Treasure Park for PS Vita: How to Play Like a Pro

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Treasure Park for PS Vita: How to Play Like a Pro

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Hi everyone! I’ll let you into a secret. When I’m not busy in my role as President of Worldwide Studios I live a secret double life! I’m a pro treasure hunter and was even at one point ranked number one in the world. My specialist field is an app only available on PS Vita called Treasure Park (although I can also be found searching for Drake’s Fortune in the Golden Abyss).

I’m always on the lookout for new challengers, so today I’d like to share some of my experience with fledgling treasure hunters around the globe so that one day, you too might become a world-class pro.

Step 1:


Peace 2x2Peace L

Peace 1Peace I

When hunting for treasure, it’s very important to bear in mind the concept of pieces. There are four different pieces hidden on a sheet; at the start, you’re told the colors of where some parts of these pieces lie. This information is very important!

Let’s focus on the bombs. In this example shown above, blue and yellow are risky colors.


Step 2:

There are two bombs lurking somewhere among the blue squares and one bomb somewhere in the yellow squares. Let’s plot these out – a true pro never rushes in blindly.

Okay, now let’s try tapping on a square we’re sure won’t contain a bomb.


Step 3:

Here I’ve tapped on a red square and revealed some medals. I’m also given some information about the surrounding squares – if something is hidden there, a treasure chest icon appears. We know what’s on the right won’t be a bomb, but as the square on the left is yellow there’s a chance a bomb could be hiding there…

I need some more clues, so I’m going to tap another color I know is safe.


Step 4:
This time, there’s nothing to be found in the orange square I’ve tapped but I can see there’s something hidden in the square directly to the right. Taking note of squares where nothing is hidden is just as crucial to unravelling the puzzle.

From the clues I have now, I’ve deduced the whereabouts of the L-shaped piece. Can you work it out too?

But let’s get back to tracking down the all-important treasure…


Step 5:

I know that the treasure is diagonally opposite an orange square, so let’s work out the potential candidates.


Step 6:

Now to narrow it down further…

The square I’ve just tapped on has revealed more medals. There are also three medal squares contained within the treasure piece. So my next tip is to remember that where there are lots of medals there’s bound to be treasure!


Step 7:

Okay, so now I’ve worked out the location of the 2×2 piece. However, you only get five guesses on each sheet and it’s my last chance. In this case, I need to go with my gut instinct.


Step 8:

Great – I got the treasure! Once you’ve run out of turns you’re able to see where all the pieces were hidden. Looks like my analysis was spot on!

Found treasure

If you’ve been able to keep up with me so far, you’ll have the tools you need to graduate from treasure hunter beginner’s school. But don’t stop there! There are hundreds of skilled treasure hunters around the globe, and you can use group messaging or “near” to swap sheets with other hunters around you and hone your skills.

If you need any further sheet-building tips to help you progress to the next rank just let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

I should also mention that since system software version 1.80, Wi-Fi PS Vita systems can determine your location by scanning nearby Wi-Fi access points – so whether you’ve got the 3G or Wi-Fi flavor of PS Vita you can embark on a truly global treasure hunt!

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  • I can never play this game right. =D

  • I’ve kind of gotten the knack for these tricks on my own, but it might help people understand the game better.

    It needs more players!

  • It does need more players. Everytime I login, there’s no new sheets for me to try! I made one, and sent it to a friend via Near, but have yet to boot up the game, and have a sheet there waiting for me! Even when I am able to get Near to update, it still shows no sheets. I really want to play and enjoy this game, but getting no sheets to play, makes it kinda hard to win :( Using a Wi-Fi Vita by the way, and it’s updated to the latest FW.

    • With the update, you can find all your friends sheets from anywhere you are when check into near. Your friends can find your sheets from anywhere, too. So I recommend you to try to increase your friends, by finding people who play Treasure Park in near, who live in your same area, etc.

