The Last of Us: American Dreams Comic Explores Ellie’s Origins

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The Last of Us: American Dreams Comic Explores Ellie’s Origins
The Last of Us: American Dreams - Promotional Poster

On October 12, 2012 in New York City, at a panel during New York Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics and Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us: American Dreams. We are stoked to be working with Dark Horse and really excited to reveal the first details about the prequel to the public. To the right is the first promotional image for the comic book series (click for full-size).

The Last of Us: American Dreams is a four issue comic book series that peels back the layers on the early days of Ellie as it dives into her backstory. It will expose her personality and the motivations that drive her as it explores the first steps of the journey that leads to becoming the character we ultimately meet in the game.

The series will be made by collaboration between Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann, artist and writer Faith Erin Hicks, and colorist Christina Strain. Neil and Faith will be co-writers on the project and Faith will be doing the drawing while Christina handles the coloring duties.

Naughty Dog Creative Director and Co-Writer on the series, Neil Druckmann, had this to say about the comic books:

“Because we haven’t finished the game yet, we’ve been able to weave some of those threads into the story of the game.”

“I wanted to see a story that can stand on its own, so if you’ve never played the game you’d still be able to read this comic and get an intriguing story with these characters but, at the same time, if you do read this comic book and you play the game, you should get greater depth, a greater understanding of these characters and the world and what’s going on with them. The other cool thing is that working on the comic book has helped me develop more of Ellie’s backstory. Because we haven’t finished the game yet, we’ve been able to weave some of those threads into the story of the game. So there are certain parts as you play the game, if you’ve read the comic book, you’ll understand what Ellie’s referring to, or have a deeper understanding of what made her make that decision.”

Additionally, Faith recently posted up early concept art she did for Ellie:

The Last of Us: American Dreams - Concept ArtThe Last of Us: American Dreams - Concept Art

You can see more of Faith’s awesome concept sketches for The Last of Us: American Dreams version of Ellie along with her thoughts on what makes a good video game comic book over on her Tumblr page.

In addition to the comic book series, Dark Horse Comics will be publishing the The Last of Us art book that explores the characters, the infected humans, and the highly detailed, rich world of the game. We will have more information about the art book over coming months.

The Last of Us art book will be released in conjunction with the launch of the game in 2013. The Last of Us: American Dreams comic book series will be coming out in spring 2013. We’ll have additional updates including cover reveals for the comic book issues as they are ready. If you want a complete look into the world of The Last of Us the art book is a must-have. If you want additional insight into Ellie’s character (and a good story to boot) don’t miss this comic series. We can’t wait to share more information with you as it becomes available!

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  • Any chance of making this a motion comic like Uncharted Eye of the Indra? I really enjoy those kind of comics and would prefer to have it that way.

  • I’m so excited for this, both the comic and The Last of Us game. It’s going to be great.

  • Yeah, what ThreeLeggedFreak said!

  • I so can’t wait for this game to be released and Naughty Dog you guys are in my top 5 favorite game developers.

  • The only thing that’ll get me more excited than this comic book little series is the actual release date of the game hint hint

  • why not make this story a “prequelish” DLC for The Last of Us??? I think it would be better XD

  • @ ThreeLeggedFreak


    why not make it like Uncharted Eye of Indra.

    much better since they added voice and music as well.

    im interested with the artbook :)

  • this the 1st time i ever saw a post deleted. i dont mind tho, dude needed to be answered.

    plz make a comic reader for vita and have this ready to go for it if/when it do.

    i too loved the motion comics.

  • Looks interesting, though a bit childish art style.

  • I’m desperately waiting for “The Last of Us”

  • So i take it there will be a comic series coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • this is a 4 issue mini series. We’ll see where it goes from there! It’s up to you guys and gals really.

  • Since the extinction of the nice hefty, printed game manual, you don’t get a lot of back story these days. I love when a title uses other mediums to enrich their plot lines. Immediately, my thoughts go to Dead Space. Prequel comics and even an animated movie. Because, they put so much information out there about the world through different mediums, it’s one of my favorite series, ever…. Right behind Uncharted.

    At this point, I’ve got full faith in any product that bares the Naughty Dog name. I’m sure it will enhance my enjoyment of the IP overall. Here’s hoping for an animated movie to go along with it, sometime in the future.

    As for the motion comics mentioned in the comments above, I like them. However, just don’t ditch the print run. It’s pretty hard to look at your awesome gaming collection and see a motion comic sitting on the shelf, next to your Nathan Drake statue.


    Off Topic: Please, tell me you will never consider any of the “America’s Next Top Model” contestants as mo-cap actors in a Naughty Dog production again. That model’s taunt was okay but, her acting scene was not up to ND par.

  • My question is whether the experience is better to read AFTER I play the game or BEFORE I play the game because I really want to be immersed on this universe and I don’t wanna know too much about Ellie before the game because that’s part of the experience.

  • Any chance the comic could be some kind of pre-order bonus? :)

  • too bad the Comic Book store was taken down. this would have been great to read on the PSP/Vita

  • i received an email….and it also shows on Amazon that “The Last of Us” has been postponed until late 2013. Is this true….??

  • i read another post that 2014 seems more likely….WTF….??!!

  • I hope Last of US has a collectors edition because even though this game is a new IP I know people will buy it because this game is gonna be awesome and its being made by the best developers in the world.

  • I’m waiting for a collector’s edition to be announced to preorder.

  • Please make an amazing collector’s edition of the game with these comics along with other awesome stuff! I would buy it TWICE!!!

  • the last of us good game

  • I don’t understand why you bring this good comic and there is going to be no more comic section on psn…………?

  • The new playstation store SUCKS Sony.

  • I love the art. It beckons to the classics like scoot pilgrim while establishing a gritty realism.

    Any Idea when and where we can pick these amazing books up at?

  • I would like to apologize for things that perdir told Previous mind about the Company.
    I only said those things because he had lost the My-‘s Playstation Network.
    I really apologize to the user and SONY

  • Any possibility of the art book and comic books being part of a limited edition of the game? This is probably the only game I will l ever buy a limited edition for. Those would be nice incentives.

  • any word on price?

  • Can’t wait for The Last of Us,Naughty Dog I would have to say your the kings at making games. Loved every game you guys have made I’ll make sure to checkout this Comic.

  • Super excited for this!

  • Please, release it digitally too!! At comixology!!!

  • I look forward to reading it.

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