BioShock Infinite: Ultimate Songbird Edition, Premium Edition Revealed

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BioShock Infinite: Ultimate Songbird Edition, Premium Edition Revealed

So, you wanna buy a nice collector’s edition? I can get it for you retail.

Thanks, I’m here all week. The veal is on special.

Imagine you get to work with Robb Waters, the concept artist who visualized the cover of System Shock. The Trickster in Thief. Man-Bot in Freedom Force. BioShock’s Little Sisters. Sander Cohen. And BioShock Infinite’s Songbird.

Now imagine you can get him to personally conceive and oversee the production of the coolest statue in the world.

Then imagine we put that huge sucker in a period-style box, with custom artwork by Robb and Irrational concept artist Jorge Lacera. And that box went in the collector’s edition box, so you could leave that guy unpunched in his original packaging while you tear happily into the rest of the goodies.

Now imagine that nine-and-a-half-inch statue looked like this:

BioShock Infinite on PS3: Songbird Statue

That monster is what’s in the Ultimate Songbird Edition of BioShock Infinite. But if your sugar daddy won’t pony up for the whole megillah, there’s also the Premium Edition, which includes a giant pile of swag:

  • A 3-inch baby version keychain of the sold-out Murder of Crows vigor bottle replica.
  • A 5 x 7-inch lithograph by Jorge Lacera.
  • A 25 millimeter, resin-cast Handyman miniature from the upcoming BioShock Infinite board game by Plaid Hat Games, makers of Summoner Wars.
  • A mini art book, full of BioShock Infinite concept art and commentary, with a hand-distressed cover.
  • Various digital goodies: exclusive in-game gear, a digital soundtrack, and platform specific downloadable content (Avatars for Xbox LIVE, and Themes for PC and PlayStation 3).

Of course, all of the above is also included in the Ultimate Songbird Edition. And for the true nerds in the audience, the Songbird statue, the Murder of Crows keychain, and the Handyman all come in separate custom packaging.

BioShock Infinite on PS3: Premium EditionBioShock Infinite on PS3: Ultimate Songbird Edition

Both collector’s editions will be available in limited quantities, so yadda yadda, sign your life away right now!

You owe it to yourself (and to poor, sad Ken Levine, who can always be spotted by his tiny crutch that sits forlornly by the Christmas dinner table) to check the thing out in this lovely display made by our amazing web team. I like it. My mother likes it. So it must be good.

All collector’s editions are available for pre-order now in the US and in Europe and Australia starting Monday, October 22nd.

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  • This and the God of War: Ascension collectors edition are definitely gonna have my hard earned money. Thanks!

  • This look awesome, but i don’t think i will spend the kind of money on Bioshock that is will require. :)

  • Why no Move logo on the cover? Is Move support still in?

  • I enjoyed both Bioshocks and i like what i see so far…I will preorder this weekend! I buy mostly collectors editions when they include statues/figures and cool trinkets! My Man Cave is loaded with cool videogaming related stuff.

  • Is this still going to be coming with a copy of the original Bioshock, similar to how the first Assassin’s Creed was also on the Revelations disc? I remember hearing something about that ages ago but haven’t seen it mentioned in a while.

  • This looks great, do we still get the first Bioshock with Bioshock Infnite?

  • Looks fantastic!

    Any news on the Vita version of BioShock?

  • What about when you announced at last year’s E3 that the PlayStation3 would get BioShock 1 ?

  • I looked to preorder it at GameStop and the preorders are still not up :-( as I have the Standard Edition paid off it’s not that much more money that I have to put in

  • Will Bioshock Infinite still come with a free copy of the original Bioshock? I remember this was announced at E3 2011 but am just checking because other companies such as THQ and EA announced similar deals for some of their games than changed their deals when their games came out.

  • Heads up guys they just let me know via Twitter that yes it will come with the original BioShock at Launch :-) happy happy happy happy happy

  • -.- COME ON!! People don’t have the money for epicness :(. Hopefully I won’t miss this chance like i did Persona 4 Golden the Solid Gold Edition.
    Any news on the development of Bioshock vita? I know its not a focus yet, but I can’t wait

  • what about 3D support? I don’t see it on the box either.

  • Where I can pre-order premium edition from Amazon? Can’t find it

  • Still no multiplayer, right?

  • @IcedDice777 whats up homie. Good to see you on the blogs. Im not one for collector editions, but like #1 said, the God Of War and this collectore looks steller. That SF collectors look awesome to. Hope they are priced well. As always, Keep on Gaming.