  • Luv u Shu! Will use these tips

  • There is one treasure that seems to elude everyone. Its called, “The Last Guardian”. LOL

  • Yoshida san, more RPGs or Eastern games please! Was that LoD PSX re-release nothing more than a tease?

    What about Wild Arms? That’s a PS classic!

    I’d trade The Last Guardian for a remake/ sequel to either of those to be honest.

  • Shuhei,

    The vita is selling horribly in Japan and the US. I reckon it’s the same in EU and everywhere else in the world. You need to either relaunch it with a 7.5 in wikipad like tablet SKU and a 5 in psp go form factor smartphone SKU available on all major carriers. We would be able to get them fairly cheap subsidized. You can even have a PSVita 2000 SKU with dedicated 16GB of memory built on out at the same time. Drop the prices of those expensive, proprietary memory cards in half and get rid of 4GB SKU while adding 64 and 128GB options. And drop the price of the vita right now.

    Either that, or cancel the Vita.

  • Oh, and bring trophies, leaderboards, etc to psm. Have price parity with versions of the games available on other platforms (SCB is $1.99 on ios and free on steam, for example). Have demos for all of your games. People like to try before they buy stuff.

  • I did not like this game, unfortunately. I really liked the concept of using the “Near” to find challenges but it`s to much simple and not enjoyable to play :(

    • When you play more, you will discover how deep this game actually is. Play Treasure Sheets by S rank players.

  • Shame the green and yellow are indistinguishable to some of us colour blind folk! I wondered why I found this game so hard!

  • It’s a pretty fun game, but why doesn’t Near auto-detect new maps for me? Instead, I have to go to Out and About and select individual people to find their maps, they don’t show up in my Discoveries until after I do this!

    • You are actually using a secret feature of near. When you carry PS Vita and hit “near” button in many different locations, PS Vita will remember the wifi hotspots near by (even without connecting to them) and will find out where you were when you connect to PSN again. Try that.

  • I already mastered this game. My biggest tip would have is to remember that you’re not timed. Just stop and think.

    • Great strategy! Another tip is be careful when you drink and play Treasure Park. I always hit bombs when I do that…

  • I really wanted to get good and try to figure this game out, but no one would ever reciprocate me sending them treasures. I also don’t live in a very populated area, so I never get them through near. =[

  • I only win about half of the times on this :( The game is awesome though, especially when I exchange with friends and see their progress.

    Its pretty fun. The only thing that I am asking is that Near run more fluently, as in it kinda takes awhile to refresh when I press the near button.

  • @langdon, I’ll send you one.

  • I love this game. Send me a puzzle if you want. And I agree with Islankleinknecht. It would be nice if the game autodownloaded puzzles you came across and you didn’t have to open up near and hit out and about and hit every single person on the map individually to find new puzzles to download manually.

    I’m also glad there is an option to always have a puzzle to play now, even if it only gives you a few coins. I think that is a great update for people complaining that they never have a puzzle to play.

    And trophies would be nice!
    trophy for solving a friend’s puzzle, trophy for leveling up, trophies for 10 treasures found in a row. that sort of stuff.

    • Thanks! Increasing friends is a way to get more Treasure Sheets. You can find all your friends sheets on near from anywhere. Send friend requests to people you find on near who play Treasure Park.

  • Honestly, if Treasure Park /isn’t/ looking for newly discovered maps through Near when it starts, then why does it have a full minute of consecutive “Please wait…” messages while the internet refresh icon spins?

  • I remember that someone asked you to post some tips on the PS Blog. You are such a cool person.

  • Was there an update? I now have random cards to play but the bombs are still minus 50 points and the diamonds only add 2. Any way to better balance this?

    • These sample sheets are for practices. Please try to carry PS Vita to populated locations and hit “near” button, you do not need to connect to Internet at that point. PS Vita remembers Wifi hotspots and figure out where you were when you connect to PSN again. Increasing friends is another great way to get more Treasure Sheets.

