Under Defeat HD Shoots ‘Em Up This Fall on PS3

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Under Defeat HD Shoots ‘Em Up This Fall on PS3

One of the great things about localizing games for western audiences is giving fans the opportunity to experience their favorite titles in their native language, while providing newcomers a different take on a specific genre. Another great aspect of localization is the ability to bring cult classics and underrated games back into the current marketplace, giving these games a chance to gain popularity among new audiences. This is the case with Under Defeat.

Today, we have released a new trailer for our upcoming title Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition, showing off some intense shmup (shoot ‘em up) gameplay with multiple weapon and vehicle options available. Developed by well-known Japanese arcade game company G.rev, this classic title will be receiving new features such as improved graphics, a new two-player mode and a 16:9 New Order Mode, which will take advantage of HD television screens by making the field twice the size of regular shmups.

Under Defeat HD 1

The game will be released this fall on both PS3 and via PSN for $29.99. In addition, players who purchase a physical copy of the game will receive a digital art book, all current DLC and patches, a soundtrack CD and an exclusive letter from the CEO of G.Rev and the game’s executive producer, Hiroyuki Maruyama.

I am really excited for the upcoming release of Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition, as it has been six years since the Dreamcast version was released. With this game being well received by domestic and international fans, it is great to see the title being officially released to western audiences so they can also experience the buzz. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what both new and old fans think!

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  • $29.99 for a game like this, even on psn?

  • 29,99??? I will never buy a casual games like this for PS3! Vita? Maybe… anyway, 29,99 its too expansive even on PSV!

  • You can get a similiar experience from games like Renegade Ops for way cheaper (free in my case).

  • So, the download version, despite having a higher profit margin, gets no DLC or patches? Or is that just really bad phrasing? Please say it’s bad phrasing.

  • Would have been great if it had 3D support…

    PS.: Would have been a nice addition to Plus Instant Collection! *wink, wink*

  • @5 lol no. We already had Renegade Ops. Don’t want a free slot wasted on this game.

  • While I agree with everyone 30 dollars is a rip for a digital shmup, theres a reason i havent bought any of the 15 dollar ones on Xbox Live, i have no problem getting this for 30 at retail, i was planning to spend at the very least that for the Dreamcast version, Im glad to see this game is finally coming around to the HD consoles, this’ll definetly be the version I get, Under Defeat is one of my favorite shmups to play.

  • I love these games but so far I fail to see $30 worth of game here especially for the digital version …
    I’d pick up the physical edition for $20 day 1 since it includes those other bonuses. The digital version shouldn’t be more than $15.

  • GOTY! lol -_-

  • I bought the original release for Dreamcast and I’ll be purchasing the physical release for PS3. Can’t wait!

  • Amazon has this for $39.99 …

  • Yeesh, people are so fickle about US pricing. I imported the orignal Dreamcast release for nearly $100, not including shipping. So $30 for the HD re-release and is an absolute bargain.

  • I agree with 12. Don’t be so sensitive. This is an HD of a classic.

  • Totally worth it. I’d have been a touch iffy at $40, but $30 is pretty good. There’s plenty of replay value in this with multiple modes and craft types, and so long as you’re not credit-feeding, you’ll find it a pretty good challenge. Credit-feeding is not “beating” a game, after all.

    I’m concerned about the phrasing on the digital version. I’d have bought that one, but if it’s going to be missing the DLC and/or patches, then I’m not going to even consider it.

  • Oh my God! This is some great news! Always wanted to play Under Defeat on the DC back in the day! I can’t wait for this!

  • I have to agree with some of the other comments. This is a bit pricey. If we got a PSV crossplay version with it, yay, but in its current state, nay.

    I’m waiting for Sine Mora on the PSV which should be coming in the next month or two.

  • Music sounds great from the trailer. We’ll see.

  • I’m surprised this is going to get a retail release but that’s cool. For $30 with all of those bonuses it’s not a bad deal at all. I remember paying $60 for Gradius V.

  • Under Defeat HD is a completely different game than Renegade Ops. This game is definitely going to offer $30 worth of content for those who are a fan of the Shoot ‘Em Up genre. It’s also the first physical game of this genre on the PS3 so it needs support if we are to see more. I am quite excited for the game to launch; I already have my Deluxe version pre-ordered.

  • The PS3 needs more shmups. We have some imports (Dezaemon Plus, Shienryu, SWS), Mobile Light Force (which is a butchered version of Gunbird) and Raiden 3. The competition already got the lion’s share: Cave (Mushihimesama, Dodonpachi series) and Treasure (Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun).

  • more arcade!!!! retail release with art? count me in!!

  • Damn… the complains about the price really shows the mentality of gamers these days. Only want to pay money for shooter after movie game after shooter. Meanwhile, games like this, beat em ups, traditional platformers either don’t get made or don’t get sold. *sigh*

  • This game is way too inexpensive! It should definitely be 60 dollars, at least!

  • amazing stuff!!!!!!!

  • Why not for Vita? Hey Sony, PS3 have enougth casual games, this is Ps Vita time.

  • Will definitely pre-order this whenever a Canadian site lists it, I’ve actually been waiting quite a while for this. Anyone who complains about it’s price tag for the type of game it is clearly knows nothing about shmups, especially when they compare it to Renegade Ops.

  • $30 dollars? This game doesn’t look like it’s worth more than $10, $15 would be pushing it. Really you guys need a reality check when it comes to the pricing of games. $10 dollars for some ps1 games? You should be selling them for $3 at max. More people would buy them and you’d end up making the same amount of money if not more. You need better people in your marketing department.

  • Shmups yeah baby! :)

  • I agree with Zeeferhoog, I will not buy this game because it is too cheap. Please make it $59.99.

  • @27 agreed

  • THANK YOU Rising Star games, for finally listening to customers and putting out a disc release along with the digital release.

    I’ll be buying this Day One.

  • Would get on Vita.

  • reminds me of the old arcade classic 1941

  • I for one am super excited to see this game being localized and released as a retail, boxed game. I own a lot of shmups on 360 and to see the PS3 finally getting some shmup love, it’s fantastic news!

    If the game was a digital download, then yes, I could see $30 being a little too pricey, but it’s always nice to have a physical copy of a game, and for RSG to toss in all of the updates/DLC, a digital art book, soundtrack, new mode, new chopper, and a letter Maruyama-san, that’s just AWESOME! $30 for a retail game is really not that expensive, and the best part is that RSG is already including all of the DLC and updates with the game – they are not trying to nickel and dime gamers with DLC that has already been released in other territories. I will gladly shell out $30 for this.

  • This game looks good, but I’ll wait until there’s a major price drop.
    I can get Air Attack, a similar game on tablet for 1$.

  • @34, but that’s on a tablet, not on the PS3. Also, that game doesn’t hold a candle to UD. That’s like putting a child in the ring with Andre the Giant. No contest.

  • I need the codes for ps3 plus

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