The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Coming Soon, New Trailer and Screens

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The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Coming Soon, New Trailer and Screens
The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Coming Soon, New Trailer and Screens

Congratulations. You’ve made it. You’ve survived. This far.

If you’re reading this blog, that means you’ve probably already played the first three installments of Telltale Games’ episodic video game adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s never-ending zombie epic The Walking Dead. And you’ve been put through an emotional meat grinder unparalleled in interactive storytelling. You’ve had to deal not just with the dead rising up, but with the living brought low as the scattered and desperate survivors of the zombie apocalypse have struggled to hold onto their humanity under impossible pressure. You’ve seen murder, cannibalism, fear, paranoia, insanity, betrayal, and even the tragic death of an innocent child. And all I can say to you after all that is, I’m sorry. Because it’s about to get worse. Much worse.

At the close of Episode 3, Lee Everett and his fellow survivors were just about to arrive by train in Savannah, where Kenny, distraught after the recent loss of his wife and son, has pinned all his hopes on finding a boat that can carry the group to safety. Clementine still holds out hope that she might find her parents there — driven in part by a sinister voice on her walkie-talkie who seems to be trying to lure her away from Lee. Meanwhile Ben is agonizing over the responsibility he feels for Duck and Katjaa’s deaths, and Lee is still figuring out what to make of the newest additions to the group – Christa, Omid, and the enigmatic boxcar hobo Chuck.

The Walking Dead - Episode 4 (Telltale Games) for PS3The Walking Dead - Episode 4 (Telltale Games) for PS3

Episode 4 opens after the group arrives in Savannah – but this being The Walking Dead, Georgia’s First City might not be the salvation our survivors have been hoping for. In fact, it might just be the most horrifying place they’ve visited on their travels so far. For somewhere deep inside Savannah lurks a dark secret, the result of the unspeakable acts that some people have been willing to resort to in order to survive within a militarized enclave known as Crawford. But our group will have to confront the horror of that place up close if they are to have any hope of making it out of Savannah alive.

As the only writer outside of Telltale Games invited to contribute an episode to this incredible series, I’ve felt a great responsibility for this one to live up to the expectations of Walking Dead fans — particularly after the preceding three episodes have been so incredibly well received. But I think you’re going to like it. I was very fortunate that the overall narrative structure of this first season placed a lot of what I think are the most dramatically intense parts of the story in this chapter. It’s undoubtedly the biggest and most ambitious episode so far in terms of action, and the choices — well, if we’ve done our job right you’re going to hate us for some of the decisions this episode forces you to make. Episode 4 also introduces some brand new characters who should shake things up a bit, including one in particular that I’m very keen for you all to meet. Let’s just say that Lee’s group hasn’t encountered anyone quite like her before now.

The Walking Dead - Episode 4 (Telltale Games) for PS3

While I think it’s a riveting chapter in its own right, Episode 4 is also designed to tee up the big season finale that follows. In that regard I think we’ve succeeded; the climactic events of Episode 4 should make the wait for Episode 5 even more agonizing. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and screenshots which give a few other hints of what’s to come. Once you’ve had a chance to play the new episode, be sure to head to Telltale Games’ new The Walking Dead stats page on the official website to see how your choices stack up with everyone else’s. Then share your choices with friends and talk about it on the Telltale Games forums! And feel free to tweet me directly with your reactions to the episode – I’m @garywhitta, and I’ll be listening!

And remember. In the end, the dead always win.

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  • b-b-b-b-boring… just like the TV show after season 1!

    btw BORDERLANDS 2 is soooo OP!

  • Great! I’m looking forward to it! Can’t wait to find out whos the creeper on the walkie talkie.

    @1: Troll somewhere else.

  • @1 & @3 Look. To come into a thread about a game you don’t like and talk trash about it IS trolling. What Gadirok is saying is totally fit for the situation. You don’t have to come in here looking for a virtual fight to try and prove yourself in any way. It’s meaningless. Just drop it and go to a blog post more suited for your likings.

    That said, I’m really looking forward to this! The waits get harder with each Episode.

  • Tell me what’s so boring! Is it the constant decision making or questioning of was it the right decision! Or maybe it’s not knowing how your going to get out alive with your favorite characters! I know, it’s that moment of anticipation of what’s behind those locked doors in the barn. This game is the opposite of boring with great story telling, dialogue, pacing, and gameplay! The team behind this deserves all great feedback they are getting from the media and fans alike! Great game, can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait to play episode 4! i hear it’s coming out on oct 23th is this true?

  • @5 couldn’t agree more. This can’t get here fast enough. Tried to wait until all five were out but the reviews of the first three made me breakdown and get them sooner. Love The Walking Dead.

  • In response to 1 and 3, I could see how this game could be boring to people that are completely lacking in higher cognitive functions.

    That being said, I can’t wait till episode 4 is released now that I’ve killed off all the annoying people in episode 3 =)

  • Love this! Can’t wait for more!

  • First 3 episodes were amazing. Can’t wait for 4. :)

  • I’m all about the action-packed, twitch reaction games that I’m guessing #1/3 is into which makes him think this game is boring. However when I leave those games, I don’t feel a sense of anything really. Sure if I did really well I feel happy/proud but I don’t feel as if those games connected with me.

