PlayStation Mobile: Rebel Shoots ‘em Up Sans Guns

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PlayStation Mobile: Rebel Shoots ‘em Up Sans Guns


Having made five shooters already, we at PomPom Games were rather conflicted. We had just agreed to spin a cheerful little number for PlayStation Mobile. We know how to make a decent shooter. I’m sure Sony were expecting us to do a shooter. And to be honest, I wanted to make a shooter. But my partner (Miles Visman) was like totally meh about it.

So, after 45 seconds of intense prototyping, Rebel was born – a game where you blow up loads of stuff without firing a single bullet. In a world where your enemies are just the right combination of stupid and armed… one can only enjoy oneself, right?

Here’s the basic idea. You are a nameless rebel prisoner. Using intricate gameplay mechanics (press “play”) you escape from your concrete prison. You find yourself unarmed and stranded on an island with nowhere to go, while enemies drop in from all directions. Luckily for you then, the enemy have a shoot-on-sight policy… with little regard for friendly fire. Use this to your advantage as you dodge and weave around the level drawing fire and using it to gleefully have them kill their own kind.


I know — we could end it right there and that would be awesome. But there’s more! Stupid enemies are also stupidly rich. With all the driving and shooting and bombing, they tend to be a bit clumsy with their belongings. Look out for gems, which can be collected and added to your stash. Use the stash between games to buy special power ups you can take with you next time you escape from their pathetic jail (which you’d think they would fix after you’ve escaped 17 times, no?).

There are other islands to unlock, and different game modes too. But they all cost gems. So if you don’t have enough, escape again and go get some.

So, that’s Rebel. We can’t promise you the most elaborate adventure… but you’ll certainly have a laugh along the way! It’s available now from PlayStation Mobile, priced at $1.99. I’ll answer questions below, should you have any!

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  • Looks cool! Does it support both button controls and touch controls to move your character around?

  • Cool Stuff!! Umm… On what devices can we currently access PlayStation Mobile? Is the PSVita already PlayStation Mobile capable and updated with this game? What specific Android devices (Smartphones and Tablets) are currently PlayStation Mobile enabled?

  • Love this game. Really something new. Thanks!

    The only thing I didn’t like is that you could go through cosmetic objects on the map like trees and rocks and they can shoot through these things. Seems it would be more strategy involved if those objects actually mattered.

    Hope people give PS Mobile more of a chance than Minis because there were some great Minis.

    Some will eventually ask about Trophies because some people are Trophy Dependent. Will you patch for Trophies when/if available?

  • looks decent for $2.

  • GREAT!

  • Looks cool!

    @2 Busca-Cabezas

    Yes, PS Mobile is already on Vita. You can get to it through the PSN store on the Vita. Go to www dot playstation dot com slash psm and you can find the full list there of supported devices.

    I would just post a link to it but every time I post a link here on the blog, it gets moderated and my post deleted.

  • bought this game along with super crate box and aqua kitty. pretty addicting gameplay. worth checking out!

  • Can anybody help me…. does anybody know if PlayStation mobile working on their HTC phones???

    • It’s not working just yet, but HTC One S, One V and One X will be PSM compatible devices in the future.

  • @8 King_Sora55

    Not all HTC phones are PSM certified. Only the One V, X, and S. The PS Mobile store isn’t available on them yet though. Sorry.

    Check out playstation dot com slash PSM

  • A game I decided to take a chance on, and ended up enjoying much! Thanks guys!

    A few questions:

    – Any plans for updates?
    – If so, would love to see something like a big guy who could bounce a bullet off his chest, back at the enemey
    – Real cosmetic upgrades for character would be nice, beyong just his outfit. Like armored troop, Rambo, etc.
    – Asked above, but to re-iterate: Will you add trophies if / when they are available?
    – Hows the game selling? Hope it’s doing very well!
    – Any plans for a next PSM game yet?

    Thanks again for providing a solid, inexpensive, quality game for the service! (Wouldn’t mind seeing something new from you guys on X_LA again, either!)

  • @G-force08 thanks and yea I got a HTC one s and waiting to get PSM but I have not heard if it hit the htc phones yet

  • You sold me on the concept alone. Thanks, Michael.

