Launch Trailer: Retro City Rampage on PS3, PS Vita Tuesday

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Launch Trailer: Retro City Rampage on PS3, PS Vita Tuesday

After months (years?) of anticipation, the big moment is almost here: VBlank Entertainment‘s long-gestating 8-bit open-world homage Retro City Rampage comes to PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow on PSN, complete with the ever-coveted Cross Buy and Cross Save features. Let’s give the freshly released launch trailer a looksee!

If you’ve never heard of Retro City Rampage, a) shame on you and b) I scarcely know where to begin! Imagine jamming all your favorite 8-bit games into a sprawling open world ala Grand Theft Auto and you’ll have a rough sense of this game’s special brand of pixelated magic. Retro City Rampage has more than 60 Story missions that span driving, stealth, platforming, shooting, swimming, and questing (just to name a few) as well as 40 Arcade challenges if you’re in need of a quick release. Looking for more numbers? Try these: 25+ weapons and power-ups, 50+ driveable vehicles, and 2.5 hours of glorious chiptune symphonies. And let’s not forget what might be the most important number of all: $14.99.

Will you be picking up Retro City Rampage tomorrow on PSN? What element of the game are you most interested in trying out? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Awesome game

  • Will I pick it up? Heck yes.

    How big is the file size of the game for Vita?

  • Is there a platinum trophy?

  • Sid, I’m completely psyched for this game. The fact that its Cross Buy and Cross Play makes it that much sweeter. I can see that the developer put a lot of love into making this game. I wonder what the High Concept Document and Storyboarding was like for all of this. Tomorrow, I am definitely picking this up.

  • Cross Buy and Cross Save…Definitely must buy.

  • Been waiting on this one for a while… Definitely purchasing tomorrow! Love that Cross Buy, and more importantly, Cross Save is included!

  • W A I T E D F O R E I G H T Y E A R S ! ! ! j/k looks awesome! Can’t wait to play it tomorrow night!!! :D

  • WWOOWWW the Graphics look awesome.!!!

  • But is there a platinum :P Oh and Is this game ever going to come out :P

  • I’ve been waiting a long time for RCR so I’m definitely picking it up day one. I can’t wait! Buy this game people!

  • The wait is almost over!

  • I have searched high and very low for trophy information about this game and found none….. You got the trophy list there Sid? It does have trophies right??

    Thanks for the post, looks good

  • omg so hyped. So hyped.

    God bless the man who made Retro City Rampage. Going to be buying this on Vita.

    I should have bought one of those LE green vinyls when I had the chance!

  • This looks fantastic, it really reminds me of the NES games my brother and I played as kids. I’m so happy it’s on the Vita, the game looks like a perfect portable game.

  • *salivating*

    This game looks awesome, and cross-buy/cross-save make it even better. This is such a great month for PSN games.

  • Right on! I’m so ready to bring the ruckus on those 8 bits streets.

  • Minute-one buy. Congratulations to Brian on the release of this game.

  • 2 Words…Cross Buy….no no wait. 2 Words…Awesome Sauce….;-)

  • Gorilla War or whatever it name is, is one of my favorite NES game.

  • Looks awesome can’t wait.

  • You know, it surprising how many games I recognized while watching the videos. I guess I have been gaming a lot longer then I thought. Bionic Commando, Ninja Turtles, Virtual Boy, Guerrilla War, Mario Brothers, Metal Gear, Smash T.V., Paper Boy, Contra. Any chance of any Castlevaina and Mega Man references too.?

  • Will definitely be buying this.

    I was already going to buy it day one, but the cross buy is huge and makes me want to give him my money even more.

    More devs should do this if they are developing for both platforms.

    I can’t wait.

  • that game looks HUGE!! does it come in two catridges?

  • meh…no way am i spending $15 on something like this. Though this would have made a better free game than king of fighters.

  • Absolutely buying it as soon as the store updates. Looks amazingly fun, tons of content, and a great value. The cross buy and cross save is icing on the cake, and really helps justify the price point. (If only Puddle had cross buy and cross saves… *sigh*)

    Does the Vita version use rear touch, tilt, or any other specific features?

