PlayStation Blogcast 045: Monsters, Myths, and PlayStation Mobile

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PlayStation Blogcast 045: Monsters, Myths, and PlayStation Mobile

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With PlayStation Mobile‘s byte-sized games for PS Vita and supported Android phones and tablets officially on the move, we sit down with PlayStation Mobile’s Sarah Thomson to chat about the top launch games, the future of mobile gaming, and the ins and outs of business development in a new Origin Story segment. Good stuff!

We also share tantalizing first details on next week’s gargantuan North American PSN games lineup for October 10th — it’s sure to be a big day for PS Vita owners and PS3 loyalists alike. Then we delve into a new selection of Player Queries and Listener Tips, serving up one of our biggest giveaways yet, and trade Resident Evil 6 war stories. Full disclosure: I liked it!

Stuff We Talked About

  • PlayStation Mobile: Currently Supported Devices
  • Dishonored
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Retro City Rampage
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Treasure Park
  • Disassembling a DualShock 3
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast - Jeff RubensteinOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast - Nick Suttner

    The Cast

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    • Retro City Rampage yesssss

    • So how about following up on the twitter post about revealing the “Launch Line Up” of the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster? Did you mean that there are characters to unlock or are there really only 20 characters on the disc when we buy it?

      Every time you ignore this subject, you lose more and more respect from everyone, not only you but people also lose faith in SuperBot. So thanks for ruining many people’s hopes and SuperBot’s reputation. I hope you can live with that, why in the world would you even tweet that if you’ve no guts to back it up? Do you know how much of a ruckus you’ve caused the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale community? But just keep ignoring the subject and keep losing respect from us.

    • hmm rare,
      Its not on Itunes yet

    • Awesome Blogcast! Looking forward to seeing where PlayStation Mobile goes from here. Come on Xperia Nexus!

    • Question about Pre-order on PSN,
      do I get to play on Mid night of the release date? or do I have to wait until
      update on PSN (EST 2pm ~ 7pm)?

    • Hey Sid or Nick. Last show was like O.o for me. When you said Julian(some guy you were talking about around the beginning of the show), which is my name. And then Rey said he is a white boy(which my friend calls me), and I was like……. WHAT!?!???!?!

    • 20 characters are all we’re getting for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Everyone should have passed the denial phase by now.

    • ER…. MER…. GERD….. RETRO CITY RAMPAGE!!. Mine… /holds self upside down by leg and shakes money out of own pockets. Finally… So good…

    • @2
      in partial agreement.

    • Hello my fellow PlayStation buddies i would like to share my opinion with you guys and the guys at PlayStation. I wrote this same thing in the resistance collection blog earlier but the big thing that’s going around is old games and trophy patches, and i know somethings you guys at PlayStation try to do is to costly but this is where the community and fan base comes in. If the studio in which the trophy patch is asked for and the studio is not busy or treat it as a pet project but would you consider making the trophy patch if we the fans pay for them, say if it costed 5 million and the fan base is 7 million and we had you covered would you consider the patch and fans would you do this for a trophy patch, all you will be ask is to send in a dollar for a patch and all 7 million will and when sony confirmed we reached the mark they then start on full feeling our wishes the fans. What do you think people and PlayStation employees.

    • I’m glad that you’re not sick anymore Nick (you don’t sound it anyway). But whatever you had, I think I’ve gotten it now. =(

      It was a loooonggg night this past evening! Lets hope that doesn’t continue!

      Anyway, 5 more episodes until episode 50! That’s alot of farm freshness! =)

    • Oh and I forgot to add, congratulations on the promotion Nick, guess the cure came with the promotion! lol =)

    • Any news on the PS Vita version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Demo coming? I heard that a nother handheld will get it soon, and I really want to try out the Vita version before release. Also, can you guys contact sega and see if the PS Vita version will be 10 players like the console versions? Including online

    • What about PS+ releases for October 9th?

    • HDD replacement represent: rocking the 1 TB here and still kinda hurting for space

    • You guys didn’t go to the Canadian Holiday Preview Event this year.

    • a few questions.
      1. Isnt there any dlc for Tekken Tag 2?
      2. Is Doctor Who cross buy?
      3. Is Retro City going to be $10 or $15?

    • Will we be seeing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 as part of the Day 1 Digital Release?

    • Hey, 4 amigos, I really enjoyed you talking about upgrading to a large hybrid drive. Did you say what brand you bought? I have 3 PS3’s, one already upgraded to 500 gig, but now I want to follow your lead on this, for the performance upgrade as much as more storage space.

    • Nick in Tokyo Jungle if you sleep in your nest (have to capture the territory first), it reduces toxicity to 0 I believe. You can’t have any mate tagging along or else the option to sleep switches to mate. It also doesn’t affect your hunger gauge so you don’t need to worry about starving while asleep.

    • some people workout with rock music i listen to this and it passes time doing cardio fast! never missed a podcast. keep it up! Beyond!……whooops.

