The PlayStation Recap — Elite Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — Elite Edition

Today’s top 10 posts are just scratching the surface of what was an exceptionally active week in the world of PlayStation. This week saw the releases of the weird and wild Tokyo Jungle, the charming and creative LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita, the grotesque and goofy Hell Yeah!, and a free Datura soundtrack on PSN, as well as The Testament of Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray. We also saw the launch of the Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite (complete with video tour), learned more details about the enhanced New Little King’s Story coming to PS Vita on Tuesday (with a new trailer to boot), an October 9th release date for the PS3-exclusive papercraft game Derrick the Deathfin, word of the PS3-exclusive Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy coming November 13th, and first details on Joe Danger: The Movie’s PS3-exclusive special features.

But that’s not all: Our intrepid EU correspondant Fred Dutton has been feverishly pumping out fascinating Q&As on Soul Sacrifice, Puppeteer, the origins of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, and how Tokyo Jungle came to be. Latin American correspondant Lorenzo Grajales chimed in with a new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Q&A with Platinum Games, while Editor Victor Zuylen served up an excellent Q&A on the difficulties behind (re)creating Killzone in HD for PS3. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale also got the star treatment with a new behind-the-scenes documentary revealing their process for creating those eye-popping stage mashups.

Of course, that’s in addition to the latest PlayStation Store update, PlayStation Plus preview, and PlayStation Home content publish. It’s been a busy week, you guys!

But the next few weeks will be even busier, starting with next Tuesday’s release of Resident Evil 6 (day one on PSN!) and moving into Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Okami HD, Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed III for PS Vita. And guys — that’s just October. Clear those backlogs now, while you’ve got a chance!

What are you playing this weekend?

The PlayStation Recap

Most-Watched Video of the Week: New PlayStation 3 Bundle – Official Unboxing

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • New PS3 Model Out Today, Exclusive First Look
  • PlayStation Plus Update: Starhawk Campaign Free, Hell Yeah and Tokyo Jungle Discounts
  • PSN Day 1 Digital: Get These 8 PS3 Games Digitally On Release Day
  • Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition Tech Tour
  • Limited-Time PlayStation Card Offer: 12-Month Plus Subscription & $50 PSN Code
  • Exclusive Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy to Launch on PS3
  • The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Swings to PSN Tomorrow
  • Starhawk and Free DLC Soar to PSN Today
  • Resident Evil 6 Reviewed in November PlayStation: The Official Magazine
  • Hands-On With Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
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    • I’m Playing: LBP Vita
      I’m Watching: Bond 50 Collection, College and NFL Football
      I’m Reading: The Walking Dead
      I’m Listening to: Not much at the moment

    • I’m playing madden on psp vita plus watching college football

    • I am Playing: Tokyo Jungle (why is it so addicting??????)

      I am Watching: All the news stuff on TV, and saying goodbye to Amy and Rory in their finale Doctor Who.

      Still wondering about that Doctor Who game for the Vita?

      Any news on a US release of the Yakuza HD 1 & 2 Collection?

      Day on Digital is cool, but they have to be midnight releases.

      • Good question on Doctor Who for PS Vita, haven’t heard any updates for a while so I’ll see what I can dig up. No news on Yakuza HD, but we’ll keep you posted.

    • Please bring back Playstation Rewards I never got a chance to use it and now Microsoft is following suit. Why did Sony give up on it!? I need another reason to get trophies plus our gamercards don’t have enough cusomizations!

    • Playing: SWTOR

      Watching: Big Bang Theory / NFL

      Reading: Star Wars: Knight Errant

      Listening: ESPN Radio

    • Sid, is the twitter that you wrote about Playstation All Star true?

      If it is, then I am very disappointed. Only 20 fighters at launch, and then most of the slots are wasted, specially two Coles. That was a very very bad decision on Superbot’s part. There are not enough Sony characters. Instead of putting Big Daddy, New Dante, and Raiden, they should have given priority to Sony’s own characters, because there are A LOT to choose from.

      But what´s most disappointing, is that since there are only 20 characters for launched, it means that there is going to be a lot of DLC milking for this game.

