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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

We’re not even into October, and I’m already wayyyyyy behind in my Fall gaming. Despite putting about 20 hours into Borderlands 2, I’ve got a lot to go (love the side missions). Resident Evil 6 is out this week, XCOM Enemy Unknown (looking great) and Dishonored (also looking stellar) are out next week – and I just started Tokyo Jungle. I love it.

I’m stuck heading out to Florida this week to visit some family, and I dont want to slip any further behind… I’m thinking it’s time for my parents get a PS3.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 24th, 2012)

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  • please please please!!! are PS+ members gettin PS allstars beta this month..hopefully this week actually

  • Hey you should come chill with me in Florida! It would be fun. Js

  • will there be a most wanted demo ? i need something to help pass the time !

  • I’m so far behind in my gaming, I still gotta finish games from earlier this year. And with all of these other games (AC III and Liberation, Need for Speed Most Wanted, PS All Stars, Ragnarok Odyssey, etc.) coming out in the next couple of months, we may need to make the day 25 hours long lol

    @Jeff which part of Florida are you coming to?

    • I’ll be in Miami.

      And yes, NFS Most Wanted is going to be incredible. If you were a Burnout Paradise fan, you’ll be very happy, I think.

  • will there be a dragon ball z budokai hd collection demo it will come out november 9th?

    • This week’s PSN content was revealed on last week’s blogcast, and will be here on the blog in a couple of hours.

  • Obtober 3rd marks the arrival of PS Mobile…..and my midterms….

  • So how about following up on Sid’s twitter post about the launch line up of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? That’s the only thing people care about right now and that’s not going to change until you, someone from Sony or SuperBot clear things up. Because only 20 characters is a bit disappointing, not really about the size, but more on the quality side of the roster.

    Did Sid mean that there are 20 characters unlocked from the beginning and that players will have to unlock a few more characters? It’s rather pathetic how Sony and SuperBot as a whole have been keeping quiet after his tweet.

  • Good to see you guys are doing day 1 digital releases on PSN. Two things that NA PSN users would like to see for this to really take off.

    1) “Preloading” functionality that EU PSN users already have. I’m not sure why you have different functionality between regions but hopefully this AMAZING and EXCELLENT feature comes to the NA PSN store.

    2) Midnight availability of PSN digital day 1 releases of retail counterparts. Users will not purchase PSN retail games until they have an assurance of the game being released the same time as the retail release.


  • hey Jeff do you know if Nihilistic is planning to fix the broken Resistance Burning Skies online multiplayer with a patch?

  • @ 7
    I agree totally on the PlayStation All-Stars comments

  • Please sony make ps4 Backwards compatible , alot of people spend there hard earned money on these games i got 200+ disc games and tons of dlc , but i not willing to buy ps4 if i cant use my ps3 games on it so i know you want to combat pariacy so make a optional app that can play old games and sell it on the network. this why you can satisfy legacy customers , while foucing on next gen games and fullfill the promise of playstation being ultimate all in one system. i dont want to have my ps2 next to my ps3 next to my ps4 pluged to my tv, nobody does just ask your workers and customers, thank you

  • Jeff i looking for a vita title that will pull me in this fall what would you recommend???? I like every type of gmes and im interested in hearing for a member of playstation .

  • @11 I think making the PS4 backwards compatible with PS3 games is going to be impossible. They would have to include PS3 hardware inside the PS4 which would make the costs completely absurd and there’s no way they’re going to be able to do it through software emulation. Hold on to your PS3.

    Go Giants!

  • @Jeff Yeah I definitely loved Burnout Paradise, it brings back memories. It was my first PS3 game, and the game where I got my first trophy (4 years and 3 days ago)

    *sniffles, sheds a tear*

  • When will we see the wakeup club app come to the ps vita. They told us the end of summer and its well into the start of fall. Kinda disappointed rally. can you offer some feedback please

  • I must have asked a wrong question ! I didn’t get a reply ! well F$%& y^*$ !!!!

  • pass right over my question ! you little peeon !!!!!

  • make a date on your own time ! you little fruit !!!!

  • BEST NEWS – Mass Effect trilogy !

    Also @11 I second that , if Sony wants to win next round of home consoles the PS4 has to be backwards compatible ( at least with the PS3 ). Sony has put huge effort and money into PS3 to be where it is right now and to just sign it off I think might be a terrible mistake (a.k.a financial suicide ) .Stick with the CELL Sony , the devs came around eventually (perhaps three cells in parralel config with good graphics card – I dont think the cell is too expensive at this point …)

    Just my 2 cent about PS4 …

  • well, safe travels, Jeff. yes..burning skies needs a patch, but the same developer is making call of im certain they just put it on the back burner…unfortunately. thats the world we live in. build up hype for a game, excite all of us, then post release there’s 0 support.

    going forward im going to be extremely cautious about my vita purchases, i cant buy another game that fails to offer support much after it’s been released….(looking at you madden 13 on vita.)

  • Is Sony really considering bundling the PS3 with PSVita? Go ahead and do it, but right NOW! People are already going crazy at the thought of that!

  • Hi Jeff

    I hope maybe you could help me out here as the EU blog couldn’t.

    Just want to ask you have you any news on dragon ball z budokai hd collection?

    I’m looking forward to this game for old times sake but would also like to know, is it possible the rumor about dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi hd collection could be released someday?

    Also do you know if budokai 3 will have online?


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