    • Also I like how Sid had a problem with zebras in Tokyo but not dinosaurs haha.

    • Talk about black ops 2 and your thoughts on it on the next blogcast. Please consider this and give it a shot. I’m losing hope here.

    • I don’t usually listen to this podcast, since Podcast Beyond fills my need for Sony news. But i might listen to this episode since i want to hear these guys try to defend PS Mobile. Most of the games have no trophy support from what i hear and they seem overpriced. I expect these games will be ignored about at much as PS minis are.

    • @18 don’t count on it, but it would be a pleasant surprise as long as we still got the Nuketown 2025 preorder thing.

    • @10 Jay-Songz

      while the concept to the idea is a great one, the practicality of it is insane, especially when you’re then creating precident ass well…think about the long term effect of your idea…devs would hold back game patches until each consumer pays for it then, as any trophey patch would be introdued as a game patch…the precident you’ve then created is that it’s ok to charge us a dollar extra then what we’ve paid for the game, just to be able to play it…think of how that would affect other titles like MW3, which is currently on version 1.19 or further…people would pay 60 or more (depending on edition of game), have to purchase map packs as usual, and then pay an additional 19 dollars or more, just to play it? people would drop console gaming in a heartbeat.

      no offense bud, as I said, the idea is a good one, it’d get the trophy support for older games like resistance, but as I point out, it would be detrimental to the industry & their consumers.

    • I heard that PSM will not allow games to be ad supported. Is that true? If so then that’s a major oversight and facepalm moment. That means we won’t get free ad supported games but will instead get a ‘free’ game like that everybody’s arcade game where solitaire is a demo and everything else is 3 bucks each. Compare that to android and iOS where there are plenty of free, ad supported arcade games there.

      The price is already high as is (SCB $3.49 on psm, $1.99 on iOS, free on Steam), no free games means this is just minis again and will ultimately fail when it could have been really big.

    • Yay, finally Retro City Rampage is coming out ! I have been waiting for this game since it was first announced !!!

    • Wow great podcast and surprised that Sarah Thomson is a Vancouverite! She sould come back more often ;)
      Very interested to see how PS Mobile turns out as it begins to take shape just like PS Plus did.

    • i am thoroughly enjoying my time with Resident Evil 6 – crazy AWESOME….!! Glad to see i am NOT the only one. i don’t know what everybody’s beef is with that game. To each his own – my money was well spent.

    • Here’s a good question for the win. Can you guys get the full game pre-orders on PSN to list the game size?? It would be useful cuz I would love to take advange of the Dishonored preorder for the Plus discount, but I only have 23 GB left on my HDD and I don’t want to erase stuff right now. Congrats on the HDD upgrade BTW. I can’t afford that however.

    • hey first timer…used to only be able to login to eu PS BLOG….glad thev fixed that….but my whole post is for you guys to do a walk thru on how to set up the PS3 audio output settings for the pulse wireless headset (which i own)….then give me something free…LOL…..but really that would be the first thing ive seen on the internet discussing that topic. Its time i got learnt something

    • Props to Nick for mentioning Brick, a friend and I watched it a few years ago and really loved it. Great movie indeed, sir.

    • I absolutely love this podcast but this week was hard to listen to with the constant use of the word mobile, it’s just the way you guys pronounce it that sounds so strange. At first it was endearing but it’s used so much in this episode that it just started to sound so weird.

      It’s funny how some words are pronounced differently in the states, like Caribbean.

    • Great episode, I would approve of the vlogcast idea!

    • Oh and I can’t believe people don’t like Sid, I was late getting the previous 2 episodes, and when Sid was absent without immediate explanation, I quickly downloaded the next episode to hear if he was back and the “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwelcome back” that he said was just amazing!

      all jokes aside, Sid’s a great voice, funny, charming and knows his stuff really enjoy him on the Blogcast.

    • Hi guys. Love the podcast. I downloaded retro city rampage think its going to be a stupid game but gave it a chance because of you guys liked it and I agree. It’s a great game. I do have a question unrelated to that topic though. I just found out Final fantasy 14 is coming soon for ps3 and its only $40. I am wondering if it’s going to have a monthly charge or not and if so how much will it cost? also would there be a trail for the game so you can try it before you throw a bunch of money into it that you cant get back and you wind up not liking it. Regardless to if my question is on the show i would still like it answered. I am a big final fantasy fan and have wanted to play a game like WoW for a while but I’m not much for computer games and DC universe is good but is lacking a few things.

    • Sid! Jeff! Nick! Dudes!

      This is Wes Lydon (of the Netflix tip), and I haven’t received the highly trumpeted Walking Dead Season Pass code for my submission! I shot you guys an email (on the 12th), and checked all of my junk/spam/nutella folders and it isn’t in there – it never was either, I have stuff in there going back to September.

      Looking forwarded to getting past the PS+ content.!


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