Monster Halloween Bash in PlayStation Home

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Monster Halloween Bash in PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, October 24th, we have a fang-tastic line-up in store for you. Our Adventure District has been possessed by ghouls, ghosts, an evil bartender named Chuck, vampires, and wolves, plus a few mini-games and tons of rewards to earn. Crackle is serving up a free slasher flick spectacular, Heavy Water has made the first item you can spy and snap pics with, Juggernaut and Konami bring new hair-raising things to enjoy, and nDreams introduces the first ever beast mounts.

Check out all this and more, starting this Wednesday.

PlayStation Home: Halloween

1. Halloween Community Events

Halloween, Monster Style:
There are spooky goings-on as night falls upon the PlayStation Home Adventure District. Every fifty years, fiends and ghouls alike come together to celebrate Halloween and throw a huge party. Carved skull tiki statues decorate the island as well as banners, flags and fiendish decorations that are scattered around as B-Movie Monsters gather at (Evil) Chuck’s Beach Bar.

PlayStation Home: HalloweenPlayStation Home: Halloween

Hit Me Bartender, er… Demon:
The community will have to scour the Adventure District looking for ingredients in order to make strange cocktail potions (non-alcoholic, of course) at Chuck’s bar. Check daily, as some ingredients are more rare, may only appear during certain hours, or only when you talk to some creepy characters hanging around. Some might not be even available to normal humans! Some will have wondrous effects, but be careful — some will have disastrous effects for amateurs that are new to brewing. Chuck is a heartless, evil demon and will serve you something quite deadly, so sip slowly, but enjoy every drop. You never know what might “possess” you. *evil laugh*

Mini-games With A Little Fiendish Competition:
During the Halloween festivities, the community will also have some positively electric games available to play, and competitions to best their friends with. Mark your calendars, as Halloween itself, October 31st, is bound to be the most fun of all.

PlayStation Home: Halloween

PlayStation Home: HCV Halloween Poster

Also, the Home Community Volunteers have planned their very own community event. On Monday, October 29th, at 7:00pm Pacific / 10:00pm Eastern, you can find them in the festive Adventure District for this year’s Halloween costume party!

RSVP: Add Bambi-01us, steven1230 or Y2David to your Friends List for your invitations. I recommend adding “Halloween Party” as the subject line so they can quickly figure out who would love to join them.

2. Heavy Water – Heavy Strike Surveillance Helicopter

Heavy Water brings you an update to their Heavy Strike line. They were inspired to have users be able to take to the skies in their own personal spaces and created the Surveillance Helicopter. This active item – only nine furniture slots – can take to the skies in any personal apartment or clubhouse. You and three friends can play at the same time. The best part of this helicopter is the surveillance part: taking photos! The helicopter can take photos of anything that it sees, and you can take the photo with or without the helicopter in the frame. So grab your Heavy Strike Surveillance Helicopter and start finding new angles in your Home experience.

PlayStation Home: Heavy Water Heavy Strike CopterPlayStation Home: Heavy Water Heavy Strike Cannon

Once again Heavy Water has updated another one of its active items, the Heavy Strike Cannon. Heavy Water is devoted to making each item the best it can be, and now the Cannon is only seven furniture slots! All current owners will receive this update free to the Cannon. Anyone else who thought the Active Item was too many furniture slots, now you have no excuse! Pick up your Heavy Strike Cannon and gear today! You’ll find all this and more in the Heavy Water store in the Mall. Head there first thing Wednesday.

3. LOOT – Crackle Kill Count 2: Horror Movie Extravaganza

It’s that time of year again to watch Kill Count on Crackle, beginning today, October 22nd. 12 sinister strangulations + 24 cranial combustions + 32 vile slashings + hundreds of bloodthirsty kills = 1 bloody good time. Watch the 32 films free in Theater #3, and get your very own axed head and Crackle Kill Count t-shirt, also free. Find the ten movies that will award you a free movie poster. Let the counting begin!

