Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Coming to PS Vita, Demo on PSN Today

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Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Coming to PS Vita, Demo on PSN Today

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Hey there, PlayStation Blog friends! This is Frank “Bo” deWindt II of Aksys Games, but you can all call me Bo. We have a demo coming today for our upcoming PS Vita title, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward!

For those who aren’t already familiar with the Zero Escape series, Virtue’s Last Reward is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, which came out in November 2010 and received glowing accolades from IGN, as well as amazing reviews from Destructoid and Nintendo Power, among others.

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Virtue’s Last Reward is a visual novel-style game with puzzle elements that traps college student Sigma, a mysterious young woman named Phi, and seven other strangers in a game of life and death.

They are forced to take part in a game known as the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition, which will place their lives on the line as they try to escape and discover the truth about why they’re there in the first place.

As a visual novel, Virtue’s Last Reward delves heavily into story, characterization, and reading in general. However, this is balanced by the escape rooms, which consist of point-and-click puzzles that Sigma and his fellow prisoners must solve to move the game along.

Virtue's Last Reward on PS Vita - 03Virtue's Last Reward on PS Vita - 05

For those who happened to mosey on by to just get the first gleaming bits of information on the demo itself, it consists of a brief taste of the Novel sections of the game, which will introduce Sigma and the cast of characters, whom you’ll hopefully fall in love with or hate with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

The demo also contains an Escape section, where you’ll play through one of the early escape rooms to get a feel for the interactive point-and-click puzzle gameplay the game has to offer.

If all this juicy info and series history hasn’t sold you on picking up Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, make sure to check out the demo when it goes live on PSN later today. Immerse yourself in the first English hands-on experience of Virtue’s Last Reward, and allow the game to speak for itself.

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  • Oh good, I’ve been waiting to try this out.

  • Nice

    I’m waiting 4 psn update

  • It’s a must buy for me!

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Awesome to hear! I hope you’ve played Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors already too!

  • Thank you. I always appreciate new Vita content and especially demos for it.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      I totally agree! Demos definitely help with familiarizing consumers with the game at large :)

      And always great for more Vita content!

  • Psh. Demo? Ill pass yo. Got the game preordered, awesome death inducing watch included.

  • I think you guys need to talk Chunsoft into a remake of Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the PS Vita.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Well, that would be pretty cool :)

      But as Kotaro Uchikoshi mentioned, there’s stuff about the game that makes it only possible on a DS haha.

      Though you never know!

  • I preordered this with the gift/watch. I never played the first but love to support the vita and ts games. What does the watch mean inside the game?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      The “watch”, or in the case of the game, the “bracelet” acts as a deterrent to escaping without following the rules.

      I don’t want to say too much, so as to avoid spoilers.

      The “bracelet” also acted in a similar fashion in Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

      I’d definitely try to check out 999 first before playing VLR, since a good chunk of 999’s story will be spoiled if you play VLR first.

      Also, playing VLR with the knowledge of 999 in tow will make the experience of playing VLR that much sweeter :D!

  • THANK YOU! I’ve been so interested in this game, but I had no idea what it was all about since it was in Japanese, gonna try out this and Silent Hill demo on the VITA today!

    side note: I seriously can’t wait for Assassins Creed 3, really really excited! I’m getting the PS3 version and Liberation! :D

  • I played the Japanese demo and didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

    While the game’s not pushing Vita graphically, a lot of other PSP and PS2ish looking games still don’t run at native res with 4xMSAA but this game does so hats off to Spike Chunsoft for making an effort to maximise image quality at least.

  • Any chance of bringing the first one to psvita? Or selling the watch separately for those who pre order late?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Please see post #6 about your first question :)

      As for the watches, we’ll see what the future holds, but no promises~

  • Have this on pre-order together with Ragnarok Tactics. I just wanted to thank Aksys for being so awesome and hope you will keep up the good work with supporting handheld niche games. :)

    Downloading the demo as soon as it’s up!

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Both great games for very different reasons! And thank you for all your love and support :)!

      Have fun playing the VLR demo later today!

  • @ 7
    *stare* Good things my friend. Best not to spoil it for yourself.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Yeah, spoiling a game like this would be detrimental to the overall experience.

      Best to go in as clean of a slate as possible :)

  • I didn’t even know this was coming to Vita, and I’ve not played the original but this is EXACTLY the kind of game I love, so I cannot wait to try this out.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Make sure to check out the original before playing VLR, if you can!

      You definitely won’t regret it :)!

  • When is psn updating

  • Thanks can’t waite to play

  • I pray we see a release of Kamaitachi no Yoru 11 Hitome no Suspect.

