Resistance Collection Hits PS3 This Winter

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Resistance Collection Hits PS3 This Winter

This year we’ve been rolling out some great value offerings for PS3 owners who may have missed some of our past classics, from God of War Saga to the Ratchet & Clank Collection. Today, we’re happy to announce that we have yet another sweet collection coming your way this winter — The Resistance Collection.

Resistance Collection for PS3

The Resistance Collection will include all three of the critically acclaimed PS3 Resistance games from Insomniac Games – Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3. You’ll also get extra bonus DLC content for Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 so you can play with all of the best DLC from both games, including the Aftermath Pack and skin bundle from Resistance 2, and both the Brutality and Survival Packs from Resistance 3. For those of you who missed out on Nathan Hale and Joseph Capelli’s battle against the Chimeran invasion, this is a great chance to get all three games for just $39.99 and enjoy the exotic weapons and frenetic multiplayer action the series is known for.

Resistance Collection for PS3Resistance Collection for PS3

Resistance Collection for PS3Resistance Collection for PS3

Stay tuned for more details, including the final US release date, in the coming weeks. And we want to know — which Resistance game is your favorite?

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  • How about a sequel to Resistance: Retribution? Playing as James Greyson with the way he was at the end of the game would open up some interesting gameplay options.

  • Trophy support for Resistance 1?

  • Does this mean Resistance 1 is getting trophies?

  • Will there be a digital PSN version of this collection? I would love to have the 3 resistance games on my HDD.

  • Also, for people that keep asking, there will never be trophy support for Resistance 1. Ted Price has been on this blog and stated the reasons for doing so.

  • I already own all three games but if this version of Resistance 1 got trophies I’d buy it day one. Random aside good on Sony for these collections. These are great deals, especially that God of War Saga Collection which was a steal at $40.

  • Will you be adding trophy support for the first resistance?

  • Love the cover, Resistance 1 was my favorite. Will this include the two free DLC packs for Resistance 1 on disc or will they have to be downloaded?

  • Nice but if Resistance 1/Fall of Man doesn’t have trophy support many people will not buy this collection.

    I know its an incredibly stupid reason not to buy this collection but looks at the comments here and around the web and notice that people would like to have a trophy patch for this game. It could hinder sales.

    So please add a trophy patch.

  • I own all 3 games, but Resistance 3 is definitely the best in the series. I’m still playing the multiplayer. With Insomniac moving on from Resistance, I hope we can get another console Resistance game.

  • I really like this series. I already played every game so this pack wouldn’t be for me. Still, I think this is one of those series that is overlooked a lot by people and shouldn’t be.

    The universe and stories are rich and the gameplay is fun. Hopefully this collection will entice some people who haven’t played the series to give it a try. It evolved a lot since FoM.

    Resistance 3 was probably one of if not the one favorite FPS I played last year. It’s sad that the sales didn’t do better.

  • will RFOM have trophy support finally? Only one I dont own but beat the game via co-op w friend in early days of ps3. Btw…make another PAIN game

  • Might trade in my copies of 1 and 2 i got from the 2 pack deal a while back for this since i don’t have the third yet. Sadly i still haven’t gotten around to playing the single player for the second one yet, whenever i play it i go on multiplayer.

  • Wouldn’t make sense to add trophy support for Resistance 1 for only this collection, it’d have to be a patch that allows those of us who still have the original one too lol.

  • This is a great idea, Uncharted will prolly be next I’m guessing. Definitely a great trilogy nonetheless!

  • I understand Ted Price made the no trophy comment. However I am hoping ideas on this change.

    I am a major Resistance fan. I own all the games. I have no reason to buy this. However I would definitely buy this if Resistance 1 had Trophies added. I really hope they consider the die hard fans like myself that would re-buy the series for that added incentive.

    At this point if you haven’t played the Resistance franchise then chances are you aren’t going to dive into 30+ hours of gameplay with the same enthusiasm that a fan of the series would. Please consider your built in fan base that would make this purchase pending the Trophy add on. Thank you.

  • Now if we can get a ratchet and clank future collection with trophy support for all the games that would be wonderful hint hint guys

  • Trophies for Fall of Man or EPIC FAIL

  • The community has spoken we want trophy support in all our collection games I hope Sony is listening ?

  • Love the resistance series! Add trophies to resistance 1! I got the plats for 2 and 3 would love to get 1 as well!

  • I probably won’t be bothering with this, considering Black Ops II will fill my FPS Quota for the year. But its nice that you are bring this collection to people who like this series. I tried the first one but didn’t like it much.

