This Week in PlayStation Home: Build Your Own Virtual City in Home Tycoon

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Build Your Own Virtual City in Home Tycoon

This Wednesday, October 3rd, PlayStation Home brings even more metro to our metropolis with Home Tycoon launching, Aurora evolves to version 1.6 and Digital Leisure offers a special Canadian Thanksgiving celebration.

Here’s what you can enjoy this week:

1. Hell Fire Games – Home Tycoon

Hellfire Games launches Home Tycoon — the free-to-play, fully customizable 3D city building game — this week in PlayStation Home!

Build your town from humble beginnings into a bustling metropolis as the new Mayor! Save the city in action-packed missions, unlock over 50 rewards, and race turbo-charged cars with your friends online. Broker savvy business deals and manage resources carefully to keep your citizens happy, and grow your population high enough to stake your claim on the leaderboards! With so many options at your fingertips, the only limit is your own imagination.

PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012

Head over to the Home Tycoon Train Station in the Hub now to get your own free city and start earning rewards. And if you like free stuff, sign up for the Hellfire Games newsletter for a free Pirate Chainsword virtual item, and like Home Tycoon on Facebook to get the latest updates, free wallpapers, and exclusive Home Tycoon info straight to your news feed.

2. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 60th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases items from the new Shark and Donkey teeth from Lockwood to new Locomotion items from nDreams. Be sure to pick up the free Homelings Head Extender too! Check out the video below for all the details.

3. nDreams – Aurora 1.6 Update

With Blueprint: Home, F.U.B.A.R and other projects going on, there has been a lot to do at nDreams. We’ve made a couple of additions to Aurora 1.6, as well as some movement of existing Aurora favorites, so watch the video below to get a quick overview of where you want to head when you set foot in Aurora.

For the first time, you can take to the skies of Aurora with your friends. Blimps lets you play a game of tag with 32 people. You’re given a free blimp to start, but then you’re able to purchase new blimps with different designs and better maneuverability to help you avoid being tagged! If you do purchase a new blimp you will be rewarded with Aurora XP as well to help you level up and reach Level 100 — netting you the Aurora Champion Apartment.

This is just the start — we want to hear from you and allow our community to help shape how Blimps evolves over time. We are looking for your feedback with what you think should be next for Blimps. Head over to the forums and let nDreams know what you think.

PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012

4. Granzella – Weekly Update

Granzella introduces the Safari Look, Military Look, and Short Cut Military Look.

PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012

It’s perfect for any outdoor activity. The green Safari Look is a five-piece set including a hat, jacket, pants, boots, and a pouch. The camouflage Military Look is a four-piece set consisting of a tank top, pants, short boots, boots with long pants. For women, the Short Cut Military Look is a four-piece set that includes a short bob hairstyle, short top, shorts, and heeled boots. Wild and powerful outdoor fashion so you can jump into the great outdoors!

Granzella’s new item release is the Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit. The chain gleams across the open chest; it’s a new design in swimwear. This lineup includes three color variations: Silver, Gold, and Black. With a cool adult look, the Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit is in the spotlight on the beach this summer.

PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012

5. Digital Leisure – Space Station Clubhouse and Canadian Thanksgiving

Prepare your club members for lift off, because the Space Station is becoming a clubhouse this Wednesday! You and your crew can defend the station from incoming space objects, leave messages on the community bulletin board, or just hang out as you slide across the universe. All of the mini-games offer rewards, so your team will not go home empty handed. Get your team ready for launch because the ship departs soon!

Following the launch of the Space Station clubhouse, on land the Casino is celebrating Thanksgiving this Monday. Some people may think it’s a little too early to start even thinking about this holiday, but it’s right on time for Canadian Thanksgiving. On October 8th, when you enter The Casino, you’ll be rewarded with a uniquely Canadian reward. It’s a one-day reward only, so make sure you stop by and grab it while you can.

6. Lockwood Publishing – Uproar Teaser

Coming soon to PlayStation Home, Uproar is a free-to-play third-person shooter that offers action-packed gang themed warfare with your friends.

