Experience Orgarhythm’s Musical Strategy Today

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Experience Orgarhythm’s Musical Strategy Today

Orgarhythm for PS Vita

Orgarhythm drops today! Don those headphones because you’re going to want to turn up the volume on this one. To make this easy for the uninitiated, the curious, or those of you scratching their heads, here’s the bottom line on XSEED’s latest PS Vita offering.

Music! Strategy! The unholy union of rhythm and little tribal guys that you can send into battle! Orgarhythm is a hybrid rhythm/real-time strategy game where you direct your own personal army by using the touchscreen to keep the beat. Destruction and creation vie for dominance on this fledgling world. You play as the God of Light, boogieing through each level in your quest to take down your brother, the God of Darkness, and you do it with style.

Orgarhythm employs a flawless use of PS Vita’s sweet touchscreen feature. The controls are very simple, the interface beautifully responsive, and your ability to direct your soldiers, absolute. Step 1: Tap the screen; Step 2: Tap again to select an elemental soldier; Step 3: Tap to choose an attack; and Step 4: drag your finger to send him out into the field to do a dance-off with the enemies trying to bar your way. Remember that: Tap -> Tap -> Tap -> Drag. Easy!

Orgarhythm for PS Vita: Rock Paper Scissors

Earth (yellow) > Water (blue) > Fire (red)

If you can keep the beat you’ll also power up, build your army and add new layers of music as you play. Strategy also comes into play when you face off against your similarly color-coded foes. Orgarhythm uses a paper-rock-scissors system where certain elements are strong against one color and weaker against another. So in order to maximize your advantage when sending troops off to battle, your best bet is to deploy whatever element opposes the kind of enemy you’re facing.

This kind of elemental advantage (and disadvantage!) becomes very important to master when you get ready to face the level bosses. These titanic foes are often huge, can switch up their own elemental power at will or command hordes of elemental foes, and are always unforgiving.

Orgarhythm for PS Vita

(For a bit of size comparison, you are the jam between their toes. The bread crumbs under their mighty heels.)

You’ll dance through 12 stages with insane bosses, ranking and online leaderboards, extreme data tracking that records every possible detail of your play in the game, ad-hoc co-op and versus modes (2 players), and a mean AI that will switch up enemy tactics when you replay levels. And in addition to an already awesome original soundtrack of techno, rock and club beats, we also plan on releasing DLC of fan-created music!


Anyway, as I mentioned in the last blog post, Orgarhythm is a weird game, but one worth your attention if you like rhythm games with a twist. I also plan on destroying you all on the leaderboards, so if you think you’ve got some chops when it comes to music games, challenge me. ;)

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  • it says the video is set to private…. :/

  • btw, whats the price and will there be a demo?

  • Private video…ummm…Sony?

  • Can’t wait. Keep the Vita love coming XSEED!!!

    The greatest coup next to the Nintendo published The Last Story?

    XSEED scooping up the publishing rights to FF Type-0!!! Or the Tales Vita game. I’ll even take an English subtitled version of Lord of Apocalypse. I’m only 6 lessons in on my Pimsleur Japanese and unless their talking about the weather, asking for directions, or engaging in useless modern-day banter, I’m mostly lost in that game!

    A man can dream.

    Seriously though, I do hope that we get one last XSEED swansong for the PSP. I literally bought ever game you folks ever published for that system (and the PS3, and one or two DS/ Wii titles). So much love when so many other companies turned their back on that system. Its stuff like that, which makes people (like me) fans for life.

    • Our pleasure! Cheers for all the staunch support! We do our best to bring you guys the best, the obscure and the weird, so much appreciation for picking them all up. ;)

  • I also think its grossly unfair that those lovely people at XSEED and all those other special devs around the world get a Vita TV OUT SOLUTION (see the bottom picture) and consumers do not. These cables exist, we’ve seen them at E3 and elsewhere and people want them. Period.

    *shakes fist!

  • Private video? Losing customer in 3, 2, 1….

  • YaY! Success! It is alive!

  • Thanks for bringing these unique games over. I’, going to cave in and pick this one up too even if I have too much to play on my Vita, especially with Ragnarok Odyssey coming next week too. :p

    Oh, and there is a small typo in your post btw, “but one worth your attentionif you like rhythm games with a twist” should probably have a space between “attention” and “if”.

