Frobisher Says! is Free on PS Vita Today

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Frobisher Says! is Free on PS Vita Today

Frobisher Says! for PS Vita

Frobisher Says! is a collaboration between the independent developer Honeyslug, and the artist and designer Richard Hogg. Frobisher was a strange little man we met a few years back. At first, he seemed to be the imaginary friend of an artist pal of ours, Roger Kelly. But it turns out he’s real! And the next thing we knew we were making a game for him! Frobisher is a rather demanding person — and while not actually cruel, his demands tend toward the mischievous… and you really don’t want to get on the wrong side of him!

So the PlayStation team approached us to ask if we were interested in creating something for PS Vita that would demonstrate its unique features. We’d recently been to a PS Vita demonstration day at their offices, where the hardware was revealed to developers — and found the whole thing quite bewildering! PS Vita has motion controls, front and rear cameras, front and rear touch, a microphone, face detection and Augmented Reality powers, as well as all the traditional controls from a DualShock controller. So many options that thinking about what to do was confusing… until artist and Honeyslug-collaborator Dick Hogg said “let’s make a game that uses everything!” and it went from there.

Frobisher Says on PS VitaFrobisher Says on PS Vita

Working with Frobisher to come up with the games was a lot of fun. Some of them came directly from PS Vita’s capabilities — we love that we’re able to have a game called “Look Away Now” where the game detects that you aren’t looking at the screen before displaying some of the strangest art in the game! Other times we based games based on Frobisher himself: he hates any kind of shellfish, so of course he would make the player “Pry Open My Clams” … and then refuse to eat them. The idea was to have as much variety as possible in the game types, the control mechanics, and the art styles.

One of the most exciting things about Frobisher is how many different artists we worked with, from comic book artists to print designers to medical textbook illustrators. Many of them had never worked on a videogame before, such as Martin O’Neill, an artist who normally creates collages from vintage magazines using a scalpel and glue. The comic book artist Johnny Ryan was great — he was like, “I don’t really get this, but sure, I can draw an otter running through a landscape…and I’m going to give him a liberty Mohawk and set the game in a derelict slum.” So even though he didn’t care about how the game worked, he made a massive contribution to the humor and spirit of Frobisher.

We worked pretty hard on making the games enjoyable for all types of gamers, and we really wanted people to enjoy multiplayer games of Frobisher with their non-gamer friends and family. Since it was released in Europe, we’ve had loads of reports of people having a fantastic time playing Frobisher with very young children or older parents, which makes us very happy!

Download Frobisher Says! for free via PlayStation Store on PS Vita today.

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2 Author Replies

  • Can’t say “no” to FREE! Soooo looking forward to PS+ next month for Vita owners :D

  • Free is Free. Even if I don’t like it, didn’t cost me a thing. :)
    But I always keep an open mind about new games.

  • I cant wait to try this our, also cant wait for PS+Vita <^_^›

  • Is it already done? I just got into my Vita store and there was no Frobisher… :/

  • @4 the store hasnt updated yet. they just make a bunch of posts about what you will see in the update later in the day cuz its a blog.

  • Frau Farbissina says: “LOWER THE GLOBE!!! “

  • @1 agreed. Though I hope the Vita Plus benefits are better than the recent PS3 ones.

  • I still dont see it

  • I hope it updates faaast! And the PS3 update is gonna be awesome too!

  • Itz 4:32 and itz still not on the ps store

  • This is a GREAT game. Alot of fun to play when you are 2 or more people. Download it and you won’t regret :).

    • Hey thanks Kivi! Yeah Frobisher Says was designed as a party game: definitely most fun when playing with unsuspecting friends or family..

  • Its not in the store yet but i’ll wait cause its free!! :)

  • Iz it downloadable right now

  • Trophies?

    • Hey there fans of trophies!

      Trophies are coming in a patch! Back when we were making Frobisher Says (which was before the Vita came out – it was a launch title in Europe), the policy was that free games weren’t allowed to have trophies. But that’s changed since..

      I don’t have a release date for the patch at the mo, but hoping it’ll be later this year. The trophies are very silly and mostly pretty cryptic – you should have some fun figuring out how to get them all.

  • what hour is the update of psn

  • I have been waiting all week and i’m still waiting. Don’t make me wait any longer please!!

  • This doesn’t have trophies…why would you waste space on your memory card for essentially a collection of silly boring mini-games? Is it because it’s free? Cause I kick you in the groin… for free.

    Any takers?

  • @17 how do you know there aren’t trophies and even if there aren’t why cant we just get the game and have fun with it not every game needs trophies

  • Quirky! Looking forward to it! Thanks devs!

  • k0wb0y honestly. your not getting it because of trophy’s? gtfo

  • As John Lithgow said in Santa Claus: The Movie…..

    “FOR FREEE?!?!?!”

  • white-knight. the game was out in europe for months now. there is none

  • Update the damn store already! I work at 4pm Pacific Time!!

  • @22ah i see i didnt know that well im still going to give it a shot at this point we need more vita games

  • I’m going crazy!!

