off the psn? Either way, I will be picking up this game. :)

    • The Golf DLC is a voucher in the first run of the retail boxes. I believe there is a sticker on the box telling you if a voucher is included or not. All of the first run copies I believe have the sticker and voucher. For Playstation Store, all of the digital copies come with the Golf DLC for a limited time.

  • Who’s selling it early? I wouldn’t mind bowling a few frames tonight!

    • I’d love to know too. If anyone sees it in store please do tell. I’m told most stores won’t have it until 10.30, but it might start appearing sooner in stores that are quick to stock.

  • @jgrizzle

    Then why can The Fight: Lights Out do it with boxing?

    Plus there are events that are turn based like golf, bowling, archery, frolfing, and Bocce ball.

    quit making excuses for poor development decisions.


    This will not even come close to selling as much as the first game. No online play for an obviously competitive group of games is just stupid when everything is in place to make it happen. I figured it was a time issue with the first game and assumed the sequel would definitely include online play. Hey, thats cool. like I said, they made an easy decision for me to skip this game all together. no worries, plenty of other games to get my multiplayer fix.

    • KidCommando: Every game / situation is different, if online multiplayer is crucial to you then you should definitely pass on this game as we’ve been clear since announcement that there are no online multiplayer plans. We’ve explained before why it wasn’t possible to include online multiplayer in this game, reposting below for reference.

      We totally understand the desire for online multiplayer, but this is a feature we unfortunately are unable to
      support given our constraints. This decision was not made without careful consideration. A very bare bones
      online multiplayer implementation might have been possible if we cut enough of our new features (Ex. Auto-calibration gameplay, Party Play and Avatar creator), but we weren’t okay with doing online multiplayer unless
      we could do it right and without sacrificing so much to the rest of the game. Hopefully the vastly improved
      local multiplayer experience in SC2 helps with this news. As we feel that with SC2 we are catering to that
      group of friends and family gameplay in a much better way than what was possible on SC1.

  • Seeing a demo released this week is a nice surprise, along with the Golf DLC, as I have SC2 pre-ordered. Also, since I use Move-controlled fitness games as a primary form of exercise (partly the reason I pre-ordered this because I’m seriously in need of something new), it’s nice to see specific routines will be set up as part of PALA+.

    As a trophy hunter, I just hope earning the gold cup and the challenge modes in each sport aren’t as impossible for me as it was in SC1.

  • Disc Golf was the most addictive move game I’ve ever played. Is there any chance of there being an updated version for SC2?

    • Hi GhostMachine1,

      SC2 is meant to compliment SC1 and not to be a replacement. SC2 has all new experiences that extend without invalidating SC1. If you enjoy playing Disc Golf and Bocce from SC1 as much as I do for example, keep that SC1 disc around.

      There are no plans to add more events to SC2, but anything is possible in the future of course.

  • Hi Jeremy Ray

    I know you guys have been upfront about not including online play and your reasons why. I guess it just sucks because I DID really enjoy the first one but rarely ever have an opportunity to play local multiplayer.

    As I said, it just seems like a huge wasted opportunity to make a good game great with the ability to compete against another human mind when local players are not available.

    anyway, thanks for your reply to my displeasure. sorry I can’t support your game.

  • i still don’t get the appeal of move. Even though it looks more interesting than the original motion controller it ripped off (Wii-mote), it doesn’t have any Move exclusive games compelling enough for me to want to get it.

  • Jesus christ its about time , Sports Champion ,Sorcery ,The fight lights Out and Tumble are the best move games and they don’t get sequels .
    I downloaded the demo off of the European store will try it soon ,is the demo we are getting in America different ?

    • KAPADO, gameplay content is the same in all the demos available on the store in each region. Regional differences are languages supported, packaging differences, and that sort of thing. No difference in gameplay, and the online leaderboard in the retail version is global.

  • I own the 1st game & haven’t even played it yet, i’ll have to checkout the demo for sure.

  • Also i might add to my previous comment glad to see more support for owners such as myself that has a Ps Move. I For a minute support for Ps Move came to a stand still.

    • Move has ruled my professional life for the last few years. ;) I’m doing my part to get you some games, hopefully you like some of them. SC1, Medieval Moves, and SC2.

      BTW, there is a SC1 and Medieval Moves demos on the SC2 disc in America for those that haven’t tried either and want to save on the bandwidth.

  • I have the game preordered (looks great) but I wonder why UK has the game available for preorder on PSN for 15.99£ ($25.50) and here in the States listed for $39.99? Such a discrepancy, it’s cheaper to buy a PSN UK card and buy on their updated store.

    • Every region has their own promotions. Sorry I’m on the product development side of things and don’t have much say in that part, but know there are variations in America, Europe, China, Japan, etc… depending on local regions.

  • Still waiting for the update on PSN to access the Demo !!!

  • Is this accurate –

    “play a hole of Golf for one to two players”

    I can see not wanting to put an entire game in the demo, but only 1 hole? Can you even tell if golf plays well or not with only 1 hole?

