Quick Hit: Hands-on with Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita

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Quick Hit: Hands-on with Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita

Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita

I recently spent some hands-on time with a near-complete version of Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita, ahead of its October 23rd PSN and retail launch. And I’ve gotta say, it’s the spitting image of its PS3 bigger brother with big, bold characters and detailed backgrounds running at PS Vita’s native screen resolution. But peer underneath those pretty graphics and you’ll find a wealth of new extras that make this the definitive version of Capcom’s crossover fighter.

The game comes equipped with every DLC fighter from the PS3 version — including PlayStation exclusives Cole McGrath, Kuro, Toro, Mega Man and Pac-Man, of course — as well as alternate costumes for every character in the base roster. Another nice touch is the ability to customize your character’s costume color, then share it with friends via PS Vita’s integrated geo-social app “near.” It’s also worth noting that any DLC costumes or Gems you purchased for the PS3 version will port over to the PS Vita version at no extra cost.

PS Vita’s front touchscreen is leveraged in several ways, most notably to create virtual buttons on the screen that you can reposition, resize, and assign to multi-button inputs — useful if you have a tough time pressing several buttons at once for some of the more elaborate moves.

Street Fighter X Tekken for PS VitaStreet Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita

A new “KO Monument” feature collects mementos of combatants you’ve defeated, while a new “Burst Kumite” single-player mode puts you against an endless battle of CPU opponents, including ghosts taken from multiplayer matches — handy if you’re not near a WiFi or 3G connection. The Gallery mode offers up the expected cinematics and soundtrack listening options, but also introduces an augmented reality feature that enables you to drop SF X Tekken characters into photos you take using your PS Vita.

Of course, you’ll be able to beat down PS3 and PS Vita combatants alike over WiFi thanks to the game’s full support for Cross Play. And if you happen to own SF x Tekken for your PS3, you can also tap into Cross Controller support and control the PS3 version using your PS Vita — handy, if you’re tapping into those multi-button touchscreen shortcuts, or if you just want to look extra cool.

There are a range of small tweaks to the various arena designs — some daytime stages are now set at night, and vice-versa. And if you squint hard enough, you’ll spot some new visual Easter Eggs, such as a cameo from Tekken’s affable velociraptor Alex in the Jurassic Era Research Facility.

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  • So this is the first game to release with cross controller right?

    Not sure if I want this or not. Definitely can’t pick it up at launch. Too many games I desperately want.

  • Would there be any offer for people that buy it from the PSN store? If I heard correctly before regarding about people that pre-order the game would get the extra costumes for the DLC characters for free… :0

  • I hope there is a demo for this game.

    Feedback. From what I have seen, since I own a PSVita since Launch date that there are barely any demos for games like, Madden and others. IF anything give us those demos to play so we can see how good the game is.

    TBH the potential of the Vita is amazing and people need more play more on that console. If you guys don’t give the demos then who would buy them? For me I am waiting for Assassins Creed III Liberation as my first Vita title. So far my Vita is just there for Videos and stuff….

  • Oh and I hope the PS Vita Reader app releases in a timely manner in North America.

  • Sweet, last time I checked PS3 version doesn’t even have cinematic gallery, one of my main pet peeves from Capcom fighters.

    But the most important question is: 60 FPS?

  • @4 Yes we here in the NA could sorely use a comic book app. The Vita was made for it.

  • Didn’t like this game. =/

  • Ohh…….Capcom with the history i have with you i think I’ll pass this title.

  • Will the PSN version of this game come with all the pre-order stuff? This will determine if I purchase this.

  • On-disc DLC aside, if Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is anything to go by, this will be one fantastic and beautiful port.

    Also, to #1, UMvC3 was the first game to use cross-controller, but this was before the feature was patched into remote play. It’s called the “Ultimate Controller”

  • Dear Sony,

    I love you but you are killing me. Street Fighter retail games are release on PSN lags behind XLA. Microsoft released Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on XLA. However, Sony did not release any of those games on PSN. Sony released Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on PSN almost 6 months after Microsoft released it on XLA.

    I spoke to Capcom (see below for threads), who said that for the X360 all they need to do is sign off on it but for the PS3 it requires additional work. Please change that. I want games as downloadable. I dislike disc.

    So, here are my request…please release Street Fighter x Tekken on PSN for PS3 ASAP. Also, please release all the SF and SF related games that came out for the PS1 and PS2 on PSN.

    I love you but you are forcing me to go to the X360.

  • Ok A most buy! But where is that on the go!?? 3G Vita! Come on! If it’s not possible, well SONY start making that Cloud Work very soon or the 3G will mean …
    BUT good game! It will be my first capcom game!
    Only few days!

  • Will there be cross save and cross trophy support for this game? As in if I get a trophy or make progress on one save file I can transfer the save over to the other system and get the trophy and continue my progress?

  • @11 whiner

    please go to you xbox 360 and enjoy their millions of their terrible kinect games, while i will satisfy myself with ps3 games

    and for the game, im going to pass on it, i gotta be honest when i bought the ps3 version, i only bought the special edition cause of the arcade piggybank and not because of the game

  • Can u ANSWER PLEASE? I never owned the PS3 version and there are tons of DLC, will u be bundling some of the DLC for a cheaper price rather than spending more separately for newcomers?

  • That’s great finally PSVita it is getting in his way!!!! As you are influente in this blog, can you check for us if we will have the release for the game WRC 3 (FIA World Rally Championship 3) in US too on October 26th??? They will release in Europe but I couldn’t find any info for US release date!!! It is a pay in the as on Vita to keep swicthing accounts!!!! Help us out???

  • @16 it is a crime if that game (WRC) doesn’t see an American release.

  • Love this game and will get it for sure.

  • @10: Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware that UMvC3 had it. Thanks~

  • Cmon PSVita TEAM!!! Give us everything YOU”VE GOT!!!! HADOUKEEEEEN!!!! :D

  • This game needs auto-move list like Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max had. On the go with those supers maped to a selected button would be great for solo play.

  • Will we be able to do 1 touch perfect combos with the touchscreen like they had for mvc3? I sure as hell hope not

  • @1 yep! UMVC 3 on Vita featured it, i don’t own the ps3 version so i couldn’t try it.

  • I’d much rather have a port of SSFIV: AE

  • I’m a little confused. Does this mean this is the first game that will have cross play? As in Vita vs PS3? If so the : ) but if not then : ( because that would really help start moving consoles since there would be a bigger online base.
    Vita users get ports, but they are good ports because they come with all the content and they are priced cheaper than the PS3 versions. Of course, you have to play it on the small Vita screen, but hopefully one day that unused port on top of the Vita or the charging port can be used to output video. I won’t be getting this game, because Capcoms fighting lack a story mode, but cross play looks like a cool feature if its true.

  • @25; Other games have cross play. Like Wipeout.

  • All preorder stuff for free at ps store, thank you.

  • A bit out of topic here but I do wish and hope to see the next Dissidia entry for PS vita! :D

  • @28: Yes even an HD port of Dissidia Duodecim would be amazing.

  • can someone PLEASE tell me how to get the six other people to unlock on ps3 when u buy the vita version????

  • Erik9990 => Play some Arcade to unlock these Characters. and by the way need friends for Cross-Play and Vita too.

    So who is ready to do some Hadokens and some Tag combos ^^

    Add me : StealthTHiEF01 (will accept all)

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