God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number One — The Death of Ares

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God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number One — The Death of Ares

God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number One

From the gargantuan, larger than life battles with Zeus, Cronos, and Poseidon, to the brutally intimate no-holds-barred fight with Hercules in God of War III, to fighting alongside his brother, Deimos, in Ghost of Sparta, there have been plenty of epic moments in Kratos’ journey.

But what, ladies and gentlemen, Spartans, warriors and champions, reigns supreme as the #1 most epic God of War moment of All Time?

If you ever doubted Kratos’ ultimate arch-nemesis, the true evil that propelled him into an unstoppable rage, the original God of War — who emblazoned the Blades of Chaos upon Kratos, as he swore an oath to serve his new master — then by the Gods, this moment is bound to get you fired up.

As voted by the God of War Facebook Community , the #1 God of War Epic Moment of All Time takes us back to a moment you should never forget…

God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number One — The Death of Ares

God of War’s Most Epic Moments Ever
  1. The Death of Ares
  2. Kratos vs. Hercules
  3. The Brutal Death of Poseidon
  4. Brothers in Arms
  5. Destroying Zeus and Cronos

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2 Author Replies

  • Ok so as a plus member I get in on the beta for Ascension then?

  • The most incredible moment in God of war was while on the phone I walked my friend through the whole game so he can get every trophy

  • #3 you are a tool. dont speak again please

  • ok, the comment i was referring to is gone now. i look like the tool. HAHAHA! God of War is a great game anyway and the death of Aries is a good pick for number 1

  • I enjoyed the #2 battle much more. Great choices anyway. I would swap #2 with #1 and then swap #3 with #2. Yeah, thats about right.

  • GOW games are undoubtedly the best Action games of all time bar none! I am so grateful that Santa Monica decided to bring these collections to the PS3 as I never owned a PS2. =( I am truly enjoying going back to play GOW and GOW2 on my Vita. I do have a request however that I hope Santa Monica considers…make GOW Origins collection available for Remote Play. You guys would make have one happy customer if you do this, of course unless you do GOW3 Remote Play as well ;) that would be even better! =)

  • Well, there is a reason the series are still called God of War, despite Ares’ death and Kratos losing his godly powers.

  • Called it.

  • LMFAO so hard @ current comment #3 & 4!!! Hehe! :P (PS: Can’t wait for the GoW Beta!!)

  • God Of War ! The original is still the best ! And YES the best moment also …. too bad Jaffe didn’t do the sequels …

  • No surprise! certainly one of the most epic moments, but the top 5 could have gone very different ways also.

  • Death of Ares is a solid number 1, though I still think the fight with Poseidon was the best, especially the first person kill-view. I seriously think that’s the first time my mouth literally dropped when I played a game.

  • The only thing I am yet to see Kratos kill using are his teeth… only then would he be 100% badass

  • Can you guys please stop using the good GoW games to promote the new one? It feels like you know this new game isn’t as good so you try to make people remember good parts from the other games to get them interested.

  • Hey “Warriors of God of War”, stoked to see the enthusiasm and general “friendly debate” on what made this list of our Top 5. I have to say, unselfishly, my personal top 5 would have gone like this if it were up to me:

    5. Ares
    4. Hercules
    3. Zeus
    2. Cronos
    1. Poseidon

    It is an honor to be the Community Strategist for a franchise I’ve “bled pride” for since the beginning, and I have to say, when I first put God of War 3 in my PlayStation drive, watched the moving intro that retold the whole story in a beautiful “Imaginary Forces” way, those first 20 minutes with the Battle of Poseidon are as epic as anything you could ever dream of in a video game.

    So for me, that’s my top 5. Death of Ares is a solid #1 however, it’s definitely a nod to fans appreciating the origins of a phenomenon. Kratos!!!!!!!!!!

    Every day is community day,

  • #3, Poseidon fight all the way, one of the epic fight in the history of gaming :) its just wow :)


  • The Helios Head RIP was close, however, it’s arguably not epic so much as “bad-ass”. There is a difference, arguably…

  • I want god of war

  • Wait so the worst boss battle in God of War 1 is #1?

  • @Aaron maybe not on a grand scale epic but with the violent nature of a character like Kratos that particular kill is the most iconic in the entire series hands down, no other kill in all of God of war tops it in terms of it’s brutality. I cringed watching his eyes roll back in his head as the skin stretched and his head got peeled away from his body and the final pose with Kratos holding the head with Helios eyes and mouth glowing was epic and it didn’t even make the list??

  • Honestly, I wished the series would’ve just ended right there, especially with the ending that followed this. It was the highest point of the series and no matter what it had nowhere to go but down, even with all the other great moments.

    I cringed so hard by how GOW2 started I wanted to disown the series.

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • this was the perfect number one choice agree with all of them. Also, Thank you sony for the wonderful memories you have and are still providing, playstation all stars is a beautiful masterpiece and thats just with the beta im playing. I am apologizing for all the people flaming on this game complaining about the characters missing or the supers or whatever. I love the super moves and the characters in the game all of them are truly allstars. I hope that this game sells alot and that people buy it not just complain about everything its not were finally getting the perfect game for the playstations. I for one am buying 2 copies of this game for my support every dlc free or paid i will get ( i hope u have dlc characters and stages) much love and respect.

  • No god of war 2 ending?? That moment was, just, simply….
    That is one of my favourite gaming moments (expecially because I didn’t have to wait for the third game because I first played the second GoW recently). Didn’t have to be moment number one, but at least second.

  • I was actually surprised! But yes, this makes perfect sense, how did I not think of this?
    Plus, I was so ready for Ares to die after all those Kratos doubles!!

  • Hooligantuan:
    Other genre Mary Sues like Master Chief and Mario are still popular too.
    Being a Mary Sue isn’t always bad. :)
    I agree about the public schools though.

  • @ #18 youre right, i was thinking the exact same thing.

  • @Hooligantuan

    Thank you! Its good to know that I am not the only one who thinks Kratos is a joke.

  • i have every god of war they’re all epic

  • Irrefutably #1

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