    If not import I shall. Also IOS/Android release coming up for the original. Awesomeness.

  • I’ve never tried a visual novel game before, but I’m open to it, and I’ll definitely try the demo. Here’s hoping the voice acting is up to par, as the rest of the presentation seems to be.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Gotta try things to see if you like them, and what better way than through a demo :)

      I hope you enjoy the small taste of the English voice acting the demo provides!

      The game itself will be dual voiced though (Japanese and English voice option).

  • Will their be any major differences between the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS version? I’m curious to know if either version is better.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      They both offer their own perks, but PS VITA offers that sexy OLED screen, higher res graphics, and Trophies, to name a few.

      3DS offers dual screens and 3D functionality, so ultimately it depends what you’re looking for.

  • Bo, with the release of Zero Escape Volume 2, will be see some of Spike Chunsoft’s other titles, such as Dangan-Ronpa?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      The future holds a myriad of possibilities, so never say never.

      But there are no plans currently at this time.

      Though both Dangan Ronpa games look pretty great!

  • @ Frank “Bo” DeWindt: Just wanted to comment and say that you are a great person to be replying to almost every one of the comments here in this thread…..Unlike some members of the PSN Blog team who do not even bother or take the time to respond to our questions or comments, you have shown great customer service and care in replying to us. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do so. Just wanted to say that Frank. And I have played your previous games before on other handhelds, and when I do get a Vita, I will give this one a go, just to support your great studio.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Aww, that’s really sweet of you to say :)

      Feel free to call me Bo though, since we’re all friends here.

      And that’s awesome to hear that you’ll be checking out VLR!

      Though if you do, try and check out Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS) first and foremost to help maximize your overall VLR experience ;)

  • Any plans to making 999 ported to vita or psp?

    Thanks for giving us Battle Fantasia for plus members Also loved playing zero/fate and Record of Agarest War!!!! any chance you will be showing some plus members some love anytime soon?

  • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

    Post #6 should have the answer you seek for your first question :)

    And Battle Fantasia is a really great game! I’m glad more people are able to experience it now with PS Plus.

    Fate/EXTRA and the Record of Agarest War games are pretty great too!

    If you are a PS Plus member, you should be able to download a PS Plus trial of Record of Agarest War 1, Zero, and 2 from what I remember.

    Hopefully we can offer more PS Plus member perks soon!

  • Bo, I know this may be too soon to say but I love you lol.

  • I really cannot wait for the game to come out so that I can experience what I felt from 999 again! I really wish that I could’ve snagged one of the watches from the Amazon pre-orders but they went too quickly… Anyways, I can’t wait to play the demo so that can tide me over until the game releases! ^_^

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      I hope your experience with VLR is just as spectacular as it was with 999, if not more so! :D

      Have fun with the demo too and let us know what you think! :)

  • @20

    U r right ! He is the best person on this blog . He is replaying for our comment and he look for me a very good person

    If they make vote for best person on this blog I will vote for frank

    Good work frank

    Sorry for me English . I’m Arabian

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      That’s very kind of you to say! Thank you so much!

      I’m glad that we have fans all over the world! That’s very cool that you’re Arabian :)!

      I hope you get the chance to play VLR or 999 or even both as well!

  • frank. We r all brothers here <3

  • I’m so excited for this! I love 999 and this is one of the main reasons I bought a Vita. I don’t know if I’ll download the demo, or if I want to wait until I can get the full game.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Decisions, decisions ;) Either way, it’ll be the right choice for you to begin your VLR journey :)!

  • Hey Bo, can you sweet talk someone into out sourcing a Red and Dead working lock set for my house doors? With out the usual side effects of course. It would go great with the watch!

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      That would be pretty awesome!

      My personal wish would be for ALTER or some other cool Japanese figure company to create Zero Escape figures from the cast of 999 and/or VLR ;)

      I’d buy those day -1.

  • Is it also available for PS3, cuz I dont have a Vita and this game looks really interesting :)

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Unfortunately Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is 3DS and Vita only.

      But I’m glad that you find it interesting :)!

  • Yeah hhhhhhhh

  • 100% buying this, but not sure to get this or 3DS version. I was going to choose this version because I love my Vita more and I want more 3rd party support in the future, but someone who has played both demos said the game is just better with a second screen. I’ll use this demo to figure out which version to get! Still leaning towards Vita version.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      I’ve personally played VLR on both a Vita and 3DS, and both platforms are good in their own way :)

      It really depends on what you’re looking for though.

  • This game sort of came out of nowhere for me this week, and quickly rose to must-buy status. Thanks for releasing something “different” for the platform – Love this sort of stuff and have it pre-ordered!

