PlayStation Home: Craps! The Casino Gets A New Game, Halloween Creeps Closer

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PlayStation Home: Craps! The Casino Gets A New Game, Halloween Creeps Closer

This Wednesday, October 3rd, The Casino gets a new game, lots of Halloween goodies from Heavy Water, Lockwood and Hellfire Games hit just in time to help you celebrate the holiday, Granzella brings even more to the beach, and more. Here’s what you can enjoy this week:

1. Digital Leisure – The Casino’s New Craps Game + New Rewards


The Casino has its very first dice game! Craps, one of the most exhilarating games of chance, is now available right next to the blackjack tables. Shoot out a come roll and hope you get lucky. Craps also comes with its own rewards and leaderboard. Give it a shot, and roll the dice!

The Management

Don’t forget! Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Visitors of The Casino will all get a very special, uniquely Canadian reward in honor of the holiday, but you have to get in there today! (Read: it will be gone tomorrow!)

2. Heavy Water – Halloween Goodies

Everyone from Heavy Water wishes the Home community an early “Happy Halloween!” There’s everything from apparel to furniture, and even an enchanting companion! Are you going for the festive and natural setting? Try the Pumpkin Patch, Spooky Stump, Wrought Iron Fence and Animated Harvest Moon Window. Want to have a sinister dungeon feel? Try the Iron Maiden, Bed of Nails or the Torture Rack. How about a more whimsical Halloween experience? Try the Animated Plastic Pumpkin hand item with candy, the Animated Jack-o-lantern Bra or the Animated Spider Web Tattoo. Or just go straight Zombie with Gunshot, Brokejaw and the Boarded Up Window!


Don’t forget that all owners of the Halloween Pets (Ghostling, Vampire Batling and Flaming Skull) will be pleasantly surprised as they are being updated to lowering the item’s furniture slot usage to 6! And anyone who doesn’t own it can now get the updated Pets from the Heavy Water store!


3. Hell Fire Games – SpeedWings + Halloween Home Tycoon Building Pack

Boost your avatar’s speed up to 150% with the new SpeedWings locomotion series from Hellfire Games! Blaze through your favorite spaces and outrun your friends in style with the Radiant Angel Wings, Dazzling Butterfly Wings, Flaming Phoenix Wings, and the multicolored Dragon Wings, available in Blue, Red, Green, and Gold varieties.


Each set of SpeedWings features custom floating and flying animations, and does NOT require any clothing slots, so you can wear them with anything — even full-body outfits! Get yours today and cover more ground, without your feet ever touching the ground.

“Bring Halloween Home” with the new Halloween Building Pack this week in Home Tycoon from Hellfire Games! Scare up some citizens with three new residential buildings: Autumn Abodes, Creepy Cottages, and the Haunted House. Each new building comes with Halloween decorations, ghostly sounds, and spooky autumn colors. Be the first mayor on your block to build them all!


4. Lockwood – Halloween Update

The Lockwood Halloween Extravaganza continues this week with a new range of Halloween costumes from Fool Throttle. Creepy costumes have been done to death, so Fool Throttle’s created outfits with a twist around the theme of a hot Halloween Beach Party. Choose your favourite Fool Throttle character or create your own by mixing and matching.

Damon Allburn is a devilishly handsome singer who sold his soul in exchange for fame. Invisible Keith used to just be Keith, a happy-go-lucky surfer, until he got sucked into a mysterious whirlpool and when it spat him back onto the beach, things had changed! Felicia is a fashion-conscious feline who’s generally pretty laid back and enjoys reclining in the sunlight. Ella Vam Pire isn’t interested in pallid complexions and draughty crypts like the rest of her family, so she’s headed to the beach to work on her tan instead. Last, but not least, there’s Skelly Kelly. Kelly isn’t undead and doesn’t have supernatural powers, she’s just a friendly, fun-loving girl who enjoys hanging out at the beach with her unusual friends, showing off her macabre fashion sense.


Some frightening favorites return to the Gift Machine, so if you missed out on Skinny Vinny or Coffin Colin last year, here’s another chance to add them to your Wishlists.

5. Granzella – Weekly Update

The new lamé style Frilly bikini, Neck strap bikini, and Sexy chain one-piece from Granzella are available beginning Wednesday, exclusively in the Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat personal space’s store in seven color variations.

So put on a shiny new lamé swimsuit and hit the beach today!


The new MuuMuu and Hawaiian Shirt sets have arrived. Time to put flowers in your hair and wear bright tropical colors! For women, there’s the comfortable Muumuu, and a decorative floral Tropical Head Lei. For men, there’s the colorful Hawaiian Shirt and the light and airy Straw Hat, available in three color variations.

Enjoy a leisurely island day in tropical attire!


6. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 61st volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases items from the new SpeedWings from Hellfire Games to the new Blimp companions from nDreams. Check out the video below for all the details.