  • Will there be more content by preordering from different stores? i would love to reserve my premium edition right now but I don’t wanna miss out on any other goodies that I would like to have, since that’s what many games do nowadays…

  • Is it still on schedule for February 26? Can’t wait to get my hands on the only game that might outdo the original Bioshock…

  • Will the Playstation version still come with the Original Bioshock ?

  • Hmm $80 or $150? Man I really want that Songbird edtion! :(

  • I want that figure… but don’t really care about the game at present… bah.

  • I’,m thinking that I should cancel my standard edition pre-order and get the premium edition instead.

  • As soon as the PE is available from Pre-order from Amazon, I’m all over it :)

    Can’t wait for this game.

  • My Sharpshooter’s been itching for another game. Move support please!
    I’m glad that the $60 version will come with the original Bioshock. Thanks Ratana Huot. :)

  • Is it a digital copy of bioshock 1 included with infinite? Or on disc like AC:Revelations?

    I still havent played any bioshock game so it intrigues me that the first one will be included with this, I may even purchase that now that I have heard about it. Interesting.

  • I’m sure the boxart is at an early form, but ae we still getting Move support?

  • How about México? Can we have it?

  • Just got back from GameStop songbird edition paid off !!!

  • meh….i thought the first Bioshock was average but the second game just plain sucked. No way would ever spend extra for a crappy special edition. I might rent the game from gamefly at best (if nothing better is out).

  • I still never bought the first two (I know, I really should) but this one looks really good. I may give it (and the other two) a try. And that statue looks freakin sweet!

    @Ryumoau I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like you’re always so negative in just about everything you write. Why comment on this post just to say the game sucks and call the special edition crappy?

  • @Ryumoau
    Seriously? I think you just lost volumes of cool points with me…do you just love to hate greatness?

    @Ken Levine
    Are you seriously telling me that I have to pay $70 just for the statue? I mean that is an awesome statue, but the Bioshock figures that are out now I got for $25 at Toys R Us last year.
    Unless the Ultimate version comes with something else besides Songbird, I am skipping it. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!! :)
    Songbird Edition $150
    Premium Edition $80

  • And seriously, why does 360 always get Avatars, and PS3 doesn’t? Do you just hate us?

  • @30 and 31 Sorry maybe i am abit harsh but i really don’t have any interest in most of the games being featured on the PS Blog lately. I’ll try not to be as negative about them though.

  • Bioshock is still one of the most coolest games of this gen. The intro, the environments, the gameplay, & the water… so much awesome water…

  • One of the best series of games I have ever played is Bioshock. The whole story and gameplay is not found in other types of games. I cant wait for the game to come out to enjoy all the fun this game delivers.

  • Don’t really get why someone would want all this junk, but it’s a near certainty I’ll end up with this game. Bioshock ranks with Half Life 2 in my book as one of the best story-driven FPS games ever made.

  • I don’t care what people say, I LOVED Bioshock 2

  • That’s what I was waiting for! Ill be preordering it. Can’t wait for this game!!

  • I wanna reserve it!!! How to in Spain?

  • I’m normally don’t reserve collectors editions but this is definately one to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WHY MUST I BE OUT OF MONEY?!!! that statue is awesome. Im not of fan of the edler scrolls(loathe it, actually) but i bet that thing’d look pretty beast in a face-off pose with the skyrim dragon figure.

  • WANT!

    (that is all)

  • i remember when infamous 2 hero edition went to 59.99 just in like 3 months man was i pissed. if i were you guys wait until this goes down im pretty sure it will but this game looks so promising that it might take longer unlike infamous 2.

  • If that $150 collection included a Steam version of the game (a la Portal 2), I’ll preorder it right now.

  • I just saw the E3 trailer again wow incredible so looking forward to this game

  • Will Bioshock Infinite be on PSN for download. I don’t care about Collector, Special, Ultimate and Premium Edition for any games. Just give me the game on PSN to download and I’ll be happy. I love the Bioshock Series, one of my tall time favorite FPS !!!!!!!

  • @Welfare_Child
    it drops in
    Nah. I want it now! :) When or if it dropped in price, it wouldn’t concern me because I would have already had and enjoyed the game.

  • May end up getting this for PC due the promise of Direct X 11.

  • I still have my pre-order from a year ago? A statue is mighty tempting but the price tag isn’t :S

  • I wish Sony would add avatars of their own!

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