  • Join the ranks of the renowned Swyfts or notorious Outlaws in the Uproar Arena to do battle for ultimate respect.
  • Browse through Uproar’s intuitive inventory system, allowing you to preview the extensive selection of weapons, Serums, clothing and taunts available for purchase, rental or gifting
  • Battle to earn XP, level up your avatar and unlock a wealth of unique rewards

PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012

Also from Lockwood this week comes a spooky variety of goodies. Check them out in the video below.

7. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize. This week, it’s a Sony Handycam 16GB HD Flash Memory Projection Camcorder and $1,000.00 cash prize!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

PlayStation Home Update: 10-1-2012

See you in Home!

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17 Author Replies

  • Wow, lots of great looking content this week. I can’t wait to perfect my urban planning skills in Home Tycoon or battle with some blimps in Aurora 1.6

    • I would recommend doing on to take a break from the other when you need it, then switch! There’s too much fun this week.

  • I”m Dead excited for this weeks update :D!! Tycoon FINALLY!! new game more clothing!!! i think my bank is going to have an overload with psh purchases. But will we ever Finally get a new home? as in a personal space that looks like an actual home? with rooms, kitchen, bathroom, backyard that kind of thing. once that hits my life will be complete on home.. well that and a Update that will allow more then 100 items to be used because i feel limited when i have my tv out.. kills too much space! Please fix or add more spaces for furniture PLEASE!! and THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD UPDATE!! :D

    • A new home in Home! I think that might be possible… though what does a “home” look like to you? It’s a relative thing… but never the less, one worth aiming for. Adding more amenities that a real home would have is something that has been coming more often with the requests for such.

      The request for more furniture slots has been strongly heard, and we’re keeping it in mind for a future update, if it’s possible within the memory requirements and limitations of the platform.

      Finally, you’re most welcome. I’m glad you’re excited about this week’s update.

  • Home Tycoon. woot!

  • Wow. Pretty big update. Can’t wait for all the upcoming games that are comig soon as well. Also excited about Halloween this month. Hope it will be a good update too. Should be a great month of updates with great upcoming months as well!

    • I think everyone will really enjoy this year’s Halloween, plus there’s lots of holiday-themed content rolling out from many of our development partners. Stay tuned and be prepared for some wicked fun!

  • Side note: The last video says, “This video is currently unavailable” when I try to play it.

  • looks like HOME is quite a success. I never found HOME interesting, but it looks like lots of people do, If not how they add so much content regularly?

    • It may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but as you can tell from the loyal commenters (and the Home forums are among the busiest of all PlayStation sub-forums) and the tons of content that even *I* can barely keep up with, it’s safe to say that it’s doing alright! If you have a friend or two who is a fan of Home, you should visit them on occasion and see what’s up. I often hear people are pleasantly surprised when they do.

      Home forums:

  • Awesome update! Home Tycoon – I’m a huge Sim fan, so I can’t wait play this when Home’s up on Weds.

    Uh.. did a T-rex just eat… uh… /wipes eyes/.. I do hope that’s going to be an actual space in the future!

    • Granzella has discovered a cold blooded beast… yikes! Let’s hope it doesn’t make it back to the Secluded Retreat! On the other hand, I suppose we now know where those fossils come from. ;-)

  • Would enjoy Home Tycoon if I was able to get on home…

  • Accoring to Alphazone4 and Granzella. the the Safari Look, Military Look, and Short Cut Military Look is NOT coming this week. please edit or wait til Granzella tell us

  • will we get the new PODI for free to go with the one we have or do we have to buy the new black and green one.

  • I got my sights on Aurora’s 1.6. I go there everytime I get a chance. To be honest, I’d like to see higher ranks then 100, and with more rewards. Any word on higher ranks to work on, and rewards for Aurora?

    I’ve done a few grippy things in life. Where something grew on me, and when I would have no choice but to leave. I’d ask myself what I’m going to do next. I’m rank 93 in Aurora, and I’m taking my time because I know it’s going to end at 100.