You can watch Crackle and Kill Count movies with your friends on your very own EOD TV, inside the Hollywood Hills House, or lounging on the Sunset Yacht.

Crackle content in PlayStation Home is only available for users located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Due to content licensing rights, users from other countries may not receive the same content selections. Crackle Kill Count 2 is a promotion for United States residents only.

Monster Halloween Bash in PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home: Crackle PS3 Killcount 2

4. Granzella – Leis and Pareos, Autumn Dress, Flight Attendant, and Nurse

Beautifully open-minded, the Lei That Hangs Around the Neck and Low-rise Pareo have arrived! From Apricot Heart & Granzella comes the Lei That Hangs Around the Neck and Low-rise Pareo. A lei for the upper body made from large flowers, and a pareo for the lower body, which wraps around the waist.

Both leis and pareos are available in three colors, pink, yellow, and light blue. Have a great time enjoying the openness of this colorful lei and pareo combination!

PlayStation Home: Lei

Arriving last week, welcome the costume of the Flight Attendant, the occupation that captivates everyone’s desire. The new items include a suit with 3 scarf variations, (red, blue, and purple), a skirt and tights, a hat, and heels. Additionally, there is a carry-on bag portable item that will follow behind the player. With the Flight Attendant costume you’ll travel in comfort.

PlayStation Home: Flight Attendant

The Nurse Uniform from the Nurse Series has also arrived this month from Granzella. Raise the spirits and health of those who are ill. Become a healthcare professional with the Nurse Uniform. Along with the tops, bottoms, and slippers, for women there’s a Nurse Cap, two types of skirts, bare legged or with stockings, and also slippers with stockings. Support the lives of others cleanly dressed in a Nurse Uniform!

PlayStation Home: Nurse

5. Juggernaut – Cutteridge Estate Update (part 3)

Juggernaut Games releases their expansion to the Cutteridge Estate: Cutteridge Ghost Stories. This eerie expansion pack grants you access to four new mini-games, each with it own unique reward. Complete all four to unlock the ultimate reward! Also available is the demonic Cutteridge Furniture Bundle, which includes 12 unique active furniture items (1-4 slots) that react to the presence of your avatar!

PlayStation Home: Cutteridge Furniture

PlayStation Home: Cutteridge Ghost StoriesPlayStation Home: Cutteridge Ghost Stories

In addition, the Cutteridge Estate is available for the first time ever as a clubhouse skin! And if you’re afraid of the dark, the Mysterious Lantern locomotion will help you to escape a little faster with an avatar run speed increase to 150%.

PlayStation Home: Cutteridge Stage Lantern

PlayStation Home: Halloween Masks

6. Konami – Halloween Masks

Konami releases fantasy masks as part of their popular masks line. Become a wood elf, dwarf, or demon this spooky holiday (or any time of year). Head to the Konami store to find all these and more.

7. Digital Leisure – Penthouse Suite

Releasing this Wednesday for The Casino’s exclusive Millionaire’s Club is the gorgeous Penthouse Suite. The concierge is on standby 24 hours a day to manage any of your needs. Simply visit The Casino and be rewarded with this exclusive space. Enjoy your stay at the Paradise Hotel and Casino.

PlayStation Home: Penthouse Peek

8. nDreams – Beast Mounts and New WINGS

The first batch of locomotion items were released a couple of weeks ago and have gone down very well with Home users. One thing people have been asking for though is the ability to ride something: bikes, mini motorbikes, cars and hover boards. Those are some fantastic ideas and I’m sure you will be seeing those in Home soon but how about the ability to ride your own animal? This week will see the release of the Sky Serpents and Big Cats so be sure to check these out in action in the video underneath. nDreams have also been working on their very own WINGS range which includes eight different variations including Exotic Wings, The Dark Angel and the strangely names Picnic Demon.

