Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Bringing New Content to PS3

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Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Bringing New Content to PS3


Deadly Premonition was the ultimate “love it or hate it” game back in 2010, to the extent that it currently holds a Guinness World Record for “Most Critically Polarizing Survival-Horror Game,” and the game continues to see the tremendous support from fans all over the world. On that note, we really took into consideration feedback from our loyal fan base and are thrilled to announce Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut focuses on the story of FBI special agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates the murder of a young woman in the town of Greenvale. In this small town, players have to solve a murder mystery and survive against the killer and supernatural creatures that have taken residence. Along with the original story and gameplay, there are some great new features, including HD graphics, an updated control system, a brand new scenario from the game’s director, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, and DLC to keep the mystery going once you complete the main campaign.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is both a love letter to fans that supported the game and a great update for new players. With the enhancements and new content, the team is confident that old players will re-experience Deadly Premonition the way it was intended to be and that new players will discover a narrative experience unlike any other game.

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  • SWEET! Release date and price?

  • Oh YES! I was just recalling playing this game yesterday while listening to its soundtrack and wondered what happened to the promised director’s cut. Sweet!!

  • Hope it’s as cheap as the other version :)

  • After watching the Giant Bomb endurance run of this game I couldn’t wait for it to be released on PS3 in North America. This truly is a cult classic and I will buy it day 1. Swery fo life.

  • PSN (digital) release too? I’d rather not buy this on disc. I don’t know why Sony keep putting out all the AAA crap as day-one digital, when that stuff is easy as pie to find in any brick and mortar shop you waltz into.

    I can already see the Amazon/ Gamestop 2 week delay if I order this game via retail. We need the eccentric/ Japanese titles on PSN. Like this and NISA/ Aksys titles, which are impossible to find. (Aksys are pretty good in this regard though).

  • PSN release please :D
    Hopefully it will be $40 or even less XD

  • i wouldn’t mind giving this a try as long as they fixed the bugs and issues to make it playable. But i won’t spend more than $15 for this old game.

  • shutupandtakemymoney.img

    Any info about release date?

  • Price? Date? Flavor? Shoe size?


  • Wait a minute, you guys are bringing this and Under Defeat HD to North America? *adds to list of favourite publishers*

    Also, I take it that isn’t the final box art?

  • So is this new content stuff that wasn’t in the JPN PS3 version Red Seeds Profile either?
    If so, count me in. :)

  • Never mind the idiots asking for a PSN release.

    I’m quite excited this is a full disc release, and I’ll be buying day one.

    Just give us a release date and I’m there.

  • I’m all for more Deadly Premonition but are you really touting HD graphics (It was released in HD on 360, 2 years ago) and DLC, in the DIRECTORS CUT, as features? That’s kind of disgusting..

  • just saw a trailer might get it :) i need a good horror game. hopefully it’s out before halloween…

  • I’ll gladly double dip for this, but I’ll also chime in and request a PSN release as well!

  • They’re keeping us in suspense, Zach.

    DC *in* the PS3!

    @11: actually given how *cough* vibrant the 360 NA & JP box art was, being low key might be deliberate. :)

  • AMAZING!!!… can’t wait for these game!!!… I hope a PSN release is also in mind…

  • I would also purchase day 1 if it is a PSN release, 15 bucks or under, has trophies and preferably has a PS+ discount. Thanks! :D

  • @16

    Haha, true that. I actually prefer the one they have posted, though that being said it does look like a placeholder than the final version.

  • Came in just to say YES!

  • I heard it really sucks though it is supposedly survival horror so I have to try it. Why can’t you guys release the Japanese version on the US PSN too? I would also buy that. I’ve been eying it on Ebay, it’s just way too damn expensive.

  • Good news, but it’s like they still have no idea how to make decent box art for this game.

  • I’d like to see Siren: Blood Curse have a US re-release on disc too. Makes me think of this game here too.

  • As an old survival horror fanatic, I offer my deepest gratitude to the developers of Deadly Premonition for allowing this dying genre to live just a little bit longer. At long last this cult classic comes to my console. I WILL be purchasing this one regardless of the price.

  • I can’t wait! I watched both versions of Giant Bomb’s Deadly Premonition Endurance Run multiple times and I even imported Red Seeds Profile from Hong Kong. I’ll be getting this day one.

  • I’m glad that this is getting more exposure, I really am…it’s a great game.

