Tales of Xillia Interview: Namco’s RPG Series Gets Bigger and Bigger

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Tales of Xillia Interview: Namco’s RPG Series Gets Bigger and Bigger

Lead screen Xillia

Good news for anyone who’s been enjoying Namco Bandai’s enormous JRPG Tales of Graces F since its launch back in August: its immediate successor, Tales of Xillia, is on its way exclusively to PlayStation 3 in 2013.

We’ve struggled our way through an hour or so of the original Japanese version, which launched overseas back in 2011, and the 13th entry in the long-running series brings with it a number of significant new innovations for the much-loved franchise. Duly, we took the time to check in with producer Hideo Baba while in Tokyo last month to find out exactly what fans should expect.

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PlayStation Blog: What are the key new additions to the Tales formula since Tales of Graces?
Hideo Baba, Producer: There are many unique features in Xillia but I’d like to emphasise that the battle system is very unique and much improved over the previous title. Also, the portrayal of the game world and its atmosphere has also changed a lot too. In the previous games the characters were very deformed – they were much shorter – but with Xillia the team has tried to show the characters in realistic proportions so that we can really convey the huge size of the world more effectively. The player can really feel how large the world is now.

PSB: Can you put that into real terms? Just how big is Tales of Xillia?
HB: Well, that depends on the player. There are two main characters in the game – if you play through the story from both points of view it will take you more than 100 hours to finish.


PSB: Xillia originally launched in Japan over a year ago, while Tales of Graces F took 18 months to make it to Europe. Do you hope to reduce the localisation time for future Tales titles?
HB: I recognise how important it is to release a Western version as soon as possible after the Japanese release but sometimes some scenes prove difficult to describe in different languages. It’s very challenging to localise and properly convey the right sentiments to Western players. I would like to start a new method of localisation though – perhaps we could make the cinematic sequences in parallel with language translation to shorten the waiting time.

PSB: Many members of the PlayStation community would like to see an option to play the game with the original Japanese voice track. Is this something you’ve considered including?
HB: I receive so many requests from foreign players for Japanese voice tracks in the Western version! However, there are some difficulties with the company and the voice actors. That said, I will be considering the feasibility of it.


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  • im still going through tales of graces f right now, but i still can’t help and be excited that xillia (and hopefully xillia 2) is getting the localization they deserve. ofcourse like the majority im still hoping for jap voice overs but i doubt thats going to happen.

  • Dual audio would be nice to have, but oh well. Tales usually has fairly good dubs overall. I still like the option though.

    Hope this sells well. I want to care about Xillia 2 as well.

    Please bring over Tales of Innocence R on PS Vita.

    Obligatory mention of Vesperia PS3 and how I would totally still buy it.

  • lolwut, Graces F was released stateside back in March not August

  • @3: this is taken from Europe’s blog with no changes to anything. Even mentions Europe in one of the questions.

  • It’s really nice to see Tales of Xillia getting some attention on the PS Blog. As a long-time fan of the series, I am very grateful that English-speaking audiences will have the opportunity to play this game. Thank you so much for taking the time to report on a Japanese RPG! :)

  • I’m going to keep my fingers crossed on that dual audio. Already had to miss out on Kana Ueda as Pascal for Graces, I don’t want to miss Alvin as Tomokazu Sugita in Xillia.

  • Can’t wait. Make sure to bring Xilla 2 over as well.

    Oh, and can we get the Tales port for the Vita already? Why is the turn-around on Namco games so freaking long? SE have almost synonymous localization now on their major titles. And they’re a horrible example to use for pretty much anything.

  • I’ve never played a Tales game but this game looks beautiful. I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t contain the Japanese audio track, but I’d still consider buying it if the game reviews well. If does have the audio, purchase is almost a guarantee.

  • Man! Looks really nice! Hope we hear a release date soon.

  • Bring these damn collections to the vita already, I will buy them all.

  • I CAN’T WAIT! Sooner than later please!

    I really hope you use the english team from Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Vesperia. Those 2 games have the best voice acting in JRPG history IMO. Incredible work.

    Tales of Graces F was a fantastic game, but the voice acting was a step down when compared to those 2 games.

  • Remote Play on Vita?

  • Hopefully this encourages NamcoBandia to bring over the sequel and future titles over here in the states. Sucks we didn’t get the ps3 version of Vesperia. That game has alot of extra stuff.

  • Well the waiting time could be shorter, but i’m just grateful to be able to play these wonderful RPGs in the first place. Please confirm Xillia 2 soon!!!

  • Finally something about japanese audio track… is not what I wanted to read, but is something hope at least just the japanese voice because the english version of the openings of Tales of are good to listening, but the english dubbing I can’t listen, my ears bleed

  • The game looks good. I am still wondering what happened to the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia.