With a certain spooky holiday just around the corner it is apt that The Morbids have decided to make their appearance in PlayStation Home. The Morbids consist of The Plague Doctor, China Doll, Scarecrow and Sad Clown and each Morbid comes in a variety of different options including a limited edition version of each that will only be available for select time periods throughout the year so pick them up while you can.

9. HellFire Games – Home Tycoon’s New Holistic Campus Skins + Update

“Go Green” with the new Holistic Campus building, out this week in Home Tycoon! Boost your city’s revenues and cut down on pollution with this sleek, eco-friendly building from TransUtopia, available only in the Home Tycoon in-game store. Get a sneak preview in the City Showcase over at the Home Tycoon Train Station today!

PlayStation Home: Holistic Campus

Bug Fix: Hellfire Games has also fixed an issue in Home Tycoon preventing workers from regenerating outside of the game, and they’ve permanently decreased the regeneration time from 10 to 5 minutes. Workers will now regenerate as designed. Enjoy!

10. Community Theater – Hip Hop Gamer + PSTALENT

This coming week, we have an amazing set in the Community Theater. First up, Hip Hop Gamer interviews Vice President Eric Lempel about the new design of the PlayStation Store. Then PSTALENT brings quite a lineup of new content, including premiers from official PSTALENT associate producers Sicccre and AkumaPrince. Head to the Theater this Wednesday night to join in all the fun.

11. Lockwood – Weekly Update

As Lockwood’s Halloween Extravaganza draws to a close, celebrate all things spooky by sending a friend a creepy gift from the Gift Machine. Skinny Vinny finally has a female counterpart with Skinny Minny, Wulfred’s dark-furred cousin Calcifur makes an appearance, and the Enchanted Tiki Masks can turn any outfit into a fantastic costume. Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without Trick or Treating – make sure your friends have a candy-filled cauldron at the ready. The Flying Bat Wall Plaque and All-A-Glow Haunted House will be ideal for setting a spooky scene in their apartment.

In the last days of October don’t forget to pick up some free pink items from the Lockwood Store and Gift Machine to raise Breast Cancer awareness.

12. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 63rd volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases items including the new demonic furniture from Juggernaut Games to a Ghost Companion, a few fantasy masks from Konami, the Morbids from nDreams, and even a sparkling Gold Vest exclusively for members of x7. Check out the video below for all the details.

13. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Portable Gaming System and $1,000.00 cash prize!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

PlayStation Home: Midway Week 24

That about wraps it up this week (no more Halloween puns, I swear). There’s so many ways to scare up some fun (okay, I lied). See you in PlayStation Home!

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13 Author Replies

  • The Halloween event looks awesome, and reminds me of all the cool events WoW has. I might just have to boot up Home.

  • The Adventure District looks great in its Halloween deco. This should be a fun week for Home!

    • I think you spotted the Halloween decorations first in Lockwood’s accidental leak a couple weeks ago (er, I mean planned tease sneak peek). Good eyes! It’s almost here, and I know you’ll enjoy it.

  • Gonna be a fun party on Oct 29th! :)

  • Can you please release the Granzella rollerskates and inline skates that EU is getting this week? I thought we were finally on synchronized updates….pretty please? A lot of other people are disappointed as well.

    If they aren’t released this week, sorry to say I won’t be buying anything at all…I was prepared to spend another 50 dollars like last week too…*sadface*

    So…pretty please with extra sugar coated maraschino cherries on top and extra grade A fancy whipped cream with orange and black marshmellows and triple hot fudge? *big soulful puppy eyes*

    • Granzella is in charge of their content and when it is introduced to each region (not up to us, though we always recommend sync-shipping)—so if you like, hint and ask them nicely, and perhaps they’ll expedite it!

