PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

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PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

By now, you should have already tackled NFL Blitz which came in free for Plus members earlier this month. You should also make sure to download one of the best fighters in the genre, King of Fighters XIII, which is also free for Plus members. With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update, you’ll want to get your blueprints out and cover up those fingerprints because you’ll be robbing some banks (in video game form of course) courtesy of PAYDAY: The Heist, coming free to Plus members! You’ll also be able to get Unfinished Swan before anyone else this week. That said, there’s much more so let’s get to it.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 16th PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

PAYDAY: The Heist

Free for PlayStation Plus Members

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. You can play all the ‘heists’ solo if you like, or team up with friends on your friends list, or get your matchmaking on and work together as a group to pull off the crime.

The Unfinished Swan

Exclusive Early Release; Price: $14.99

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game that begins in a totally white space; but as you throw globs of paint to explore the world, you’ll discover that the surreal, unfinished world that you inhabit is more than meets the eye. Plus members will get to be the first to discuss what this game is all about with the gaming community; so don’t miss out. The game will be released for all of PSN on 10/23.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Exclusive Beta Access

It’s time! We need your help in getting PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale prepped for showtime when it releases on PS3 and PS Vita on November 20th. Get a taste of the full game with 2v2 and 4 player online tournaments and choose from Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Radec, Sly, PaRappa and Fat Princess as you fight in Metropolis or Hades for victory. You’ll also get to check out the Cross Play functionality since this beta access works for both PS3 and PS Vita! The beta ends at 10/30 at 11:59pm PST, so get in while you can!

007 Legends

10% Discount (Regular Price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)

As part of the door busting Day 1 Digital event, Plus members can snag the lowest price around on this new PS3 Full Game title, releasing the same day on PSN as it is at retail. Gamers and Bond aficionados alike will become James Bond reliving iconic and intense undercover missions from throughout the entire Bond film franchise including ones from the upcoming new Bond movie, “Skyfall”.
Caravan of the Dead – PlayStation Store Halloween Sale

Various (spooky) Games and Add-Ons With Extra Discounts for Plus Members

Time to celebrate Halloween with some of gaming’s most outlandishly ghoulish titles. This sale is for all of PSN, but Plus members will have the best discounts; many from 50% – 75% off the regular price. Find great games like the Costume Quest complete bundle for just $3.75, inFAMOUS Festival of Blood at a steal of a price at $2.50, and Dead Space 2 at $9.79. The sale ends 10/30. Here’s the full breakdown:
Game PSN Sale Price Plus Sale Price
Dead Space 2 $13.99 $9.79
Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection: Content Pack $10.49 $7.34
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record $13.99 $9.79
Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita $10.49 $7.34
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City $34.99 $24.49
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack $5.59 $3.91
The House of the Dead Bundle $21.99 $15.39
Zen Pinball 2 PS Vita Monsters Bundle (The Paranormal, Sorcerer’s Lair and Plants vs. Zombies) $5.99 $4.19
AMY $4.99 $2.50
Costume Quest complete bundle $7.49 $3.75
Dead Nation $7.49 $3.75
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime $2.49 $1.25
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood $4.99 $2.50
Monster World IV (Plus Price: $1.00 – 80% off) and SEGA Rally Arcade (Plus Price $2.99 – 70% off the regular store price of $9.99)

Exclusive Discounts for Plus Members

Our friends at SEGA once again deliver gaming goodness at a price you can’t resist. With the Master System classic Monster World IV and the more recent arcade hit SEGA Rally Arcade seeing deep discounts. I encourage everyone to check out these titles.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 10-15-2012

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  • Awesome sauce. Payday is mine. Monster world is also getting the download treatment. Yaaa. Thanks sony.

  • Great Price on Dead Nation and Costume Quest.

    The heist was the PSN title that came out during that summer promotion?

    • It was part of 2011’s PSN PLAY promotion in that if you bought all 4 games, you received PAYDAY. However, it’s definitely built up it’s own great reputation for sure!

  • To Morgan wasn’t there supposed to be some God of war news today?

    • Not sure, I didn’t mention anything relating to God of War on my end here before. The God of War team will deliver any news they have as they have planned.

  • Very disappointed with PlayStation Store Halloween Sale and Plus
    Nothing for me

  • Wow, another year old psn game. I am so glad I signed up for this service.

