SunFlowers Shines on PS Vita Tuesday for $3.99

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SunFlowers Shines on PS Vita Tuesday for $3.99

SunFlowers on PS VitaSunFlowers on PS VitaSunFlowers on PS Vita

Good news, everyone: we have an official date for SunFlowers — next Tuesday, October 9th for $3.99! SunFlowers is a brand new puzzle-shooter game for PS Vita, including two unique worlds: Classic and Tropical. Each world has more than 160 flowers to collect.

SunFlowers on PS Vita

Now let’s take a closer look at the second world from SunFlowers: Tropical. In this world you will discover new varieties of flowers, including pirate-themed blossoms, but every flower is still based on a real existing species. When you play on this tropical island, you will quickly discover that the climate is very different from the Classic world, and the weather can be unpredictable. From the tropical rain flooding your flowers to the big sand dune that dries them out, you will need to be very careful if you want to keep them all alive.

There is even a dusk stage where every cloud and flower is backlit, so you’ll need to hold your PS Vita close to a light source if you want to clearly see what is happening.

See you on Tuesday for the release of SunFlowers on PSN for $3.99. And if you’re not sold on it yet, be sure to check out the free demo!

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  • Only $4 and a demo? Suddenly I’m interested.

  • More Vita content in October?! Wow, when it rains, it pours!

  • Yep… that’s what I was looking for when I dropped my $250 last feb. >_>

  • Yay.

  • @#3 Not all games are going to appeal to you, imagine that. Retro City Rampage is out Tuesday too.

  • I’ll definitely check it out. I’ll at least download the demo. For $4 you probably have me sold.

  • Very cool news stuffs are comming for PSV! THX! I will buy this one!

  • See, now this is a Vita game!

  • I love to tap, tap, tap… thanks for the release!

  • This is what the Vita needs, cheap small, replayable games.

  • What will the size be? Definitely picking it up, but would like to be able to play it without deleting stuff.

    Sidenote for Sony: Drop the price of memory cards already.

  • I understand that since it’s on the Vita, you aren’t going to charge $.99. But $3.99 is just too steep for the type of game that’s being offered. It’s a pick-up and play game. This game should have been priced at $1.99 or $2.49 at the most. I know that the difference is negligible, but you watch, that difference in price will be the difference between 576 people buying it, and 1796. Mathematical you would have pulled in $3,500 – $4,500 at the lower price instead of $2,300 at the higher price. Of course both sets will rise with consumption, but the difference in consumption will be the same…..and so will the profit margin.

  • As much as I think this game is awesome, and i will still buy it – I think games that make me hold the device portrait make the vita feel weird

  • will buy… wow i have so much money to spend on tuesday

  • Whats with all these puzzle games on PS VITA? PS VITA should be rename PS Puzzle Portable. PS VITA is such a powerful beast, and lately VITA just been getting an onslaught of puzzle games, COME ON SONY where are the real games that will so the true power of VITA !!!!!

  • This game looks ridiculous I love it

  • Such a low price, thank you. I’ll buy this.

  • @15; Open your eyes then.

  • I’m really interested on this game since it was announced, but were the Trophy problems of the EU version already fixed? I won’t buy it until I see that this problems were fixed.

  • finally! another excuse to stop playing super crate box. that game has been sucking me in. i have a feeling this game will be like that as well.

  • I was expecting 1.99 for this game… now ill might think about getting it

  • Looking forward to trying out the demo.

  • lol it looks better that it sounds when i heard about it. and only $4? im getting it!

  • I hope you don’t mind, Dr. Lakav, but I read your opening line in the voice of The Professor from Futurama.

    And for $3.99, I’ll definitely be picking this up. It looks like a really fun little collector’s game. 320 flowers to collect over the two worlds. That’ll take some time. Looking forward to Tuesday now. :)

  • Darn I already have this game on my iPad. Might get it if it has Trophy support. The game is pretty fun already beat it on the iPad so maybe I will pick it up.

  • I am soooo getting this next week.

  • Might be cool. Looks like it could be fun.

  • Have to say, I totally agree with RenderMonk in comment 12. With so many device options for pick-up-and-play games like this, there’s a lot of competition for people’s micro-transaction. iOS and Android devices already have huge mobile gaming libraries, with similar games for 99¢ or free. Those devices are eminently more portable than the Vita. I think this price point will result in drastically reduced sales… but you’re the experts right?

  • @26: It will. From the last blogpost about this game. “No Platinum trophy in SunFlowers but the game has 15 trophies in total (including one Silver and one Gold).”

  • I’m getting a Vita this in the AC Liberation bundle and this game looks cool, will most likely be downloading this game, looks fun.

  • With the overpriced memory card running out of space I’m getting picky with my digital downloads, im gonna have to hold off until I get a 32gb card.. looks like a fun game though

  • OMG no zombie mode?! No buy…/sarcasm. This looks pretty fun. I will check it out for sure.

  • Unless theirs a better game under $5 dollars, ill skip this, but this looks good and for 3.99 is better, i wished more vita games on psn where priced under $5.

  • I wasn’t going to buy this until I saw the video. Looks like fun! ^__^ I bought Spy Hunter as well, these next two months are going to be EPIC for the Vita. :)

  • Sony needs to stop being greedy and price cut their memory cards. I would love to try more of these games on vita, but i only have a 4GB memory stick that came with my Vita. I’m pretty sure most of that will be taken up by Persona 4 Golden and maybe Ragnorak Oddyessy (if i get that).

  • I’m not sure I like where this whole ‘PlayStation Mobile’ thing is going. These little types of games are not what I consider mobile gaming. This is the type of game that you use to kill about 15 minutes, and in my mind there really isn’t much use for it other than that. When I think of mobile gaming, I tend to think a lot bigger along the lines of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and LBP Vita. Yeah, I know – if I don’t like it, I don’t have to buy it, and I won’t. I’m simply voicing an opinion.

  • @37 The mobile gaming name comes from mobile phones where games like Angry Birds are king. Playstation Mobile is about that market. Mobile gaming and handheld/portable gaming are two totally different types of markets. With the Vita you can get the best of both worlds.

    This isn’t a Playstation Mobile game though and will have trophies.

  • It seems oddly appealing. Pokemon has forever instilled in me a desire to catch ’em all. I am compelled to collect hundreds of flowers. Also, this is the same price as it is on the App Store, so it’s not overpriced for Vita like some of the Playstation Mobile games. I want it and I will definitely try the demo.

  • I hope I like it :)

  • I thought it was dumb, but after watching this trailer, I will try the demo and may even buy it after all. The price point is pretty low.

  • Can’t wait to play the demo O:

  • they didnt list anywhere that i would have to play holding the ps vita like a cell phone in a vertical stance.

  • it should have had an option where you use the analog for control and letter O for shooting

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