Derrick the Deathfin Splashes onto PSN Today

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Derrick the Deathfin Splashes onto PSN Today

At the best of times, being a teenage shark constructed entirely of paper isn’t easy. For Derrick, having just witnessed the brutal soupification of his parents, this was the worst of times.

Derrick the Deathfin is available on PSN right now for $7.99, and PlayStation Plus subscribers get a 30% discount for a limited time!

Derrick the Deathfin on PSNDerrick the Deathfin on PSN

Derrick the Deathfin on PSN

Derrick the Deathfin on PSNDerrick the Deathfin on PSN

Join Derrick on his demented rampage through an insane paper world! Consume, collect, fight, jump and race your paper face through 32 levels of challenging cutout craziness! Meet, greet and eat all manner of goofy paper characters! Decimate man-made mega structures in an orgy of corrugated destruction! Duel to the death with big brittle baddies! Propel yourself into the air like a penguin strapped to a rocket!

After you’ve finished reading this blog post, go download your copy of Derrick the Deathfin with the PlayStation Store update this afternoon — then come back and construct your very own Sharkus Derrickus using the do-it-yourself papercraft template below!

Derrick the Deathfin PapercraftDerrick the Deathfin PapercraftDerrick the Deathfin Papercraft

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  • Just a few more hours ><

  • The video doesn’t seem to be working.

  • I like how it says its available right now and I turn on my ps3 and its not there. Sigh

  • Why isn’t this game on the Vita? It seems like there are so many PS3-PSN games that should be on or converted to the Vita.

    • We are a 2 man team.

      Even accounting for the fact I am mildly overweight that’s still not enough manpower to release on 2 platforms at the same time.

      Vita love noted though thanks!

  • @4, devs from the future! I too was overly excited. :)

  • I will probably buy for the PS3, but would prefer to play it on the Vita. IMO – If it was on the Vita, the purchase of this game (assuming it is as good as it looks) would be a no-brainer.

  • It should be on Vita. I agree there are so many PSN games that they should make compatable with the Vita. There are alot that I wouldnt play on my PS3 but would Prob love to play at the doctors waiting room or the Park.

  • Hi Gordon how are you today the day you going to start release your baby to the world I encourage everybody to buy the game. as the art style looks incredible the game has a lot of levels and most of all who doesn’t like sharks ;-)

  • The aesthetics of this game could do with a heavier paper texture. It really looks like bare polygons. Something like the texture overlay in the weapon videos in Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time would be absolutely perfect!

    That said, I’ll still be picking this up. Looks fun.

    • Hmm, pick up the game and see what you think Spoon Dinosaur, it’s pretty damned papery!

      Thanks for getting the game!

  • I have interest in this game because it looks unique and different (based on how they made this game) looks like something similiar to sonic the hedgehog games as best I can compare. Definitely going to try this game out!!!

    • Thanks for the interest! Yep it plays a bit like ecco crossed with sonic crossed with joe danger crossed with some dopeyness.

  • Support this game!!!

  • I will buy this! I also whould love to see this on Vita if possible.

  • Please make a Dynamic theme !!

    • This is something we would love to do when we get the time. In the meantime there should be some Avatars hitting very soon if that’s the kind of thing that rocks your boat too.

    • There are unfortunately no ants in the game. Not nutritious enough for Derrick to bother with.

      Thanks missing link really appreciated!

  • I’ll definitely pick this up as soon as PSN FINALLY updates…they need to do it earlier on tuesdays…cant beat the price, especailly if you have Playstaion Plus!

  • Please add me to the vita list as well. Looks great from what I have seen. Cant wait to pick this up along with other PSN goodies (Retro City Rampage, Walking Dead Episode 4, and Sunflowers). Keep up the great work Gordon and your fellow dev!!!

  • on a side note, I think its great the you (Gordon Midwood) reply to so many posts. It may sound stupid, but when i see you reply to so many of us, it makes me want the game even more because you can tell how much you love this Title…good luck today…!

    P.s. I just watched “Indie Game: The Movie” and saw how stressful it actually is to be such a small (2 man) team, and to even make a game and sell enough copies, nevermind a GOOD one! but the game looks great and hope you guys make a great deal of sales! GOOD luck!

  • Sony you guys definitely gotta get better with the PSN Store updates im practically waiting the next day to get yesterdays content it seems

    • Logically you would have to wait until the next day in order to get today’s content yesterday so I don’t really think you can blame Sony for that.

  • agreed Rashad, the update NEVER happens before 3pm

    • Have you ever thought about waking up an hour or two later on Tuesdays? That might make the wait seem more tolerable.

  • Any room left for one more on the fictional Vita list? Count me in! :D

    PS – At this amazing price, it wouldn’t even have to be cross-buy! (Though it wouldn’t hurt, of course…)

  • If there was a laser beam strapped to the shark’s head it would be an insta-buy. Without it I may need to think about it.

    Now if it was on my Vita…

  • Hey Gordon, can you please have someone head over to the Dishonored blog post from yesterday and give an explanation as to why none of us who “pre-ordered” the game and paid full price are not playing it right now.