    Keep up the good work and please keep bringing us this weird stuff!

    • You are a hero, iriihuto. :) Thanks for supporting it AND Ragnarok. We feel every sale, believe me.

      And haha @ the squish. Just a formatting problem when they posted it probably. We let them know. Nice spot. ;)

  • To be completely honest, I am not a fan of Rhythm games besides Patapon and don’t really have interest in this, but as a lover and supporter of the fabulous XSEED, I may just get it to support them.
    I’m really dying to hear Ys IV & Legend of Heroes Zero Evolution will be making it’s way to NA with retail.
    Also, how come there hasn’t been a post for the Ragnarok Odyssey release date yet, I’m aware it’s in exactly a week and all, but a post should have been up.
    Like Christan said,
    I’d like to request that you guys ask Square Enix to let you guys Localize Final Fantasy Type-0 cause that would sell crazy and SE is being fools with it.
    Can’t wait for Ragnarok on tuesday, me and 3 friends already agreed on classes and will be playing this the moment we pick it up tuesday

    • Awww… It really warms my heart that our fans show us such support. Truly, thank you. If you decide to grab Orgarhyth, I hope you like it (I WILL see you all on the leaderboards), and Ragnarok is going to be very exciting for everyone. We’ll have more on that soon.

  • I love thumping beats / Strategy is my forté / Showers of bacon

    Most of all, I love you, XSEED. You’ve got a lifelong fan in me. :)


  • Same as Ryumoau, price and demo info please. These next 2 weeks are gonna be crazy with the amount of games coming, I need to start making a budget lol

    • I feel that crazy holiday season approaching soon too… So much awesome coming up. But anyway:

      Price is $29.99 and we’re working on getting a demo out! ^_^

  • Can’t wait to grab this when I get home! I am a huge supporter of XSEED. Keep publishing great psp/vita games and I’ll keep buying them! Between this, Ragnorak Oddyssey next week, and the Corpse Party sequel coming up, I’m going to be pretty busy. Now all I need is a release date for Trails in the Sky SC, and I’ll be really happy.

  • Orgarhythm AND Ragnarok Odyssey
    Orgarhythm AND Ragnarok Odyssey
    Orgarhythm AND Ragnarok Odyssey !!!!!!!

    Thanks XSEED

  • Think i’m going to pass on this, but you guys at Xseed will still be getting my money with Corpse Party and Ragnarok. xDD

  • The idea of Musical Strategy sounded ridiculous and then I see this launch trailer and it looks fantastic! I guess I have to buy both this and Ragnarok!!

    • It’s a pretty unique amalgamation, and I think it works really well. Can’t wait to see what you think of the game! Cheers for Orgarhythm and Ragnarok! :D

  • Will there be a european release? Looks like a very unique game I’d love to enjoy on my vita, but can’t do so if it’s only released in NA.

  • Platinum Trophy?

    • Oh yes, indeed.

      “[orgarhythm] All Clear” – You’ll have to get EVERY trophy in Orgarhythm to snag it, though.

  • Thanks for the post, Jess! How are the trophies? …here’s hoping they’re not to demanding! 8)

    • Thanks for reading it and commenting. I know Orgarhythm isn’t as popular as say, Ragnarok Odyssey, but it’s nice to get questions/comments. ^_^

      As for trophies, I spy 50+ and I think a couple require dedication, but are still doable. You’ll have to clear them all to get the Platinum Trophy, though…

  • I’m sure i speak for all Ps Vita owners, we want to see more games coming out. And get to it with third party support for Ps Vita. I don’t want to see Nintendo dominate the handheld market again & again etc.

  • I’m so happy that there is a demo. More than likely will buy this if it is awesome.

    Us vita owners want more quality content!

  • XSeed, your passion shows in your work. Thank you :-)!

  • I’m in for Ragnarok Odysset next week, but I’m not sure on Ogarhythm. Will definitely give the demo a whirl.

    P.S. Ys Celeceta

  • @16 i second that. i’ll get Corpse Bride today since its cheap and Ragnorak next week.

    • Be sure to play Corpse Party in the dark with headphones on to maximize the features (and scares)! Thank you for grabbing it and Ragnarok, and I hope you’ll give Orgarhythm a chance soon too. ;)

  • how can i submit my music for consideration in dlc stages? they are instrumentals. thanks.

