Starhawk MLG Tourneys: $20k Competition, Smaller Skill Challenges

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Starhawk MLG Tourneys: $20k Competition, Smaller Skill Challenges

Starhawk for PS3

Last week we released our massive Starhawk 1.04 multiplayer update, a ton of badass new free DLC, our multiplayer digital download edition, and our epic single-player campaign as a free download to PlayStation Plus subscribers including all of the multiplayer DLC free. If you haven’t signed up for PlayStation Plus yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a crazy good deal — not to mention it now includes a slice of Starhawk.

On top of all that, in a partnership with the MLG, we launched a major $20,000 Starhawk multiplayer tournament. The competition has gotten off to a fierce start as all Starhawk players are eligible, including you! To sign up, head over to the MLG GameBattles Starhawk website and mount up to compete for your share of the cash! After you sign up, all you have to do is get online in the ranked match frenzy and you’ll be entered. Easy!

Starhawk for PS3

Click here to compete in the $20,000 Starhawk MLG Tournament

Separate from the leaderboard tourney, MLG is also running four skill challenge weekends to ensure you always have a second chance at scoring some cash. And that’s where this gets interesting — these quick weekend challenges give everyone a shot at nabbing a $500 prize! Starting right now, the first of these quick challenges begins with a skill competition to see who can score the most knife kills. Score the most knife kills at the end of this weekend to top the leaderboard and you’ll win $500, even if you aren’t in the top ranks of the main leaderboard. Get online right now — the first quick challenge has been activated!

Click here to compete in the Starhawk Quick Challenge

To help you become a knife master, we’re continuing our Starhawk multiplayer strategy video series with an overview of the top on-foot weapons. Also be sure to watch our strategy videos focusing on Rift Energy and effective use of Zones.

We’ve produced a whole slew of new multiplayer tutorial videos covering every aspect of Starhawk. We’ll be continuing to release them weekly, so check ’em out, then hop online and put your new skills to work!

Between the new updates, tournaments, community game nights and new video series, there’s never been a more exciting time to be playing Starhawk. So grab your Kinetic Rifle, dust off your hat, and we’ll see you in the New Frontier!

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