    Today is the 9th, Day 1 digital said it would be available on the 9th…

    I guess everyone wants to know, why did we pre-order a product that we have to wait to play, when the rest of the country is already playing it (and have been since midnight)? It’s a pretty valid question and deserves some kind of response. Ignoring the posts will only make this problem much worse…

    I’ll be very surprised if this doesn’t kill the “day 1 digital” program, which is sad because I think it was a really good idea, just not thought out obviously.

    Anyways, the fans are getting restless over there and at least need to know that their concerns are being heard and not ignored. If you guys care at all about the integrity of your product, please send someone over to the Dishonored post for a proper explanation.


    • Um.

      Well madmonk4, I’m not really sure that Dishonored needs my help in marketing and promoting their title. They seem to have that pretty much in hand.

      Besides which sharks are not very good at stealth.

  • add me to that vita list.if i would buy this,i would play it a bit but if it was on the vita i would play it looks fun though but i dont spend much time on ps3 playing this kind of new games.

  • I’ve been following this game ever since I saw the very first footage of it. Thanks for putting so much work into it. I am undoubtedly getting this game.

  • T his concept of the game takes off & is received very well.You guys can do a sequel & this time with the Ps Vita in mind.

    • If I had a Vita for every time somebody asked me to put the game on Vita, I would have a lot of Vitas.

  • Vita love with cross save feature if possible. I will definely get this on the ps3 tho to show some support.

  • Its up for download now, along with dishonored, walking dead, and king of fighters…you just gotta search for it, its not in the ads yet

  • @Gordon, after reading your funny replies I will buy this game tonight. Gamers generally have little insight into how difficult it is to be a developer. All we know is we want it all now!

    Best of luck to your 2 1/2 person dev team!

  • Thank you guys for the PS Plus discount. Whoever doesnt buy this game is crazy im loving it. :D:D

    Thank you for a great game.

    • Cool Alpha_Cookie, really glad to hear you are enjoying it!

      The path to victory is long and winding from where you are though!

  • Definitely picking this up! Sony is making it WAY too easy to spend that $100 this month. I wonder if I can buy this game 20 times? haha

  • Gordon, you’re funny. I like your answers. :)
    It’s that sort of developer dedication that makes me WANT to buy the game.

    When I log onto the PSN Store in a few minutes I’m going to take all of this into consideration while checking the
    funds in my virtual wallet.

  • Bought it, nice price with the PS+ discount.

  • Oh and Vita would be great.

  • This game looks like a lot of fun, and with that Plus discount, there’s even more reason to buy it. I’m very tired but I might stay up to buy and start playing now…

    Also, I will agree with just about everyone else and say this should be on Vita too. :-) I’d have another reason to finally get one.

  • Can someone who has purchased let me know if its worth it. I only need 10-12 bucks to pass $100 promotion. I’m all about indy game backing, but not for the sake of doing it to do it.

  • This should have been the free game given to Plus Members this week. Looks like it has alot more value than that generic fighting game.

  • at #36 I have been playing the game since it came out and i think it is well worth the money, Kinda think they should have charged more . The time and effort that was put into this game with 2 of them i love it…….. Look how many times Gordon has replied to people like someone else said the dedication is there and i think they deserve credit. And the nice PS Plus discount too makes it even cheaper. :D :D

    Its fun…. Its different and i like it very much. Plus the cutouts are cool.

    • Thanks for checking the game out danny3755!

      About charging more yeah I think we could have done that. But we wanted to make a game that we would love at a price that we would want to pay for it – & i think we’ve done both those things.

      Plus with all the great content on PSN at the moment maybe the lower price will help us – people see it, see how cool it looks, see the price & kaboom!

  • I took a chance last night and picked it up ($5.59 with Plus, why not) and am enjoying it. I’m glad you put it at a lower price point, hopefully that encourages more people to grab it. A demo would have been helpful though.

    I passed on Retro City Rampage since it was $14.99.

  • Cool game. Love the artistry, absolutely unique. Spent about 5 hours with it today, couldn’t put it down, but unfortunately also completed it. Perhaps a bit on the short side, but reasonable for the price.

    I did a guide for the game, which will hopefully encourage more people to pick it up.

    Avatars sound good, will grab one for sure.

    A vita version would be ok, but I’d really like to have you put me down for a Dreamcast version. Cheers :D

  • This game is pretty good. It runs really smooth and it’s fun to maneuver Derrick through the levels. I like how he swims so swiftly. It feels very satisfying. I’ve always wanted to play as a shark in a video game. :) The unique visual style is also appealing. The game has a lot of charm.

    Controlling Derrick in the air can take some getting used to, but you eventually get a handle on it and it’s fun to make those fantastic leaps through the tires or collect the up-high gems. I’ve been enjoying it so far. Exactly halfway through the game right now with all gold medals so far. I hope it gets harder though… my only knock is that it’s just a little too easy. Definitely worth the asking price though.

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