Uproar: Free-to-Play Shooter Hits Home Today

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Uproar: Free-to-Play Shooter Hits Home Today

Uproar is a frantic and fun third-person shooter exclusive to PlayStation Home. Why play cover to cover when you can free roam? Uproar is the first avatar based free-roaming third-person shooter in PlayStation Home and it pulls out all the stops to bring you an experience unlike anything seen on the platform before. The game is extremely easy to jump into and play, the controls and gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played a third-person shooter before, however there are some very interesting tweaks to spice up the gameplay and keep it all feeling fresh. We think it’ll give you and your friends countless hours of fun battling it out within the Uproar Arena.

Pick your side.You can choose to fight on the side of either of our two gangs; the Outlaws or the Swyfts, as they battle for respect within the Uproar Arena. Each gang has its own unique set of clothing available within the inventory screen (all of which is wearable outside of the game), as well as a set of gang booths in the Uproar Lobby to hang out in with your fellow gang members and chat before you go and battle it out in the Arena. Be sure to let your rival gang know what you think of them with the full range of taunts available for use within the Arena!


Uproar anywhere! Uproar could turn up in any Home Space at any time, offering a brand new selection of maps to take the fight to. The first of these spaces to feature the excitement of Uproar will be the Action District. You can experience the Action District in ways you never could before, by clambering over rooftops and jumping in to the previously unreachable car park. The Uproar Arena itself is also a great location to shoot your friends in, with several maps of varying sizes, with unique obstacles and differing numbers of health and ammo pickups.


Full avatar customization. With its intuitive inventory system, Uproar presents a wealth of customization options to explore, allowing you to play according to your own style. Equip a primary weapon, secondary weapon, melee weapon, Serum, taunt and the clothing to boot, and head out to the battlefield. The innovative inventory system allows you to preview, purchase, rent, compare and gift everything all in one very convenient screen. It makes picking the right equipment and looks for your avatar a breeze, and even allows you to do it mid-battle if your tactics change. The rental system is also fantastic for trying different weapons before committing to a purchase. The speed and ease with which this inventory can be used helps keep the battles fast paced, while still allowing you full customization options at any point in the game.


True free-to-play. Every single weapon and Serum that is available within Uproar can also be unlocked for free through the use of unlock keys which you obtain simply by levelling up your avatar. On entering the game every new gang initiate will be given the free starter pack, which contains the Commando Rifle, Big Jonesy Pistol, Baseball Bat (complete with nails), Super Strength Serum, “Come at me bro” taunt and the standard issue set of initiate clothing. These are a great set of tools to get you started within the Arena, but be sure to try out everything that the game has to offer in the inventory screen.


The firepower. Uproar features a wide variety of weapons to suit all play styles. If you want to get right into the action and up in the face of your enemy, then the Shotguns will be perfect for you. However, if you prefer to play a bit more cautiously and take your enemy out from a far, then there’s also a range of Heavy Rifles to choose from. We’ve also included a great selection of melee weapons to smack your enemies in the face with when things get chaotic. The variety of weaponry on offer will make sure that things never get stagnant as every weapon has its own set of strengths and weaknesses which you can play to in order to match your personal play style, team strategy and your opponents’ tactics.


Take time to chill. Tired of killing people? We don’t know how that could be, but if you fancy a break you can always chill out in the Uproar Lobby and speak to likeminded rioters. Check out who’s ruling the Arena on the leader boards, read up on the History of the Uproar Arena and its owner Troika at the information point or check out what’s showing on the Jumbotron. If you feel the need to get back in the Arena, it’s never far away.


Super human. The Serums are a fantastic addition to Uproar that really help make the gameplay feel fresh and fun. Drinking one of the many Serums on offer will give you a short term boost to you character in a particular way. Sample the Speed Boost Serum for a temporary rush of speed to dodge bullets around the Arena or drink a Health Boost Serum to give you a short term increase in health before heading in to the fray. Again, access to Serums can be unlocked through just levelling up or by killing your helpless opponents.


Check out Uproar’s blog page for extra content, including a full back story and several more videos and images of the game. You can also follow Lockwood on Twitter or Facebook if that’s more your thing!

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  • looks interesting but not enough for me to use Home to play it.

  • i really wish ps home featured trophies on games like this..if we had trophies in home, i’d visit it alot more often, but it looks awesome for everyone who is committed to ps home

  • When are you guys going to start making free-to-play’s for the PlayStation Store. I mean I know Dust514 is going to a F2P on the store and it is awesome (played the beta) but when are you going to start making more F2P games for the store. They don’t even have to be super big but fun stuff like this right here. I never use home and I think a lot more people would start looking better upon the PS3 if the F2P games weren’t just on Home.

  • This is something I could see myself playing.

  • Hopefully it will start working today so I can try it out, Anytime I go to the Arena there is no way to enter the game. I assume it should be under the leaderboard but nothing appears there and no prompt comes up to take me into the game. Other people in the space seem to have the same issue.