  • Awesome tips. I have a similar strategy personally but I will take some of this advice.

    I’m sure what all Sony portable fans want to know is if you have any plans to bring over Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke or its Vita sequel to America? Many people are dying to play it!

  • Thak you Yoshida san, i tried to play the game before but couldn’t understan the in-game help. After reading this i got 4 treasures in a row but they didn’t count maybe because they weren’t shared by others.

    I can’t find any sheets around maybe because no one near me is playing, sharing sheets or simply near just can’t get any new sheets for me, it did though once before the game was updated.

    • Please try to increase friends, then you can find all your friends sheets on near from anywhere. Carry PS Vita to populated areas and hit “near” button, then when you reconnect to PSN, you’ll be able to send all location info together on near.


  • I have a very similar technique, but these tips should help a lot of people. I too wish more people would play this game, it takes some getting used to but gets quite fun.

    Rank B, 34040 coins, 15 treasures in a row!

  • Thanks for the tip, Mr. Yoshida! I’ve come to enjoy Treasure Park quite a bit and I’m surprised by how many people around my neighbourhood use it. Only thing that I would like to see improved is Near, would be great if it was seamless.

  • Also what do some of your puzzles look like? The example you used is quite simple :P

    • My sheets are tricky, if you come to Tokyo, you can pick them up on near! Try to be friends with people who are on the chart.

  • One feature that I wish this game had was the ability to send one sheet to multiple people at the same time.

    It takes a while after you make a sheet to hit the NEAR button, pick only one friend, and then send it. Go back to the make the sheet page and do it again for each person. When you’re doing it for 6 or 7 people, it’s too much..

    If we could just check all the people we want to send it too.. and it automatically does it.. that would be the bee’s knee’s.

    • With the new updates, all your sheets you send to anyone can be picked up by all your friends on near. So send one sheet each to your friend, they will find all your creations! Also, now you can send 10 sheets every 6 hours, not 24.

  • With the new updates, all your sheets you send to anyone can be picked up by all your friends on near. So send one sheet each to your friend, they will find all your creations! Also, now you can send 10 sheets every 6 hours, not 24.

  • Wow, Yoshida himself posting on PS Blog? I can’t lose thus opportunity!

    I’d like to say I’m really disaponted with Sony for many reasons. One of them, is that Sony doesn’t listen to us, gamers.

    I’m tired of saying how sh#t is the multiplayer of MotorStorm Apocalypse, tired of getting disconnected from the server in the middle of the action. Tired of seeing error messages. I tweeted Evolution Studios and Yoshida humself about these problems, getting ”the online team are looking into it” as answer. But it was about 6 months ago, and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Why don’t Sony just shut down the servers of the game, and stop wasting money on a shame online multiplayer?

    Other thing… Many player are asking for some characters in PSASBR, like Gabe Logan, and what Sony do? Continue to treat the character like he never existed. I thought PSASBR would be a tribute to games of actual and pasr generations, but I guess I’m wrong. Gabe Logan has three games on PS1, one on PS2 and two on PSP. He deserves to be in the game mor theb Fat Princess and Parappa, both not having more than twi games each, and ARE in the game! That’s ridiculous!

    That’s it… There are much more, but i think it’s enough. FOR NOW.

    • Sorry to hear about the online issue. I’ll ask the studio about it. Regarding who should be in PSASBR, everyone has an opinion and we appreciate it.

  • This game is great, I loved the concept, but I had trouble finding sheets, of course I will add more friends like you suggest, thank you!

    On another note, since vita will be having apps on PSN, I hope we can get them on PS3 too, and please keep adding features to PS3 on firmware.

  • Thank you Mr. Shuhei Yoshida for taking some time to write on this blog. I follow you on Twitter, and want to thank you for replying to me sometimes. I will try to get back to this game with these tips.

  • I wish I had this before but I got it now. The game didn’t explain it self very well and I burned through 10 Near and friend sheets before it clicked.

