PS3 Action RPG Of Orcs and Men Hits PSN Tuesday

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PS3 Action RPG Of Orcs and Men Hits PSN Tuesday


Hi PlayStation players, this is Sylvain from Cyanide. I’m here to give you an introduction to the world of Greenskins and humans.

Of Orcs and Men is an action RPG, taking place in a dark and mature universe where Greenskins (orcs and goblins) have finally been defeated after a long war against the human kingdom. The emperor has decided that, in order to prevent any further war against the Greenskins, it’s best to just commit full-on genocide — unfortunately for you, you’ll be controlling an orc and a goblin.

As the game starts, Arkail (the massive orc) and Styx (the stealthy goblin) are among the last of their race still alive. They are sent on a suicide mission – to reach the land of the humans and assassinate the Emperor, thus stopping the massacre and enslavement of greenskins.

Originally, while playing with the prototype, we enjoyed controlling Styx and Arkail individually, but even more, we liked the combinations they could have. We kept improving features to make them as unique as possible, but we also worked on tandem attacks for use in combat (like throwing the goblin with the orc, boosting one another up, etc.).


We also improved the role playing aspect of the game by giving each of them different abilities, characteristics and inventory. This one came rather easily, as we can’t imagine Arkail wearing Styx armor… unless you want him wearing very tight armor.

A funny note about this game – as we finished the prototype and began pre-production, lots of publishers told us that our game would never perform because players only wanted to play the good guys. “No one will want to be an orc or a goblin!” they said, and of course, we knew things were not black and white in this game.

We spent lots of time creating a mature universe, rethinking standards of the fantasy genre. Even very early on, we strongly believed this game had potential, and that players wanted something a bit more original than playing yet another human paladin, in shiny armor, killing stupid goblins, while saving swords and looting the princess (or is it the other way around?). Now when I see the feedback we’ve gotten for Of Orcs and Men around the world, I’m glad we listened to our gut and made this game for you, the players.

Well, I hope you’ll have as much fun with the game as we did while developing it. You’ll be able to download the game straight to your PS3 when PSN updates on Tuesday. Oh and one last thing, good luck with the Trophies… some of our internal testers are still having a hard time beating the extreme difficulty!

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