  • Is Resistance Fall of Man getting trophies? how about a Motorstorm collection? oh and please put Sony Bend to help the incompetent guys at Nihilistic to fix Resistance Burning Skies online multiplayer and add more maps, modes and even players 4v4 is just not acceptable.

  • oh and Resistance Fall of Man is my overall favorite Resistance game and my least favorite would be Resistance 2, im still mad at Insomniac Games because they killed Nathan Hale.

  • one last thing if Insomniac is done with the franchise and you guys are planning to release a ps4 title or another psvita Resistance game you should definitely let Sony Bend take over the franchise, Nihilistic will kill it if they haven’t done it yet.

  • Please don’t put trophies in Resistance: Fall of Man.

  • Wow these PS3 collections are great deals, Resistance is a great series on PS3. I’m hopping there’s a new Resistance Retribution game for the PSVita done by Sony’s bend STUDIO

  • at 26 yes Resistance Burning Skies should have been developed by Sony Bend , i don’t understand how the incompetent guys at Nihilistic got that job, just look at the great job Sony Bend did with Resistance Retribution and Uncharted Golden Abyss, man Resistance Burning Skies could have been a hit on the vita if Bend would have developed.

  • On the front page, y’all put ‘Out this Winder’. LOL. Common mistake :P

  • Huge fan of the series – PLEASE add trophy support for RFOM!!!


    a winter full of win

  • Trophies for R:FOM would be very much welcome!!

  • Will the Resistance Collection be on PSN as well? And will Resistance: Fall of Man have trophies support?

  • God I love the Resistance 1 box art.

  • Walkin’ in a Winder Wonderland

  • All these collections Sony’s releasing do not make up for the lack of a exclusive big game this fall/winter for my PS3. I’d really have liked to have a game to play. Also trophy support please.

  • @1: I would also like to see a sequel to Resistance: Retribution.

    Resistance 2’s separate 8-player online co-op mode was ABSOLUTELY AWESOMELY FUN TO PLAY!!!!!
    My buddies & I spent countless hours fighting the Chimera together & we have fond memories of it.

    I still cannot bring myself to play Resistance 3 because I’m still so very EXTREMELY UPSET over Insomniac’s idiotic decision to drop the separate 8-player online co-op mode in favor of the 2-player campaign co-op.

    Who else out there misses Resistance 2’s separate 8-player online co-op mode?

  • It’s all Windery in here.

  • lmao @ DeathGazer, I was thinking the same thing.

    WINDER TIME! Resistance: FOM was still the best IMO.

  • The 8 player co-op was the best part of Resistance 2. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they didn’t build on that in 3.

    As for this…if there is no trophy support for Resistance 1, then it’s a waste.

  • I would love to see this series be remote playable like they did with GOW and ICO collections recently. Playing Good resistance games on my Vita would be nice

  • The first is definitely the best.

  • Awesome. Any chance of getting a R&C Future collection some time?…

  • People, if there were trophies coming they would have announced it in the post.

  • PSblog homepage: ” The Resistance Collection out this WINDER” I wonder if someone will fix it XD

    Resistance 2 for me is the best. Nathan is BADASS!! and the BOSSES ARE AMAZING!!

    Also MAKE A RESISTANCE RETRIBUTION SEQUEL FOR THE VITA!!!!!! Bend studios was already planning the sequel before doing Uncharted: GA!!!!

    Come on Sony make it happen!! :D

  • I’ve only played R1, R2, and Retribution, and I loved them all. I heard good things about R3, so I’ll definitely be grabbing this collection.

  • 8 player co-op would have been amazing in 3. I lost so much interest in R3 when they announced it wasn’t in there. I would have bought a full game based around that mode alone. It is the most fun I have ever had in a co-op shooter.


    And Bend doing another Resistance would be great. They know how to make a good Resistance.

  • Agree with #41! All these collections need to updated for Remote Play! This is how I am catching up on GOW and Shadow of the Colossus. BTW, I’m currently playing Resistance:Retribution on my Vita and I’m loving it and surprisingly enough I like the fact that you can map buttons to the corners of the Vita’s touchscreen…I most prefer this than the back touchpad (i keep activating Rage of the Gods/Titans accidentally). In any case, hopefully you guys see the value you add to a collection or game overall by allowing Remote Play for it. Keep them collections coming, there’s a lot of us out there that want to play these remakes (I unfortunately never owned a PS2 :().

  • Resistance Fall of Man is the best. Resistance 2 sucks…and don’t get me started on Resistance 3 and the failure that was.

    Insomniac keeps give BS reason why they won’t add trophies to Resistance Fall of Man. I don’t even see the point of this collection.

    And when are we going to have a true sequel to Resistance Fall of Man? Resistance 2 and 3 were just fail call of duty clones

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