The Drop: Week of October 22nd 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of October 22nd 2012 New Releases

On PSN this week, enter the surreal world of The Unfinished Swan and explore a mysterious, hidden kingdom. Your journey will be led by a runaway swan who guides you through strange levels filled with bizarre creatures. Discover the land through innovative new game mechanics such as splatting paint on a white surface to uncover your surroundings. Each level will bring new twists, challenges, and puzzles until you eventually come face-to-face with the eccentric King that built this realm.

On PS3 on Blu-ray and a PSN download, tackle the legendary might of the Helghast army in three blockbuster adventures in Killzone HD. Renowned for its ground-breaking cinematic visuals, powerful storylines, and dynamic multiplayer modes, get ready for the ultimate world space warfare experience, each crammed with relentless action, danger and excitement.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

Street Fighter X Tekken (For PS Vita / On PSN) — Street Fighter x Tekken makes history as fighters from these two bastions of the fighting genre come together for the very first time. Utilizing the same 2D viewpoint and technology that powered Street Fighter IV, this game allows for Tekken characters such as Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams to make the transition into the Street Fighter universe having been re-imagined using Capcom’s much-loved art style. Their looks may be different, but these characters have retained their own unique characteristics and signature moves as they go head-to-head with classic brawlers from the Street Fighter franchise in what promises to be an explosive match up.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz (For PS Vita / On PSN) — Everybody’s favorite monkeys AiAi, MeeMee and GonGon are back for more banana collecting fun in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz for PlayStation Vita. Exclusively designed for the PlayStation Vita system’s unique functions, the game continues the motion-based experience of the previous adventure whilst making full use of the dual analog sticks and front/back-touch controls.

The puzzling primates return with all-new worlds, original mini-games and updated graphics adding a fresh new vibrancy to Super Monkey Ball. Players can manage each monkey’s momentum to navigate narrow ledges, moving platforms and loads of challenging obstacles. Roll your chosen ape to the goal by taking full advantage of the capabilities offered by this innovative new handheld console and challenge up to four friends in Wi-Fi enabled multiplayer modes. Fans can also enjoy revamped classic games such as the much-loved Monkey Target, along with brand new additions.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (For PS Vita / On PSN) — Virtue’s Last Reward is the second adventure game in the “Zero Escape” series, in which players must make solve puzzles and make crucial decisions in order to survive a deadly game. You thought you’d defeated the Nonary Game, but now it’s back, and more deadly than ever. It’ll take cunning, skill, and more than a little luck to escape alive, but do you really have a choice?

Killzone Trilogy (Also on PSN)

The war with the Helghast is documented in never-before-seen detail with Killzone Trilogy, a compilation of the first three games in the First-Person Shooter series.

Highlighting the set is Killzone HD, a remastering of the original Killzone with a 720P HD makeover and full Trophy support. Experience the harsh realities of war in a gritty, awe-inspiring combat with 27 weapons, 11 levels, four soldiers, and one gripping storyline. Amidst the chaos, a squad of soldiers will become heroes.

Two years after the Helghast assault on Vekta, the ISA is bringing the fight to the enemy’s home world of Helghan in Killzone 2. Taking the role of Sev, the battle-hardened veteran of the special forces unit known as the Legion, players will embark upon a mission to the planet Helghan to capture the Helghast leader, Emperor Visari, and bring the enemy’s war machine to a halt.

In Killzone 3, players once again face the hostile Helghast army, battling overwhelming odds in the fight for human survival. Players find Emperor Visari, the viscious dictator of the Helghast, dead at the feet of Sev and Rico. However this war is far from won. In the wake of Visari’s death, Helghan has devolved into a world of political scheming, rapid infighting, and murder. Now, the two most powerful men on Helghan are fighting for complete and utter dominance while Visari’s vision of Helghan is in jeopardy.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Also on PSN) — A First-Person Shooter featuring covert Tier 1 military operative combat. The game is a sequel to the 2010 release, Medal of Honor, which moved the long-running game series from its roots in WWII based gameplay, into modern warfare scenarios and true-to-life conflicts. The single-player campaign features mission play involving returning characters “Mother,” “Preacher,” “Voodoo” and others in operations after their service in Afghanistan. Multiplayer modes include 2-20 player support in which players have the ability to play as one of 13 real special ops units, from 10 countries.

Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions — With unprecedented freedom, you decide the destination and the journey. Cover more territory and position yourself closer to the trophies by means of vehicles. Since every move you make is ultimately monitored and graded; the power to maximize your score will come through a sharpened skill set and strategic gameplay. A challenge for hunters of all levels.

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 — In an epic story written by Andrew Kreisberg of Fringe, two brothers are torn apart after the death of their father at the hands of a grizzly bear. Ten years later, the estranged brothers reunite for the hunt of their lives. One beast tore them apart. Can another beast bring them back together?

Play with the all-new Top Shot Fearmaster, which tracks your heart rate (X360 and PS3 only) to add a whole new level of reality and dynamic gameplay. Will you be able to control your fear long enough to fend off the deadly beasts?

The Unfinished Swan

An independently-produced title, Unfinished Swan is a surreal maze game set in an entirely blank world. You find yourself chasing after a swan who has wandered off into a surreal, unfinished kingdom. The game begins in a completely white space, and you can throw paint to splatter the surroundings and reveal the world around you. Discover the land through further innovative new game mechanics to uncover your surroundings. Each level will bring new twists, challenges, and puzzles until you eventually come face-to-face with the eccentric King that built this realm.

Starhawk (Single Player Campaign) — In the far reaches of space, factions of humanity battle over a rare and dangerous resource known as Rift Energy. Colonies of humans called Rifters have been exploring the “Frontier” of planets, but find their way of life threatened by the Outcast, a ruthless species of humans who have mutated into psychotic monsters due to exposure to this very same Rift Energy. Caught in the middle is Emmett Graves, a hired gunslinger ostracized from society because of his own exposure to Rift Energy, leaving him partially mutated, but still able to retain his humanity. Graves is drawn back to his home settlement to face a mysterious outlaw and his war band of Outcast warriors.

Frobisher Says! (For PS Vita) — Frobisher Says! is a a fast-moving minigame compilation featuring 50 games. This game is designed to make you use the full range of features that PS Vita has to offer — Frobisher might command you to scratch his back using the rear touch pad, face the North Pole or even smile for him.

You can experience Frobisher Says! in a single or multiplayer mode. Up to 12 players can pass one PS Vita between them as they play, join in the party and discover all that PS Vita has to offer. Wacky and surreal, Frobisher Says! includes poking otters with sticks, delivering puddings, drawing on eggs and smiling at ladies.

Orgarhythm (For PS Vita) — Orgarhythm blends music and real-time strategy elements to create a new experience specifically designed for touch-enabled play on the go. Playing as the God of Light, players will battle the forces of the God of Darkness by deploying elemental soldiers for rhythm-based attacks synced to a hypnotic mix of rock, club and tribal music. In the game, rhythm is a weapon and different attacks occur on different beats, making the game’s catchy soundtrack dynamic to user input. Orgarhythm also has twelve maps and features both versus and co-op two-player modes via online play.

The Darkness II — The Darkness II takes players down a brutal and personal path as Jackie Estacado, wielder of The Darkness — an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction. Based on the supernatural horror comic book series created by Top Cow Productions, Inc., The Darkness II breaks out of the sea of conventional first-person shooters with its fervid Quad-Wielding gameplay, which will allow players to slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies with their Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons. The game is layered with the use of dark versus light, steeped in deep and twisted storytelling, and engulfed in stylistic violence that is visualized through a hand-painted graphic noir technique that stays true to its comic book origins.


