PS3 Action RPG Of Orcs and Men Hits PSN Tuesday

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PS3 Action RPG Of Orcs and Men Hits PSN Tuesday


Hi PlayStation players, this is Sylvain from Cyanide. I’m here to give you an introduction to the world of Greenskins and humans.

Of Orcs and Men is an action RPG, taking place in a dark and mature universe where Greenskins (orcs and goblins) have finally been defeated after a long war against the human kingdom. The emperor has decided that, in order to prevent any further war against the Greenskins, it’s best to just commit full-on genocide — unfortunately for you, you’ll be controlling an orc and a goblin.

As the game starts, Arkail (the massive orc) and Styx (the stealthy goblin) are among the last of their race still alive. They are sent on a suicide mission – to reach the land of the humans and assassinate the Emperor, thus stopping the massacre and enslavement of greenskins.

Originally, while playing with the prototype, we enjoyed controlling Styx and Arkail individually, but even more, we liked the combinations they could have. We kept improving features to make them as unique as possible, but we also worked on tandem attacks for use in combat (like throwing the goblin with the orc, boosting one another up, etc.).


We also improved the role playing aspect of the game by giving each of them different abilities, characteristics and inventory. This one came rather easily, as we can’t imagine Arkail wearing Styx armor… unless you want him wearing very tight armor.

A funny note about this game – as we finished the prototype and began pre-production, lots of publishers told us that our game would never perform because players only wanted to play the good guys. “No one will want to be an orc or a goblin!” they said, and of course, we knew things were not black and white in this game.

We spent lots of time creating a mature universe, rethinking standards of the fantasy genre. Even very early on, we strongly believed this game had potential, and that players wanted something a bit more original than playing yet another human paladin, in shiny armor, killing stupid goblins, while saving swords and looting the princess (or is it the other way around?). Now when I see the feedback we’ve gotten for Of Orcs and Men around the world, I’m glad we listened to our gut and made this game for you, the players.

Well, I hope you’ll have as much fun with the game as we did while developing it. You’ll be able to download the game straight to your PS3 when PSN updates on Tuesday. Oh and one last thing, good luck with the Trophies… some of our internal testers are still having a hard time beating the extreme difficulty!

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  • Looks good. I wonder why Ive never heard of the game before……

  • Since e3 I hope this game. Great news.

  • Please, PLEASE, In game gameplay. This Vid is cool and all, but I would like to see the game running in real time.

  • Pricing? Multiplayer details?? Vita??? This looks promising…

    • $40, no multiplayer, it’s a pure solo RPG. And no Vita for the moment (even though, as a Vita owner, I definitly hope we’ll do one :))

  • Will this be available on Blu-Ray at retail?

  • What’s the game rated? ‘Mature’ I presume?

  • So there’s no version for the Vita?!

  • looks interesting? But how much will it be and will there be a PS Plus discount?

  • @onslaughtree The game is running in real time in the trailer. However, if you want to see actual interaction with the game, the game was already released yesterday in Europe, and you can probably find what you’re looking for on YouTube.

  • @9 is there a demo for the game on the europeon psn store?

    • Sorry but no demo for this game, it’s always a problem to make a demo for a RPG and we prefered to stay focus and polishing the game as much as possible

  • This game looks really interesting, how much will this title cost on the psn?

  • Le jeu m’a l’air tres interessant, your funny note is more like a sad one lol, publishers fear to take risks and I dont even know where they get those “stats” from…

  • This game not only looks great, but sounds like it has an awesome story with what seems like a potential for really deep character development. The theme of genocide adds a unique component of urgency and desperation, which sounds like fun gameplay. I’m also anxious to hear about the price, and length of the campaign!

  • Is there a new game + ? I don’t do difficulty trophies unless you keep all your upgrades and such on successive playthroughs.

    What is the price too? This strikes me as something in the Two Worlds II range.

  • ¿Are you guys uploading a demo? I’m very interested in this ^w^

  • This looks amazing lol I really hope it’s is a good game.. I’m glad I saved up my money instead of spending it on random stuff yesterday. lol I’ll be buying this day 1 if it really is good.

  • Looks good.

  • @14 hope this game isn’t as boring as Two Worlds 2.

  • The Orcs sound a lot like the Orcs inTwo Worlds 2
    Hopefully, this game isnt as bad as TW2.

  • Thank goodness for youtube, I was able to find actual gameplay. And wow, this looks like a passable version of Hunted. I’ll still wait to see how much this costs, but I’m kind of interested in it now.

  • I do not know which publishers told you that but they are very wrong, look at the Overlord games, Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna, the Warcraft games (including World of Warcraft), the Fable series, Fallout series and Mass Effect series as well as many others I am probably forgetting. While in several of those you are not playing as the stereotypical villain, you still have the choice to be a villain if you so choose.

    I am looking forward to Of Orcs And Men and I think this will be a great game and a must buy.

    Any plans for any kind of DLC for it? I have not seen much about the game so I apologize if this has been answered already.

  • $40, no multiplayer, and no demo?!

    I’ll have to wait to see some reviews first then.

  • The game looks interesting. Hopefully the story and gameplay lives up to the trailer. I hope this game does well, so we can see a retail/digital version for the Vita.

    I’ll check it out come Tuesday.

  • For a game we know very little about, a trailer with no in game footage and no demo for $40. I’ll wait to check multiple reviews. I mean I’m interested as I’m posting about it and reading the article, just not enough info to make a purchase.

