When Vikings Attack! Costume Design Contest Winners Revealed

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When Vikings Attack! Costume Design Contest Winners Revealed

It’s been a while, but we’re back with some updates on When Vikings Attack! So what’s been happening since the last update? Well, apart from tirelessly working on the game day and night, the team have been to Gamescom, Comic Con and just this last weekend the game took a trip to the Eurogamer Expo in London. All of the events were great; we were all super happy to get your tweets and positive reactions, so big thanks to everyone who played the game!

Anyway, it seems about time that we announced the winner of our design a character competition. We got so many crazy, weird and wonderful entries — it was incredibly hard for us to choose just three from all the entries across the globe. In the end, the team made the call to choose designs that allowed them to do some cool animations to flesh the characters out. There was a desire to make some cool standout characters, and with the help of your deigns we think that’s been possible.

Our three winners are:

Victim of the Sea

By Mondchueh from Sweden

When Vikings Attack!When Vikings Attack!

We choose this one out of all the entries because we immediately saw the opportunity to create a cool animation around it, the idea of a guy running around with a giant fish on his head… well it just spoke to us.


By D-Squad3 from America

When Vikings Attack!When Vikings Attack!

We choose Auscenic because we really, really wanted a body popping robot in the game. So maybe we have to apologise to the artist if this robot was intended to be some kind of blood thirsty Viking killing machine because in our game… he’s a dancing machine. That’s just the way these things go, right? How many times have evil companies turned innocent technology into weapons? We prefer this approach.

Jiang Shi

By DistroW90 from China

When Vikings Attack!When Vikings Attack!

Our game is set in Britain, so we have lots of quirky British characters in there. For this one we wanted something a bit different, so when we came across a traditional Chinese hopping zombie in the entries, we had to go for it. Games are full of zombies these days… not enough hopping zombies though. Come on people! Let’s re-balance things!

And the runners up? Well, there are far too many to put in this post — click here to see them all.

All three winning designs are now in the game as unlockable characters; we love them, so we hope that you do too! Let us know what you think about the winners and runners up in the comments or tweet at us here.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about the game. Keep any eye on the blog in the coming month to get some more updates on the game — we can’t wait to reveal the release date and get it into your hands.

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  • I love that you did this, the models look awesome! Give your graphic designers a pat on the back.

    • Definitely! They did a great job.

      There are some other fantastic characters in the game, great artists!

  • Im sorry this is quite off topic but… Lets get a playstation blog app for ps vita developed? Its such a pain using the vita’s web browser and logging in everytime since it refuses to save login information. I check the website multiple times a day and it would be easier with an app. Thanks.

  • NA PS Blog app needed to happen years ago…

  • Oh, and I really love the fish one.

    Is this whole game just arcadey play? I like some narrative even if its limited. Makes me feel like I have a purpose in game. Which makes it funner for me.

    • Yeah it’s not just arcade, there are 2 gameplay modes.

      Vs which is up to 4 players arcade brawling in multiple different game types and Adventure mode where 1 to 4 players can progress through different areas of Britain fighting back the Viking invasion in single of co-op play.

      So, between the local and online multiplayer modes and the adventure mode (which is also local and online multiplayer) there’s a fair amount to do!

  • how long is the adventure mode? im not really into online versus

  • Depends how you play it really, on top of each of the stages you have the level challenges and all the collectable characters, I think it takes our test team about 14 hours to 100% the game… not sure how long it will take a normal human being though :) I assume longer.

  • Hey Neil, can you estimate a release date ?

    • Hey, the game will be out very soon, before Christmas for sure!

      More on the date will be announced in a week or so.

  • Looks great waiting for this on the vita!! And i would also like a psvita ps blog app. Cant wait to play so many good games in such a little time frame. Im enjoying lbp before AC liberation comes out!!!! Please more AC:Liberqtion coverage #PlaystationRules

  • Wow I just love how my character turned out in the game! Thank you guys so much for giving everyone the opportunity to design their own character for the game. I hope many developers continue to do these kind of contests because it really helps the community unite.

    I can’t wait until this game comes out so I can finally see my design in action! Thanks again.

    • Glad you like him! We loved the design.

      You’ll find him hidden in the game somewhere, there is a specific place to find him if you want to unlock him.

      As soon as the game’s ready we’ll be sending out the Vita and game.


  • Congratulations to all the winners, especially D-Squad3, I guess we had the same concept in mind! :D http://twitpic.com/b11emg

  • That’s pretty cool; I made the runners up list! It feels good :)
    Thanks for the fun contest and congrats to the three winners!

  • Wow, I didn’t expect to make the runners-up list. That salad one is freaky, it reminds me of Jan Svankmajer’s eerie stop motion with vegetables. Love it.

  • Congrats to the winners and congrats the runner ups! I’m excited to be a runner up with you all – woo hoo!

  • Its nice to see my creation Trashboy (0:39)! I hardly ever win things, and New Zealand hardly ever shows up on the winners lists, so it felt great to see my name show up. The game looks epic by the way and I can hardly wait to play it! Congratulations to the winners, I love your designs!

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