  • Sports Champions 2 (PS Move Required)
  • Jeopardy!
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

PlayStation 2 Classic

Winback: Covert Operations — A terrorist group calling itself the Crying Lions is about to take over the world with its mighty satellite, and Jean-Luc Cougar is the only one who can stop it. As Jean-Luc, a covert operative working for the Strategic Covert Actions Team, you are responsible for taking back a Lions-controlled base and regaining power of the satellite. Some of the weapons you’ll have to acquire and use to defeat the terrorists are handguns, shotguns, and machine guns, though you’ll also need to access such materials as explosives, detectors, flashlights, and medical kits in order to succeed. A refreshing take on the traditional action game, WINBACK requires as much stealth and strategy as it does reflexes and use of weaponry.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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2 Author Replies

  • wow niccee drop!

  • Killzone Trilogy Nice but what happend to the psone and psps for vita?

  • The Darkness II on Vita?
    Looks like I’m buying a Vita this holiday season.

    • Haha. No. There was an error in the template. Some descriptions weren’t updated. Its fixed now. Sorry for any confusion.

  • @PhyllyTheCat, no it’s not on the Vita. That’s an error.

    The Frobisher Says! and the Darkness descriptions are wrong. It seems it’s the Silent Hill: Book of Memories description.

  • I’m excited about the Killzone Trilogy (coming to PSN), The Unfinished Swan, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and The Darkness II on PSN. They all look like good games worth playing.

  • Darkness 2 has silent hill description

  • Killzone Trilogy on PSN HELL YEAH. Might pick it up day 1 to show my support. The very reason I bought a 1tb hd is for downloading full games so this makes my day!!!

  • If MOH:WF is going to be $60 it’ll obviously not include any preorder bonuses. So PSN price equal to retail price is ridiculous because there’s no physical disc, no possibility of reselling it AND we still have to download it. So what incentives do we have for purchasing it on PSN when it costs the same as retail yet excludes so much?

    SERIOUS question which demands a serious and honest answer.

  • Is the Dark Souls DLC coming this week?

  • Sounds like the NA version of Frobisher Says! has taken quite the dark turn.

  • I;m not all that interested in anything this week. I’ll played enough Killzone that I want nothing to do with the trilogy for a while. Maybe in another year or so. . . How about someone hitting Square Enix up for an HD-remastered, trophy-supported Kingdom Hearts collection? That is something that I would go after on day one!

  • no demo for MoH:W? :(
    anyway, thank you PS for Day 1 games, i prefer downloading the games so i don’t have to change discs everytime i want to play a different game

  • @13 Xbox 360 only unfortunately.

  • @Tasteemobile LOL I know, right?

    Anyway this is a great drop. I’m very excited about Zero Escape, but I think I’m going to go with the 3DS version. I might be most excited about the Monkey Ball demo.

  • @9 Seriously/honestly, you get your copy tax free and absolutely nothing else.

  • NICE drop!!!!!1

  • @12 thats already been announced btw

  • @12

    Guess you haven’t heard of Kingdom Hearts 1.5?

  • First, there is still no Kickbeat but there is Orgarythm. Second, I like how Rey said that Frobisher Says is a “horror” game. And yes, I will being The Darkness II for vita(if this is true).jk

  • Killzone HD! Woo-hoo!

  • Most people may not have played it, but I am pleased with the release of Winback: Covert Operations. I remember playing the multi-player with my friends and trying to get them to take cover next to a c4 brick. I’m greatly tempted in picking it up this week.

  • I wonder how much for SFxT PS Vita?

    Price will be de deciding factor for me to go digital or retail.

  • @ post 9 / Supvic

    I completely agree, I have too many titles that I bought on PSN that I can never part with. They know what they are doing here and it’s taking advantage of people and trying to kill the used game market. Funny thing is when I trade in games they always are going to pay for a NEW game, do why oh why do they think used games are all bad with no good side, if anything it helps as much as hurts (I think it helps slightly more).

