PlayStation at New York Comic Con: Play God of War: Ascension, PlayStation All-Stars, More

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PlayStation at New York Comic Con: Play God of War: Ascension, PlayStation All-Stars, More

Are you gearing up for New York Comic Con next week? Well, we are too; we have a killer lineup on the show floor this year. If you’re on the East Coast and want to experience some of PlayStation’s biggest upcoming titles — including PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, God of War: Ascension, LittleBigPlanet Karting and The Last of Us — before they launch, here’s your guide to PlayStation’s activities at the show.

God of War: Ascension for PS3

God of War: Ascension’s single-player demo will be at New York Comic Con, giving fans a taste of what to expect next March. In addition, multi-player stations will also be available, where attendees will have a chance to check out the newest way to play God of War.

Ready for Battle? At the PlayStation All-Stars kiosk, you can get your hands on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions of the game, and see for yourself what everyone’s been talking about.

You can also snag a voucher for a 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus if you swing by the booth (#1728). Why is that a big deal? ‘Cause that’s going to give you early access to try out the Beta when it goes live later this month. Stay tuned to PS.Blog, as the All-Stars team will have more news on the Beta front very soon. But, if you can’t wait until Friday to get your hands on PlayStation All-Stars, come out to our Community Meet-Up on Thursday, October 11th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM at Skylight West, where you can enter the PlayStation All-Stars tournament . Be sure to get there early to get your hands on All-Stars and practice your fighting skills. The final four fighters will win a free copy of PlayStation All-Stars for PS3 and PS Vita, and the tournament champion will win one of our brand new UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition Hardware bundles for the new slim PS3 console.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS3LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

And lastly, who isn’t excited about LittleBigPlanet Karting? Race over to the booth and give it a go! You can play a track, an arena, or even a dinosaur destroying a city (yep!) – this game has a ton to offer. We’ll be there all four days, and we’ve got four separate stations for you to play at, so be sure to stop by and test drive the fastest LittleBigPlanet yet!

If you’re looking for titles for your PS Vita, step up to the Vita Bar to play: Nico Nico, Samurai & Dragons, PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale, Ragnarok Odessey, Soul Sacrifice, Rocketbirds, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Persona 4 Golden, Lego Lord of The Rings, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, When Vikings Attack!, and Guacamelee.

Looking for fresh news about The Last of Us and Naughty Dog? Naughty Dog will be at New York Comic Con on a very special panel, where they’ll reveal some new information about The Last of Us. More details will be coming next week on the Naughty Dog blog and from other sources, so keep your eyes peeled. Additionally, ESC-Toy will have new, NYCC-exclusive UNCHARTED vinyl figures available for purchase at booth #3015. Be sure to check out Erick Scarecrow’s latest UNCHARTED creations.

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  • there is a massive blitz of content on the blog today!!! first!!!

  • Um Thursday is Oct 11 please say its Thursday!

  • Will we finally be getting any character reveal for PSASBR at NYCC?

  • im thinking of buying a PS Vita, however i have some questions about it.

    1. will i be able to sync my ps3 system trophies with the vita system so they can be viewed on the ps3 system?
    2. is the back up storage to 1GB for PS PLus already available?
    3. will i be able to compare trophies i have earned on the vita with my friends?

    i might still get it anyways regardless i just want to make sure it meets some of my needs.


  • @4

    1. NO

  • Will there be character announcements for PSASBR?

    Everyone is dying for me. This game needs some announcements… people are cancelling their preorders.

  • Can you give us any info on “Ecolibrium?” Like when the US might see a release? I’m really interested in this game and it’s already out in Europe. Thanks

  • @ YungShep: thanks for replying.

    im sure 1. could be easily fixed with a nice quick update. it be nice to show of those hard earned trophies with some of my colleagues. speacially since we are always competing with each other, fun times.

  • So.. Are we going to see any new characters for All-Stars?

  • Thank you sony for the wonderful memories you have and are still providing, playstation all stars is a beautiful masterpiece and thats just with the beta im playing. I am apologizing for all the people flaming on this game complaining about the characters missing or the supers or whatever. I love the super moves and the characters in the game all of them are truly allstars. I hope that this game sells alot and that people buy it not just complain about everything its not were finally getting the perfect game for the playstations. I for one am buying 2 copies of this game for my support every dlc free or paid i will get ( i hope u have dlc characters and stages) much love and respect.

  • I have this booked on my calendar, is this place wheelchair accessable?

  • So, Soul Sacrifice is going to have a playable demo at NYCC?!!
    If so, i can’t wait to hear peoples hands on impressions. That game looks brilliant!

  • What do I need to attend?

  • Will SuperBot Entertainment be having a panel there? Will they be revealing any new characters? What about modes? etc?

    If there are no character announcements at New Yrok Comic Con then it’s safe to assume that there won’t be anymore characters. :(

  • Didn’t even finish reading and went ahead bought the ticket for friday becauseI saw Sly, GoW: A, PSABR, TLoU, soul sacrifice, and AC III: L. I am jumping in my chair as i am typing this. Thank you so much Playstation team.

    I have never gone to PAX and or E3, so this is the only chance I get to go to big gaming conventions, and you guys are going full force. Again thank you and I will see you guys there :D

  • Will they add more characters/levels to PS Allstars Battle Royal at later dates as DLC?

  • Will the Playstation All-Stars public beta be for vita as well as ps3?

  • heard that this is final roster. I’m fine w it but there’s just a smal part of me that wants a chimera from resistance franchise in there…maybe Dart from legend of dragoon

  • sony is dragon ball z budokai hd collection part of the comic con in new york please reply its an emergency

  • so the beta for all-stars is coming out friday october 12th?

