PlayStation Blogcast 046: Retro City Pimpage

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PlayStation Blogcast 046: Retro City Pimpage

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I’m pretty darned pleased with today’s show, and at least 87% of the credit should probably go to Very Special Guests Mr. Gary Whitta and The Walking Dead Episode 4 Director Nick Herman. For the uninitiated, Gary Whitta is the former Editor-in-Chief of PC Gamer and writer of post-apocalyptic drama The Book of Eli and the upcoming After Earth. The burgeoning screenwriter and devoted gamer discusses his role as story consultant for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series, his approach to writing Episode 4: Around Every Corner, and the evolution of zombie culture. Ever-affable two-time Blogcast veteran Telltaler Nick Herman discussed the creative pressures of episodic gaming and how Episode 4 only raises the stakes. It’s a fun, engrossing chat and we’re all richer for it. Well, I am.

Of course, this week’s show brings everything you know and (hopefully) love about PlayStation Blogcast: The new PSN releases (and there are a lot in store for next week), the illuminating Player Queries and Listener Tips, the camaraderie, the inappropriate remarks, the cheesy jokes. It’s all here, so listen up and let us know what you think.

Stuff We Talked About

  • The Walking Dead Episode 4 – Around Every Corner
  • Gary Whitta
  • Retro City Rampage
  • Grave Encounters
  • V/H/S
  • Patrick Klepek
  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Dishonored
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Treasure Park
  • New Little King’s Story
  • Sid Shuman in Retro City RampageJeff Rubenstein in Retro City RampageNick Suttner in Retro City RampageRey Gutierrez in Retro City Rampage

    Gary WhittaNick Herman

    The Cast

    • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Social Media Manager
    • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
    • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
    • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation “Creator of Awesome”
    • Gary Whitta – Writer, The Walking Dead Episode 4 – Around Every Corner
    • Nick Herman – Director, The Walking Dead Episode 4 – Around Every Corner

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    4 Author Replies

    • Hey Guys, love the podcast, would love to hear more about the newly redesigned Playstation Store, please discuss this next week?

    • It seems like the amount of time that it takes you guys to get to the new releases increases each week. It’s not by much, but it adds up over time so that what used to take five minutes takes fifteen minutes now. The shows themselves are much, much longer now than they used to be, as well. Not a big deal, but it’s something I’ve noticed lately.

    • Fantastic show as always!

    • Oh boy, oh boy! It’s that time of the week! =D

      P.S. I like the new cast photos!

    • Can we please get more professional sports theme avatars? i.e NBA NFL and NHL. How hard is it to get something so small as an avatar??

    • Hey Jeff thank you once again for the heads up my hard drive is on the way :-)

    • That’s great finally PSVita it is getting in his way!!!! As you are influente in this blog, can you check for us if we will have the release for the game WRC 3 (FIA World Rally Championship 3) in US too on October 26th??? They will release in Europe but I couldn’t find any info for US release date!!! It is a pay in the as on Vita to keep swicthing accounts!!!! Help us out???

    • Hey guys where is jet set radio for vita? We were told the release date was oct 16th! Also where is dokuro for vita???? Thought that was out the 16th too. Please answer my question…

    • There’s no reason not to kill in MGS4? What are you talking about Sid?

      • Well, not the same way as in Dishonored/Deus Ex/etc. It’s not a major element of the game. MGS3 on the other hand…

    • I think the missed the PS Vita section entirely, cause nothing was said for vita releases and I’m well aware of some.
      Final Fantasy V
      Crash Bandicoot 1-3 & CTR
      how are these still incompatible?
      some of the most Important PSOne titles.
      also, for PSP on Vita can you guys make MGSPW available to direct DL as well as SEGA Genesis collection.
      ALSO we need a seperate option to disable ad-hoc, I hate that I can’t play SEGA Genesis collection, and be online because adhoc automatically stays on, unless you completely turn off Wifi also.

    • Great show guys, love the avatars, you should use them for your blog posts, i especially like the detail on Rey’s avatar for showing his tattoo. “Musical chef” hilarious Rey XD

      A LOT of great games are coming out really one to another which makes it hard to decide what to get, I wasn’t going to get RCR because i thought it looked like an atari game but after trying the demo i saw why everyone was excited for it.

