Platinum Games Talks Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Platinum Games Talks Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we got hands-on time with the latest Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance playable demo and spoke with three members of Platinum Games (Kenji Saito, Yuji Korekado, and Atsushi Inaba). Our conversation touched on Revengeance’s long, twisted development process, a new philosophy towards boss encounters, gameplay mechanics, and much more. Read on for our full interview and be sure to watch the new Tokyo Game Show trailer below.

Platinum Games Talks Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

PlayStation.Blog: Revengeance enables you to slice anything in the environment using Blade Mode. Was it technically challenging to create a game where players could cut anything? How did you fine tune the mechanic to make it work for the game?

Platinum Games: First of all, from a technical standpoint there were difficulties but that wasn´t the hardest part. The hardest thing was that once we introduced the mechanic to cut anything, it is very hard to maintain a good game balance. That´s what we struggled with the most.

The game’s concept is being able to cut anything at will, so being able to combine that with the gameplay and maintain a good balance, and have the player cut things in a way that felt natural and flow with the gameplay was a challenge both technically and mechanically.

PSB: Let’s talk about gameplay progression. Does Raiden unlock new abilities and skills during missions?

PG: In Revengeance there´s a customization system where you can customize your character, which opens a lot of possibilities to gameplay. So the answer is no, you don´t have all the moves from the beginning of the game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for PS3Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for PS3

PSB: In the new trailer we saw a glimpse at some of the game’s boss encounters. Are they designed based on concepts we’ve seen in the other Metal Gear games? Or did you take a different approach for Revengeance?

PG: One thing that makes a boss unique this time is his or her weapons. We’ll use one boss as an example — Mistral, who has a very unique weapon that can be used as a staff or a whip. So you need to figure out the right strategy to fight against these weapons.

And from a Metal Gear series standpoint, the other bosses usually had a theme: Dead Cell, or Cobra Unit, for example. This time the theme is superhuman cyborg enemies, and is how these enemies clash with Raiden — both on the physical aspect, and ideologically.

PSB: In an old trailer for Revengeance, we see Raiden using a staff similar to the one Mistral is using. Does this mean players will gain special weapons from defeating bosses?

PG: Yes, that’s a very good observation! That means when you destroy the bosses, there are certain weapons you will be able to use.

PSB: What´s the role of LQ-84i in the game? Can we use it as another character or as a support item, like the Mark II in MGS4?

PG: The LQ-84i first appears as an enemy, you have to fight it. After that point, if you defeat it, one of your comrades remodels and reprograms it to serve as an ally. You won’t be able to directly control it, but LQ-84i will be a support character through the game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for PS3

PSB: We saw in the demo that the Codec seems to be more dynamic in Rising. What prompted that decision?

PG: First of all, what you are playing now is the beginning of the game, so there are a lot of tutorials. We don’t want to give you the impression that you will be overloaded by all these Codec conversations during the rest of the game. They will come in from time to time, but they won’t slow the action and they will flow naturally.

PSB: At what time during the development process did you decide to switch from a story between MGS2 and MGS4 to a story set after MGS4? Why does this timeline work best for the game?

PG: The original story was set between MGS2 and MGS4, but when Kojima Productions decided to partner with Platinum Games, Mr. [Kenji] Saito said that we don’t want to focus on the past. He wanted us to lean forward, to focus on something in the future.

And we took that feedback from Mr. Saito. If we focused on the time between MGS2 and MGS4, we would be limiting the story. If we pushed it to the future, it would open up new possibilities. But to be honest, Mr. Saito didn’t want to change the story — he still would have liked to have it in that era.

PSB: At the end of the trailer, we saw Raiden entering a sewer in what appeared to be a Mexican city. Will Mexico factor into the game?

PG: Within the game, Raiden travels around the world to battle in different areas. And yes, one of them is Mexico.

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  • Información oficial sobre que pasó con el juego de one piece para LATAM por favor, nos dejaste colgados allá Lorenzo.

  • Game looks interesting, but much like Platinum’s other games it will probably be short and start getting repetitive toward the end of the game. I’ll Rent this game for MGS sake, but no buy for me.

    Looking more forward to Ground Zeroes.

  • I’m still uncertain about this game. It doesn’t seem to have a metal gear feel to it.

  • Looks awesome, haven’t had an action game like this in a while. Still don’t know if I’ma pick this up though.

  • Will the limited-edition be coming to the States ?

  • This game looks amazing! I`m sure that we can see a great game full of action like Vanquish.
    Thanks a lot for all the staff of Platinum Games, we need more games with crazy ideas and fun factor… Arigatou!

  • So can you ask them why they don’t like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? They said in an interview that there were things they didn’t like about the game so I would like to know what those things are.

  • I heard people complaining about there not being a blocking system or dodging. My question is will there be?