  • YES! you guys are finally coming!!!!!!! When is the Naughty Dog panel?! i cant find it on the site (NYCC)

  • Are you guys going to make a gaming event here in L.A. California featuring Sanzaru Inc. because ive been looking forward to buy a ticker on E3 because i want to see Sly Cooper:thieves in time.
    if there is please inform. us when its going to be.
    Thank you

  • yes!!! thank you for giving us some info on PSASBR beta!! wish it was an actual date but hopefully this upcoming PS store update

  • PSASBR was the game that I was looking forward to the most this holiday season. Mr Shuman’s tweet about the character roster has raised some concerns as far as the depth of the initial roster for the game. What is the pricing for this game? Omar and Seth have done a good job here and on IGN in getting us hype for the game somewhat however, 20 characters for how much on each SKU. I can say this after much deliberation I am going with the familiar and tested Street fighter x Tekken vita. I don’t support Capcom business practices but 55 characters with costumes and features to the teeth for 40$ is just tough to pass up especially since I smartly skipped the home console versions.

  • I hope that you guys have perspective on this situation. If we don’t cross buy what are we paying for a 20 character fighter from proven individual talents put on an untested team? I want the game to succeed so getting a good reputation out the gate so that future games developed by Superbot is less scrutinized is key. 29.99$ stand alone for the Vita version is wise. 49.99$ cross buy price would be pretty good. I think that the sweet spot for VIta is $29.99 for a good game. I still have yet to play the game but judging by the videos made this is a game that we should just buy to have fun and if the depth is there then yipee ki yeah. Please read this post Sony and Superbot and give this some thought.

  • what r the requirements to join the PASBR tournament or could anybody join?

  • It’s a shame that Sony didn’t include Gabe Logan for the game. Gabe deserves to be in, much more than Parappa and Fat Princess. I’m really desappointed. THAT’S WAY SONY IS IN 3RD PLACE, ‘CAUSE DOES NOT LISTEN TO US, GAMERS. I miss the Sony I knew and loved, I really do.

  • I know this isn’t the place but when are they going to announce that the playstation network got hacked again? I was lucky enough to be able to change my password in between someone else trying to boot me offline.

  • @6
    unfortunately they don’t have any plans to increase the roster anymore

  • Glad to finally get confirmation that the Beta is coming out this month!!

    But is it really true that the current roster of 20 is final? If so, thats really disappointing. Not only were you not able to secure Crash and Spyro from Activision, but no Jrpg characters at all (despite that genre popularizing Sony’s console during the PS1 era).

    I’m hoping either there are hidden characters you aren’t telling us about or you will release more via dlc (at a reasonable price).

  • @29 what hack? I haven’t heard anything about that. You probably just had a bad connection and got knocked out of psn. Either that or you were sharing an account with someone and they knocked you offline. :/

  • Yeeees!!! C’mon All-Stars! Give me Jeanne D’Arc!! Oh, I want this game so bad I’m drawing fan art right now. ^.^

    I know Superbot said that they’re done with the roster but who doesn’t think they’re keeping a few characters secret for players to unlock? I mean seriously, Nariko and Princess can’t be the only women on the team and what about a Squeenix character?

  • I most certainly will be there and will be happy to get some hands on NFS; Most Wanted, ACIII: Liberation and Guacamelee. Definitely can’t wait for this.

    Ray “WrekGar” McLean
    AKA PS Blog Stalker

  • This is going to be excellent!! I have a full planner on my mobile app, so I’m trying to plan out the right times of when I should be at the booth for these events, ESPECIALLY with Playstation All Stars & The Last Of Us! Glad that Naughty Dog is taking the time to come to this particular Comic Con in NYCC! Can’t Wait!!! :)

  • If Sony didn’t get EA on board with “Cross-Buy” for NFS:MW that’s going to be yet another failure on Sony’s part to me.

  • I need to know if Little King Story its coming in physical since I dont buy digital! if not then thats a real damn shame i will not play this game and sony wont get a sale :(


    Sony talked to EA for it… If EA dont want to then its not Sony’s fault, They cant put a gun to their heads and make them agree.

  • @32 I don’t share my password with anyone. I was logged in at another location somehow and we had a login war till I was able to change my password.

  • Can you tell us if Superbot is also going to have a panel?

  • Awesome, I’ll be there both during NYCC and at the Community Meet-Up.

  • waz up?

  • Still no SOCOM news

  • god, am hoping they release the feature DLC before I buy this.

  • so free to enter or pay?

  • I guess I’ll have to start re-playing.
    …I don’t see anyone who will be thrilled about that news, especially the 8vsMe squad I fought and won.
    We were even until my team started to have more people, in a death match game.
    Yeah, or other team I won 26:1 kills/death, without using a starhawk nor tank…

  • I be there for the 4 days I cant wait to go to the sony booth PlayStation for life

  • Now this is Why PS3 is better than Xbox and better than Nintendo!

  • Actually @49, the ps3 is the best selling console world wide between wii/360 & ps3 for the last 8 months . Also the Playstation has the best 1st party exclusives on all consoles. Killzone/ Gran Turismo/ LBP/ Resistance/ Ratchet & Clank/ Uncharted/ Motorstorm/ Wipeout….Starhawk/ MAG/ and many more…Playstation All Stars will be awesome and here is 1 more fact. You will also Buy It.

  • is samurai and dragons being considered for a release in the us? i been following information on that game ever since the promotional video with featured ai shinozaki,

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