  • PISS!!!!!!!!!! STORE!!!!!!!!

  • Okay, I have to go to work in like 15 minutes and I work until close. They better not release this and take it down or make it cost something after Midnight. I will be so mad. I finally caught a free game and do not want 2 miss it

  • Here’s an Idea…. Let’s update the store earlier than the late afternoon… i have been sitting home all day from work waiting to play Killzone HD, but i cant, because they havent updated the store yet… AND ITS ALREADY 6pm!

  • Im waiting for SF X Tekken Vita since the release on consoles months ago (because free DLC + portability).
    And today they will finally release it on Vita!


    Or tomorrow, or when Im sleeping, we never know… PSN is just so inconsistent regarding updates. It is like SONY is some sort of Chinatown family business instead of an electronics behemoth with THOUSANDS of employees and millions of dollars invested only and PR and marketing.

    Its just mind boggling. Sigh…

  • Where is the PS3 System Software Update (V4.30)? Posted October 21. Quote: Next Tuesday, October 23rd, we will be releasing a new system software update for PlayStation 3 (version 4.30).

    It is already 23rd. Past 17:00 (5:00 PM).

    And I haven’t seen this in store yet either. I been waiting for the grand update. I enjoy updates. Fan of them.

  • This update isss so freaking awesome! For the vita and ps3!
    Buuut,…. I want hulu plus on my vitaaa! Alreadyy!! :(

  • Nice, but why doesn’t this game have trophies?

  • Never mind, just saw your reply above.

    FYI: The game is available now on the store. The store hasn’t updated yet, but it you do a search it comes up.


  • Trophy patch in the works you say? Count me in then!

  • Thank you for the heads up, guys.
    I was almost giving up for today.

    Anyway, it seems that my SFXT download (2.2GB) will take about 550 minutes :(
    (download stable at this rate for about 10 minutes – my internet connection can download 2GB usually in half an hour)

    Good grief…

  • Trophy Sync Error (80022D05). Can anybody please help me with this. My trophies have not been able to load for about 2 months. This is very frustrating and I am finally on the blog to ask for some help. Does anybody know a fix?

    I know most of us on the blogs are pretty savy PS fans. Thanks for the help any and everyone.

  • Hope I have space for it. D;

    @28: Doing the same thing over and over expecting to see different results is insanity. Stop waiting around every Tuesday. Just plan for Wednesdays. Oh, but that would make sense. That would be logical. That wouldn’t be a huge waste of time that you can whine about and blame Sony for.

    People like you complain every week about it, but you choose to sit around and wait. So shush.

  • This game is hilarious and fun! Nice work and thank you so much!

  • Is Playstation Plus worth it I rarely play PS3 because I only play its Exclusives

  • @37
    I haven’t a clue. Sorry. You’re just really unlucky.

    Well, currently both inFAMOUS 2 & Little Big Planet 2 are both free for PS + and both are great exclusive games.

  • @40 it isnt worth paying for even slightly. just stock up on 1 month trials

  • Downloading now. Thank YOUUU Sony! You have temporarily alleviated some of the pain from not yet having a lot of games and functionality available or fully utilized on the Vita. Doing things like this makes us feel like you still care. Thank you.

  • cool,thanks! i wished more games were free,not just for ps plus members but for all.

  • Ha ha, this is a fun game and a very pleasant surprise! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much, it made me laugh out loud. Good work!

  • @40 – plus offers good value & many perks, but if you don’t use the PS3 much, it likely won’t have much to offer you … we play often, have a 320 gb & DL games a lot, so for us, fantastic service ….

  • The art is really cute and colorful!

  • @38

    I beg to differ, dude.
    Why doesn’t Sony just schedule the damn update for wednesday then?
    Every company does respect scheduled updates, if they cant afford to update in the said day, they will warn you in advance.

    Nintendo, Microsoft, Steam and Apple does this, Sony doesn’t, probably because:
    1- They want to avoid too much connection traffic, making the update timeframe inconsistent by default.
    2- They want to force you to buy boxed/retail copies, because people do want instant gratification and end up getting tired to wait for the PSN update. This industry is still really conservative regarding sales tracking.

    Im not a fanboy/hater, I own every current consoles/portables and I just don’t care which brand it is.
    I just love gaming, period.

    If Sony likes to sell an image of a PREMIUM company, they need to offer PREMIUM service.

    My two cents.

  • Well i already have the game it´s nice, however it´s not entirely free you “can” purchase more (14) additonal “games” for it ;) and honestly WarioWare is much better and bigger ( get some own ideas Sony :P ).
    And getting maybe 1-3 (full price) games every few month isnt enough ;). Honestly Sony support the Vita and stop this crossbuy crap make them exclusive ;) (why should i play a game on the Vita if i get it for PS3).

    I´m even thinking about selling the Vita because it´s almost the same situtation as with the PSP just even more worse if you look at how much are sold and how less games are made exclusive for the PS Vita and their features (again we dont need ports from Home Console Games that have less features just look at FIFA 13).

  • I can’t say “no” to free!! <3

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