    • Hi GLiTcH2

      We are aware of some issues surrounding game availability. We are attributing the majority of these issues to server load right now, however rest assured we are busy investigating any potential causes for players being unable to access the game.


  • lol “tired of playing cover to cover” some how I getthhe feeling theyre talking about the disappointment we experienced with No Mans Land heh I like teh sound of this game, soo bad it cant look as graphically good as no mans land

  • Still No news for our avatar next to out gamercard on the XMB?

  • I may hit this up, But won’t stay for long most likely.

  • i reached lvl 3 the game crashed. i rebooted the ps3 and went back to the game only to find my self on lvl 2. i managed to get back to lvl 3 and it crashed again. so i rebooted again and reached lvl 5. and it crashed again. so i rebooted yet again and when i returned i was on lvl 3.

    this is a head game more than a social game.

    • Hi ilekillya

      Sorry to hear that you are having issues. We hope things will level out over this weekend, so we do hope you will give Uproar another chance.


  • What have you guys done to set this apart? I haven’t seen anything new or exciting. Not trying to put down the game. I want home to have lots of new and fresh games. But with so many shooters out there, how do you expect to draw in new customers? Is there something in here that will blow us away?

  • Has anyone else been getting booted out of Home when trying to go to Uproar?

  • Gotta try this out tonight. Been using PS HOME since the beginning. It has come a long way, very slow progression, but it’s a great improvement to what it was when it first began.

  • Tried Uproar, so far, almost no one is there. Well, except for this one guy that keeps killing me. I’m not good at shooters at all! lol

    • Practice makes perfect Nitrosonic0!

      Hopefully you should find more people around if you try again, we had some slight server issues on launch.

      Many thanks

  • change load out. it froze my ps3 4 times doing this. lockwood needs to come clean with sony about this one. its a beta its a clone its a sham. its a complete ps3 freezer. every time i try the game it gives me a new reason to reset my ps3.

  • @14
    So it just keeps freezing? I’m going to give it a go and see if I have better luck. So can you completely customize your character with all the clothing items you’ve purchased?

    • Hi DarthDanMan

      Every aspect of you player is customizable with the in-game inventory. You can pick all your clothing, your primary, secondary and melee weapon, as well as a Serum and even a taunt!.


  • This is off the subject , but i purchased the Possessed Portrait and its no where to be found , i have the receipt , so please , give me my Portrait, i need it to finish my Halloween theme personal space.

  • I can’t get the game to load. Sounds kinda cool and I’m willing to try it out but the dang thing won’t load. I’m gonna try one more time and if it doesn’t work then I give up for ever.

  • Haven’t been on Home forever but can’t wait to log in to see how this game holds up, always loved Home; i just wish it had more interactive stuff

  • Man, I can’t wait to get back to the states so that I can check this out. Home came a loooooooooooong way, and this most impressive thing I’ve seen on Home since the Xi mystery game (I miss that too). Home really evolved into something amazing, but like some people said, I wish we could earn PSN trophies on these games on Home. Sure we win Home trophies and stack them in our virtual houses, but how often do people on Home have others come inside their virtual houses? It’s not like people can just walk in and check it out like we can with PSN trophies. I just think it would be the right icing on the cake if Home integrated PSN trophies in their games.

  • This game would be fun if I could only invert the aim controls. I just can’t aim like that. I end up shooting at the floor the whole time.

    • Hi gus_xl

      Just like AfrosRockMan said below me, you can invert the controls by pressing Triangle in game to bring up the menu and going to the options menu in there.


  • @gus_xl You can actually invert the controls. While you’re in a match, open the menu with the triangle button, and go to options. You’ll be able to change that, as well as adjust the aim speed.

    Also, I love the game so far! Being able to free roam and NOT being blatantly “pay2win” has made this game a true winner for me. And the fact that there is no aim assist is pretty nice too for a change.

  • ok i have had enough of this sack of tripe. good game when it works and i repeat WHEN it works. but the bugs in this have had me resetting my ps3 more times than an alcoholic needs a drink.

    here is the just of it.



  • that doesn’t look good at all, even for a free game I would not spend any time on it.

  • I think this game should be called Shootout, not Uproar.

  • yeah i bet its fun. to bad i can’t get on home…every time it freezes my playstation. is there something going on today with it????

  • it looks okay i guess

  • Looks awsome but it needs more graphic

  • I’ve been wondering, whatever happened to that Steampunk space we were supposed to get a while back?

  • Too bad you can’t wear your own clothes, but still a fun game for PSH.

  • i would like to play ur game but every time it loads it freezes.Right after it downloads and goes to travel to ur uproar arena it hangs.

  • @14
    same issue here it’s freezing

  • im just asking on the main screen it shows weapons that are not available so do u unlock them the more you lvl up are they to be released later p.s. remove the change team option hate playing ppl that change team when you kill them u should have when u first enter the arena u pick ur side ans an outlaw r swyft and cant change it afterwards

  • and olso make the leaderbords bigger like top 50 players on kills not just top ten and outlaw and swyft wins total

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