    I love where this Playstation Mobile stuff is going.

  • Rebel is easily among my favorite PSM launch titles, and it’s especially great on the Vita with the analog stick.
    It’s kind of the anti-Super Crate Box for me, as I zone out and get into the groove of avoiding all the nasty crates dropping down.

  • Id love to get Super Crate Box but PSM is unavailable in Mexico. I mean, we’re in the same region. I hate region lock ups.

  • This is one I still need to pick up.

    Sidenote Sony: Please get Silver Tree Media on here. Cordy with physical controls would be awesome. And get some of the iOS RPG devs up in here. Would be a good way to fill the current void of RPGs on Vita.

  • when games are for mobile that means i can play it on my ps vita right

  • Bought it a few days ago; what a cool little game. Decent graphics, and the art style has a great feel to it that doesn’t betray the low budget too much.

    I’ve loved everything Pom Pom has put on PSN and would like to see some of their other games (I’ve seen a few on in-flight gaming systems) make it here as well. It would be nice if I could play Mobile games like this on PS3 since touch isn’t integral to the gameplay.

    From other developers I’d like to see Cogs, Zen Bound, Helsing’s Fire, Another World, Stoneship, The Last Rocket, BIT.TRIP, Ancient Frog, sky is falling, Sword & Sworcery, Hexagon, and Must Eat Birds.

    While the lack of any trophies is a major issue for me and others, the price points and audio-visual quality help make it worthwhile. I’d still really like to see even a couple bronze trophies per game, or leader boards, or something. The social features of the Vita and Near are *not* a replacement, despite the repeated corporate messaging otherwise.

    Still, great start to PSM and. I highly recommend this game (and PomPom’s other minis and PS3 releases) :)

  • So these Playstation Mobile games are like Ps Minis then? And they will or won’t have trophy support?

  • Buying it now… so simple, yet so brilliant. Can’t wait to play it!

    @18 Yeah, it’s basically Minis but re-branded as Playstation Mobile. The only difference is that these games are also offered through PSM on certified Android devices in addition to Playstation platforms.

  • @18 I saw an article today that said psm will get trophy, leaderboard, and other psn features later. They don’t know when but it will get it. Might also be compatible with ps3 in the future. Just google news ps mobile

  • If it sees a release on the Nook Tablet, then I can get it. Otherwise, I’m out of luck. Too bad… Most stuff doesn’t make it to the Nook.

  • Anyone with a rooted android device can get Playstation Mobile. I got it to work on my LG Thrill 4G.

  • Does it have trophies?

  • It might sound like a lot of trouble to do and as far as I understand, it is– But trophy implementation, I think it’d be a great push for some smaller games. On top of that, Sony Playstation seems to be the only branch pushing video games as art. Think about it, as random and tedious the subject may sound at first- what if you could also include a video game fan art collection- I don’t have too much time to exact my thoughts and obviously there are filters to be had and whatnot. But think about it. Developers could pull from the more interested people of the gaming community this way too. We being able to submit TO SONY PLAYSTATION our art or ideas– Someone could create a very neat Ratchet and Clank-like layout of a map or level. COUNTLESS IDEAS. Someone see this. Think of a community like Newgrounds, those minds all collaborating and concocting new things all the time. (Castle Crashers, the one thing that hit PSN) JUST BRAINSTORM! I have to go play Borderlands 2:D (That I have become morbidly obsessed with, before that was Uncharted :3)

  • @17
    Futurlab’s Fuel Tiracas has leaderboards as a PSM game.

  • I wish that the power-ups were mapped to buttons on PS Vita…

    Otherwise, I like this game.

  • Based on the description of this game, I literally just bought it. :)

  • I liked what I read and previous Pom Pom Game offerings ,such as Mutant Storm and Astro Tripper, so I purchased this title right away. I’ve only played a few matches and I’m pleased with the purchase.

    I have a question for the developer and anyone else playing the title. Do you experience your character getting hung-up on the spot where a gem is disappearing? i do and it’s annoying. If this is correct, then I hope it can be corrected. If I just miss collecting a gem, I don’t see why my character should get stuck on it’s shadow/glow. It always means death for me.

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