  • Vesperia PS3 and Tales of Innocence R! Please Namco, we will buy them all!

  • It’s pretty cool that we’re getting this game localized. It’s not too surprising IMO since Tales of Xillia 2 is being made, which is more money.

    I’ll get this. =)

  • Vesperia is exclusive on 360 unfortunately.

  • Make this a psvita game!!! The vita is an great system. It just needs more games. This game looks great

  • @19 You do realize they made Vesperia for the PS3 also right? Also PS3 version is the better version.

  • Really looking forward to this. I love the Tales series.

    Not sure I understand the answer to the localization question though:

    Baba: “However, there are some difficulties with the company and the voice actors.”

    Which company are we talking about? Namco-Bandai or the localization company?

  • THANK YOU! PS3 will be the last real console for RPG fans yet! Keep it alive!!!

  • Why all Namco games with the exception of Tales have dual audio? =/

  • Why all Namco games with the exception of Tales have dual audio? =\ [2]

  • This is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep them coming!!! Bring Vesperia too! Even if it’s 4 year old game the PS3 port had lots of goodies!! consider bring it over!

  • God, all these whiny brats. Who cares about having japanese voice work? If we have the option great, if not oh well. I’m not that shallow to turn a game down just because it doesn’t have the obnoxious japanese voice cast.

    I’m just glad to be getting this game. I really enjoyed Graces F. Hope this gets a cheaper digital release though.

  • Only bad thing about this game is that i heard the combat system wasn’t as good as Graces F. Hope thats not true, since the combat is the best part of the series for me.

    Also, is there any chance at all that we could possibly get an HD trophy enabled remake of Symphonia? I know the PS2 version never came to NA, but just thought i’d ask. Its still my favorite int he series.

    The sequel for Wii is god awful though! >_<

  • Awesome, I had to buy an old xbox 360 for Tales of Vesperia, and it looked like crap without hdmi. I’m glad this is coming out for the PS3

  • @27: Only one whining is you.

  • Looking forward to this and please try localizing Tales of Xillia 2 faster.

  • >>However, there are some difficulties with the company and the voice actors.

    Urghhhh!!! Foiled by inter-company politics and bureaucracy.

    Seriously, why is it that huge an issue? Voice work companies really need to ease up on this. It’s better for everyone in the long run.

  • Lately, the english voices on Tales of Series are “ok”, but japanese voice work >>>>>>>> english voice work

    It’s sad but true


  • I really want remote play with the vita, it really needs a tales game. milla is just as gorgeous in the sequel by the way, and she rocks any outfits.

  • Funkadelic! I’m hype and ready

  • Can you please tell Namco to allow more people to pre-order the Wizard’s Edition of Ni No Kuni?!! I really wanted that edition but the pre-order deadline was too soon!

  • @33 lol sure whatever you say

  • GREAT ! now we need ”Tales Of Xillia 2” !

  • I really liked Graces F, especially battle system that was addicting. Is the seriously the interview only 4 questions?

  • @39 i was wondering the same thing. I learned almost nothing substantial aside from an estimated length of time for the campaign.

    I do like that they are looking into ways to shorten the gap between japanese and western releases. Xilia 2 looks far more interesting to me. I really want that one.

  • why it take so long to localize one Tales game?

    and where’s Vesperia for PS3 ???

  • I don’t care about this game. I just want Tales of Vesperia on PS3 (blu-ray) in America. Hurry up already.

  • Played the hell out of Vesperia on the 360. Been looking forward to this one for some time! One of the primary reasons I came back to the playstation. Xillia is supposed to be even better than Vesperia. Playing Graces F right now. It’s alright but it’s no Vesperia. Day one purchase! Please make it a Digital Day 1 release! Give us a date for all that is holy! :D

  • Does it will have a Digital Release in the PSN??

  • very awesome, i wanted to try this game out but now i get chance too.

  • I just want an HD tales of the abyss on ps3!!!!!

  • Might actually get this ;)

  • i will be buying this. Will be the first tales game I play since Eternia.. (the only other one I played…on the psp no less).

    I don’t get the wanting of jp voice…. I can’t stand it when games don’t have a english vo. I don’t speak japanese, so I don’t want a language I can’t understand. Do all you speak it, or is it just because you are anime fans (I do not watch or ever watched anime… I want to get this because its a proper JRPG…without the stupid loli and moe crap).

  • Buying this game on day one! ^_^

  • Where is Tales of Innocence R on Vita?
    I buy Vita for this game and now is available only in Japan ?!?

    We want this in USA & EU !

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