  • just one question Platinum will we playstation users receive the worst version of them all? because after bayonetta you have lost a lot of credibility as a developer.

  • Looks great. I will be getting this, cause im a huge fan of Raiden….MGS still stands as 1 of my all time favorite series with MGS4 as the best in the series. Getting away from the stelth aspects of SNAKE looks to be a nice change, hope it turns out well. I will be getting ZOE to play this demo…Keep on Gaming.

  • Platinum games are my favorite developers. Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Max Anarchy were all great. They make the best action games around IMO. These guys are all about pure gameplay. I have no doubt MGR will be great. Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya are freaking geniuses.

  • @ AdamMosh

    Platinum didn’t work out PS3 version of Bayonetta……Sega did. As you can see Platinum worked on Vanquish and Max Anarchy internally for the PS3 and they both ran great

  • release this game now please? *throws money* I want it so bad T_T

  • I’ve been very skeptical since this isn’t really a Metal Gear game, but that trailer was awesome… I’m sold.

  • I can’t believe this piece of garbage game is still being worked on.

    Kojima himself publicly disowned this junk at E3 and made it clear no one from his team has anything to do with the fiasco.

    Now it has been dumped off on a crap developer – Platinum Games.

    Do we laugh or cry at this garbage game?


  • metal gear? check :)
    epic story line? check :)
    variety of ways to kill an enemy? check :)
    character progression? check :) (noticed that by the helmet evolved throughout the trailer)
    fast pace, stellar action sequences, huge boss battle??? check :)

    i was seriously on the fence….just seen this trailer, im tagging it on all my social networks now :) im too sold, this could be another epic chapter in the metal gear series.

    please please please….can we have ps move support. i cant even imagine how awesome it would be to precisely chop each and everyone to bits with my ps move…

  • I’m a huge Metal Gear fan…and I’m looking forward to this game. I loved Vanquish, and Rising definitely took some elements from that. Sure, this is a departure from your typical MGS game, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Looking forward to it. And also remember…Ground Zeroes is coming.

  • @ FredPunella, I was really skeptical of this game when I 1st head it handed over to PlatinumGames & i’m a huge Metal Gear fan myself but I must say I am really excited for this game. After I saw game play of it @ E3 then thats when they changed my mind, i’m sure the story won’t be as good as Kojima’s Metal Gear games but still I think this game will be fantastic

  • I must admit i was a little dissappointed about WiiU getting Bayonnetta2 as a exclusive.But who cares after seeing MetalGear Revengeance trailer as well as reading about it.Bayonnetta who?

  • I’m on the fence on this one. I’ll wait and see. That said, i like what i see on The collector’s edition. FAR, far more exited for Metal Gear Ground Zeroes.

  • If it doesn’t have a Metal Gear feel to it that would be a GOOD thing, as I’ve always hated the MGS games. This actually looks interesting. Some old smoking guy hiding behind boxes just DOES NOT DO IT FOR ME, sorry.






  • why this isn’t coming for PS Vita?

  • This games looks awesome (no doubt PG is behind it) but I would like to ask them about Bayonetta 2.
    any chance of a directors cut version for the PS3? come on guys, dont forget us.

    I’ll be getting this game instead of DmC next year :3 (looks a lot better anyway)
    yeah, this is what you receive Capcom for closing Clover Studio.

    Platinum games, you have my support.

  • Vita is not enough power run MGR [producer said] but i think everyone can play via romote play function

  • The game looks great! Platinum Games always nail down gameplay and the story seems to have the Kojima Productions vibe. I’d like to see some gameplay on PS3 and let people from Kojima Productions or PG write a blog post.

  • Too bad one of your head developers has been bashing Sony’s All-Stars Battle Royale. All because you guys cried like babies about the Raiden reveal.

    If I get this game it will be through GameFly. I will then continue to down rate the game on every site I use.


  • @31 wow thats abit harsh. :P

  • freaking hype about this game :D

    as a fan of the original rising build, you made me a believer Platinum Games :)

    In Platinum we Trust :)

  • Personally I prefer it when it was gonna take place in between MGS2 and MGS4. It would’ve been a nice story for how Raiden became the cyborg ninja he was in MGS4. But hey I can’t change anything lol. Games looking good lol.

  • Can we turn off the blood? I always go for silent takedowns or non lethal playthroughs.

  • This is my kind of game. I can bring the onslaught.

  • So whose idea was it to call this “Revengeance” thats gotta be one of the worst video ga.. scratch that.. name for anything I’ve ever heard

  • This game look very nice i Hope it come out no the PSN and Make ZOE a PSN game to :)

  • You can clearly see Platinum’s artistic influence. Looked at that woman’s shoes and thought for a second “Are those Bayonetta’s?” I see this is going to be a wonderful collaboration with amazing graphics. Can’t wait.

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