    I’m not an X-Box fan, I’m really not…I haven’t turned on my 360 in over 4 years and it’s modded so free games can’t even sway me away from PS3.

    But I do think that it’s a bit of an insult to the fans who supported this game on the 360 only to bring it out on a completely different system with NEW content and screw over the original fans.

  • i played the 360 version it was crap. i’ll buy it again if u update the graphics, voice acting and controls.

  • Don’t be teasing like this, Release date and price! No listing on Amazon yet so you’re making me think I have to hold until next year sometime. This is one game I always wanted to import from Japan, but never got around to it. Glad to see it hitting in this part of the world with some extras. Keep us filled in!

  • I watched an interview where the director said it was going to be 3D compatible. Can you confirm that? =D

  • Please tell SWERY I love him. If he wants to come over and play Battletoads let me know.

  • Finally. I’m down

  • You just made my day thank you.

  • LOL who asked for this? It should be free on the PlayStation store under comedy.

  • this game looks good i never played it i cant wait

  • I have it on the “other console” and I would buy it again to get the platinum trophy!! please, say release date and price, don’t leave me hanging lol

  • @34, huh? If that was meant to be an insult, you need more help in that dept…

    1. Fans have expressed interest for a PS3 remake.

    2. Why should it be free?

    3. The comedy genre’s very popular in network tv & the film industry (read: profitable).

  • Here we go! I have been debating importing this title. Now we’ll have a stateside, with bonus content, this is going on my “must buy” list. Can’t wait to get a date and price.

  • I hope it’s priced at least reasonably close to what the *other* console version was. While it was a full price game overseas, it was originally a budget title here, and it would be nice if it stayed that way, considering that despite its undeniable charm and hilarious writing, it is still kind of a crappy game.

    An awesome crappy game, mind you.

  • Wasn’t this supposed to provide PlayStation Move support as well? What happened?

  • OOOOOOoooh YEEEEESS!! I’ve been waiting forever for this game. Thank you! My prayers have been answered!

  • “Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is both a love letter to fans that supported the game and a great update for new players. ”

    Ironic considering you could only play and support said game on the competitor’s system. Either way get the game everyone. It really will boil down to you either A) Loving it and being your GOTY or B) Hating it and wishing ill to whoever decided to make it.

  • @24, why not just get the UK or Korean version? Both have full English, are fully playable on US consoles, and are uncensored… unlike the US PSN version.

  • Oh yeah… DLC for a “Director’s Cut” seems pretty lame. Why not just include it on the disc? Right… to grab even more $$$ for an old game after you’ve already purchased it twice.

  • I love this game, it’s my favorite game this generation so far, other than maybe Nier.

    It’s a day one purchase for me. Even though I have it on PS3 already, (Red Seeds Profile) I will buy it to show my support for the developer and publisher. I can’t thank you enough for keeping games like this alive, they don’t make them like this anymore. This game reminds me of a Dreamcast game, like D2 or Illbleed and I say that with the utmost respect. Also, I will buy every piece of DLC, so put up some avatars and themes too!

  • That boxart. It better be a placeholder. Hey man if trophies are easy then I’ll certainly pick up the ‘most critically polarizing survival horror game’

  • All right, I never thought this game would come to PS3. Good news for some of us that seen the 360 version.

  • freaking excited for this :D

    does it include a JPN release??

    since Deadly Premonition got a multiplatform release(as well as Mass Effect 1) despite already 3 years old.

    can we get No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2 for PS3 with the same content as the first one!

    i say bring the same exact features from Paradise 1. very sweet mode(Alice and Margaret bikini mode FTW), dual audio with subs(ENG/JPN), gallery mode(all the cutscenes goes here), faster loading times, trophy support and Move support.

    Other new features i want is a new difficulty mode(extreme bitter?), add the wrestling moves from the first game, more clothes and costume, bring back dark sith mode, a more extensive Bizarre 5 Jelly mode(ex add leaderboards and more stages), add new bosses for Deatmatch(in the US paradise 1, you can fight NMH2 bosses which doesn’t make any sense. so maybe add darkstar as a new boss )exclusive story mode for Henry and Shinobi.

    as for Limited Edition goodies, just add No More Heroes 2 Erotica Comic, No More Heroes 1.5(in HD), and an awesome art box(like NMH Paradise)

    oh and Onechanbara Kagura too!!!

    i want to play that game along with Lollipop Chainsaw :P

  • Nice to see it coming to PS3.

  • one word : AWESOME !

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