BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Breaking, Questing Exclusively onto PlayStation Minis Today

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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Breaking, Questing Exclusively onto PlayStation Minis Today

Hi there! It’s Alexey Menshikov from Beatshapers and I’m pleased to reveal our next game – BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is coming to North American PlayStation Stores today as a PlayStation Minis exclusive (PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable), priced at $3.99.

This game has a long story: the original game was released back in 2004 on PC by Spain-based Felix Casablancas and Nurium Games, and was the best breakout-style game at its time featuring something very unique for the genre – fully interactive physics. We were one of the biggest fans of the game and when Sony approached with introduction of PlayStation Minis; we decided to bring this game to minis in 2010, which was quite successful.

A year after the PSP minis release, we thought about its sequel with the twist – at that time we had a feedback from the PSP version players, so we decided to improve the gameplay and design: we took best game and design elements of original game and rebuild it from scratch, incorporating our vision and our inspiration from the original BreakQuest. As a result, we have created a great game full of immersion and style, which really gives a new experience to players.

One of the most valuable features of original BreakQuest was 100 unique levels, each featuring its own interactive physics design and layout, art and sound theme, so we redesigned all of them preserving their original mechanics following our lead artist’s vision. Actually, it’s got 101 levels; we have a secret one, try to find it!

1_level1 copy2_level2 copy

3_level34_level4 copy

Moreover, we decided to create 10 boss levels, each is unique mini-game: bosses attack your shuttle with a weapon which makes your shuttle unresponsive, reverses the controls or kills the bumper for a short amount of time, so you have to destroy bosses with strategy. The brute force method is almost possible.

5_boss1 copy6_boss2 copy

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution’s new Energy Shield mechanics help to keep balls flying if you use it wisely. Once a ball launched, the charging lines grows from the left and right sides until they meet each other in the middle. When the shield is fully charged, you can activate it via L or R buttons (for each side respectively).


Gravitor, another unique element of BreakQuest, attracts the ball to the shuttle’s bumper. We made it unlimited to use, not dependent on expendable energy as it was in original game.

Each boss unlocks a new shuttle which can be selected from Options menu, up to 10 shuttles in all. Every new shuttle comes with activated power-up: gun, sticky bumper, rockets, multi-ball, etc. to help you finish the levels faster and score more points.


And last but not the least, the game features 33 new absolutely amazing music tracks from created by the SandS Band, whose soundtrack will be released shortly. We hope you’ll love the new evolution of the BreakQuest as we do. Find more information on and at

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  • Can i ask, Why are you guys remaking mini’s? yeah is may be more up to date and what not. It just seem like

    • We have 3 minis left to be released: breakquest, new carnivores and secret title. After that we switching to Ps3/ps vita.

  • off topic but i was watching a run down of the new psn store and saw the search was like the search in the youtube app. please please have the original keyboard it’s much easier.

  • Looks good I will get it. Loved the first game!

  • Dev. or gaming higher power are trying to make money on games that may or may not have failed and try to fix what made the game bites. Im seeing this with a number of games, even since PSM. i support dev. all the way but come give us a break. People wonder why there games get ragged on. Basically Playstation is telling me yes you have this game or what ever title, but you are paying for gaming platform!? That doesnt makes since when you HYPE Cross-buy…..Im just saying

    Power to the Gamers!

  • let me guess the price is about 7-10 bucks?

  • I think Beatshapers should move to the next level and start making bigger games. I like all your games! But I’m saving my money in order to pay for PS+ once it’s available for the Vita. After that, I’m buying this one and the Bundle of all the previous ones (even though I have one of the games in the bundle) to support you awesome people, hoping that you make a bigger title in the future!

    Oh right! And I don’t remember which one, but one of your games isn’t natively available on the Vita store. How soon will that one be available?

    • This time BreakQuest available on ps vita store on release. The BreakQuest bundle is planned, thanks for the support.
      And yes, you right – we actually working on something bigger: PS Vita/PS3 and aiming PS4. Will reveal something early next year.

    • Stardrone Exreme is native ps vita game from us.

  • no trophies: that’s a shame on Sony’s erffort as i’ll hold off on this download until trophies become available for minis. sorry about that guys, but this does look great and extremely fun.

  • Can I play Wizorb on my Vita yet? I may be buying both of these games tonight if you tell me yes.

    • Not sure, ill check tomorrow from office, have only European vita underhands. But this time SCEA promised that breakquest Willie available for ps vista store just after release.

  • Also I’m looking forward to seeing more native Vita games from ya’ll. Best of luck.

  • Alexey, i will hush my mouth because thats a nice price and not OVER doing it. Unlike the prices of some games that should be cheaper. im sure you know what im talking about. but thats a good deal

  • What what? A new carnivores game you say? I either haven’t heard anything about that or forgot, can you tell me any more about that?

    • Google for pushsquare beatshapers interview Canabalt – we even revealed some artwork.
      It will be updated sku with new dinosaurs, an updated maps and some news gameplay improvements. Stay tuned :)

  • This looks fun, and 101 levels for $4?! How long on average is each level? One thing I like about some minis is time it takes to start and stop between levels. Bite-sized fun. OMG-Z is a great example of a mini to play while waiting for those that say they’ll be ready in “just a few minutes”.

    • Well, this is is breaking blocks kind a game, longetivity depends on skills obviously, than which shuttle equipped and which powerup activated, how smart you using Energy Shield and on level design. I’d said 3-7 mins per level, boss levels are up to 15 mins.