  • Great!!!! I love this game. \o/

  • hi, sorry about the unrelated post, but i can’t access the community forums, none of the links would load for me, and the “new message” link is grayed out, it’s weird.

  • The PlayStation plus free game isn’t my cup of tea but all those discounted games are amazing I’ll be spending a lot of money tomorrow:-) thanks to the PlayStation plus team

  • You know Morgan, you are misleading us. When people complain that the EU plus is better or complain about the free games in general you always say “You’ll be excited for what’s to come.” But then we get this…

  • What does the House of the Dead bundle include?

  • Mind boggling update for Plus members! Making it easy to reach the $100 mark in October! =D

  • The unfinished Swan it’s a great looking game and plays well but clocking in at only two hours it’s pretty expensive for 15
    And PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale at this stage in development it should be considered a demo that we’re getting and not the beta as they’re pretty much quite done

  • @9

    At this point, you should take anything Morgan says with a grain of salt. Its just PR speak to calm people down every week when they’re disappointed with what Plus offers.

    • As mentioned before, games and titles will always be subjective; most people will love it, some will not; just how it goes! but you’re right, I’ll avoid making those kinds of comments in the future to manage expectations better.

  • Sweet Deals, Getting Dead Space 2 =D

  • Dead space2 should’ve been part of the instant games collection as other regions got it for free:-)

  • oo dead space 2 for 10 dollars? theres no way in hell Im missing out on that.

    Oh and Morgan though Im sure youre not gonna tell us Ill ask anyway.. since Payday is our 3rd free game this month, can we expect Mondays update to announce another free game or are we done with free games until November?

  • Love the weekly update. Every Monday is like Christmas.

  • I’ve got to say, seeing the title I was pretty disappointed as I don’t care about multiplayer only shooters, but those sales make up for a lame game this week. That, and the All Stars beta on Vita should be interesting.

  • Please reduce the price on more psp games!

  • If you guys don’t have Costume Quest, then get to it.

    Anyhoo, Sony, I do not value early access to games. I would rather have discounts. Early access to betas is nice, but not games.

    • Good news is that doing early access is not a detriment to getting discounts. It’s not an if that, then the other goes down type of thing. So early access is a completely bonus thing you get with Plus that doesn’t come at the expense of other perks like discounts and free content with your membership.

  • Great update.
    Appreciate all the good work and deals on titles for most – if not everyone.
    Any pointers regarding PS+ on PS Vita (titles to expect as part of the Instant Game Collection) would be appreciated. It would enable a good number of us – I expect – to plan accordingly.


  • Ugh. I can’t stand multiplayer-only games. Didn’t bother downloading Gotham City Imposters and I won’t bother with this either.

  • Dead space for nine bucks it’s a great price needless to say but when other regions are getting it free it’s like a slap in the face
    And when you applaud the team for doing things like this they’re just going to continue to do things like this to us:-(

  • @21 – Same boat. I basically halted Vita software purchases until I learn what games are coming in the Instant Collection. Sorry, Sony!

  • PAYDAY: The Heist here i come!! PS+ FTW

  • Whelp, three straight weeks in a row with nothing of value to me coming from PS+, except a few discounts. I guess it was inevitable that the game offerings would eventually become lackluster, considering everything that I buy. The only thing here that might entice me is that sale price on Dead Nation. Since I got it for free in the Welcome Back package and it’s a great game, I wouldn’t feel bad purchasing it on the cheap just to help support Housemarq… at least Of Orcs and Men comes out tomorrow. Would have been nice to see a discount on that…

  • I somehow get the feeling that PAYDAY: The Heist will be free for PS+ someday. It’s a good game, so I’m looking forward to playing it in full version. As for PS+ discounts, I’ll probably get AMY and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Definitely worth the price for both of those titles, imo. Tomorrow’s update is gonna be cool.

  • will dead space 2 include extraction like the disc game did?

  • Wow!!!!!!Another OLD PSN game for free. The only thing we get good out of this week PLUS is the discount on some games. Very sad to be a US PLUS memeber. Don’t see myself renewing my US PLUS membership once it expires. Will sign up for EU PLUS instead. This is just sad.

  • Thanks! Great beta! And these are fantastic sales. Everyone should buy Mutant Blobs, Costume Quest, and Monster World IV — no questions asked. Also, I wish I could use remote play for costume quest and monster world IV.