    • ‘Technically’ it ended already, but Acquire is handling that, so there still may be a chance for you to get it in?

      Here’s the excerpt from the past press release:

      “Fans can submit their tracks from today to October 1st by posting their submissions to YouTube and submitting the link at the official contest website http://100.orgarhythm.jp/world. Submissions can be of three lengths: one minute, three minutes, or 4.5 minutes. Music must be the applicants’ own original work. The submission page can also be found from within Orgarhythm’s newly launched product page at http://www.orgarhythm.com

      So try submitting at the “http://100.orgarhythm.jp/world” and see. Good luck!

  • Very interesting game! Going to get both this and Ragnorok. Keep em coming, XSeed! You guys are fantastic!

  • I got funds to pick this up when store updates. What’s the file size? I’ll be grabbing the retail Ragnarok as well, since there aren’t a lot of games like that, if any, that come out this fall.

    • Awesome! Thanks! :D Just checked and Orgarhythm clocks in at 1.25Gig of tap>tap>tap>DANCE!

      (Many thanks for Ragnarok too!)

  • Definitely picking up Book of Shadows and Ragnarok Odyssey on launch day. I’m going to hold off on this until I can try the demo, though. I -love- rhythm games such as Theatrhythm or DDR, but I am typically pretty terrible at any form of real time strategy game. :3

    • Well, I’ll take 2/3 until you get to try out the demo. ;) Orgarhythm is a bit unlike any other rhythm game you may have played, so I understand. Have fun with Corpse Party and Ragnarok in the meantime, though! And thank you (as always) for supporting us!

  • I’m excited for this, Corpse Party and Ragnarok! I know this really isn’t the place for this but why do Canadian websites say Ragnarok comes out on the 6th but the US sites say the 30th? Plus ebgames in Ontario said its not even on their upcomming new release list.

    No love for Canada I guess haha. Well you still got my love XSEED!

    • Many new and wonderful things are coming to your Vita. ^_^

      As for Ragnarok, getting stuff over the border, doing any non-US territory, really, is always going to take longer. Our shipping dates can be pretty tight sometimes, so a slight delay for more distant stores happens on occasion. But, the retailers are also just being cautious. I think there’s a good chance you’ll see them on shelves much sooner than that. (RO should be available digitally just fine on the 30th, though, and the swanky Mercenary Edition not far behind.)

      And, it’s definitely not because we don’t love you! :O

  • True enough lol. Just kinda worried me that it wasn’t in their system. I’m supporting the Mercenary Edition so PSN has to suffer mwahahaha xD.

    • I’m happy for either, but a lot of love went into the Mercenary Edition, so hurray for that! I’ve got some of the components on my desk right now… :D

  • Your pricing is ridiculous. There are plenty of retail games that launch at $30, and this is digital only. I would have bought it if it were at retail at $30, but like Sumioni, I won’t bother. At leasr Sumioni had a decent price for digital only, but I’d rather import it.

    At least I have Ragnarok.

    This is the same reason I skipped your last PSP release, because Atlus and Aksys were releasing PSP games for the same price but giving the retail option. (It’s why I like them more than you)

    • Well, some are/do, but for Orgarhythm this is just the best possible form we were able to bring it in. To bring some games over, especially quirky, niche titles, digital is just the best way to go, and had it been retail we probably would have had to go with a higher price point. $30 at DD instead of $40 at retail just seemed more appropriate given our options for this title. The same was for Sumioni. Going digital-only for these particular titles allowed us to offer them at a lower price. I’m sorry it doesn’t hit the sweet spot for you, but I hope you’ll enjoy some of our other stuff.

  • why all the digital game has the same price with the retail version? what happen to digital being cheaper than retail?

    • Not sure for other companies, but to keep the retailers who do carry our stuff as happy as possible, games that are released in both digital and physical form are usually the same. It also helps to be consistent with pricing. We hope you’ll give Orgarhythm a shot, regardless. Never hurts to have more variety on your Vita. ^_^

  • @33 There is no retail release in NA.

  • @34 what about other game like Silent hill or street fighter x tekken, it has the same price with the retail version.

  • @35: That isn’t Xseed. It’s Konami and Capcom, the don’t have to provide a lower price for digital. It’s an option the have, Sega seems to be doing it.

