PSN Community Spotlight — PlayStation Persuasion

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PSN Community Spotlight — PlayStation Persuasion

While you’re reading this, I’m either sleeping or cooking bacon. Ah, Saturdays. Anyway, it’s time for the PSN Community Spotlight. For the unfamiliar, this is where PlayStation gamers tell their unique stories/experiences/thoughts, as submitted to this section in the PlayStation Community Forums. Those that make it all the way to the PlayStation Blog will receive a $50 PlayStation Store voucher.

PSN Community Spotlight: ScreamAimFire999

Last week we asked about your PlayStation stories, and gamer ScreamAirFire999 wrote in to tell us about how he grew up loving the brand.

PlayStation Persuasion

As a kid, things were tough growing up. Our family wasn’t exactly wealthy or even together, so to get a video game system was always out of the question. I wasn’t an ungrateful kid but I still knew I was missing out. Looking back on my life, PlayStation has always been in the better part of it. Thankfully, in the hard times, I had great friends that let me play with them on their PS1 and nothing made me happier as a kid. I may not have had my own PS1 but I sure soaked up the fun with any opportunity I had to play it.

When I was about 14, I realized that I just couldn’t handle not having my own console to play with. Enough is enough right? I mean, I was 14! I already missed out on the PS1 experience. So I did something that Christmas that I didn’t have the courage to do for years– ask for a PlayStation console for Christmas. It was a bold move since I knew how my family felt about video games, but I felt persuaded to do so. Christmas Eve came along and I remember being outside skateboarding with my friends when suddenly I was called inside. It was strange but I followed. And when I got inside, there was a very ordinary box waiting for me. When I opened it, my eyes lit up and I smiled from ear to ear. I couldn’t believe it! I actually got a PlayStation 2! I got few games for it including Tony Hawk’s Underground and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai with 2 controllers to play with my brother.

I was so grateful for this gift. PlayStation 2 brought me fond memories that will never be replaced or forgotten — like spending quality time with my younger brother playing DBZ together. Nothing made me happier. Even though I had a PlayStation 2, my love for PlayStation and video games didn’t end there, it expanded.

In 2005, I saw the PSP for the first time. I was blown away by the graphical power and colors the gorgeous screen presented. I knew I wanted one but I couldn’t get one. A couple years later, my best friend Jeff purchased one. He came over my house one day to hang out and he brought the PSP and generously said, “You’re my best friend, I want you to have this.” I was totally blown away and I was the happiest kid that day. Jeff told me that he no longer needed a handheld system because he actually had a new toy to play with — the PlayStation 3.

By now, I’m sure you can see how my lust for PlayStation had grown. When I went to hang out at Jeff’s house, I was able to play the PS3 for the first time. He showed me everything. I felt out of my time when I touched the system, marveled by how the controllers were wireless and so light and the breath-taking graphics.

Fast forward to 2010 — I had just purchased a new PSP with my first paycheck from my first job. My other one lost and I was devastated, but it was truly satisfying to be able to buy my own video games. Even then, I still had the wonderful PS3 on my mind, but I couldn’t afford that yet. I asked questions, read specs over and over, and stared at pictures of it all the time. My girlfriend knew how much I wanted a PS3 more than any other item in the world, so she generously purchased one for me back in May 2010. My joy couldn’t be described with mere words.

The next year, I heard details about the then “NGP” during E3. I paid close attention to every detail released until its launch here in February 2012. I pre-ordered the PlayStation Vita, taking great pride in owning a PlayStation product on the first day of its release for the first time in my life. Over the years, nothing has brought me more entertainment and great friends like the PlayStation experience. My love for PlayStation continued to grow as I created my dedicated blog on Tumblr on the same day the PlayStation Vita launch. I called it, “PlayStation Persuasion.” I wanted to make a blog to spread the good word and information that maybe I missed out on in the past.

I didn’t ever get things when they first came out or even soon after until this year with my PlayStation Vita. But this has taught me a valuable lesson — good things come to those who wait. Thank you PlayStation community.

Thanks for writing in ScreamAirFire999!
Next week we want to hear more general stories about the PlayStation brand. Click here for more info on this call to action.

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