      I really hope people would wait ti buy the game until a “complete” version with all DLC included comes out. I really hate DLC. It has ruined games this generation, and fighters are the ones that are milked the most. What happened to the times where you had to finish the game on all difficulties to unlock characters or features? Now there is only buying stuff that before was included in the game.

      Mark my words, there is going to be a lot of DLC, but then it will be a complete edition just like LittleBigPlanet.

      This trend needs to die

    • So any plans on doing an incentive program like Microsoft just announced that incorporates a players underscore I feel like an incentive would drive ppl to play more games trophies abducted achievements is one of the best things to happen to gaming in mtg opinion

    • Playing: Battlefield 3, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Zen Pinball 2 (Vita), Pinball Arcade (Vita)
      Watching: Random youtube videos about Family Guy
      Reading: The few comments on this blog post.
      Listening: to slow jams cuz I’m so lonely with this awesome PlayStation Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition

    • So how about following up on your twitter post about the launch line up of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? That’s the only thing people care about right now and that’s not going to change until you, someone from Sony or SuperBot clears things up. Because only 20 characters is a bit disappointing, not really about the size, but more on the quality side of the roster.

      Did you mean that there are 20 characters unlocked from the beginning and that players will have to unlock a few more characters? It’s rather pathetic how Sony and SuperBot as a whole have been keeping quiet after your tweet.

    • I’m playing: Borderlands 2
      I’m watching: football! hookem horns!!! nfl ticket on sunday!
      I’m reading: my fantasy matchup for the week!
      I’m listening to: starhawk soundtrack

    • i’m playing borderlands 1&2
      i’m watching the news ( someone got shot in chicago last night ! )
      i’m reading the newspaper ( someone got robbed in aurora last night ! )

      i shouldn’t have pre-ordered most wanted ! now it’s all i think about ! it’s still a month away !! damn you sony !!!!

    • I’m playing dead or alive 5 ,dead rising 2,ultimate marvel vs capcom 3,cod mw3 spec ops mode I want dead or alive 5 on my vita so I can practice at work during my lunch break

    • Why cant we use media go to put games on the psvita

      • You can use Content Manager – it’s a free app for managing games and apps on your PC (and you can do all of this on PS3, too).

    • i’m Playing: FIFA Soccer 13
      i’m watching: The Tudors
      i’m reading: The Theory of Information (French Book)
      I’m listening: MUSE new album

    • @13 it not impossible because ps3 can play most ps1 disk games they try ps2 emulaters on earlier models, playstation is a computer so Can program it any you want. they dont want newer concolse the kill off the earlier ones untill they recoop there investments but they should like apple and there iphones each iphone is better than last, so by making backwards compatible it keeps everybody happy. Ps3 owners likely want upgrade to 4 if they know their ps3 games came played on it and have thier friends list. If they dont put bc in it, most people will just wait for price drop like last time sony listen up learn from the bad ps3 lanch and the 3 years you lost to xbox360
      please foward this message to the president of sony please , i want Ps4 to succeed

    • The Behind the Classics feature last week was great. ABE! :)

      I was tempted to download the Starhawk Campaign from PLUS but held off for the moment. I’m hoping something even cooler is coming out soon. Looking forward to todays Plus update.

      Disappointed there will be no Crash in Playstation All-Stars, but the lineup that is there is really good (specially happy about Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Dexter, & Sly).


      I’m Playing: Ratchet & Clank HD Collection and Jak & Dexter HD Collection
      I’m Watching: Warehouse 13 and Revoluton tonight. Also Alias & Walking Dead Season 2 on netflix!
      I’m Reading: Running With the Demon by Terry Brooks
      I’m Listening to: nothing right now.

      Here’s hoping for a great October for Playstation Plus & Playstation in general.

    • Hey would you please clear up the whole 20 characters for the final roster on Playstation All-Stars?

      There’s a lot of confusion over the tweet and a comment confirming whether they’re the only characters in the game (and no more character reveals) or all of the ones initially unlocked+playable from the start (with more included in the final game) would be much appreciated by the fanbase :).

    • I don’t suppose you’re going to say anything about that tweet..

    • I’am Playing : Skyrim .
      PSP Vita : Touch my Katamary , NEAR ,ecc.

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