    That being said, The Walking Dead is basically an interactive “Choose your own adventure” story played out in movie form instead of book. Sure there are a lot of different survival zombie games out there and they all do a good job, but The Walking Dead is the only one that really makes me feel what it would be like to be a normal guy trying to make the right decisions to keep myself and everyone else alive.

    Great job being wonderful story-tellers TellTale Games.

  • Luv this game! Will there be a season 2 following this story?

  • I agree. Best way I desribe the game is Heavy Rain controls meets Zombies. EPIC

  • I bet it’s coming on october, 16th!

    on 14th, the series will continue and it will be announced in the drop ;)

  • Thanks Gary. This game is amazing, just wish the episodes weren’t released 6-8 weeks from each other.

  • Yeah it’s Gaz!!! From the old PC Gamer days, to the Book Of Eli, to now with the Walking Dead – this is the man, people!

  • @13 please don’t compare this great series to the underwhelming Heavy Rain. >_<

  • I am not sure if I want to buy this or just wait for the disc version.

  • @1

    Slap yourself please. No one likes an obvious troll.

  • Nice trailer! Can’t wait.

  • ………………………………NBA2k13…………………. take your time ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..-___-

  • I can’t wait for the next installment of the Walking Dead. Telltale Games have done great so far in the first 3 episodes, can’t wait to see what is in store next!

  • Please Please Please be the 9th.

  • Release it already.. I hate the wait and we still have one more episode.. Ahhhh

  • Enjoyed the first two episodes off Playstation Plus. Hesitate to buy the rest, in part because my Plus membership is about to lapse – afraid I’ll have to re-buy the episodes I’ve played already in order to keep going. Any official word on what to expect from this series related to Plus accounts?

  • GREAT!!!!! Look really forward in seeing the next episode! :)

  • Thanks for the comments! I’m glad to see there are plenty of you as excited for Episode 4 as I am :)

  • WTF, when is it going to be out?

  • Any else disappointed that this is turning out to be another mass effect 3? I loving the episodes so far but the choices don’t matter, it just tells the story differently.

  • Great post and awesome to have Gary Whitta on the blog! Debating whether or not to play Episode 4 right away and let the wait for Episode 5 kill me or wait for Episode 5 to come out and play both.

  • exciting!! when’s the release date?

  • @28 Isn’t that contradictory? If choices didn’t matter, then everything would be like the choice between Duck and Shawn in Episode 1 where no matter what Duck lives. Plus we still have two episodes to go.

    And to throw out a theory for who the voice behind the radio is, I didn’t see what would happen if you killed the second brother in episode 2, but my gut feeling when I first hear the voice that it was him.

  • frickin awesome i cant wait for more telltale really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat with this great game and keep you coming back for more i am so glad i got the season pass and i really hope there will be more walking dead games after episode 5 if so i am most definately getting it!

  • So stoked for Episode 4 Gary, love your work. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  • I hope it is October. Trying to decide what to buy to reach my 100 for October, would love to have episode 4 be part of that. :)

  • any rumors on release date yet?

    love this series, also loved the tv show…anyone know where I can read the comics for free? i love WATCHING graphic novels on netflix and PSN (Dead Space was on PSN)

    also on a side note, anyone know of any other WATCHABLE graphic novels on PSN?

  • 16

    your gamercard just vanished.

  • 28

    choices don’t matter, it just tells the story differently.
    don’t matter
    tells the story differently


  • I LOVE this game!!! I LOVE the show!!! I wish i would have known about the comic boods earlier on – as i probably would have loved them too! I was thrilled when i learned about this game b/c i cannot get enough of THE WALKING DEAD!!

    I think this is a facinating type of game, There are not enough games available like this. Not everyone thrives off the hack/slash and shoot em up type action games. I love the characters and following them through the story. There have been many instances where i have yelled outloud, “NOOOOOO!” due to being so sucked into the story.

    You couldn’t have done a better job with this game. I am so impressed! Thank you so much for your hard work on this project.

    P.S. I suggest we ignore the trolls completely. If they don’t get any response, they have no reason to post. Some people are just out looking for attention – even if it is negative attention. It is not worth our attention.


  • FINALLY!!! That wait was killer :) Lets hope the last episode gets here faster. BTW, you commented that the dead always win… I hope you’re not killing off all the characters

  • Can’t wait for Ep. 4. Release already!!

  • Yeah I love this game and the Tv series as well. I watch season 1 and Finally season 2 on netflix a ton now. I’m thinking about starting over from start to finish on the season 1 and 2 to gear up for season 3 lol. I should buy tge blueray versions of the show as well for my collection lol. This game is awesome to and will be a pretty easy platinum and a very cool platinum at that.

  • One complaint I have on the game is the stupid LOCKED SAVE DATA. Please patch the game to let us pack up our game saves on a usb flashdrive. Their is no reason to have locked save data on the game. Why do you guys do that crap its uncalled for. If it werent for loving the walking dead I’d of never bought the game cause I really hate game developers that do stupid lock to the console save data and force our hand to buy plus to be able to back up save data. Its bullcrap and not right.

  • i can not wait this is like the best game ever. i hope you guys make a another walking dead game

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