PlayStation Blogcast 047: Everybody Loves Frobisher!

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PlayStation Blogcast 047: Everybody Loves Frobisher!

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No big-name guests this week, I’m afraid. But we make up for it with lots of geeky game talk focusing on our experiences with great new releases XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored, and The Walking Dead: Episode 4. We even delve into some recent favorites from the silver screen (Looper!) and a few from the small screen (The Walking Dead season three!).

Of course, we also discuss next week’s jam-packed North American PSN lineup, which includes five PS Vita games (including the highly amusing Frobisher Says!) and some new PS3 full game downloads, including Day 1 Digital title Medal of Honor Warfighter. And we answer four new Listener Queries just to keep things lively, several of which deal with PSN’s October sale that gives you $20 in credit for spending $100 on PSN (which applies to games, content from the Video Store, Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, even NFL DIRECTV).

Stuff We Talked About

  • Frobisher Says!
  • Dead or Alive 5
  • Dishonored
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner
  • Day 1 Digital
  • PSN’s October sale: Spend $100, get $20 back
  • The Walking Dead season 3

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    The Cast

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    • Does Frobisher Says come with trophies? I’ve been contemplating whether or not to watch Looper since I’ve heard so many things. But so far the best thing that I’ve watched this year is Breaking Bad… no idea why I didn’t watch it sooner.

    • Y.O.B.O.!! Street fighter cross buy that was hilarious. Great show

    • Can we please get more sport themed avatars?

    • PLEASE talk about Black ops 2 in your next blogcast! This is the 7th time i ask. Come on! I’m not asking you to talk about it for 20 mins, i’m asking for your THOUGHTS on the game.

    • @4 This was the 8th time my bad.

    • Just beat Unfinished Swan, here’s a tip for those that play, Make sure you look through all the telescopes if you don’t want to miss an easter egg :D

    • Cant Wait to play Okami HD and Killzone HD i wish klonoa 2 would be in ps2 classics tho as for Winback super awesome i had that game for 64 :D

    • Soo… No Crash Bandicoot once again -.-. And can someone ask Square Enix what’s the hold up on Final Fantasy V on Vita!! I’ve been waiting since Febfor them to work on my vita.
      I have
      Crash Bandicoot 2
      Crash Bandicoot: Warped
      CTR: Crash Team Racing
      Final Fantasy V
      All waiting, can I please play them on my vita. Now it makes me wounder if Sony is pulling some crap with Crash cause I don’t understand this lack of good support for him. Smh

    • Glad to hear One Piece dlc finally arriving 4 weeks after the game launched. :/

    • @4 theres still a couple weeks till that game arrives. I’m sure they’ll discuss it the first week of November. Not like there isn’t going to be enough coverage already over the web about the game.

    • Hey Sid can you please tell me will we get bulletstorm or RE5 on the PLAYSTATION Plus.

    • Wait wait wait….. hold the presses!

      An hour long blogcast and not during that whole time did we hear Farm Fresh?? Blaspheme!!

      Sid, since you’re trying to find a suitable name for “Queries”, why not just call it “Farm Fresh Queries”?

      You kill two birds with one stone. Keeping the Farm Freshness going and a great name for the user questions!


    • Great boss battle? Final boss battle with Leos Klein in Armored Core 2.

    • While I think RE6 is a great game, I though the boss for Leon and Chris’ final chapter were really annoying because they don’t freaking know how to stay dead. I really don’t want to fight the same guy 5 times, let alone in one chapter.
      Anyways, I can’t wait to finally get Virtue’s Last Reward, despite not having a Vita yet. I feel like I need to support a great game that won’t get as much attention as it deserves right out of the gate, hoping that they see greater sales than they were expecting so everyone has a big, dumb smile. ^_^

    • Do you guys have any info on the price that Assassins Creed III: Liberation will have on the PSN store? I need to know it to manage my store funds accordingly.

    • Please get Patapon 3 on the Vita! I have been waiting so long to finish it… do not let my purchase be as waste!

    • Lmao! Jus told my masks Adrianna and Adriano that Cindy and Ronaldo said hi. :)

      5 more days to Sf X Tekken.

    • (copied and paste from my account)
      GAME VOTE (similar to green light, steam)
      Idea 63686 | Posted in PlayStation.Blog by ps_n_blog_ac | October 15, 2012
      new feature on gather games (no exclusives like mario) allow the community to vote for games to be on ps3,psvita, and ps mobile (coming soon). Any game

      This idea came in mind when i posted a list of games i will like on PSN on the weekly drops but it also seems other people do the same. so i decided to make a ps.share idea that will do that But it needs support!

      -How it works
      although i wrote that it’s similar to steam there is a difference. In this feature a person can just write down a title of any game(except exclusives like mario) for people to vote for and sony can try to make the game Available for the PSN^.

      example: lets say resident evil revelations for vita.
      1.a person writes down the name and for what platform ps3/vita (mostly vita) 2. sony records it and puts it on the vote (to prevent multiple entries) 3. a picture with game information appears 4. people comment and votes for the game to support. (Also works for PS1,PS2,PS mobile)

      well i hope you guys will check this out thanks

    • Hello playstation cast i have a question. will you guys show off some PS.share ideas in your blog cast by any chance?

      also i was hoping you guys will talk about an idea i’ve posted on PS share.


    • cant wait for need week episode. dying to hear more about AC III, most wanted and ragnarok odyssey!! not to mention im getting all of them from psn for ps3 and vita. gotta check every crack for some change now. ;p hope most wanted and AC III are $34.99 like most digital vita game instead of $39.99

    • @20 oppsss i meant next week not need week lol

    • @10 Why wait till the game comes out or 1 week before? Why not talk about it while it’s HOT?

    • Unfinished Swan is amazing. Best thing I’ve played with Move so far.

    • She should name her dog Kano or Blanka

    • With the release of the new Dark Souls DLC will we ever see avatars, themes, etc. for Dark Souls?

    • Listening to this during slow time @ work. Dark Souls DLC? Yay? I’m still struggling through original game but loving it. I will buy this DLC. It will be good to see a flood of more players online, more dooshbags invading me, lol.

    • Hey guys do u know if the Dark Souls DLC has trophies?

    • I’m surprised that “Jagged Alliance” wasn’t mentioned in the last two weeks discussion of western turn based strategy games. It was a PC game but it is still one of my favorite all time TBS games.

    • Oh my god! I can’t believe I won the Mystery Theme this week! Thank you guys :)

    • Also, how did you guys not think “Snake” for a dog:

      “Snake? Snaake? SNAAAAKE!!!……. good boy :) “

    • Your sisters are my favorite Kats.

    • What can i say…Im still in a dream. :)

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