    @Jessica: Well, why buy a digital only title when I can buy games at retail for the exact same price. $40 isn’t a standard for retail release. Plenty have been $30. It may be what would work for you, but in the big picture your pricing isn’t competitive.

    At least you didn’t pull a Konami (New Little King’s Story) $40 digital only. Smh

  • I never realized how many games I had from Xseed: Valhalla Knights, Brave Story: New Traveler, Wild ARMs XF, Half-Minute Hero, Ragnarok DS , Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Ys I & II Chronicles, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Unchained Blades, etc.

    Soon, I will also have Ragnarok Odyssey.

    I appreciate your guys excellent work in getting these games over to the U.S. :D

    Had it not been for Xseed, Atlus, Aksys, and NISA… Well, I would have played a lot less excellent games.

    • Wow! You do have a lot of our games. :D Many, many thanks for all your support over the years, and yay for Ragnarok Odyssey. Just a few more days…!

  • @Elvick_ Yea, Sega has been pretty good lately. I just bought Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz (came out yesterday) at GameStop for $29.99

    I really dislike download games myself, so much so that I imported New Little Kings story off eBay (Asian version is full English) and paid $12 more (total) than the PSN price.

    And, I do actually skip a lot of download only games (though I buy the occasional good one that I just have to play, I still get buyers remorse not having it on my shelf :/ ).

  • I played patapon before and really liked in spite of being a little bit uncoordinated. This title looks very appealing and with good quality, a demo would be the best way to convince.

    And on a side note… dejáme elogiarte porque estás muy linda!

    • It has been compared to Patapon quite a bit, and should definitely call to any gamers who like a bit of rhythm action. We shall endeavor to get that demo out fast for you! ^_^

  • Btw, are there going to be any new Wild Arms games developed? If not, could do an HD remake of Wild Arms 3 for ps3 with trophies. But please remove the annoying random encounters and replace them with visible enemies.

    I know you guys only localize the games, but could you mention this to the devlopers in japan?

    • Mmm… that was way before my time, and I’m not even sure the development team is still around. Will have to ask my boss about that one. Sorry!

  • @36 its still competitve , It lower for the dev to release it , but the cost will about 15-10 $ lower for the consumer which is very good thing in the long haul.Becuase digital game lose value very fast with so many coming out. So in the end you save alot of money. Which is point of alot of folks saying ” digital games are cheaper for the consumer”

    But to start will if cost about the same as reatil pysical but the staying value of that price should go down quickly. Let me give you a example sports champion ps move the 1st one was about 30$ new now its about 20$ new & 5$ used in the store.

    It should be about 10$ on psn if not 7.99 at this point in it life span. Its a great game . Im just breaking down how your saving , 15-10 dollars is the distance of saving. btw great game xseed

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • @41: lolno.

    Plenty of games launch AT RETAIL at $30. Digital only releases shouldn’t match a price of retail releases. Ever.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this title for a while now. This was an intended day 1 purchase for me until I saw the price point. I’m really sorry, I’m sure this is a fantastic game and all, but 30 bucks is beyond steep here. We live in an age where you can get incredibly deep titles on your phone or other devices for a couple of bucks. I’ve probably spent more time on Game Developer Story for Android (which cost me around 2 bucks, if I recall correctly) than I have most of the recent console and Vita titles. In fact, that game and many others at that price point offer more bang for your buck and content in general.

    • No worries. I hope that after some more impressions/videos come out we’ll be able to entice you to check it out. ^_-

  • (cont..)
    So when a game such as this comes out and you guys want 30 bucks a pop…. I get a little agitated. It’s not to say your game isn’t wonderful and full of depth, but from everything I’ve seen, it’s a rhythm strategy game. There are more out there in the genre that while not EXACTLY like this unique title, are quite similar and priced significantly lower.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a price drop someday, but until then I will have to hold off. I feel more content spending 30 or more on a full fledged retail title than I do spending it on what should be considered almost an “indie game.”

    Either way, look forward to playing it SOMEDAY! Just work on that ridiculous price point, guys.

  • Oh, and by the way – please know that I ABSOLUTELY love and support nearly everything you guys do over at XSEED. I’m one of your biggest fans. The first game I’ve preordered since Final Fantasy 12 is Ragnarok Odyssey and I’m completely overwhelmed with excitement knowing it’s only 6 days away from being a lengthy fixture to my Vita. I nabbed the collectors edition too and seriously…. that is probably the best deal on a collectors edition I’ve seen yet. Keep it up, XSEED. You guys flippin’ rock, just fix the price point for Orgarhythm, ha.