      In the meantime, I hope you’ll stop in and check out our Halloween event. I think it’ll be a refreshing holiday, tiki decorations and all. ;-)

  • Spook-tacular update! (( ‘” ))

  • Hello Cade, there is so much happening starting today , my head is spinning, im excited for the Adventure District events, also for the nDreams Beats and new set of Wings , but i have to tell you , and this is NO Fault of Yours, but i bought the Possessed Portrait last week , and til this day , still its not part of my furniture items, i checked storage and everywhere else, any updates ?
    I dont know what Juggernaut people were thinking , but what does an octopus has to do with Demonic ?
    i bought the Ghost Stories and was VERY dissapointed that it wasnt remotely “Demonic” , not with an octopus and the kitchen upside down, looks more like someone hired a bad contractor. Just awful .

    • Re: Juggernaut item—there were a few people affected by this. Customer Service is aware and will refund the item upon request so you can re-buy it. The items are working fine now for those who purchased them since last Wednesday. My apologies!

      As for the octopus chair = demonicness, I’m sure it’s a nod to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional character Cthulu. Lovecraft created a few monsters that are literally worshipped by some religions around the world. Crazy, huh?

  • Love the Halloween makeover! Glad to hear they are tons of rewards to earn. The more the better! How good are the reward items? Any ones that stand out more than the others?

    • Hmmmmm, I think the mini-games and interactions take the cake for me, but there are tons of rewards too (over 20!). It’s hard to say which one everyone will like most, and I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just let you form your own opinion. ;-)

  • I’m loving this update thanks

  • Adventure District looking nice, Cutteridge a Clubhouse .. what a surpirse, just in time for Halloween, curious if its going to have same update as personal space

  • Thanks for the reply Cade, I did ask them nicely on Twitter, hopefully they’ll see it :)

    I will definitely stop in to check out the Halloween event though, it looks great!

    • At the rate Granzella has been importing their content, I’m sure most if not all they’ve made will arrive here in North America. In the meantime, there’s a ton to do here. I’m going to start with the Crackle Kill Count 2 free movies, then make my way to the “spirited” fun in the newly “possessed” Adventure District.
      (Apologies—Halloween brings out the pun in me. I can’t help it.)

  • Nice update I like the Ndream wings and how when have a halloween event :D! But I’m sad to see nothing for AC3….T.T I was hoping like a costume or something….>.>

  • Looking great! Every holiday is great in the world of Home! Looking forward to the party with the HCV’s as I’m a longtime friend of Y2David!

  • Continuing with Juggernaut Games inc. i bought their 17.99 Palace of the Seven Winds Bundle , i got 3 Lamps
    Lamp of Terra, Lamp of Zephyr, Lamp of Inferno, i saw in a video that there are 4 Lamps, does Anyone knows how and where to get the 4th Lamp ? I appreciate anyone Help, Thank you .

  • looking forward to the new adventure district and i’m wondering how much will the konami masks, nDreams wings, and the lantern locomotion cost?

  • Ahh Glass! I love that pumpkin head with the ghosts around it. Please tell me that head piece can be worn with other items too. Not just one full costume :(

  • How much will beast mounts go for?

  • Awesome! I love Halloween! :P I’m loving all the content being released. My only concern is I need to get some of these halloween goodies before they disappear… Anyway, nice job guys.

    • Halloween does come but once a year, so snap up what you love! Very few items get resurrected from year to year, but has been known to happen.

  • Looks fun. Thanks Sony.

  • All of this Halloween stuff sounds really cool. I just wish their was a full werewolf costume I could get somewhere. Aw well, maybe next year.

  • In reply to comment the 4th lamp you are missing is the deluge lamp that makes it rain when activated in apartments in my humble opinion one of the best free home rewards ever and is attained by having the maximum amount of guests in seven winds apartment (12 including the owner) guests receive the reward too so there plenty of incentive to get busy with the invites

  • woops meant in reply to comment 13 but no edit function ?

  • i keep getting disconnected off from playstation home every time when i go to the “Uproar” place i poof and it will say “The connection to the sever was lost D5021” so i try deleting playstation home and it still says the same thing…this is the only place it keeps happening … can you please fix this,, the game looks fun to play but this is stopping me from enjoying playstation home

  • a whole bunch of minigames plus a horror movie marathon?! now this is how to rock halloween on home! thanks Sony!

