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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Any of you playing the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale beta going on right now? While I think that the ultimate experience with the game is 4 people huddled around a single TV, talking trash and pummeling each other on the PS3 version, I’ve been putting a lot of time into the PS Vita beta this weekend. I’m finding it a very impressive experience to be sitting on my couch, watching football and enjoying a smooth online fighting game experience on a handheld. I just wish you all weren’t getting so good so fast.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 15th, 2012)

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  • The Sixth Axis’ Unfinished Swan review was probably the coolest web page I saw all week. Glad to see it’s on here!

  • Does Need For Speed: Most Wanted support cross-buy?

  • “I just wish you all weren’t getting so good so fast.”

    You and i both jeff :( you and i both lol

  • Hey Jeff,

    Can you please let the people who are in charge of avatars know that we want more professional sports team avatars?

    I want NFL, NBA, and even NHL!

    Please Even though I love my avatar right now…Go Dodgers, I would love to change it as the season ends, and a new season of another sport begins…Go Lakers ;), and go Broncos!! Please, it’s been far too long!!

  • Not..enough promotion for PSVita & Liberation. We need ads!

  • I can’t wait to play Zero escape: Virtue’s last reward on my vita! I loved the demo. Ant the Kotaku’s preview made me want it more!!

  • Why are people playing Dishonored??? Cause its sweet

  • I got a unrelated topic but on the playstation blog, why hasn’t the weekly Saturday Playstation Spotlight show up yesterday?

  • Don’t know if there’s any chance of adding this to next week but I posted every single PlayStation release coming next month:

  • I’m not enjoying PSASBR as much as I was hoping for. I didn’t go in with any high hopes or nothing. In fact my hopes were pretty low. I understand that this is an open-beta and all, but I just don’t enjoy the fact that your attacks mean nothing. You build up your ultimate meter to rack up kill points. I knew that this was what you needed to do in order to win but wasn’t expecting to not like it as much as I do. It’s not because I’m not a fighting genre fan either, I loved playing SSBM on the wii. This will sadly be the first PS exclusive I won’t be getting. Oh well, I stil have The Last of Us to look forward to, and all the other third party games coming out ina few days to weeks.

  • @Jeff How about some Breaking Bad avatars? Everyone would love to have a Heisenberg avatar! :D

  • Wow that Unfinished Swan review is impressive… I was about to close the link because I thought there was something wrong with Chrome. Great job with the links! Hoping that whatever is being announced Monday… it means that marketing is revving up soon for more games and the PS Vita.

  • Can you guys alert the PS Store team, I want to be able to pick one of my million premium avatars through my PS Vita, how is this not already implemented? As well as why can’t my ps3 friends see me online on vita yet, it kills the purpose of cross play if the ps3 can’t even tell a psv is online. And can we get crash on my ps vita already!!
    Smh I just don’t get why some of the simplist things arnt already done, folders on PS Vita as one, and you guys need to msg someone in charge of the PS Vita UI. Why do I lose quality with my pic when I use it as a wallpaper, or start screen? and yes it happens, If you need I can send two screenshots of my ps vita a wallpaper with the exact ps vita res, and the quality drop (the official Persona 4 ones even do it). Now can we get any Crackle news for PS Vita and Crunchyroll, please. Crackle was suppose to be here long time ago.

  • @EvilAngelSora
    Sorry to say, but it’s completely your mindstate. How do you say hitting people does nothing? Think about it, if it did nothing there would be no point in fighting. Instead of damaging people, this is actually smart, why? Ganging up and cherry picking doesn’t work, because your rewarded for fighting instead of being penalized for being hit. When me and my friends play we fight to stop people from gaining AP while trying to gain ours, then we burn the house down. Everything does something, your not being open minded enough. Problem os this is actually very different then smash and your trying to make it out to be the same thing in your mind. Also Super Smash Bros. Melee was Gamecube not Wii, Brawl was wii

  • @9 Attack do matter because that’s just how you build up your meter to then use supers to land kills. I initially though that the whole system was flawed and wouldn’t be much fun at all but after playing it on the private and now public betas… it is actually quite fun.

  • @Jeff I’d also be a happy man with a Bane avatar or dynamic theme :)

  • @12 I second what this man says, perhaps a bit more articulately.

    I’m findind Kratos to be a bit OP in All-Stars. Is it just me?

  • Akuma avatar? sure.

    PSZ…sounds cool. :)

  • loving the PSABR beta on both my ps3 and vita…im killing it with sweet tooth..crossing my fingers on at least two more people for the beta this next week

  • Wats good sony team i have a request im looking for a game called jade cacoon can u please find it for me and put it on the store and will twitter tagged yahoo are other social application b coming to vita let us know please

  • With avatars u can just let me take a pic of myself and i b my own avatar thanx

  • @20 That would go wrong in so many ways.. for people that would abuse it. I would like to have an avatar that I could customize instead of a static picture though.

  • hey cant wait for this week! looks very great and its really great for us this week !

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