  • I ordered Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Monkeyball and Zero Escape… gonna be a GREAT week on my Vita.

    Then next week I’ll be picking up Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, Smart As and Ragnarok Odyssey. Then next month is Persona 4, PS All-Stars and Let’s Fish. Still waiting for Jet Grind HD, Sinemora and Snapshot.

    I have a serious backburner going on my Vita, and that’s a good thing. Been extra busy with LBPV and Retro City Rampage.

  • also been playing Dokuro, Silent Hill and New Little King’s Story from this month, too. I forgot.

  • 5 game for vita this week niceeee
    Sfxt will be 40$ I’m sure of it…

    I’ll take orgaritim and last virtue I think
    Sfxt will wait till people play so many worthy challenger will arise

  • Please bring Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to the PS3 PSN

  • How many MB Virtue’s last Reward is going to weigh? I’ll buy it!

  • DARK SOULS ARTORIAS OF THE ABYSS!!! How come you didn’t mention it?!

  • I will miss you lightbox I wonder who’s going to take care of the multiplayer portion of Starhawk?

  • Hey PSN friends

    Here is a great Playstation Blog Fact… The last time Rey Gutierrez replied to a comment on “The Drop” was on April 29th at 5:33 pm. Senior Social Media Specialist at his best,,,, (slow clap)

    come on Mr. Gutierrez, prove me wrong and reply to someone in “The Drop”……

  • I thought DJMax Technika Tune and A-Men were coming to the Vita as well this week. Any news on these? Are they scheduled for next week?

  • Any plans on a price drop of Uncharted 3 DLC?

  • @31 Santa Monica is taking over that role

  • @ #25 – NinjaMicWZ

    I feel the same way, brother. Suddenly, the drought of games on the Vita has become a flood! Not that I’m complaining about that in the slightest.

    I’ve actually become fond of digital downloading my Vita games, for the sheer sake of not having to juggle any cartridges. I can just click and play. I’ll be buying SFxT and Zero Escape, myself. Followed by Ragnarok Odyssey and, likely, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.

    Persona 4 is on my list also, as I literally JUST finished a Persona Portable Marathon from the first game to the third. I enjoyed it so much, my first time playing them. Now I’m pumped up for Persona 4! And the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta has won me over, I’ll be getting that as well. But from what I’ve learned, we have to buy the retail PS3 copy in order to get the free Vita version, so I’ll be doing that.

    Hopefully that’ll be my $100 for this month and I’ll pick Dokuro up with that $20 offer next month.

  • Is Medal of Honor Warfighter going to be a midnight release on PSN?

  • I can’t wait for the god of war announcement tomorrow I’m so excited

  • Dear Official Playstation Blog staff,
    Running spell check =/= proofreading.

  • Killzone Trilogy couch co-op campaign?

  • It’s good to see games for the Vita, but why so little JRPG love?

  • Frobisher says dropped its psychological terror and tormented ways? Count me out.

  • Orgarhythm!

  • Are Killzone 1-3 all redone in Stereoscopic 3D or just the third one?

  • @44
    Unfortunately it’s only kz3 that is in 3-D

  • I played a lot of Winback on N64. If that’s anything like that version I might get it.

  • Nice drop, uh? Thanks!

  • Rey, Frobisher Says and Darkness II both have text describing the Silent Hill game from last week. Given that Frobisher Says is supposed to be a family title, I hope that nobody got scared off from a purchase by loose editorial skills :(

  • sigh….nothing interesting at all in this drop. Noting putting up any hope for the Plus free game but maybe the discounts this week will be decent. Also, i hear the final dlc for Tokyo Jungle will arrive so that should be good for me. I want that Sabretooth!!

    Btw, any chance you guys could get WWE ’13 as a day 1 digital release next tuesday?

  • SfvsTekken says “On PSN”, ¿will it be released for PS3 on PSN as digital?.

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