7. VIP Nightclub x7 – New Exclusive Preview Items, Bundle and Freebie!

Head to exclusive nightclub x7 and be among the first to pick up the frightening Gallu the Ghoul outfit, complete with ghostly animations. Or check out the new exclusive virtual item bundle, #27. Next, Heavy Water has released dozens and dozens of outfits, from new Pin-up to Punk Rock to Bomber to Sexy Assassin outfits, several mix and match items and several value bundles—only for the ladies of Home. Finally, the ladies will be able to get the free Diamond Dancer Bottoms, a nice glitzy item that perfectly accents the Diamond Suit. Ladies, this is your week, so don’t let the Gallu Ghoul men scare you off!

8. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a Sony Cyber-shot 16.2-Megapixel Digital Camera and $1,000.00 cash prize!
Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.


Finally, the Essence of the Seven Winds active item, an item for the Palace of the Seven Winds collection, will be available starting Wednesday. Pick one up and fly freely in any of your personal spaces in Home.

See you in Home!

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14 Author Replies

  • Love the Halloween stuff but will there be any Halloween freebies and/or themed public spaces coming out in the next few weeks? Just curious because we had a lot of themed spaces last year with many freebies so I a curious if this year will be the same.

  • Those animated windows from Heavy Water looks cool will buy if I can make it back on home.

  • Home Tycoon disappointed me… I got stuck on the second mission (build 3 houses) and physically can’t advance any further now. But on the flipside, YAY CRAPS. I do believe Paradise Springs now officially has every “mainstay” casino game. I just hope the x7 bundle is the lightning weapons… ever since the fire ones became a bundle, I’ve been waiting for them.

    • HellFire Games is working on a patch that we hope to roll out in the next couple weeks that should address some of the minor issues that some are experiencing. In the meantime, YAY CRAPS!

  • cade) what happen to the trans utopia science suit it was in the store after last weeks update 2 hours later i look ed it was gone – i want that suit LOL did it get moved some whare ?

  • It’s always nice to see options for Halloween. I know several people who will be excited to get some new Granzella items and a new Casino game.

  • Awesome update! :OO How much for the Halloween furniture items? And great to see seven winds item working

    • Yes! You can almost feel a chill in the air as Halloween approaches.
      Heavy Water’s Halloween-themed furniture ranges from $0.49 to $2.99.
      I’m personally intrigued by the Boarded-up Window (with an arm that tries to grab you!). *bites nails and hides in corner*

  • nice content again this week plus the Essence of the Seven Winds item also this week

  • How much are the wings

  • The wings are amazing, I had a feeling there would me new locomotion items this week. Nice continued Granzella update as well, I’ve been waiting for that orange swimsuit.

    So far I am not impressed with any of the Halloween items this year, I don’t like Lockwood’s current stuff at all (waiting for the ghost pet though)

    From Heavy Water, I’ll be getting the plastic pumpkin for sure. The harvest moon window, candle pet, spooky stump and pumpkin patch are all unique and cool looking items and I might get those as well after I see them up close.

    All the other Heavy Water Halloween stuff is horrible, and the zombie stuff and torture devices already exist in too many other forms on home. Come out with some new stuff already, jeez. How about a werewolf transformation locomotion item? One that looks like an actual werewolf, not that weird bat-wolf costume in EU home.

    Also, please re-release ALL the 2009 Halloween costumes, especially the COMPLETE female vampire outfit (hair, top, bottom, shoes and nails)

  • I love Halloween! I’m glad to see more HomeTycoon goodies already.

  • Can’t wait to get it all :) Do have question though, for those who don’t know, Cutteridge Estate has had some “spooky” make over recently and am wondering what else may this make over of my favorite Personal Space lead as we get near Halloween if there is anything at all?? p.s. love what everyone is doing so far this year, so keep it up and great work :)

  • Love the Wings , are they going to be where hand items are ? Love the Halloween items too .
    I really hope this coming update Fixes all the Network Errors, its really P.M off that i have to try 4 times or more because it keeps giving me the same crap, NETWORK ERROR .
    Novus Prime can take their Home Tycoon back from me , i dont want it, not gonna waste a cent to buy their packages, and how convinient that their nice rewards are in the most expensive package of 49.99
    Just because they paint some virtual item in Gold color , doesnt mean its real gold.

  • All that stuff is looking good, but I agree with #9. I too would like to see a release of the 2009 outfits as well. Also can’t wait to get the essence of the seven winds FINALLY! Keep up the good work, guys! :)

    • I will most definitely inquire about “digging up” the classic Halloween items in time for the holiday. Some have been permanently retired, but I’ll see if we can find at least a few.

  • On second glance, it looks like the Lockwood Halloween video was shot in a Halloween-themed ‘Adventure District’… that’s fun. :)

  • Even though im a guy, I still want those animated pumpkin Bra;s

  • Its time that all these Wings get their own box, and not shove them into our Hands items or where our companions are, Please Have all wings in their own box, Separate from everything else .