    • Yes the demo has1 Golf hole in addition to the Skiing course and Tennis match. You can replay the hole as many times as you like of course though, and experiment with different shots. It’s enough to get a feel for what the control mechanics are like.

  • Is there a statistic in the game to count number of calories (likely) burnt during the game play?

    The Xbox feature that collates those stats from all exercise/motion games is really cool; I’d love to see something like that as a launch feature on PS4k.

    A major issue with SC1 was the extremely low-quality textures and models in a few places that got extreme close-ups. Has the graphics quality been amped up? If so, can you tell us how?

    • There was a calorie counter on the wishlist, but it didn’t make it in.

      Overall I prefer the look in SC2, but that’s of course purely subjective. Avatars are customizable now so there are always trade offs with that over set characters but I think overall it is a big win for this type of game. There are also things like crowds which we didn’t have in SC1.

      Like in SC1, the content gets less expected the further you progress. So things like fun boss characters and more unusual environments are found in the full version. The demo is similar to the very beginning of each of the three included events.

  • I just tried skiing and Tennis ,with 2 move controllers … pretty bad ass , and we no longer have to go for the 3 points of move calibration ,very good .
    Now I want to try 2 PSmove’s boxing .

  • Trophy Sync Error (80022D05). Can anybody please help me with this. My trophies have not been able to load for about 2 months. This is very frustrating and I am finally on the blog to ask for some help. Does anybody know a fix?

    I know most of us on the blogs are pretty savy PS fans. Thanks for the help any and everyone.

  • Just pre-ordered. Looking forward to bowling, tennis, and boxing.

  • Need to see if I have space for the demo, want to check it out.

    @25: Go to twitter @AskPlayStation or ask in the actual playstation forums.

  • Seriously this looks great!!

    Hopefully the next entry in Sport Champions will have online play :D, it’s the only thing that’s missing!

  • I’m thrilled about getting this, but I just hope the calibration in the boxing game is better than The Fight: Lights Out. The Fight was a great game, but the calibration was crappy.

  • Just played the demo and really liked all the sports, though the difficulty was a bit on the easy side. Skiing especially was a nice surprise–plays like a fun, immersive racing game. Can’t wait to try out the other courses. I would even consider a DLC purchase for additional courses.

    My one disappointment, however, is with the graphics: the sunlight seemed to wash out most of the detail and textures, and the character modeling was PS2 like, if that. I hope the actual game is better because at this point, it’s a step backward from SC1.

  • @ Jeremy Ray,

    You could at least direct us to the person that made the call to exclude multiplayer, that way the responsible party can suffer the harrassment directly instead of middlemen getting it from everyone on these blogs.

    I’m buying sports champions 2 regardless, but there should never be budget/production constraints at a company as large as Sony. Zindagi may be a small studio, but they have access to all of Sony’s resources.

    Delaying the game wouldn’t have killed you if it would have helped to make the game in a way that would bring in more sales in the long run. Meeting customer demands (as long as they are reasonable) is critical to building and maintaining a large consumer base.

  • Was excited to try the demo…but of course the bowling, boxing and archery games are disabled. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a demo supposed to make a person want to buy the game? This does the exact opposite…guess I’ll just have to hope this has a PS+ full trial when it’s released to get a REAL sample of the game. I guess it’s up to Little Mermaid 2 to hold me over until Dead Space 3. GG guys…

  • @5 he said maybe next time if their is one. I think that at the top of his list for next time around if their is one.

  • Hi Jeremy

    I’d just like to say that Table Tennis in SC1 is the best use of motion controls I’ve ever used accross all systems. I just hope Tennis is just as good. I’ve played it in the demo but it’s hard to make a judgement yet as I can’t play it on Gold without the assists.

  • Awesome. I can’t wait for this game. I still consider the SC1 one of the hardest platinums I have. Maybe it was just me but frisbee golf was a beast. Ping pong was really fun so I’m sure Tennis will be good.

    I’ve really been looking forward to more move games specifically this one. My family will be excited for the demo and we’ll probably be getting the full game by Christmas.

  • My two cents…

    I went from 269lbs to 225lbs doing nothing but playing ‘The Fight:Lights Out’ and doing some other high intensity cardio, everyday for half an hour or more, not only was it effective, but it was fun, tough platinum trophy, still working on it.
    Sports Champions 2 looks fun, but I wasn’t drawn to the first one, perhaps I’m a fan of punching things, are there any plans for some boxing specific move games? that incorporate moving more than just torso/arms, perhaps a ‘The Fight 2’ ?, also how effective would the boxing section of sports champions 2 be for cardio workout?

  • “+ Jeremy Ray on October 23rd, 2012 at 10:28 am said:

    The Golf DLC is a voucher in the first run of the retail boxes. I believe there is a sticker on the box telling you if a voucher is included or not. All of the first run copies I believe have the sticker and voucher.”

    Not if you live in Canada. We got missed again. Day 1 purchase, no retailers here have that retail box with the sticker. Really uncool.

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