    It is sure nice to see more games though. That is a plus and something to do next. Awesome update!

    • One never knows in Home. Also, if you don’t get to level 100, you can’t earn the Aurora personal space. So close!

  • The lockwood Spooky video is not working . I hope this update Fixes all the Network Error we have been experiencing.
    Nice to see an Aurora Update, about time .
    Cant wait to see the Canadian Thanxgiving Reward, i hope is not some idiotic turkey hat or something so obvious .
    I love the Locomotions from nDreams, i bought 3 of them , a little pricey but they are fun .
    We need more furniture slots or lower the number of slots 1 active item takes.
    We also need to separate Wings, Weapons and such AWAY from hand jewerly .

  • No Resident Evil 6 content? What an absolute shame, Home needs to go back to its roots and start making more game related content. People love that stuff, not this original nonsense.

  • Just curious, will Aurora 1.6 have any new rewards with their update?

  • Are we getting new Locomotion items? Blog post & Virtual Item Showcase says we are, but the Locomotion items featured in the video were released last week. I thought we would be getting more, considering they appeared to be a very successful release.

    • No new-new ones this week. Magnus must have wanted to highlight the Home 1st-of-a-new-kind items again this week.

  • Nice Granzella clothing update. Safari stuff isn’t my style but I’ll buy the basic brown safari outfit anyways, plus all the sunglasses. I’ll probably have to wait a few months to wear those swimsuits cause I’m sure they will be popular. Hopefully we’ll be getting the other color varients of this set (like orange, ect) that’s in Japan.

    Home Tycoon is definitely worth checking out even though I’m not into “sim city” type of games. I will definitely be buying some of the profession-related outfits if they are any good.

    Speaking of which I have a question. Why do we not have the Granzella police hats to go with the police outfits? Also there was a full police jacket we are missing. The ads in the Hub and such clearly show the hats at least.

  • Over a year ago a PS Plus manager stated. We were going to get some plus offering in Home. To date nothing. But in EU last month they did just that. Offering free personal spaces for signing up for plus. Since my plus membership is expiring soon. Can you tell me will plus do anything for me in Home? Or should I just give up on ps plus all together as far as Home is concerned?

    • PS+ members get automatic access to exclusive nightclub x7 and all the benefits that come with it (free items every couple weeks, super sweet virtual item bundles every week, etc).

  • not sure exactly how Tycoon will work, but maybe people can build their own Central Plaza…could stop the whining about bringing it back.

    Uproar, might give those stupid fams something to do.

    looks like i’ll be interested in Tycoon and the swimsuits for my female avatars.

  • Excellent Update! :) Also can’t wait to use Home Tycoon too! hehehehe!! :D

  • The wait is finally over! We can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of Home Tycoon this week. Don’t forget to join the community at and give us your feedback!

  • Also, even though I beat the Aurora game, I may find myself coming back to Aurora! L)

  • A cool update.!

  • So no Essence of the Seven Winds active item yet, then? At least we’ve basically caught up on Granzella stuff compared to EU.

  • In response to GlassWalls asking what we mean by a normal home, I think a better term of what we want would be an average suburban house. With a back and front yard, multiple seperate rooms and 2 floors. Basically like Cutteridge, but modern and not haunted, and average modern household appliances to go with it. and in design, like this. Working doors/windows and a working garage would be nice too.

  • Awesome, Home Tycoon is coming!!!! I’m going to enjoy this week as long as my internet dosen’t cut me off in PS Home lol. Oh, any chances that we get some monster costumes this Halloween (maybe a werewolf costume with animations) ?

    • From the looks of the video above from Lockwood, there’s a few spooky outfits coming, and there’s definitely more in the works coming later this month from other developers. Snap them up as they’ll all be here for a limited time.

  • is the gift machine black wolf going to be availiable this week?


  • Whooo! Finally some love for us ps home canadians! Anyways, in Aurora 1.6 will we be able to make and fly our own blimps? And whats with the granzella video? I didn’t get it. Lol.

  • Awesome, been waiting for this ever since the announcement.