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      You sir are a scholar and a gentleman!

      I’m glad that you’re willing to try something new and different!

      If you are going to play VLR though, try checking out the prequel on DS, Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors first in order to maximize your VLR experience!

      Also, VLR will spoil a bunch of 999 related things as well haha

      So best to play the original game first, if you can :)

  • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

    The PSN store update is now up, so the demo is available to grab :)!

    Go download it, everyone! :D

    And let us know what you think!

  • I’m very interested in this, but I don’t have a DS and have not played 999. And I don’t like to just jump into a series. What do I do!?

  • I’m always up for a new experience so I’ll definitely give this demo a try! Just reading the premise of this game kinda reminds me of the Saw movies (#2 especially).

  • this is a 999 question, was junpei based on persona’s junpei iori? they remind me somewhat of one another.

  • 999 is one my favorite DS games ever so I’m super eager to play this game. I guess I”ll play the demo to keep my hunger temporarily fed. So eager to get my pre-order of the game.

  • Oh Aksys, you make it easy to love you. Thankfully there was room on my memory card to download the demo. <3 Downloading now. I've had this game preordered since early this year. Really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for being awesome.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Phew! Glad you had enough space!

      Hopefully it’ll help whet your appetite until the game officially releases in 3 weeks!

      And thanks for the love ;D!

  • I don’t see a release date listed here. Has one been announced yet?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      I don’t believe we ever released an official PR about that, but it ships on 10/23 and will be available digitally on PSN on 10/23 as well.

  • Now that I think about it I have a question. How many ladder jokes are in the game?



    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Great to hear! :)

      Feel free to grab the demo that just went up on PSN today, if you haven’t already!

  • I can’t wait, I loved the first so much! I ended up spreading my copy to everyone from work :) Any news by chance of the original coming to PSV?

  • Hello bo… Nice to meet you. I’m so disappointed because im new to the series and knew nothing about a watch. It was never even announced on this blog that you guys would have a preorder bonus. When i found out it was too late because you guys had it exclusive to amazon. I had already preordered through gamestop. I really want a watch. It looks so cool and im willing to do anything to get one. Please answer my concern sir. I would buy one if i have too. I just feel so bad about the whole thing.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Hi Jawara, it’s a pleasure to meet you too!

      I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get a pre-order watch.

      Hopefully we might make them available again in the future, but unfortunately we don’t have any solid plans at this time.

      But we’ll be sure to let everyone know if they become available again, so make sure to check our official site, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for all the latest updates :)!

  • been playing it and love it!! I was wondering if this is a typo or a person that has a tic but in two places it says “the chromatic doors are like that too! once you open them, even I carrot keep you from going in and out of them”

    and then

    “once you’ve activated a chromatic door and gone through it to the puzzle beyond, it warren’t let you go back until you’ve solved the puzzle”

    Is “warren’t” and “carrot” the right words? or is this suppose to be won’t and cannot?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Nice catch :)!

      However, those are correct in the context of who is saying them.

      *Potential spoilers*

      Zero III makes a lot of rabbit puns, which those are :)

  • Does the game offer Japanese text in addition to the audio?

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      The full game’s text will be English only, but Japanese and English voices will be available to choose from :)

      No Japanese text I’m afraid.

  • I’m sorry but it doesn’t seem fair to me. I hate that we on the blog were not told about a preorder bonus. Other companies announce that kind of stuff here so we have a heads up. But this time we didnt…. Since its on vita too it should have been announced here too. Everyone is not aware of your website. Sorry if i sound negative…. I just feel cheated.

    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      Yeah, we definitely understand your concerns, however, we haven’t been an active participant on the PSN Blog until now, so we normally make our announcements via other outlets.

      We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

      But hopefully you’ll have another chance in the future to grab a watch :)

  • Awesome! to quote zero III then “I can’t hop you with that one!”

    Had fun playing both modes, really neat, I like that you added some voice actors as it makes the dialog less intense then 999 with all that text.

    cant wait to see what happens.

  • So i guess i’m left out…. Ugh. I will see if it becomes available for me to get. Although most say they doubt it.


    BEEN HEARING great things about the game… have it preordered…

    great concept…. and i love the interaction with fans…. you guys just got a new one today


    • Frank "Bo" DeWindt II

      That’s really awesome of you to say, LABARONX! :D

      I’m glad you’re giving VLR a chance!

      And before you play VLR, you might want to check out the prequel, Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS) to enhance your VLR experience ;)

      Here’s a flash demo of 999 you can check out:

  • Will the game explain why you named it “virtue’s last reward” or can you share with us why its called that?

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