    It seems to do a random CPU generated sheet now with the update which is great but the risk/reward isn’t there. You gain 2 points if you win but lose 50 if you lose. What is up with that?

    Love the whole sharing with Near and friends the puzzles you make. Hope this concept goes to other games.

    • The developer of the game (Japan Studio guys) thought the practice sheets are so easy that the points are balanced…not? They do want to encourage people to go out and find “near” sheets and friend sheets, so that’s that. It’s so fun to see how your friends solved (not solved) your puzzles, is not it?

  • Im still waiting for T@G & Wake Up Club. I hope T@G comes out soon.

  • Hi Shuhei, I love Treasure Park, it very deep & fun too. I’m at S class now & I’m at 40 puzzles in a row right now. Now this is where you come in. A few days after the new patch Treasure Park crashed on me. Now when I try to load Treasure Park, I get this “The file is corrupt (C0-11137-3)”

    I used Content Manager to copy the Treasure Park app to my Mac. Then I deleted it & re-install it on my Vita. Then made a copy of my backup, then backed up the re-installed app, then copied my save files over from the savedata folder to the new backup, & restored it back to the Vita. Still get same error. One of the save files must be corrupt. Any idea on how to fix this, or who to send my savefiles to further look into it.

    It wants me to go back to E class. Help.

  • I suppose that I can add that to the list of things that I could do if I ever make the trip to Tokyo! along with seeing the Jungle :P The next post on tips for Treasure Park should be on how to make a tricky sheets… I can never manage to defend a diamond.

  • Off-topic, but do you now if more PSP Titles will be added to the PS Vita, Yoshida-san? I’ve been waiting on Socom: Fire Bravo Team 3, Patapon 3 and ModNation Racers PSP both of which I got when I bought a PSP Go. Moreover, PSP DLC isn’t currently compatible with the PS Vita even though there is a Add-on section in the Settings app.

  • This is a great game! I suggest people look at the leaderboard and filter for their friends to find people to play against.

    Frobisher Says, Treasure Park, Paint Park, and Wake Up Club should:
    – all have “Park” in the title
    – all have trophies like Welcome Park, the game that comes with the PS Vita (I admit, Wake Up Club would be tough).
    – All be categorized in the PS Store in a way that they are seen the moment you enter the PS Store.
    – All should have a leaderboard and challenges to send friends (I admit, Wake Up Club might be tough)
    Why do all this? Because they highlight the Vita in different ways, are free, would follow a theme (Vita Park series), and if they had trophies, would be a great way to get new players into trophy hunting (a great PlayStation feature).

    • Thanks for great suggestions. Actually, Wake Up Club has trophies! Like how everyone in the same “club” waked up the same time, etc. :)

  • shuhei shared answers with players here !!!
    you are realy awesome…. thanks so much & because of you i will buy this game & i’m sure it is an excellent & awesome because You said so .^^.

    By the way shuhei san can we have wild arms 5 which was released on ps2 as remake for PSVITA i’m insane to play this game with another story i have all 4 sequels beside the remake of the 1st game & the only one which release for psp. I miss the 5th so it will be great to have it on my lovely PSVITA.

    Also i want to add thanks you for this wonderful device PS VITA

  • I can never play this game bc i got non on my friendlist.. those who love the game r welcome 2 add me. Would love 2 play it.

  • While I enjoy the challenge of “Treasure Park”, I also find it exceedingly difficult as I have the same problem mentioned in post #10… I’m also colorblind.

    However, with my colorblind issues, the GREEN & ORANGE boxes are completely indistinguishable from each other (I can easily see the yellow against the other colors).

    The GREEN color is a common problem for many colorblind users, as it can look the same as Orange, Yellow, or Red shades. (I also have problems distinguishing Green and Red in certain instances).

    To make “Treasure Park” usable for all gamers, my own suggestion would be to
    1) Change the GREEN to a LIGHT BLUE, and
    2) Alter the existing BLUE to a DARKER BLUE

    Although only a couple of us wrote in here about our colorblind difficulties, there are obviously many other users worldwide who are affected by this problem.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can give to your colorblind users… it’s appreciated!

