Limited-Time PlayStation Card Offer: 12-Month Plus Subscription & $50 PSN Code

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Limited-Time PlayStation Card Offer: 12-Month Plus Subscription & $50 PSN Code

PlayStation Card

Hello PlayStation Nation! I hope you’re a fan of PlayStation Plus and free video games, because you may have just hit the mother lode. We’ve been working tirelessly with our friends at Capital One to put together a special PlayStation Card offer for our community, and I’m excited to finally share the details. For a limited time, new cardholders will get a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus AND a $50 PlayStation Network code after first purchase (and yes, before you ask, the 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription extends the membership further if you are already a Plus member).

As you might recall, last year we launched the PlayStation Card – a credit card designed specifically for our PlayStation community. With it cardholders get:

  • 10x points on ALL PlayStation Network purchases
  • 3x points on ALL PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony stores and
  • 3x points at quick service restaurants, movie theaters and on your mobile phone bill
  • 1x points on all other purchases

And now, on top of the points you can earn, new cardholders will receive a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription and a $50 PSN Code after first PlayStation Card purchase. With PlayStation Plus, you get:

  • An Instant Game Collection, which grants you access to a library of blockbuster games like inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Borderlands, and many more.
  • Exclusive early access to select game betas and demos
  • 1GB of cloud storage to save games online
  • Full game trials
  • Discounts on select PlayStation Store purchases
  • Automatic PS3 updates

And, once you receive the $50 PlayStation Network code with this offer, you can spend those fifty bucks however you please on the PlayStation Network!

When you combine the discounts you can take advantage of as a PlayStation Plus member, the $50 PSN code you can get to spend on the PlayStation Network, and the 10x points you earn from using your PlayStation Card in the PlayStation Store, you’re looking at some serious benefits.

This is the first time we’ve been able to put together such a special offer, and it’s our way of saying “thank you” for being such an awesome community!

Go here to apply and get more information about the PlayStation Card.

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  • If I may ask what can you do with all the points you earn?

  • No one I know who has tried for this card has gotten it yet. I even have one of their cards already and wanted to transfer it to a PSN card and no dice and I have great credit!

  • Why is this card not available in Canada?

    • Sorry! Like you said, the PlayStation Card is not available in Canada today, but it’s something we’re continuing to look into.

  • COME ON! I just signed up for this a few weeks ago when it was only the $50 PSN card (which I haven’t received yet) and now you’re adding 12 months of PS+!

  • That’s actually not bad. 1% Cash back on everything, 3% cashback on resturants/cellphone bills and 10% Cashback on PSN purchases.

    I’d use this if it were available in Canada.

  • U.S. Only?

  • @ krae_man that points not percent.

  • U.S. only for sure.

  • I’ve applied twice since they announced this card and I keep getting denied. Amazon and Capitol One both accepted me afterwards, but not PS. I really wanted this to be my first Credit Card too.

  • I’d apply if they offered in Canada. Whatever.

  • I actually just signed up for this card before a year of PS+ was offered. Is there any way I could take advantage of this offer too?

    To anyone on the fence, it’s actually a pretty great deal. I use another card as my primary card, and I use the PS card for every purchase that gets me 3x points or higher (fast food, phone bill, PSN purchases, etc). Doing the math, I will end up getting $10 worth of PSN credit every other month. It will pay for my PS+ subscription, plus a little extra!

  • hmmm maybe

  • Is it available in Canada?

  • Just approved with a $5000 credit line :)
    To think, i was just about to buy a $50 PSN card from bestbuy

  • Yea, my credit wont work for this, i wont even try.

    whiteboyfromco, the you apply the more itll hurt your credit.

    I wish i could get this, itll deff help but im still paying off bills.

  • I’m from Colombia (that’s South America), but I buy everything on US Store (I even am a PS+ member), but I can’t apply to this, too bad :(

  • Crap, my awful credit didn’t allow me the privilege. Oh well, great offer for those who can take advantage, we need more folks supporting PS+ so we can benefit like Europe, and bring the happy t the people of course.

  • I just got this card about two weeks ago. That’s not cool. #FAIL

  • Purchase APR: 0% intro rate until June 2013, between 13.9% and 24.9% variable thereafter. Transfer APR: between 13.9% and 24.9% variable. Cash Advance APR: 24.9% variable. Penalty APR: 29.4% variable. APRs in effect as of 07/01/12 and may vary with the market. Cash Advance Fee: greater of 3% of the advance amount or $10. Minimum Finance charge $0.50.

    *You will automatically receive 1 point per $1 when you use your PlayStation®Card to purchase Sony or PlayStation® products at an authorized retailer. To receive your additional 2 points per $1, submit a Bonus Points Form. Visit SonyRewards dot com or contact Sony Rewards Customer Service at 877-718-7669 for additional information on authorized retailers or to access the Bonus Points Form.

    Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. The PlayStation®Card is issued by Capital One, N.A., pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc.

    Limited time offer is for new PlayStation® Card accounts only and is not available on existing accounts. This offer is non-transferable and is limited to a one-time use.

  • I love this card. I recieved the $50 PSN Card offer with mine when it was first announced. I use it to make all of my PSN purchases. You can also gain 10pts per day via Wheel of Fortune. I use my points to buy PS+. I can usually get enough points to only pay $10-15 out of pocket for a year of PS+.

  • F.y.i. You have to be a member of Sony rewards to receive the 12 months of PS+ and the $50 PSN code.

    • That’s true, so make sure to join after you sign up for the PlayStation Card. Then once you make your first purchase with the PlayStation Card, you’ll get an email from Sony Rewards with instructions on how to claim the PS Plus subscription and $50 PSN code.

  • I would sign up for one my credit is messed up.

  • yea, i was about to apply for this card, but they wanna know how much you currently have in your bank account, that seems a little suspecious

  • Why only US residents? We need a worlwide PS card.

  • too much interest

  • @polo155 I know, I’ve done them more then 6 months apart. I figured after being approved 2 other times PlayStation would say okay but I was wrong. Won’t even try again probably for a long time.

  • Well, let me guess: This offer is not available in Canada. Am I right??? Why can’t we get anything…

  • My online app got denied as well. I am beginning to suspect this is a Sony/Cap1 scam to get some of your personal financial info, because I have a perfect credit rating and am never denied credit.

  • i just wonder is the adjustable 13.9% APR is worth it? i will have to think about it.

  • You get $50 PSN voucher on your first card purchase? How much does the purchase have to be? If I bought a $1 pack of gum, I’m going to get a $50 PSN voucher?

  • How about for those of us who already got the card? I want an extra year of playstation plus too. :(

  • Go to Google and search “Let’s Get Patapon 3 PSVita Compatible”

    Click on the second result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • This is a great card. my first purchase was only $10 (a psn purchase) and i got the 5000 point which can be redeem for many sony products and of course i got the $50 psn code. not to mention i got 0 apr until june 2013. anyway, can i get 12 months plus too? :) just got my card few weeks ago.

  • Bring this to the great north please;


  • Geez….Sony America just does not get it. No one cares about these crappy Sony credit cards.

    As far as Plus Subscriptions go, you need to focus on bringing NA that 20% off (re)subscriping to Plus offer that you gave Europe earlier this year.

    It makes no sense not to give us that option as well. Are monkeys running the American branch of Sony?

  • Actually i meant to say earlier this month. Same difference though. NA is getting screwed over.

  • if it wasn’t cap1 as the credit service, i would jump on this. but cap1 has been the worst credit service i have used to date. your “credit worthiness” matters little and you almost always expect the higher end of interest. been working on getting rid of my cap1 cards, but then they bought out hsbc credit services. now i’m back to square one. switch to citi or another provider and i will sign up for sure.

  • good things come to those who wait!!!!!! i like the add-ons for this card now :)

  • lol you can look at it as dlc for the card, awesome :)

  • This card is awesome I’ve had one for about 9 months now, I’ve picked up several brand new games on day 1 with my points. I plan on getting All Stars when it comes out via PSN codes I redeem. If you spend enough you can even cash in points to get a Vita!

  • Sweet, I was just approved! Thanks Sony, cannot wait to stack my PS+ and spend the $50 on one of those awesome PS3 October releases!!! Dishonored will be mine! :)

  • Tried again. Capital One still doesn’t like me. Maybe 6 months down the road you’ll add another cool perk and I can be declined again.

  • I would totally sign up for this if I could.

    I mean, I tried a while back, because I have plenty of disposable income, but no job (because my financial situation is good enough so that I don’t need one). I got denied. Even though my credit rating is perfect.

    It’s kind of a bummer because I would sign up for this instantly.

  • I applied just to get denied like everyone else. Now they have my information.

    What is with this Sony?

    I have perfect credit. I was denied for what? So you can get my personal information?

  • it is not offering this on the site just is promising 5000 bonus points

  • forget it my work has a sonic wall block on it

  • Okay I just got approved as well! Now when you mean 1st purchase do you mean from the PSN store or any purchase from anywhere?

  • Everyone that has the card. You have to talk to a rep and see they can do for you. I am gonna call and see if they can give me the free year of psn plus. If not, then I’ll go back to my old card and never use this one. Simple rule, if they don’t want to help you, you cannot help them.

  • Very cool!!

    I just signed up and was approved.

    It took less than 5 minutes too!! xD

  • I couldn’t find the info anywhere. Is there a yearly fee with this card? I also have a SONY card (non Playstation). There’s no way to make it a Playstation card is there? I would have to apply and receive a separate card correct?

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