    • Wings utilize the new Locomotion feature-technology. You would find and activate it from the Inventory option (where the Camera and Companions can be found). You are finally getting wings that do not attach to Hands! I know this has been a wish of yours for some time.

  • Ericka, these new wings activate like a pet, they are not clothing. So yes, you can wear these new wings and hold stuff in your hands. You can even wear your hand slot wings with them.

    I apparently missed seeing that Essence of the Seven Winds is FINALLY being released this week, I am so glad…PLEASE don’t delay it again, this will be the best active in home to date if done right. Also the x7 stuff seems like it might be cool, though I’m predicting trashy, skimpy outfits as usual…

    And another plug to request re-releasing ALL the 2009 Halloween costumes, especially the COMPLETE female vampire outfit (hair, top, bottom, shoes and nails). PLEASE!

  • Awesome looking update how much will Gunshot The Zombie be?

  • @ Sophronia

    Where did you get that jack o’ lantern avatar? I can’t find it in the store.

  • Thanks of the info Cade xD LOL that window is my fav of them all!

  • why do we need new games when the other new ones don’t even work right

  • Did a 5 year old design those Zombie outfits???……….DREADFUL.
    If anyone wants to see the RIPOFF Halloween building pack, go to the 2nd Hellfire city at the train station.
    They’re just re-skinned versions of what there is now.

  • I’m surprised Hellfire didn’t come up with some Locomotions inspired by Halloween. For example, fly like a ghost, walk like a zombie, fly on a broom, stalk like a vampire.

  • I hope you guys bring the quest back for the holidays. I kind of miss those.

  • Can you confirm that the home team found a way to lower old active item slots?

    • Older items can be re-engineered, one by one, to take only the necessary amount of memory required. Heavy Water has recently updated a couple of theirs to take advantage of the flexible memory usage. So it’s not a platform solution, but an individual content re-engineering task.

  • Let home RIP

  • IKR CMC, those outfits are horrible. Like we don’t have enough zombie crap in Home already.

    Oh and lol at “permanently retired” items. I’m sure the Home team can bring back all the Home Originals from 2009 for the sake of making a handsome profit. Just raise the price!

    BRING BACK THE FULL FEMALE VAMPIRE OUTFIT! You seriously will make so much money off of it regardless of the price, it’s worth bringing out of “retirement”.

    Every time someone wears that outfit they get flooded with requests of where to buy it and then annoyance and disappointment when people find out it’s discontinued. Seriously, there’s like hundreds of women who will buy the outfit, I can’t stress that enough! It’s not just a personal request!

    Please tell whoever is in charge of these decisions they only stand to gain from breaking the “permanent retirement” rule for the complete female vampire outfit, speaking from someone who used to go into public spaces and witness the huge demand for this particular item set first hand.

  • Thanks Cade! And I STRONGLY Agree with comment #27. I would want to see the Female Vampire Outfit as well, since I never got a chance to get it before… PLEASE RE-Release it! Thanks!

  • fix the freezes , i already got 5 Repairing the Cache HDD , im hoping that because of this lousy service, i dont lose any of my dolphins or any other stuff in my personal space , like it happened few months ago, i was told by someone that he was going to investigate and to this date i got no response .

  • so we get this stuff “wednesday, October 3rd”? is it already here? lol

  • i wish they would decorate playstation home with halloween stuff,i remember a couple of years ago they had a pumpkin.

  • Great Update keep working HArd!

  • Okay my friend and I where talking about this hours ago, how is it possible for the speed wings to give avi’s a boost of 150% when the locomotions already give avi’s a 50% boost and the current client only allows a 50% boost? I feel like im going to buy these wings and be very disapointed because there going to be EXACTLY the same as the super flight locomotion and thus have wasted my money on something i already bought and they are the exact same speed.

    • Let me clarify—it’s 150% of the normal top speed, which is 50% faster. Does that make sense? Also, these SpeedWings use the new locomotion feature, so it’s the same top speed and cannot be compounded with another locomotion option.

  • Do the Playstation Plus updates of this months game also include Europe or more specific Norway,Because i havent got the updated Content.

  • like the speed wings

  • I was wondering if you could pass this critique to Hellfire.
    I bought 2 wings, Angel wings and Phoenix, there are several problems with them.
    It is patheric how low they are to the ground, when you move around , it looks like the wings are dragging you around, due to the avatar`s positioned, when you go “Fast ” you dont even see yourself as flying , why ?
    because it looks like it is Skating , when you pose, your wings dissapear, The Phoenix wings, only the left side wing has the fire , the right one bearly any, almost None , and the size is a total joke, they are too small,
    and what gets me the most , Again, that they are charging 6.99, 7 bucks for a Gold color wing ? are they kidding me ? As i said before, just because these companies paint some virtual item in Gold color , doesnt make them Real Gold, so stop charging as if they were. I hope they get Happy to find out that my 2 wings are in my storage and if i had the chance to get my money back, i defenetely would .

  • The speed wings aren’t all that good, sorry -_- I have to agree with #36 on this.

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