      Also tried the XCOM demo and was happy to see something different, i just wish it was released on PSN. XCOM Enemy Unknown is different from the XCOM that was shown on E3 2011 (trailer still on the Store) did the game evolve into Unknown or was it scrapped? It looked great and i would love to play it maybe the devs will still make it.

      • There hasn’t been much news on the other XCOM game (the shooter) in a while, but AFAIK it’s still gonna happen. I think they’ve been focusing on Enemy Unknown for right now


      Still don’t know why you guys were derpy about needing them packaged together. That’s what caused this huge delay in the first place. SCEE didn’t give a hoot, and Europe runs pretty much everything better than you guys do. -.-;

      smh… oh well, at least I can finally friggin’ buy the damn games on my PS3. Can’t beat the last level of Pixel! with the 360’s awful d-pad and crappy buttons to save my life.

    • U R Not E

    • I’m real curious about the “Monster Pack” for Zen Pinball 2 (i.e. will it be brand new tables or older tables being sold as a value pack).

      Speaking of pinball, no mention of the new tables coming to The Pinball Arcade next week?

    • Yes sid i believe you missed jet set radio for vita and dokuro. I thought they were due out the 16th on psn. Jet set radio was confirmed by sega. I’m confused! And plz look into dokuro too. I was all set for those vita games.

    • @Sid I haven’t played Dishonored yet, but from your guys comments MGS4’s stealth does sound similar to Dishonored and Deus Ex. You could choose to go guns blazing but it won’t be nearly as rewarding and you will miss out on trophies and easter eggs + you will run out of ammo eventually (depends on difficulty). I imagine that Dishonored does have a RPG system that backs the stealth element, but I would not say that stealth is not a major gameplay element of any MGS game.

    • All in all a great episode though and I would love to see a Walking Dead spoilercast once the season ends :)

    • LISTEN UP!!!! make a tutorial about how to set up pulse headset besides what ive learned which is leave the preset on MUSIC. This is a awesome idea give me some tips on how to fine tune my audio settings with the pulse wireless headset ….PLEASE ….. if you google wireless headset elite pulse youll see a bunch of unboxings ive done that now help me fine tune it…..P.S…..THEY R THE SHZZZ…BRDLNDS 2 GOTY

    • @15: yeah, just checked and GungHo definitely said Dokuro is coming out next week. (they even made an image for it!)

    • Totally agree with Rey! I saw Fire in the Sky as a kid and that movie scared the hell out of me like no other haha

    • Math is never boring! Don’t make me find you and slap you upside the head.

      are you guys going to start saying what is comming up for plus in the store up dates on the blogcast again?

      oh that reminds me that i would like gravity rush in the IGC for vita so that people will have less reasion to have not played that great game

    • Talk about Black ops 2 in the next Blogcast. The game comes out in about a month. If that’s not a hot topic then i don’t know what is.

    • That Nick Herman guy looks strange in that photo. lol.
      But did a great job with Walking Dead 4.

    • So Grave Encounters is awesome, its a parody of Ghost Adventures at first and then it gets serious. Good movie. Also you know Fire in the Sky is based on a true story right? I am enjoying the interviews you guys have, always fun to get the inside story

    • “Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator”

      I thought Nick got a promotion and is now a “Manager” at PlayStation???

    • Wasn’t Jet Set Radio for Vita set for the 16th? Is that the game that might not make it that you mentioned?

    • How do we play as you guys in Retro City Rampage?

    • I wish there was a eu blog cast I always find this one to long and boring far to long is spent talking about some boring films I will never watch.

    • Hi guys,
      long time listener here, really enjoying the show. But there are two things i really would like to know. Do you guys have any info or any way to find out if there is gonna be a PS store for slovakia? there are rumors bout it but so far nothing official.
      If not is it possible to migrate your playstation account to a different country. see i recently moved to Sweden and here they do have a store of which i would like to take full advantage off. Like finally get the chance to play Journey and Unfished Swan.
      thanx for any info anyone can give me and keep up the great job. Your show makes my journey to work an enjoyable one.

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