Dressed to Kill: Disguises in Hitman: Absolution

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Dressed to Kill: Disguises in Hitman: Absolution
Dressed to Kill: Disguises in Hitman: Absolution

If you pick just one unique, fun element that truly stands out in a Hitman game, it’s got to be the ability to suit up in various disguises in order to fool passersby and infiltrate protected areas undetected. At IO, we’ve always had a lot of fun with disguises, which probably culminated in Hitman: Blood Money’s white suits, clown outfits, and full-body chicken costumes.

With Hitman: Absolution, we’re following up on that tradition and we’re adding new wrinkles as well. Most importantly, we’ve added the ability to “blend in,” which allows you to act out your disguise more convincingly. Whereas a disguise would fool people at a distance in the old games, Agent 47 can now use his Instinct powers to fool people up close. Normally, enemies can detect your disguise if you walk straight up to them and they are wearing similar outfits – for instance, a Chicago police officer will eventually start to question you if you are wearing a police uniform. But by blending in, you can briefly fool a nearby enemy and slip past undetected. To blend in, you simply hold down a button and Agent 47 will pretend to talk into his shoulder radio when dressed as a police officer, as just one example.

Hitman: Absolution for PS3Hitman: Absolution for PS3

Of course, we’ve got a versatile array of disguises, including a large number of crazy outfits. In Absolution, you’ll see everything from regular police uniforms in various shapes and variations to chef’s outfits, judges’ robes and, yes, the chicken outfit. We’ve got more disguises in this game than in any of the previous games, and using them cleverly will be more important than ever as you progress through the game.

In the new trailer up above, you can see a wide range of the outfits available and learn more about the usefulness of shedding the black suit and red tie – just for a little while. We hope you’ll enjoy it and can’t wait to hear about your experiences with the game when it releases on PS3 November 20th.

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  • The Hitman series is one of my favorites. I think I played the demo for Silent Assassin for like 20 hours, just finding all the different ways I could kill my target in that one mission. I hope this game continues that awesome immersive gameplay.

  • Agent 47 is back in Action!

  • Day 1 digital release on PSN ?

  • I will hold off until Black Friday I’m sure the price will reach between $39.99-$45.99:)

  • Hitman Absolution, Dishonored, Far Cry 3 and AC3…. so many awesome stealth games!!!!

  • This is the first Hitman not created by the original team, I was worried when I heard about this but i cannot help but be sold on the demo alone. It almost feels like this is ” the one. ” GAH! cant wait. I hope for day one AS IN MIDNIGHT on psn.

  • game looks awesome

  • @6 It is still the original team :L IO have have always made hitman and its the same team from IO developing Absolution!

  • Blood Money is my fav stealth all time and i dont even got a console to play this. grrr lol

  • I am so hyped up to play this game all ready, im ganna explore everything and cant wait to pull of some crazy hits. Im surely not ganna get the guide cause i like to figure it all out for myself.

  • @10 towtruck09
    thats the way to do it …..then when you fail the mission you have to go around killing all the innocent people
    no witnesses right?

  • @6 the game was redesigned from the ground up but has most of the same elements as the previous installments.. I heard square enix has something to do with this as well ..i hope the dont screw anything up

  • man this is the reason why i love the series :D

    being able to disguise into multiple people as well as killing them in style is freaking awesome!!!

    Hitman is definitely one of my top 3 stealths along with Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex.

    definitely getting the Hitman HD Collection as well as the Professional Edition :)

    shame Splinter Cell already killed itself 3 times now(Double Agent, Conviction, Blacklist)

  • This is why i pre-order the collectors ed. can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bring it on! cant wait to get the party started

  • A stealth assassin in a bear costume, even more won over for this game.

  • I agree above about the whole black friday thing. i did that last year with other games.

  • cool game

  • Hilarious! Agent 47 still manages to look deadly in a chicken suit!

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