  • Why hasn’t the store been updated yet, Alexey? Looking forward to buying this.

  • @Alexy: your use of English is charming. I’m only reading your replies in red, not the boring, predictable comments.

    • Yeah, it’s not my native language but I working on it, also typing from tablet and its complicated. It’s 23:30 on my timezone, just another excuse :)

  • Alexey, your English is to be commended. The normal store update time is a few hours before now. :P

  • You know, a game I would really love to see, is an HD remake of E.V.O Search for Eden. I absolutely love games in which the player/charachters and the game world evolve over time. That or, something similar to Spore I guess.

    Slightly off topic maybe, but I know nowadays shooter games are kind of in the spotlight. I just wish that more game developers still had that creative and inspiring touch, like they used to, and more gamers still had/have a passion for something other than point and shoot. Creative games like Journey, Flow, LittleBig Planet, Soundshapes, etc.. And with PS+ getting yet another shooter game titled “Payday”, in which you go around shooting people and robbing banks?? It really gets my mind wondering where the game industry is headed.

  • Please get Wizorb into the vita store (north america)! I get the feeling i’ll never be able to buy this unless I buy a ps3 :(

  • Hey, good point about the duration of the levels. That’s still cool, though, which means there’s a lot of content in this mini.

    I see from your site that the company made Normal Tanks. That’s another cool game I need to check out.

  • whats wizorb about

    • Wizorb is an arkanoid meets rpg mushup game, developed by tribute games. We published it on psn, unfortunately still waiting from Scea ps vita storefront release.
      Yes we have two breaking blocks release in row but this is because our inbetween title delayed – good news it’s already passed Sony qa and ready to be released in early November.

  • @ Xoombie503

    Check that out.


  • Am I the only one that saw the swastika 11 seconds in?

  • This game looks okay, but you really need to make a game that looks like the rendered intro to the video!

    $4 is kind of steep for a mini at this point, given that PS Mobile has higher resolution and typically better audio quality at about the same price point. Will there be a PSM (or Vita native) version later?

    I am a huge fan of Canabalt on iOS and was very disappointed at the audio quality (and missing animations) in the minis version. What codec/bitrate does this mini use for its audio?

    • Nah, we do not support PSM because of programming language difference, this is too complicated for out studio, we better focus on native titles.
      As for canabalt – we used the codebase which Adam provided to us, he might assed new animations later on, during minis version development. We used a bit lower bitrate to fit everything to memory, that’s odd – we even updated half of sound effects, they are way better than original.

  • psn not update yet!! still waiting for update

  • Looks intresting, But I skip minis becouse lack of thropies support, yes, I’m addicted… :P… But nice to hear you’re working on more ps3/Vita releases, I bet you will get my money then! :)

  • Thanks for the reply, I follow PushSquare so I probably did read that interview and forgot about it. But at least now I get to be exited about the new game all over again :D I hope you can tell us more about it soon.

    Now this post has made me want to go play some Wizorb while I wait for the store to update.

  • I’m confused. When you say there are three minis left and then you’re switching to ps vita, you mean the Vita owners have to wait for those to be released before seeing some Vita-specific content?

  • Ps: Any idea when some PSP titles like Phantasy Star and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters will be available for the Vita.

  • Sonds good to me. I have breakquest and it was ok. And price isnt bad for this oe so figure i’ll get it. On side note running out of space on my vita. Dang have 90 something apps/games. I play so much dont want to delete stuff.

  • @ 28 Even though its unreleated considering Sega took Phantasy Star Online 2 of the NA PSN doubt that will ever be on the list. I’m not sure if its true or not but I heard it was taken off psn because it wouldn’t work on vita.

  • thanks for the early update guys! oh wait…

  • @7 No, I meant one of the Minis in the bundle can’t be downloaded directly from the Vita. Let alone, the bundle not being available from the Vita PS store.

  • Hi Alexey. I purchased WizOrb from the live screen in StarDrone. This was kind of weird because it took me to a vita purchase page and to this day the game remains unavailable on the Vita. Do you have a status update on when we can expect it?

    And yes, I’ll get this game. I had the original breakquest on my PSP, and it was a blast.

  • I was a big fan of Break Quest on my PSP originally. It was great, I’ll look into getting this too.

  • Its great game, im happy we made this sequel. If it will be successful, we might consider full scale game just like on trailer beginning :)

  • When is playstation mobile coming to the benelux?

  • Thank you Alexey Menshikov and Beatshapers for continuing to make Minis, thus keeping new content coming for the still-kicking PSP. I hope you do not abandon Minis entirely after the last three you have planned. Trophies and touch-screen features aren’t big selling points for me, and I have bought more Minis this past year than when the program started. I may buy a Vita someday, but I have a ton of incompatible PSP games that I love. I am still playing and buying new ones such as NBA 2K13.

    I travel a lot, and the PSP is perfect because you can hook it up to almost any hotel flat screen TV. With games and Minis like Buzz Quiz 1 and 2, Worms: Open Warfare 2, Scrabble, Monopoly, Ultimate Board Game Collection, Family Games, etc., I can have instant pass-and-play multiplayer in my hotel room without having to lug around a huge console. Thank you for supporting the PSP even though it’s now in its twilight years here in North America. I will be purchasing BreakQuest Extra Evolution tonight!

  • @15 yours included

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