  • Question, The Halloween Party. Is there any special appearances dropping in on the party? Seriously should convenience Magnus to make a special appearance. Excellent job on Virtual Item Showcase. Announcements of new items each new released on video conveniences me more to buy the items. Be an honor to meet the voice behind the Virtual Item Showcase.

    • I might be spotted there, but Magnus never makes appearances in Home (he’s too busy planning up new, fantastic things to make). Look for me! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and I’m definitely going to be spending time enjoying this new event.

  • Two weeks ago GRANZELLA released swimsuits that were found exclusively at the granzella glittering sands retreat apt. There were 7 new colors green pink etc. for the “Sexy chain one piece suit”. But they are no longer in the retreat apt or in the granzella section anywhere in public either. Can anyone tell me where they were moved to perhaps another store or if they were removed from home itself due to some problem?

  • RocKeRGRL1212,

    I noticed this as well.
    I was told in the PlayStation Home forums that they have been removed unexpectedly.
    Maybe accidentally?

    I’m hoping in this weeks update that Granzella will fix the problem.
    It’s very disappointing.

    From what I’ve heard they’re still available in EU and JP, I couldn’t imagine they’d be “limited” for NA.
    I’m assuming we’ll just have to be patient and hope they fix the problem soon. :)

    On another note, the Halloween event looks absolutely wonderful!

    • I’m not sure why this is the case, but I’m having it looked into. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with those new swim suits from Granzella. Check the Glittering Sands commerce point in a couple days—I bet it’ll be straightened out by then.


  • @ HighOnStardust I also noticed people telling me they managed to buy at least one and it refused to let them pose in the new public beach booth even though it is by granzella and only granzella can allow the unique posing. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  • It looks like a great update gonna dress up as a trasformer aka mech jet and the club that i run we are having our halloween party this saturday great update sony :)

  • Cade,
    Thank you, I greatly appreciate it!

    I’m hoping the inconvenience is fixed soon. I’ve been saving some money to buy a few of those swimsuits, just recently bought the Granzella Personal Retreat a few days ago. I was upset to notice they were gone.
    I’m sure it’s a mistake.

    Happy Halloween everyone. :)

  • Sorry. Typo – RocKeRGRL1212*

  • WOW! I love the Beast Mounts:) I wish there were more options on this update though but still- I am happy to see that things on home are getting better and better. I’m excited for this Halloween on PS Home as well. It’s something very different from the usual Central Plaza coin toss game.

  • jason voorhees.


  • Hi Cade, I was wondering if you could answer this question for me. For the Lei & Pareo (yellow)… what hairstyle is that? The short blonde one. It doesn’t look familiar to me. Is that maybe a Japan release only hairstyle or have I just overlooked it in the stores? Thanks c:

  • Last minute question Cade. I went to the Halloween event at the adventure district and i got the bats flying around me, Flies flying around me , ghosts flying around me , and my question is , are these rewards, or just for show while you stay at the Adventure District , because i looked on my rewards and it seems that noone gets them as rewards, only for show while you stay there, can you confirm this , thank you

  • I really enjoyed being the voice actor for Reginald in AkumaPrince’s video! I hope you all will check it out, as well as SICCCRE’s awesome video. Also, keep checking back at the Community and LOOT EOD Theaters as other Associate Directors (including myself) begin to make content you’ll definitely enjoy!

  • Has anyone figured out all the combinations for the ingredients for the creepy cocktails ??

  • I am very pleased lately with home! The graphics are getting better, between the new items and new personal spaces its just incredible. The updates are great, and I have been getting booted less and less! Maybe all Sony’s hard work is finally paying off.. I even created another video using the photo booth from granzella! And sum other places, check it out on youtube! Its called Playstation “photobooth” by heyjil44! here is the link… enjoy! copy and paste into browser if it doesnt allow you to click on it.. Thanks PsHome community! Much love! xoxo!

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