  • Still having the issue where I find a sheet someone posted (sheet with a ? on it , and not a friend) via near and when I try to download it to play no sheet shows up in Treasure Park. Doesn’t happen all the time but does happen pretty regularly. Love the game but hope that gets fixed as I hate missing sheets.

    • You need to download these sheets individually on near’s “Discoveries” area. The reason some sheets have “?” is those sheets were made by Treasure Park users with other region’s PSN ID. These sheets are compatible but not automatically downloaded.

  • @Flatline51 The same thing happens to me sometimes.

  • is there a way to get more than 2-4 point pr. lvl? I still have like around 300 bc i just started.

    • You should play Treasure Sheets by other users, either found on near or sent to you by group message. The easy way is to carry your PS Vita around to populated areas and hit “near” button. You do not need to be able to connect to Internet when you do it. Next time you connect to PSN and check into near, you will be able to send all locations data and get near goods from all these places.

  • Hey anyone looking for fellow treasure hunters add me. Ranked S right now and I play everyday!

  • I think the only thing the game needs is a way to batch process sheets to 10 select users and also when win one you get a sheet back but, if you lose then you lose that sheet for the day.

  • @ #11 reply:

    Thanks for the reply, but I am not downloading maps while being outside. I am sitting at home, where I have a wireless access point, and new maps only show up in Discoveries after I manually find them via Out And About. Maybe my Vita isn’t checking for wireless access when I push the Near button? Often times I never receive online notifications until I do something like open the Messages app or connect to PSN via Sound Shapes.

  • Sony we want MORE APPS we want to see a new app everyday untill there are thousands OR just add Google play to the ps store as a category and let us use android apps as of now i see the vita as waisted potential lets change that ive been riding with playstation since day one ive owned every system ps1 poly station ps2 ps2 slim ps3 ps3 slim psp 1000 2000 3000 psp go ps vita and i will be getting the ps4 day one so PLEASE HEAR ME OUT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE Ive seen great ideas on PS blog share and please act fast in implementing these new innovative ideas WE ARE LOYAL FAN PLEASE BE LOYAL TO US

  • I’ve found sheets on near, and when I went to play them, treasure park didn’t show them on the screen. None of them had expired, last one had 3 days until expiration in Near.

  • @ Shuhei Yoshida.

    I Love treasure park and the free apps advertised on the Vita. I was wondering when or if there is any plan or information on Ecolibrium coming to the U.S.

    It was one of the more interesting apps I have seen, I also would love to know more about others that have been advertised if they will ever even be real.

    The Alien Autopsy AR game, the Pocket Garden AR game or the Ape Escape AR game will those ever be available? I know it is a lot to ask but I have really been interested in those games and haven’t found much information on them or any for Ecolibrium coming to the U.S.

    Or were most those AR games just test more so showing off the Vita’s AR? Thanks.

  • Hey Shu, thanks for always replying to me and everyone on Twitter. I only wish that I could have added you to try your sheets.

    Ok I realize that this blog post is about 2 weeks old as of this post, but I just wanted to know will you be doing a follow up possibly to these tips by making a basic blog on how-to make a Treasure Park sheet? It really takes a clever mind to create the most impenetrable sheet. You’ve got to know certain unwritten principles… those colors.. they are a part of the key for making a good sheet. I’ve tried to formulate them every time and although I stump quite a few, my sheets still get figured out.

    I truly love Treasure Park. I discovered that the Vita indeed does record those spots that you visit each time you hit the near button, wherever you go! I love the undiscovered locations that it will notify you about and the potential goodies you can obtain!! I was so excited when I saw how many sheets I got from my little bus ride through the city the other day!

    The Vita is so awesome! Thanks again YosP see you on Twitter.. hope that I can send you a sheet one day sir.

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