  • Retro City Rampage it’s about time play you tomorrow

  • Yes finally the wait is over. And I will gladly pay the 15 dollars for it.

  • if it was part of ps+ i would get it buuuut.. $15 seems like alot for this

  • @28 ive played the game its f!@#$ epic


  • OMG FINALLY! The wait is almost over! I’ve been looking forward to this game’s release since I first saw footage of it! Congrats to VBlank Entertainment, this game is sure to sell well!

  • This does look like a great game, but not for $15. More than 90% of the games that I’ve bought for $15 have gone on sale at some point after I bought them at half price, or for free on Plus. So I stopped buying PSN games for $15. I’ll wait for the inevitable sale six months to a year from now. I have plenty to play in the meantime, so it isn’t like I absolutely have to have it tomorrow.

  • ff3 will release the vita?

  • This game has me more excited than any game in history. It pays homage to so many classics, TMNT for nes, smash tv, contra, back to the future, zelda, etc. The fact it’s available for ps3 and vita is also amazing. It’s so great to have a vita and to be able to play most of my ps1 collection on it and the mini’s. Sony is really onto something with this ps+ subscription service and the cross linking of the stuff you’ve already purchased.

  • hey cant wait to get this game!
    also will it buy it get it free also!
    buy ps3=vita free? need to know thanks!

  • I’m more than likely picking this up tomorrow but I do plan on playing the demo first. Also, I think I read it’s only around 40mb. Is that correct?

  • Waited for a long time. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Grand Theft Auto are my fav games of all time along with God Of War. this looks okay, kind of like a kiddish girl version of GTA. il pick it up once its 5 bucks.

  • What’s with all these questions about trophies all the time? For @#$% sake! Who cares!

    The GAME matters! The GAME! The FUN, the CHALLENGE, the hours of EXPLORING a virtual world, being ENCHANTED by the MUSIC, the CHARACTERS, the ENVIRONMENT… conquering the MISSIONS, OVERCOMING the virtual adversity placed before you, and the REAL REWARD for completing a game… witnessing the ENDING!

  • Getting this. Hope it’s all what it’s cracked up to be.

  • Finally this is getting released. The game has been done for months, and would have been better served releasing back then.. Nonetheless. I’m buying it anyway, despite a busy gaming schedule.

  • @#9 the top of the article reads Launch Trailer:Retro City Ramapage on PS3 and Vita Tuesday.Please start reading the article instead of the comment board first sir.

  • @39: No. All that needs to be said is that the question is stupid, because trophies are mandatory. See the word Mini anywhere in there? Mobile? No? Then It has trophies.

    Question is pointless. Like asking if PS3 games support the dualshock 3.

  • Yeah, Elvick, I agree with you. But apparently not everyone knows that all PS3 games are required to have trophies.

    And personally, to me, the more important point to make is the one I tried to make. Trying to remind people why we play games in the first place. The importance being placed on trophies lately has gone way beyond ridiculous. It’s like they care about the trophies more than the game itself, which is… just… absolutely absurd. I’ve read your comments before on this subject, so I know you feel the same way. I’ve got to believe these people aren’t even real gamers, but just confused kids trying to fit in with a certain crowd or something.

  • Cross buy = SOLD =D

    Was debating getting this for PC but cross buy 100% changed my mind >.>

  • I hope this gets a Discount for PSPlus in November…

  • Wow theres a lot of cheapy cheapersons in the comments. Pony up the dough ffs. Developers who make awesome games deserve it, and this price is very easy on the wallet.

  • Yeah, I’ve only seen people talking about this, hadn’t actually seen any footage or read anything about it, but the name alone had my interest. Now that it’s releasing tomorrow, and we have this awesome trailer, I’m completely sold on it. $15 for what looks to be the most awesome games of the 80s, all under one application? Awesome! Can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow and give it a virtual spin. :D

  • 24
    “meh…no way am i spending $15 on something like this. Though this would have made a better free game than king of fighters.”

    ohhhh haha that was a great joke. haha ohhhhh haha.

    oh wait you was being serious, hahaha

  • I really can’t get this now…. but hope for get it one day…. looks awesome!

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