MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita Get a Price Drop, Predict Playoffs

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MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita Get a Price Drop, Predict Playoffs

As Major League Baseball gears up for postseason play, you can too, as baseball’s highest-rated and bestselling game is now available at a new lower price. MLB 12 The Show is now just $29.99 for PS3 and $19.99 for PS Vita. Begin your hunt for October as you watch your favorite teams vie for postseason immortality.

This price drop means owners of both the PS3 and the PS Vita hardware can buy both games for less than $50 combined, giving them the ability to enjoy cross-platform functionality by saving and continuing a single Season, Franchise or Road to The Show mode on either platform.
As you get ready to take your team to the playoffs on MLB 12 The Show, check out what the top players in baseball have to say about what the postseason means to them!

Want to know who has the best chance of being crowned World Series Champions? Well, San Diego Studios simulated the playoffs after last night’s Wild Card play-in game. You can read up on all the information at ESPN, where they go into detail about how the postseason will play out, according to MLB 12 The Show.

For more information on The Show, check out Head to your local retailer to grab your copy today.

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  • Is that price drop also going to apply to the PSN versions of the games?

    Also, these 17 SCEA titles got a price drop in August. Will that ever be reflected on PSN?

    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational – $19.99
    Little Deviants – $19.99
    ModNation Racers: Road Trip – $19.99
    Reality Fighter – $19.99
    Resistance: Burning Skies – $29.99
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss – $39.99
    Unit 13 – $29.99
    Wipeout 2048 – $19.99

    Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition – $19.99
    God of War: Origins Collection – $19.99
    Infamous 2 – $19.99
    Jak and Daxter Collection – $19.99
    Ratchet & Clank Future: All 4 One – $19.99
    Sorcery- MOVE Required – $19.99
    Twisted Metal – $39.99
    Uncharted 1&2 Dual Pack – $29.99
    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – $19.99


  • WHAT!? But I just got the game on Oct 1st brand new for $39.99 and it wasn’t even sealed because of GameStop’s display policies. It’s too bad because this was a great game too, I never had so much playing a sports game. I was going to preorder MLB The Show 13, but I guess now I’ll just wait until that gets it’s first price drop to even things out. Even if I have to wait a few months. I have plenty of other games on the backlog.

  • Now, wend everyone got it separated from console version, good move, but too late, disappointed!
    Keep the console version!

  • SCEA really needs to fix the psn store prices. For too long has it been overpriced and I thought digital downloads were suppose to cost less? I wont be buying from the store until this is fixed.

  • Oakland Athletics!

  • I have to agree with MassaBR, I don’t even like sports games and I was going to give this a try when I saw the $20 price tag announced on the blog. I just checked the PSN and saw that it was still full price on there and decided to pass. For $20 I’d try a genre I never play, but not for $36.

    I have a 32gb memory card for my vita that is still mostly empty because retail games cost so much less, even new, than PSN titles. About the only time I’m willing to get a vita game on the PSN, despite being a much bigger fan of digital distribution, is when it’s one that I want day one like Silent Hill Book of Memories. If the PSN had more competitive pricing, I’d buy from there more often.

    I understand the logic from a marketing perspective; you can make more money off of someone making a spur of the moment/boredom purchase, or someone making an uninformed purchase/being too lazy to go to the store/convenience over frugality, but it still keeps me from making a lot of purchases.

    All in all though, I suppose the marketing strategy works, otherwise Sony would enforce competitive pricing on the store. It’s just a shame for those of us that want a better deal.

  • @A-Dagon

    I can certainly understand why you would think that, naturally, digital distribution cost much less to manufacture, well, it doesn’t.

    But the way physical distribution works is much different than it’s digital counterpart.

    With Physical Distribution, The Publisher produces a certain quantity of games that later is sold to the stores (Wallmart, Amazon, Gamestop). The developers made their money, regardless how many were actually sold. Naturally, the higher the demand, the more they’ll be making and selling.

    The stores, when they sold a huge quantity, and they aren’t selling the game anymore, will cut the price of the game in order to sell more of the game and not get stuck with an overstock inventory of games that either everybody has or nobody is buying. The stores also have to be competitive amongst themselves as well.

    Has for digital distribution, they don’t have a certain limit of sales nor do they take any physical space in a store. They eventually drop in price.

  • #6, if it is retailing for $20, it should be on the PSN for $15 due to Sony’s original commitment to beat the RRP of games by what is typically $5. The only problem being is that noone is updating the PSN store after release day. My solution is to just avoid these Vita games until they do something about it. #1 has a pretty good list of games to avoid until they get around to updating the PSN prices.

  • I agree with the general sentiment here, PSN game prices are way too high. I’m not even talking about PSN matching retail prices, but at least considering them. I have bought games from the PSN store before, mostly oldies and classics, but you won’t get a cent from me when it comes to full PS 3/V games. Why should you care? Because what ends up happening is people head to amazon, another online source, and get the games for cheaper, many times used.

    Again, this isn’t about digital games matching the price of retail copies. I understand the process is different, but this is business, and if you can’t remain competitive then you’re out.

    Just my two cents.

    Note: I checked the PSN store before posting and noticed that MLB is one of the very few games that updated price, kudos to you guys. Unlike EA Sports, which has FiFA Soccer and Fifa 13 for the same price (seriously, EA?) Anyway, for $26.99 I’m willing to try a game I have no idea how to play.

  • @CommandingTiger

    While I understand your point my gripe is more with vita games specifically. They are way over priced. I know Sony is trying to offer deals little big planet vita 35$ good price and the same with metal gear hd, but not enough companies are on broad.

    Not to mention they fact that retail game prices have been dropping drastically over the past couple years. I would love to spend 40-60$ in exchange for 2 vita games but I can not do that on the psn store.

    I understand that pricing is not like retail they have to pay for bandwidth and server cost. Sure there will always be those game that are expensive but the fact remains that the psn store prices are just to high.

  • Nice~


  • I don’t know what’s happening to Sony. I love my PS3 and my Vita, but it’s been painful to get new content to them now that I choose to go digital only. A few months ago, before they brought us this revamped Plus, I was happy with the discounts for full PS3 downloadable games and bundles, sometimes costing less than 50%.
    Now it’s always SPELUNKER HD (wich, by the way, I purchased and I hated!).
    C’mon, Sony. Bring back the hot deals for Plus Subscribers. The european store are delivering great titles for free (for those who care about free “borrowed” games – not my case), also great discounts.
    All those overpriced digital games are ridiculous. There’s no cost for material and transportation, since it’s DIGITAL.
    I think you’re going in a wrong way, or maybe it’s just not your intention to make the sells increase at your own store. Who knows…

  • I just read this post and went straight onto PSN on my VITA. They have reflected a change with the price, but just not $19.99. The store has the price at $26.99. Much better than the full $36, but not the price we are being told through this post. Amazon does highlight that the game is $19.99 (VITA) for a new copy. For that price and having Prime…it’s a no-brainer buy. I just wish there were other games on the network to start investing in. My only go-to games for the holiday is Assassin’s Creed: liberation and Persona 4 Golden.

  • How about a digital version?

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