    Demo’s are great although I have to say I was all set and ready to buy RCR at $14.99 then tried the demo first as I had nothing to lose…and thanked the stars they released a demo.. $15 saved!

    So we all know sometimes the demo’s can hurt sales :) Quality control and all that.

  • this looks good but would need to try it at a friends house or play a demo before i bought it

  • Seriously, there needs to be a demo.

  • I’m curious about this title & it’s price point,this is a title i’ll have to wait & read some reviews since there’s no demo for it.

  • Thank you Cyanide for mixing up things. I hope the game does well. I definitely wanna give this one a go.

  • I agree …. no demo = no sale

  • Not sure if this says anything about my soul, but I have always enjoyed the darker stories and the few times I get to play as the ” evil ” team.

    What is evil or wrong? Depends on who you ask.

    I’m buying this as soon as it drops, graphics look sick & story will be sick I know it.

    Thanks for following your Gut, will there be some type of gut attack using Arkail? That would be classic hah.

    Thank you.

  • I don’t often login and comment on here, but I just wanted to say… HOT DAMN!

    I’m excited to play this game. I’m a huge tabletop nerd, and very rarely do you get to see such unique and different takes on fantasy in the console gaming world. In most games, you always play as the dashing, earnest, and young white male, on a quest to cater to the largest demographic.

    Needless to say, I’m excited for this. You mentioned it is solo play, so without multiplayer, how long can we expect the single-player to last? If it isn’t incredibly long, are there at least choices in game that may change the story and offer reasons to play through multiple times?

    On the plus side… I spent $50.00 renewing my ps+ account, $10.00 on the latest two episodes of The Walking Dead, and the $40.00 price tag on this baby will put me at the $100.00 limit to get a $20.00 credit on my account. Perfect!

  • If enough fans want some kind of multiplayer mode (maybe a co-op mode like horde mode) would you atleast take it into consideration?

  • Well not haveing multiplayer is going to be disappointing but the idea is nice being able to play the orc race. Hell the only other time I remember having that option was in skyrim or oblivion. So ill be checking this game out. I wounder if they have any gameplay on youtube. God Bless my fellow gamers ill see you online.

  • I’m always all for companies pumping out RPGs, but y’all always really suck at trying to sell us on them. It’s always videos of cut-scenes and too close to release. No demo would be fine if we actually got to see real gameplay in these teasers. People aren’t willing to take a risk and blindly throw money out on titles that they don’t even know a think about how they play.

  • 40 bucks for a PSN only release? With no MP?

    Not even going to mention you can’t even show up the actual game. How broken or bad is this game? It comes out next week and you can’t even show us actual gameplay.

    If you can’t take the time to show me gameplay no way am I wasting my time even considering this.

  • whats the size of the game and how many hours?

  • This game looks very original and interesting hmm…

    And to the comment above. Why would you want multiplayer in an action RPG?
    The price it’s OK and I would rather get a solid story single player than a forgettable death match
    that will be abandoned in a couple of months.

  • “”””lots of publishers told us that our game would never perform because players only wanted to play the good guys. “No one will want to be an orc or a goblin!””””

    Stupid publishers, good thing you ignored them. Should get this just to support you guys.
    Acting like they know what people want. At least you guys didn’t try making it like that shooter game everyone is trying to copy. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jut continues to do your own thing. SERIOUSLY

  • Would love to grab this game but unfortunately my card no longer works on the store. No idea why. There’s zero reason behind it.

  • Looks pretty great. I’ll be picking it up :)

  • Since I’m having second thoughts about Little King’s Story, the $40 price point on this has put it into the “will purchase” category for me. Between this and Ragnarok Odyssey, I’ll be able to top $100 for the month, so I can get that sweet little bonus from Sony in November.

    And really, thank you Cyanide, for making a game, in this day and age, without multiplayer. So sick of it getting crammed into everything. Especially RPGs/ARPGs (here’s looking at you ME3, and possibly DA3)., where it’s not needed, nor should it be desired. Looking forward to Tuesday so I can give this a spin. :)

  • No demo, no gameplay footage, no buy.

  • Don’t care for the battle system. I prefer real real time battle system. No sale. Shame.

  • Im a die hard RPGer, when I get my hands on a good one I emerse my self in it. I played Final Fantasy 11 online for 6 years. Ive beat all Final Fantasy games, except the “13” series lol. All games I dont get rid of are my RPGs. This game looks promising. My opinion is going to be, all RPGs should of an online mode for atleast a co-op. Id rather have my friend playing another character then a NPC. When it boils down to it all RPGs have to live up to the standard of the diversity of a Final Fantasy online or a WoW game. Online mode makes every game better. I will pick this game up after reading some reviews and checking out some actual game play. As for playing the role of the bad guys, it definately sounds different and fun.

  • It looks really awesome. I have read that it will not support any multiplayer, which will make me less likely to buy this game. I’m sorry I just think more Rpg’s could use at least local co-op and it doesn’t seem like it would be a hard addition.

  • Game looks very playable but with no multiplayer, game sales will FAIL.

  • Game looks amazing, but how long is the campaign? I’d hate to shell out 40 bucks for an 8 hour game. an will there be other playable characters or just the orc an goblin?

  • Is this going to be a Free Plus game?

  • You need wait atleast 1 year later and it will free game for psn plus, lol

  • I’m really impressed by the trailer, but I usually don’t like to spend $40 on a product I haven’t heard much about or a developer I’m not too sure about. I’ll take a leap of faith for you guys because this looks like it could be pretty fantastic.

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