    • Awww, cheers. We appreciate you supporting us in any way you do, and I’m really happy to hear that another gamer likes our collector’s editions. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Ragnarok when it gets let out of the gates!

  • This is gonna seem weird, but its true Jessica. A guy on Gamefaqs is bragging he slept with you. Just wondering if true. The name of the topic he created is called, “I nailed a girl who works for XSEED.”

    This is what he said:

    She actually is pretty high up too. She said she spent time on the actual developing of games for a while and now kind of dips in and out of it but is mainly focused on the marketing side of things.

    The when, what, where, who, how actually has nothing to do with video games too, that is a purely coincidental point. I actually ran into her and some friends (one of which was an ex of mine from high school) at a bar, locally. I started by hitting on her friend, who shot me down because she had a fiance (with no ring, or she was lying to get rid of me), and ended up nabbing her number in the smoking room shortly after telling her that her friend had shot me down. Once bar close hit, she literally came up and grabbed me and said something along the lines of “I told my friends you were my sober cab and I was drunk, lets go back to my place.” Turns out she wasn’t drunk, or even really all too buzzed. She probably should have driven instead of me, but whatever.

    • This is what I get for working late, huh?

      While highly inappropriate that you posted all this, it is a pretty funny read. I can say with a 100% certainty that whoever this is is crying for attention in a very sad way. I neither smoke nor have I ever lived in a 3 bedroom apartment. I’m jealous of all the accolades/swank lifestyle his fantasy woman is leading, but she’s not me, or even real.

      Now, got any questions about Orgarhythm? ^_^

  • (continued)

    Get back to her apartment and magic happens….. a few times. I wake up the next morning and we eat breakfast together, thanks to Eggo’s. Small talk ensues and she mentions she works at a video game company. I ask which one and she says XSEED. I said “bull****” and she proceeded to show me proof. She has a 3 bedroom apartment. One room is her office, one is her bedroom, and one is her gaming room. In the gaming room she has all sorts of pictures, certificates, etc… of/for her from XSEED. She has a picture of her and some other dudes holding up titles she has worked on, along with hand-written letters expressing what a great job she had done. END OF TOPIC

    It sounds like he made it up, but maybe not. Can you shed some light on this?

  • @42. They dont 90% of the time . If A game like this comes out then it should have been a retail game there- for it on retail game pricing . This what you call a retail game that is going digital only maybe with some kind idea this was the only way this game would happen becuase of cost . The quality and etc of it is on the standard of a retail game. The quality is just good as aaa title which moves the pricing up a bit but agian this goes back to my last point becuase it digital to start .The pricing will go down more quickly than a regular full blown retail game to start.

    Which equal saving for both sides in the long haul of the games the life span. I see the fact it 30$ digital but it worth 60$ retail becuase its the same quality and value of 60$ retail game. I hope that understandable , and just the game is quality that why the pricing is where it at you also saving 30$ in essence , that not counting psn plusdiscounts that psn usally does with it games.

    vp psn legioniarre group

  • @46 this is not the place for that type of thingor questioning. What your doing is hurting everyone with that type of foollery. Dont disrespect our guest with that type of thing. I understand rumors and wanting to know but that could be settled va psn xmb chat or what ever your communications disires are.. I find it rude to do that on the boards here . She is our guest and should be treated as such ,her personal life or said rumored esipades is not the topic here. Its very direspectful becuase over thousand gaming devs read these blogs.

    Our psn blog home is their home. Dont make her uncomfortable here becuase that leads to other devs being uncomfortable coming here. Thank you in advance for understanding and civality inthe matter.. *and I dont beilieve any of it btw. That guy got as much chance as winning the lottery for a billion dollar with that load of manure story*. I always find it funny these guys run the good looking women away.. very sad indeed. But hopefully for our sake ms mchavez will come back..:)

    vp psn legioniarre group

  • @49 lol white knighting
    if it really was so disrespectful then why wouldn’t jessica chavez have just deleted the comment? truth is it was a funny store and it sounds like she got a kick out of it. i don’t see how it’s any more appropriate to call out a previous commenter that the author had already addressed.

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