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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

I’m quite looking forward to this week (and so should you) with the arrivals of Dishonored, XCOM Enemy Unknown, and Retro City Rampage to PlayStation platforms. I’ve played all three at recent industry events, and I’d expect the reviews to come in quite high across the board – good news for us gamers. Heck, even though I’m currently on vacation (we’re in Florida for a wedding), I packed my PS3 to get on these games ASAP. I’ll link to coverage in next week’s post.

Below, find stories on PlayStation Mobile’s launch, Tokyo Jungle, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and a comprehensive title update for PS Vita’s Madden NFL 13.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 1st, 2012)

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  • Hi Jeff I am wondering will Dishonored have a midnight release an PSN.

  • This preorder stuff needs to happen more often. Why cant we get something like that for Unfinished Swan? btw wud’ve appreciated if u guys put a post saying, “Update Skype App”. I had no idea till this post. The Live Area screen didnt even update till I pressed refresh. How wud I have known?

  • @ 2 .. playstation should give you a bat phone so they can contact you personality !

  • hey what’s up with community spotlight ? it says page can’t be found ! could you please contact Makosolider on his playstation bat phone and tell us what’s up ! LOL !

  • So is this just going to be a growing trend among game devs? Poorly program a game like NHL 13 then make joke videos about the game play glitches in the game? For the amount of money ea spent making that video, they probably could have paid a programmer for a couple hours to at least figure out what the problem is. Instead they make an advertisement asking you to buy the game because of the glitch?

  • @dlhdav7 LOL!

  • @ Makosolider .. just messing with u! LOL !

  • Awesome about the ultimate bundles. Already have two black and just got a gold controller, but may have to pick up that infamous collection bundle with that blue dualshock. Man I love dualshocks.

  • Honestly I would love to be able to enjoy these games however because of the current firmware update Sony installed it has prevented not only me, but my entire college’s Sony consoles to connect to the internet for it is apprently conflicting with our systems code so im just wondering when the next firmware update will be.

  • Few questions,
    1. Will there be a post on Picotto Knights this week?
    2. Will there be a next Ragnarok Odyssey post this week with the release date? Cause it’s suppose to launch within 2 weeks.
    3. Will there be any post or screenshots of the PS Vita version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Please contact SEGA, also see if PS Vita will get a demo.
    4. Will we see the classic level kits from lbp on PS Vita? I find it alittle frustrating, because the lack of alot to work with, like no snow theme items.
    5. When is Crackle & CrunchyRoll coming to PS Vita? Crackle was suppose to be summer release, but instead got a PS3 release, that wasn’t announced. CrunchyRoll i know should be around Nov.
    6. Can we please get NeonAlley on PS Vita, I love it on PS3, but sometimes I’m at friends and whatnot on Fridays and Saturdays, and I don’t wanna miss stuff like Blue Exercist Premieres, Nura, Naruto etc. Please contact Sony and see what they have planned

  • Jeff. Please just make sure you tell SONY, we vita owner and all the ones thinking on getting one, please add ZOMBIES TO COD OPS: Declassifled, or it will be incomplet and will be a Shame!!


  • Pulse PlayStation Headset is awesome, great job on this product. Been using it all week to get a good feel for it and have used it with my PS3 to watch movies, play games, and listen to music. Good range across the board, I am impressed. More so am I impressed with what my Vita and the Pulse headset accomplished in tandem today. I played Shadow of the Colossus on my PS3 from Deltona with my PS3 residing in Orlando. Remote Play worked beautifully and the headset managed to help make me feel as though I was at home with my sound system at home. 3 Colossi later I was very happy with my experience. Great job.

  • I’m curious, when Street Fighter X Tekken releases on Vita, will ALL THE DLC from the PS3 version be compatible, I never owned the PS3 version, so will there be bundles or something if u are able to answer?

  • @14
    Yes the SFxT DLC you own for the PS3 version will work with the Vita version and Vice Versa.

  • hey great week right? any word for what is coming for us ps+members?
    need to know ok!
    morgon, any one at playstation now! whats coming this week for us ps+members!
    i really cant wait. is the walking dead 4 coming this week? need to know ok!
    whats coming forn us ps+members!
    also any word for what is coming for the vita? ps+ need to know ok!
    any word on letting us know for what is coming to playstation network!
    any word on a vita price drop?
    any word on a ps3 price drop?
    any holiday bundles coming this hoilday?
    any of these! need to know ok thanks! i reallyhope for something this holiday! thanks!

  • hey Jeff, when is the additional animals for TOKYO JUNGLE dropping?

    I got the free ones that came with PS Plus, but I noticed in Survival mode theres 2 animals you have to purchase from PS Store to unlock, however they arent even available as DLC to buy in the Store, which is a HUGE let down…either JapanStudio needs to release the content asap, or they need to release a patch to update the game and make it so games states those will be available for purchase soon…as it currently states, “need to purchase from PS Storer to unlock”…

    kinda expect more from a 1st party developer of Sony’s, considering its a PS exclusive as well…other then that, <3 TOKYO JUNGLE

  • Hey Mr Jeff, i wanted to buy fifa 13 in the playstation store with my dad’s credit card (he let me use it of course) and i’ve been getting an error 80023102, i been trying everyday to see if it actually works, but the same thing keep coming, so please can you guys do something about this problem please, its really annoying…

  • Did you guys read about how awesome a Playstation Blog app for PS Vita would be? :)

  • Why does CS:GO get a big update and yet EU still doesn’t even have it on store? They say they are working hard on getting it onto EU but that update and new maps only proves they aren’t doing a good job. They really do don’t give a damn about us.

    Should be working harder to get CS:GO onto EU before they even thinking about that update and new maps.

  • Any news if the Dual Shock 3 (Slate Grey) would come to North America?

  • finally a update for madden vita…

    im all for a blog vita app! @19

    looking forward to Dishonored, likely wont get it this week.. patiently waiting for Ragnarok Odyssey :)

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