  • this is awwsome i cant wait yaaaayyyyyyy.

  • @17 strider367 – Plus members also get emoticons (a clear Plus logo with three-month subscriptions, and an additional gold one for year-long subs, for male and female avatars), a PS+ T-shirt (again, M/F), and at some time at least as far back as early 2011 (when I started Plus, IIRC), male and female *shivers thinking of the latter* Burn Zombie Burn heads (they’re HUEG!). That last set may be defunct, now, but I think they’re available for sale in Home.

  • @17 strider367 – Agreed, though, I’d love more Plus incentives, especially those spaces sales the EU got (I’d finally cave in on getting the full Mansion, for sure).

  • Now if this was a game on playstation store I play it because I don’t go on playstation home.

  • Will we ever see ph home for us psvita users?

  • Thanks for the Update, The Tycoon looks interesting, Maybe HOME will be stable enough to try it out today…

  • Homelings are so ugly!! LMAO! And now… Everyone can be one!!! Woot! (*Not!) :P *Trolls

  • i can build my own city!!

  • PLEASE tell me there will be Tomb Raider content in PS HOME!! given the upcoming March 2013 release of a a new and longawaited TR game. Considering the popularity of the franchise, I don’t understand why there isn’t any. I’m a huge fan and would love to sport some of Lara’s outfits :)

  • My code to the free Pirate Chainsword doesn’t work

  • Can someone, Please fix all the Network Errors, I spend more time trying to log in and freezing than actually enjoying Home .

  • looks cool. gonna check out the new ps home update today. the Tycoon thing looks decent.

  • Well was having a good time playing Home tycoon, then my roads, buildings, utilities, and then even the town hall and HQ disappeared. I tried to rebuild, but since I did the quest to build the HQ already, I no longer had the gold coins to make it happen. Completely flustered and can’t find any way to reset and start from the beginning or get support.

  • PS Home Keeps Freezing and Network Error me, Fix it.
    I wish i could give back the Home Tycoon, the graphics are bad and to charge $ 49.99 for virtual coins and some companion, totally absurd. Do they think 50 bucks comes easy for everyone ?
    This is why we need a Return Policy, if you gonna charge that much , i want to be able to make returns .

  • Ok home tycoon is fun but it has some problems that I would like to bring to everyone. When you leave the space your buildings still make money when your gone I have notice the problem is is that the workers don’t do the same thing so you have lots of money to collect but no workers to get it because they don’t respawn when you leave.

  • It would be nice if the workers respawn just like on Facebook games when you leave the game or log off the stuff builds up.

  • I was all pumped up and ready to play Home Tycoon, but it was a BIG Let down. I do know that the game is new, so there will be some bugs and glitches to be fixed, but there is ONE BIG ISSUE! The moves issue, once we are out of moves, the moves dont rebuild over time once we leave the Home Tycoon world. I for one do not want to set there for hours waiting in the Home Tycoon world to get my moves back, I would like to venture off and do other things to come back and have my moves replenished. I do hope this is one of the glitches and you guys are working on it, bc I do know alot of people are losing interest bc of this one issue, and one of the people is me. I for one will not play a game that I have to be stuck in the world to get moves rebuild when I can go venture off do other things like shopping, or play other home games, and come back to the home tycoon to have more moves to play the game some more. So I do hope that this is just a glitch and this isnt how the game will be played, bc I know that you will lose ALOT of gamers if this is how the game is supposed to be played.

    Thank you


  • Can you please tell LOOT to fix the space apartment , everytime i turn on the tv , it Plays the trailer of some Movie then it Freezes , so i have to shut it off by hand then turn it on again , did it 3 times to no solution .

  • ok now its happening to all 3 of my personal spaces that came with the LOOT TV , Space apartment, Hollywood Hills and the Loot Yatch……..please Fix this .

  • the LOOT TV Freezes along with my PS3 SYSTEM , so i have to shut it oFF by hand then it tells me that it didnt shut off correctly and it needs to repair the cache , Fix this as soon as possible please.

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