    I’m considering picking up Plants vs Zombies for the Vita now because I think that’s the price it should have been originally. And Dead Space 2 is very tempting as well. And I wish some of the Zen Pinball tables were discounted separately, because I already bought the PvZ one.

    I also agree with Elvick. I don’t value early access to games. I don’t have anyone to brag to that I have a game early. But I also don’t think you’re giving early access in lieu of a discount. But if for some reason you have to decide between giving a game early or giving a discount (I don’t actually think this is the case) then I would prefer the discount as well.

    • Nope, we don’t have to decide on doing early access or discounts. As you hypothesized, it’s true, they’re independent of each other.

  • @29
    How do you sign up for a European account?

  • Morgan is gonna tell us wait intill next week its going to be better. But we still get crap for games.

  • Hm. Not to interested in these. Been doing a lot of M-rated stuff for the free offerings lately. It really lowers the value of the service for me.

  • Can we please get Dea. Bd space 2 or Bullet storm Because all we been getting is crap for games. and please tell us what we will be getting for plus for the mounth. I hate this week by week update.

  • @33
    M rated like the fighting game we got last week or the goofy football game that we got the week before I mean I really don’t see where you’re coming from?

  • 34. Dead space 2

  • @34
    I totally agree with you
    listen up PlayStation team

  • @35
    Fair enough. We don’t care much for fighters or street-brawlers (even if T-rated, and Double Dragon was definitely pushing the limits “T”) or sports either. Forgot about those.

    • I get the feeling you’re looking for content that works for younger members of the household? If you haven’t’ played Costume Quest, it’s a great game and at a super steal of a price with Plus, and very family friendly.

  • The month to month update was much better than this weekly update. I’ve been pretty happy with Playstation Plus I just preferred being updated each month.

    • Might have a poll next week asking for preferences here. I asked more informally a month or so back, and it was overwhelmingly in favor of week to week. Week to week helps us a ton in ensuring accurate content is communicated week to week, as well as it helps with people talking about Plus week to week. But there are pros to considering month only for sure as well.

  • I love my + account. Almost time to renew. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Morgan you should say Most people hate the game I put up and some like. to say that most people are liking the games we are getting when week by week all you hear is people complaining where are you getting your polls from

  • I have nothing to complain about with PS+. I think the service is ridiculously valuable. Even if I thought King of Fighters was awful and boring even by fighting game standards and I’m not particularly excited about this week’s free game, I’m still getting something new to try out every week. And some weeks the game hits the sweet spot and can keep me entertained for weeks or months. And then there are betas like this and great sales.

    The service is really fantastic and I am transitioning away from purchasing new games (unless it’s completely unavoidable like Ni No Kuni) and only downloading what I get for free from Plus while I intermittently work on my huge backlog.

  • I do agree with @39 though

  • Morgan with the PSN maintenance going on now until 7pm EST tomorrow what time will the store update?

  • Man…was really hoping for something great this week.

    Hate to say it, but it really does make me think about not renewing…..I never would have thought I’d say that a month or two ago. :(

  • no it’s been like that for a few days now.

  • Morgan why do you always say tune in next week and see more crap that we have to give you for PLAYSTATION PLUS

  • To Morgan thanks for answering me back I know I go on rants but it’s sometimes the way I feel even though the discounts this week are great :-) as to God of war there was a post last week that said to look forward to a special announcement on Monday and I was hoping that you had some insight but thank you anyway

  • The week to week or monthly update question is an interesting one. I really prefer having something to look forward to downloading each week rather than only once a month. And I actually prefer the way you are announcing the games the day before the update. That way nothing is subject to change and each week is a surprise unveiling that I look forward to.

    To be completely fair, the pros to a monthly update would basically be getting the entire month’s content earlier (assuming it’s the exact same content just all released the first tuesday of the month) and more people would probably avoid the issue of buying a game that is going to be given away for free later that month but they didn’t know. But if we had that poll I would vote for weekly.

    I’d also like to point out that even though Payday wasn’t on my radar at all, I wouldn’t be shocked if it surprises me and turns out great and addicting. Which is something I really like about Plus.

  • Good call, Morgan. Yes, we prefer family friendly, or classics that have aged well, or have been redone. Good puzzles and platformers are great too. Some RPG’s are good too. We still have Costume Quest from when it was offered free last year (was it last year, or two years ago?) I don’t think we played it last time. Maybe we’ll go try that one out.

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